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TRV State Titles - Part 2
Part II of the State Championships were held at Target Rifle Geelong this year to decide the State Champions for 20m, 90m, and Dual Range.  Saturday was the 20m event which saw a total of 62 entries made up of 30 for benchrest and 32 for prone.  It was also great to see 4 new State records also being shot at 20m and congratulations go to
  • Laura Crozier, Kyneton SBRC - Junior Female Prone 
  • Addison Danger, Golden City SBRC - Junior Male Benchrest
  • Annette Rowe, MISC - Senior Female Benchrest
  • Marise Maccora, MISC - Veteran Female Benchrest
The outright Champions of 20m for 2016 are:
  • 1st Annette Rowe MISC - 579.075
  • 2nd Richard Lightfoot, MCC - 577.014
  • 3rd Darren Morgan, FPTRC - 576.012
  • SubJnr - Courtney Karamoshos, Port Fairy SBRC - 563.008
  • Junior - Courtney Karamoshos, Port Fairy SBRC - 563.008
  • Veteran - Richard Lightfoot, MISC - 577.014
  • 1st James Daly, Kyneton SBRC - 598.053
  • 2nd Paul Janicki, Casterton SBRC - 594.040
  • 3rd Peter Males, MCC - 593.038
  • SubJunior - Kyle Janicki, Casterton SBRC - 572.015
  • Junior - Alex Cameron, Shepparton SBRC - 584.027
  • Veteran - Peter Males, MCC - 593.038
After the 20m component was completed it was onto the Champions of Champions Match where each TRV member club can submit their Club Champion to contest against other Club Champions.  Albury, Ararat, Benalla, Casterton, Frankston, Golden City, Lake Gillear, Leongatha, Kyneton, MISC, MCC, Port Fairy, Shepparton, Sale & Traralgon all submitted entries for 40 shot match at 20m in either benchrest and/or prone and the winners were:
  • Open Benchrest - Frankston Peninsula, Darren Morgan
  • Junior Benchrest - Sale SBRC, Lachie Anderson
  • Open Prone - Portland SBRC, Steve Zunker
  • Junior Prone - Shepparton SBRC, Alex Cameron
After the great night enjoyed by many at the Geelong RSL for the TRV Annual Presentation Dinner, Sunday morning seen the targets move back to 90m.  Same as the previous day there were 62 entries with an even amount of competitors taking part in Benchrest and Prone with 31 shooters.  The results were as follows:
  • 1st Kevin Corneliusen, Albury SBRC - 599.024
  • 2nd Henry Leing, Oakleigh - 597.020
  • 3rd Darren Morgan, FPTRC - 597.014
  • SubJnr - Courtney Karamoshos, Port Fairy SBRC - 586.010
  • Junior - Courtney Karamoshos, Port Fairy SBRC - 586.010
  • Veteran - Kevin Corneliusen, Albury SBRC - 599.024
  • 1st Michael Jarrad, Oakleigh RC - 591.006
  • 2nd James Daly, Kyneton SBRC - 588.018
  • 3rd Steve Zunker, Portland SBRC - 587.009
  • SubJunior - Kyle Janicki, Casterton SBRC - 557.005
  • Junior - Alex Cameron, Shepparton SBRC - 573.007
  • Veteran - Peter Males, MCC - 581.006
Again, there were some State Records shot in the 90m competition and congratulations to:
  • Alex Cameron, Shepparton SBRC - Junior Male Prone
  • Courtney Karamoshos, Port Fairy SBRC - SubJunior Female Benchrest
  • Kevin Corneliusen, Albury SBRC - Veteran Male & Open Benchrest
With the completion of both the 20 & 90m competitions the Dual Range Champions were also able to be crowned using the aggregate of their scores from across the two days and the 2016 Dual Range Champions are:
  • Open - Darren Morgan, FPTRC -  1173.026
  • SubJnr - Courtney Karamoshos, Port Fairy SBRC-1149.018
  • Junior - Courtney Karamoshos, Port Fairy SBRC - 1149.018
  • Veteran - Kevin Corneliusen, Albury SBRC - 1166.028
  • Open - James Daly, Kyneton SBRC - 1186.071
  • SubJunior - Kyle Janicki, Casterton SBRC - 1129.020
  • Junior - Alex Cameron, Shepparton SBRC - 1157.034
  • Veteran - Peter Males, MCC - 1174.044
Thanks and well done to everyone who came along and competed in this years State Titles Part2 and thank you to all of those who helped out over the weekend from taking entries, helping in the kitchen, range duties and the scorers.  All results of the weekend are available on the website by clicking here.  
TRV Annual Congress
On June 18th the Annual Congress was held at Kilmore with representatives of each club in attendance.  This year there were 3 council postions up for election and voted in as such: 
Vice President  - John Hopkins
Treasurer - Lindsay Braybon
Councillor - Lee Pettit  
Congratulations to Mike Jarrad who was presented with TRV Life Membership by Graham Forbes during the meeting.  Mike was speechless for a few minutes and a well deserving recipient of this this award who has put in a great deal of effort into the Association over the years since joining in 1967.  


Upcoming Events
July 23 & 24
Portland Annual Prize shoot and Merv Friend 600 @ Portland
August 6
Warren Potent and Graham Lawler Rd4 @ MISC

August 20
Shepparton 36th Annual Prize Meeting @ Shepparton

August 21
Numurkah Prize Meeting @ Shepparton

August 22
TRV 10m Air Rifle Pennant commences
September 3
Warren Potent and Graham Lawler Rd5 @ MISC 

September 3
BSA Cup and Commonwealth Cities Matches @ MISC
September 5
TRV 50m Benchrest Pennant commences
September 10
Glenelg Region Prize Meeting @ Hamilton
September 11
Hamilton Prize Shoot @ Hamilton

Sept 12 - 31 Oct
Leongatha 600 Postal Competition

Sept 19 - 13 Nov
Camberwell 600 Postal Competition 

For full TRV Calendar click here
Top:  Shooting 20m at Target Rifle Geelong.  Above:  Some of the State Champions with their Sashes at the State Titles in Geelong, What do I actually do?, Be careful where you leave your phone at the Annual Presentation Dinner as one club looks like it struck again by taking 'selfies' with unattended phones (inset:photos from last year at Shepparton)
More news........
Quick note from the Editor.....

<<First Name>>, if this is your first newsletter that you are receiving from Target Rifle Victoria, welcome and hope that you find this of some value to you as it is sent out bi-monthly.  Firstly an apology from last issue to David Yudkin as for some reason and not quite sure how I had listed his club as Albury when infact he is a member with Mildura SBRC.  

To all those members who are approaching me at various events and commenting on the newsletter, thank you as it is much appreciated.  Again, this edition has a fair bit of information to read through and as the Rio Games begin next month a couple of articles on some Olympian athletes, not to forget our State Championships and Presentation Dinner from a few weeks ago as well as some of the regular features of the newsletter.  If you are having trouble viewing the newsletter from your inbox you can also read it via an internet browser which displays all of the photos and formatting.  It is as simple as clicking on the "View this email in your browser" link at the top of this email.

Remember this is YOUR newsletter so if you have anything that you would like to submit to the next newsletter then please do not hesitate to send me some information so that it can be included in the next edition.  We are always looking for articles whether it be about your club, a member that you know or anything else related to the sport that you may think would be of benefit to other members.  Newsletters during the year will be sent out (2nd half of the months) in January, March, May, July, September and November so if you would like to submit something please make sure that I have it by the 10th of those months mentioned for inclusion.



John (Max) McMahon (1926 - 1.7.2016) 

Earlier this month we were informed that one of the TRV Life Members had passed away.  Max McMahon as he was known to many passed away on 1st July at the age of 89.  He was also a member at Essendon Rifle Club and Lancefield SBRC as well as being State Captain of Victorian Small Bore Rifle Association in 1974. 

On behalf of Target Rifle Victoria, we would like to extend our sincerest condolences to Max's family, friends and members of Lancefield Small Bore Rifle Club as well as past members of Essendon Rifle Club. 

Frank Buckley (2.9.1931 - 8.6.2016)

Last month we received more unfortunate news about a long standing Target Rifle Victoria member and Life Member of Kyneton SBRC, Frank Buckley.  Frank passed away at St. Vincents Hospital on 8th June and was farewelled by family and friends on 14th June.  We were informed by Gary Ellis who put this together:

"Some sad news to pass on, a Life Member of our club, Mr Frank Buckley has passed away. 

Frank Buckley was one of the founding members of Kyneton Smallbore. We believe he has been with the club since 1954. In that time he was a long standing committee member and a big part in the longevity of the club. 

He was 84 years old and was still shooting every week, up until only a few weeks ago. 

Frank was taken to hospital from the range, where only a few minutes before were some of the best shots he had taken for some time. He was upset, not about feeling sick, but that the didn't get to finish his card. He had a great passion for shooting even at 84 years old, something we all could only hope for. 

He will be greatly missed by all of us at Kyneton Smallbore"

On behalf of Target Rifle Victoria, we would like to extend our sincerest condolences to Frank's family, friends and members of Kyneton Small Bore Rifle Club. 

The Prez sez........

A quick word from Mike Jarrad, TRV President

Small-Bore Target Shooting - Women in our sport! 
Hi, Its me again, I thought I would add another article to our newsletter, so -

As all of us are aware our sport is one of the very few sports in the world, that has no biases when it comes to gender, or for that matter - age. In Victoria at our State Championships and Club Prize Meetings the person who is the best on the day, male, female, junior or veteran will win the competition. Yes we do have special categories for juniors, and women, (Which we need to keep) but the open event is just that - its open to the best person on the day.

It has actually been this way in Victoria I think for over 50 years. It is the one area where TRV differ from our parent body, TRA and our International body - the ISSF. In the ISSF and sanctioned TRA events e.g. the Australian Nationals, the competitions are segregated into men and women categories.

At the Olympic level from 1968 to 1980 the shooting disciplines were mixed i.e. open to both genders. From 1981 onwards the ISSF and the Olympic Federation have had separate competitions, which is still in place for Rio.

I am not sure if this story is true or not, but the reason for the change to two separate male and female events came about due to a very talented lady from America - Margret Murdoch who literally won every competition she entered, apparently the executive of the UIT (ISSF) didn't think it was right that a women should beat all the men all the time - so they changed the rules. Might just be a rumour, but that's the story I heard.

I have to confess that in today's society where we are supposed to be an enlightened group of people its hard to fathom why the ISSF operate the way they do, surely having a sport where men and women can compete equally shoulder to shoulder on the same day, on the same range under the same rules and conditions must be an attractive thing for any sport to promote. I am not sure, but there must be other sports where equality in competition is possible, but for the life of me I cannot think of one. Maybe darts?

We still need to retain the Womens and Juniors events, Its important for long term development of our sport, but in my mind an open is an open - best on the day! Personally I know that if I am competing at a competition I want to win against whoever is the best on the range, whether they are male, female, veteran or junior, pink purple or pokadot!. I don't want to be locked into just competing against senior male athletes.

Its funny that TRV (VSBRA) sanctioned equality in sport 50 years ago, well before it became the catch-cry of today. We did it without any fan fare or banging of drums, it was just the right thing to do!

This leads us to an interesting question, If our sport is perhaps the only truly competitive sport where males and females can compete equally without biases, there is no physical or emotional advantage in being male or female in our sport, - why do we have so few female athletes?

Historically we have morphed out of a male dominated sport that had its roots in military controlled shooting. But that was a very long time ago, so it shouldn't be a major contributing factor today.  It could be a society based misconception - shooting, must be a mans sport.  It could be that clubs just are not set up for female members. - lacking proper facilities?  Is it because we do not promote the equality in competition, certainly a major advertising feature that we do not exploit.  I really do not know what the reason is, but whatever it is, that does not mean we cannot do something about instigating change!

I thought that I could share a recent experience from the Oakleigh Rifle Club which may be suitable for other clubs to copy, expand, improve on and see if it works as well as it has for the Oakleigh Club.

At the start of the year Oakleigh Rifle Club invited a group of ladies down for a “come and try night”. These were a group of friends of the wife of one of the members. They were all friends who did nursing together.

Seven Ladies turned up, the club set up supported Air, 20M Prone (off a rest) and 20M bench rest.  Everyone tried each discipline and everyone took their cards home. The club put on supper which included soft-drink, tea and coffee, sandwiches, some hot food and cakes.

As it turned out the ladies were all very competitive, so each discipline turned into a competition - who got the best score, who shoot the best shot, - who didn’t!.

The club charged $20.00 per head, which included all the ammunition, cards and food. We gave the group a very brief overview of ISSF/Bench shooting including how in Victoria it is an equal opportunity sport.

Out of the blue, 5 of the ladies decided to join up and start a Ladies bench rest team. That's them in the 20M bench rest Pennant, and you can see from their results, they are doing really well!.  They also compete for the Oakleigh Rifle Club on a Monday night in the Oakleigh District Miniature Rifle Association Pennant competition and are doing exceptionally well there as well.

So what has this done for the Oakleigh Rifle Club - Obviously the club has 5 new members, so financially thats a big help to the club to keep it going, (That's a 20% increase in member base) plus,
  • The club has a new dynamic, competitive group of people super keen to enter competitions.
  • The club now has actual tea and coffee making facilities that work! The old system was perhaps a bit - NFG, thats -Not Functioning Good. (It still needs a bit of work, but its way better)
  • It has purchased new equipment for all members to use,
  • It is operating more than just one night a week.
  • It has a working model for future “come and try” groups
  • It has plans to connect hot water, something the club has done without for the last 116 years.
  • The ladies want to bring their spouses, children, nephews and nieces down to show them their new sport,
  • Other friends have heard about the ladies successes and want to come to a “Come and Try night”
  • It has changed the operation of the club for the better.
  • The club was on the verge of closing its doors this year due to the cost of rent, services and council costs, The five new members means the club gets to keep the doors open for another 12 months at the very least.

When I was a junior , (about 16), - just a couple of years ago!!! One of my elder peers once advised me and I quote verbatim, - “Mick you only get out what you put in, put nuthing in, get nuthing out” meaning if you do not put any work into something you are not going to get anything out! - Applies to every facet of life.

The success at the Oakleigh rifle club with the Ladies group also requires club members to put in! e.g. work and help the group regularly until they get to the point of understanding the operation of our sport and can start to function independently, this is not an overnight thing, it takes time and commitment from club members, but in the end it is really worth it, because the returns are so much greater than the input.

So here is my challenge - I challenge all TRV clubs in Victoria to go one better than the Oakleigh Rifle Club. Ladies, why not ask some of your friends to your club for a “Come and try day”, Guys - talk to your spouses, see what groups they belong to and ask them down to a “Come and try Night”. Would love to have one or more of our clubs post an article in 6 months time and go - Your think that was good, wait to you hear what our club did!!!

Do't be scared, - they don't bite!


Media Watch - Clubs in Focus!!

This club is right on target in Lancefield

THE Lancefield Small Bore Rifle Club is the hidden gem of the Lancefield sporting community. While many may not be aware of the club, it is a dedicated and determined sporting group that has been in existence since 1953.
While small at present, with only 15 financial members, those members are dedicated to maintaining it as a place for small bore target rifle shooters to practise their skill and promote the sport through competition.
Small bore target rifle shooting involves the use of a .22 rifle at distances of 10m, 20m, 50m and 90m and/or a .177 air rifle for indoors at 10m. Air rifles are shot at a standing position, while the .22 rifle events are shot prone or on bench rest.
Local clubs offer a friendly atmosphere to sharpen your skills and there are club, state and national competitions. Representation at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games and World Championships offer the pinnacle of sporting competition.
Once the initial technical skills are mastered, small bore rifle shooting is a mentally challenging sport that relies on a high level of personal discipline.
The Lancefield SBRC is situated in the Lancefield Park change rooms and has been since 1956. The rooms serve as the range for the indoor 10m target and adjacent to these buildings, between them and the netball court, is the outdoor 20m range which is fenced in.
State champ in our midst
The success of the club continues to grow with member Lynn Durston recently winning a Victorian state title in the TRV 25 Air event in March at the Melbourne International Shooting Club (MISC) in Port Melbourne.
Durston (84) not only took out the overall event with 721.023 points, he topped B-grade and took out the Veterans competition.
“He has had some fantastic results of late, through a lot of hard work on his side and the club is very proud of him,” club secretary Max Joiner said.
Club meets take place every Monday and Wednesday evening at 7.30pm with the club taking part in accredited competitions at least once a month where it competes in both individual and team events.
“We can travel anywhere. We go to competitions in Wangaratta, Shepparton and Albury as well as around Melbourne,” Mr Joiner said.
“We enjoy the camaraderie and the challenge of the support and also enjoy how it does not discriminate against gender or disability and is something anyone can have a go at.”
“I grew up on farms and have been around rifles all my life but that doesn’t have to be the case and it is a very challenging sport to compete in.”
Club captain, Rodger Brooks, advised the sport is very much a mental game.
“It is like golf in the way that it is very much a mental game and one that sees you always trying to improve your game and better yourself,” he said.
The club is always looking for new members and is particularly interested in interest from the junior ranks which is a part of the sport that is enjoying strong growth and also one that will ensure the club’s future.
“The sport promotes mental discipline. Participants must obtain a license and permit for a rifle and that also ensures accreditation and education on rules and standards,” Mr Joiner said.
“Parent participation is also encouraged with juniors and it can be a great way to spend time together.”
Joiner is the longest serving member of the club, having been at Lancefield since 1972.
Support for the club comes from all over the community with a recent application for a state grant to the Sports Minister, to enclose the existing outdoor range, accompanied by letters from DELWP, the Lancefield Park Committee of Management and Peter Johnson CEO of Macedon Ranges Shire.
“It would be great to have the funds to enclose this area, which is very open to the elements,” Mr Joiner said.
“The club offers people the chance to have a go at a great sport .”
For further information on the Lancefield SBRC please contact Max Joiner on 5429 2259.

Reprinted from 'North Central Review Newspaper' on 31st May 2016.  Has your club or any member been in the local newspaper, then we would like to know so that it can be shared amongst other members who may not have seen it.  Send the editor an email with some information so that it can be included.

Editor - Don't forget that the Lancefield 600 Postal is currently running and it is not too late to get your entry in - check out the flyer on the TRV website or contact the club directly.


Are you upgrading, downsizing or wanting to start to build up your range/kit bag?  One of the hardest things about our sport is the availability of getting equipment for your kit bag especially if you are new to the sport.  It is not as easy as going to your local gun shop or sports store to get what you want as most of the equipment is specialised to a certain extent.  Yes, you can click on the links at the bottom of this newsletter for some of our recognised suppliers but sometimes other TRV members may have what you require!  

 FOR SALE - TRV Hoodies
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WANTED - Old Target Rifle Victoria Memorabilia
Do  you have or know of any old VSBRCU, VSBRA, VSBARA, TRV (Or other associated body) Memorabilia, please consider returning or donating it back to TRV for safe keeping with the view of having it on display in the future.

Please email Mike Jarrad by clicking here for further information

WANTED - Left Hand Prone Rifle
Justin Pogson from Mosman Neutral Bay NSW is looking for his own left hand Prone rifle not too fussed on alu/wood stock.  If you think that you can help Justin find something it would be greatly appreciated.

Please email Justin by clicking on this link

FOR SALE - Starik Carbon Barrel Tuner
Jason from Golden City SBRC (Bendigo) has a new Starik Carbon Barrel Tuner to suit a Walther KK300 Alutec or Anatomic or 26mm barrel.
$350.00 plus postage

For more information please email Andrew by clicking here or 0418 101 103

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TRV Annual Presentation Dinner

As with tradition on the Saturday night of the TRV State Titles Part2 weekend, the TRV Annual Presentation Dinner was held at Geelong RSL this year.  The evening kicked off about 6:30pm with a welcome from President Mike Jarrad to approx 70 people in attendance.  A good majority of TRV clubs were represented by members from around Victoria stretching from Sale, Leongatha, Albury, Stawell, Portland and including quite a few from the Melbourne Metro area as well.  It is quite different to see some people all dressed up and in a suit rather than the shooting apparel that they normally wear and in some cases a second look was required to see if it was actually who you thought it was!

Awards were given out throughout the evening in between the 3 course meal, with TRV Pennant Flags being handed out to winning clubs first up.  Then some State Record Awards were given out to recipients recognising their efforts during the year.  It was then time for a bit of fun and a different direction for the evening with Keno/Bingo and Chris Lott calling out the numbers - seems like Chris might have done a bit of moonlighting as a Bingo Caller in the last 12 months at the local bingo centre in Shepparton!!  The call of numbers were fast and furious with 4 grids of 25 numbers being played at once and James Daly continuing his winning streak from the day by winning the first game (although it was a little suspect as James did organise the sheets and the number calling....)  All up there were 4 games played through out the evening and everyone was keen to get their hands on the prizes of a bag of Mars, Malteasers, Snickers or Cherry Ripes, luckily for some that this year didn't involve any blind-folded games!

Before the main meals were served it was back to the awards ceremony and presentation of Individual awards were handed out for the outright winners of TRV competitions and Trevor Drage getting up and making the presentations to the Juniors.  Shortly after Mike and Chris had finished their mains it was back to the microphone with presentations to the clubs of a bulk package/bag that included Awards, Patches and Medals to hand out to their club members from results of the various TRV comps during the past year.  After dessert Rob Spratt got up and made an announcement of an award given at last week's Congress meeting.  As not everyone at the Dinner was there last week, he formally announced the achievement of Life Membership of TRV that had been presented to Mike Jarrad.  Mike was very thankful for receiving this honour and reflected back to when he was a 'junior' and the Presentation Dinner's back then were held on the same day as the Congress meeting.  Typically they would start around 8:30am in Coburg Town Hall and finish quite late in the afternoon with the Dinner to be held at the same venue.  It was a traditional Dinner/Dance type of event with everyone getting dressed up in almost formal wear and it was not uncommon to have at least 600 people in attendance each year!!  He mentioned that it would be great to try and do that once again (with the exception of Congress) in future years to come.

The evening wrapped up about 9:30pm with people staying around, having a chat with other members from other tables/clubs before heading off to bed to get ready for the 90m competition the next morning.  All in all everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and if you were not able to go for one reason or another it is a good night to consider coming to especially as you can compete in the State Titles as well.  Unless things change next year the TRV State Titles and Presentation Dinner will be held in Stawell.

Some of the awards handed out on the night to just one club!!! 
Featured Product - Lowey Carbon Fibre Barrel Tuner

Lowey Products produce innovative accessories for the sporting shooter, whether you're a serious target shooter or a recreational hunter they have products that without doubt - will make your sporting experience more enjoyable.  Barrel tuners are becoming increasingly more popular within the shooting fraternity. They are designed to assist 'tune' your rifle/barrel to achieve greater accuracy, allowing you to shoot smaller & tighter groups.  Lowey Products have been successfully manufacturing barrel tuners for many years.

The Lowey Aluminium/Anodised Barrel Tuners have been very popular amongst competitive shooters around Australia but over the last 12-18 months we have been planning, designing and testing our own carbon fibre tuning extension tube.

Our carbon fibre extension tuner tubes have many advantages for Smallbore 3 Position, Prone and Benchrest shooters:
  1. Carbon fibre is light, therefore, it will be an advantage for prone & 3P shooters with an extended sight radius.
  2. As with our other tuners, these also have the stainless steel weight system, therefore, allowing accurate ‘tuning’ for your barrel.
  3. We manufacture the carbon fibre tuners to your preferred length to extend past the end of your barrel from between 200mm to 300mm.
  4. We have retained our tuner clamping design which tightens the tuner around the barrel,with even pressure. 
  5. We provide dovetails to suit Anschutz, Feinwerkbau and Walther. Our tuners weight system allow for a clear line of sight.
Our carbon fibre tuner package costs AUD$360.00, which in includes:
  • Tuner
  • Colour anodising
  • Dovetail
  • Tuner locater
  • Fitting instructions
  • And optional tuning instructions
At the time of ordering, we will require 4 measurements:
  • At the end of the barrel
  • 20mm back from the end of the barrel
  • 40mm back from the end of the barrel
  • 50mm back from the end of the barrel
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jason or Debbie on 08-83902298 or email by clicking here.   You can also check out the rest of their range  by clicking here for Lowey Products website 

Old and New badges/logos of the Association and some member clubs.

"Numurkah A" win TRV 2016 50m Prone Pennant - Section D

The results were not in before the last newsletter was sent, so congratulations to Numurkah A who won their shoot-off in Section D from Ballarat. Both teams had won 8 of their 10 rounds but Numurkah just beat Ballarat by just one point, as the final set of scores to round out the 2016 50m Pennant were Numurkah 584.024 and Ballarat 583.025.

The next 50m Pennant kicks off in September with all of the Benchrest shooters out to win a Pennant flag for their clubs walls.

You can check out the Final 2016 50m Pennant results here.

TRV 20m Prone & Benchrest Pennant Competitions

Both of the 20m Pennant Competitions are just about finished with only a couple of rounds still to be shot.  There are 238 members participating in the Prone with the interim leaders from each section looking like this
  • Section A - Horsham - 36pts
  • Section B - Shepparton - 24pts
  • Section C - Kyneton - 28pts
  • Section D - Albury - 28pts
  • Section E - Sale - 36pts
Meanwhile on the other end of the range there is 169 members competing in the Benchrest Pennant series with the interim leaders being
  • Section A - MCC - 28pts
  • Section B - Frankston - 24pts
  • Section C - Fairfield & Stawell - 24pts
  • Section D - Traralgon - 24pts
  • Section E - Brunswick - 20pts
  • Section F - Frankston B - 28pts
  • Section G - Numurkah & Sale - 24pts
You can see all of the interim results by clicking here for Benchrest or Prone.

Upcoming Pennant Competitions

TRV 10m Air Rifle Pennant is starting on August 22nd and there is still time to get a team together and participate in it.  Get a few of you fellow club members together to make up a team in either the Standing or Supported competitions or if you haven't got enough for a team send an email off to Chris Lott and you may be able to teamed up people in a similar situation as yourself.  If you are thinking of entering you better be quick as entries close next Friday 29th July.

50m Benchrest Pennant entry has opened for the 2016 season which begins on 5th of September.  Be sure to get your entries in by August 19 as no late entries will be accepted.

How times have changed in regards to advertising and technology of the rifles that we use in our sport

AusCup 3 & Shooting Australia Rifle Grand Prix Results

Last issue we didn't have the official results in from AusCup3 hosted by Shooting Australia before the newsletter got sent out.  James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) and Michael Davis (MISC) were the only Victorians to make it for this event and did quite well.  James shot 50m Prone and on both days won the qualification rounds and topped it off to win both of the finals each day.  Saturday he shot 616.7 (592.033) and on Sunday a 620.6 (594.038).  Great work and congratulations to James as you are achieving some great results this year.  Michael competed in the 3P 3x40 and finished 4th shooting a PB of 1,059 and then in 10m Air placing 5th in the qualification round with a 582.7 and then finishing 6th in the Final, good effort Michael.

The next AusCup is scheduled for 9th to 11th of September at Target Rifle South Australia's Wingfield range.  To see the results of
AusCup3 please click here

Shooting Australia also held a Rifle Grand Prix in South Australia the weekend of 9/10 July with 4 Victorian's making the trek to the Wingfield range for the event, they were James Daly, Michael & Neil Davis (MISC) and Steve Zunker (Portland SBRC).  The event actually started on Thursday with 3P events which continued on Friday with Michael Davis competing in that event shooting two full 3x40 matches plus 2 finals in the two days.  Saturday and Sunday repeated the same programs with both the 50m Prone and 10m Air Rifle events including finals each day.  Michael qualified 7th in the 10m Air with a nice 3rd to finish with in the final and on the 50m Range both James and Neil made the final with James finishing with a 2nd and Neil in 8th.  Sunday saw James and Steve finish 1st and 2nd respectively in the qualification round with James shooting a nice 625.9 (596.044) and Steve finishing 3rd in the final and James in 2nd place just 0.9pts behind Dane Sampson who won.  Michael came 6th in both the qualification and final of the last 10m Air Rifle event which rounded off a busy weekend for him shooting in 6 events and four finals.

Well done to James, Michael, Neil and Steve for your efforts and thanks to Neil for the above photos.  For full results of the weekend please click here.

TRV Training camp - FPTRC 

The weekend just past (16/17 July) we held our 2nd Training Camp of the year at Frankston Peninsula Target Rifle Club.  We were very lucky to have Carrie Quigley come over from South Australia and share some of her knowledge amongst those who attended, which was assisted by Dean Romanoff and Trevor Drage.  

The conditions were perfect on the weekend with both days around 15/16 degrees with practically no wind on the Saturday.  There were 15 members who attended, travelling from as far as Benalla, Sale and Shepparton with people shooting benchrest, prone and air rifle.  The day started off with everyone going to their preferred disciplines and doing a few stretching exercises before getting into position.  There was plenty of interaction from Carrie, Dean and Trevor with observing the shooters and making some positional changes or helping out as there were a few new rifles on the ranges as well.  After stopping for some lunch it was back to shooting and one of the biggest changes of the day was Tim, a relative new member at Frankston who turned up for some benchrest training only to be set up for prone in the afternoon with the club's equipment.  There was no stopping him after this as he had never considered it before but you couldn't stop him from getting up and put in a great effort with some impressive groups.  Quite a few of the participants throughout the day were also set up on the Scatt so that information could be seen straight away of their hold, breathing, trigger and follow through.  The afternoon wrapped up around 4:30pm with losts of positive remarks and people going away with new things to work on back at their clubs.

Sunday morning started out very crisp with some ice in areas on the range but again cleared up to be another great day with minimal wind although it picked up a little in the afternoon.  It was a smaller turn out on the Sunday as there was just nine members attending, who were all back for a second day of training from the day previous.  This just meant that there was basically one coach per three participants which was great for those who showed up as this meant they were able to get quite a lot of one on one coaching throughout the day.  Continuing on from Saturday the morning was spent focusing on what was learnt and putting it into action.  Dean went home and made up a 'spacer' out of wood for Matthew from MCC as he needed a bit of extra length on his rifle.  It was actually a pretty good job considering that Dean only went home for about 20mins and it enable Matthew to continue and infact ended up shooting the best that he ever has at 50m.  The Anderson family made the trek from Sale again in the morning which seen young Lachie who is 14 and only ever shot bench being set up for Prone.  Both Peter (his Dad) and sister Jorgeana also benefited from the two days of training/coaching.  Lucy was practising aiming off as her sights were set for a 9 at "4 o'clock" and was shading to shoot 10's and did quite an impressive job.  Michael spent the day on the 50m range working on his kneeling component in the morning and then prone in afternoon as he spent Saturday in the air shed working on his standing position.

Even though the numbers were down for the weekend, those who attended certainly made the most out of getting a lot of information to help them improve their shooting and things to take back to their club and work on in the future.  Thanks to Carrie Quigley for giving up her weekend and coming along to the Frankston range and coaching our members.  Thanks also to Dean Romanoff and Trevor Drage for being there for the weekend and helping out and coaching members as well.  Although he didn't participate in the weekend Lee from FPTRC turned up both mornings and prepared lunches for everyone each day and Tina helped out by cleaning up the kitchen after lunch was completed, so thanks to both Lee and Tina for your efforts.  Lastly thanks to Frankston for allowing us to hold the Training camp over the weekend and putting on the lunches and hospitality.

There is one more TRV Training Camp still to be held this year which will be at Stawell SBRC on 19th & 20th of November.

Matt Emmons: the smiling Olympian who survived missed medals and cancer
The gold-medal winning shooter has had to overcome thyroid cancer, hitting the wrong target and a new home country as he pursues glory in Rio this summer

“Funny story,” says Matt Emmons.

“Funny” is relative. He may be telling the story of his first Olympics in 2004, in which he won a gold medal with a borrowed rifle after his was sabotaged, made a catastrophic blunder to miss out on a second medal, then met his wife. Or maybe the story of making an error on his last shot at two Olympics. Or winning his third Olympic medal in 2012. Or being diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2010.
Matt Emmons and his wife are both Olympic gold medallists
The affable, infectiously upbeat Emmons wouldn't be a three-time Olympic shooting medallist without a bit of zen calm in his life. Nor would he be who he is – a devoted family man happily living in the Czech Republic – without a couple of stray shots along the way. He could give REO Speedwagon a lesson in rolling with the changes.

“It’s been very amazing to me how well he’s held up through all his diagnosis and treatment, and it goes to speak on his character, his perseverance and the strength that Olympic athletes have,” said Dr Yuman Fong, a cancer surgeon whose daughters were Emmons’ team-mates and who advised Emmons on his thyroid treatment. “Matt has more than many others.”

Emmons has already qualified for the three-position rifle event in Rio, the event in which he has had two medals slip through his grasp but held on for bronze in London. In the upcoming US trials (April 1-8 in Fort Benning, Georgia), he’ll shoot for another Olympic berth in the prone rifle, in which he has gold and silver already.

He’s not over the hill. He’ll turn 35 during the trials, and shooting medallists are sometimes in their 40s. But after all Emmons has accomplished and endured, what keeps him going in such a mentally demanding sport, where medals are won and lost by a matter of millimetres?

“I really do love what I do,” Emmons tells the Guardian. “I think that’s the heart of it for any athlete who’s been in a sport as long as I have.

“It’s not about the medals. I’ve got enough of those – if I had to retire tomorrow, OK, fine. But when you can go in there and perform beautifully, the way you dream about, that’s a wonderful feeling.”

And he’s still performing beautifully, winning a World Cup three-position event earlier this month in Thailand.

He has also settled comfortably into life in the Czech Republic, a path that started when he fired at the wrong target on his last shot in the 2004 Olympics three-position event. “On that shot, I was just worrying about calming myself down and just breaking a good shot, and so I didn’t even look at the number,” said Emmons at the time. “I probably should have. I will from now on.”

Emmons went to a beer garden with other shooters to forget his troubles and met a young Czech shooter, Katerina [Katy] Kurkova. Three years later, they were married.

Four years later in Beijing, Emmons had a near-replay – a medal in prone (this time, silver), and a solid lead lost on the final shot in the three-position. This time,he accidentally hit the trigger too soon while taking aim, scoring an unheard-of 4.4. And once again, he wouldn't let the experience get him down. He smiled and laughed while going through a gauntlet of interviews, playfully zinging a reporter who asked him about flaws in his “mentality”.

“Dude, I’ve got two Olympic medals,” he said with a laugh. “There’s nothing wrong with my mentality.”

At the last Olympics, Emmons said, I met Katy. Maybe something good would happen this time. What he didn’t tell reporters at the time: Katy, who won gold and silver in Beijing, was already pregnant.

But before settling into family life, Emmons faced another curveball – on the eve of leaving for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, where he was scheduled to serve as an athlete ambassador, he felt ill and decided to see a doctor. A few tests later, he found he had thyroid cancer.

Surgery and radioactive iodine barely slowed him down. He went to Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, took in a Yankees game, and got back to competition.

“[Radioactive iodine] makes people enormously tired,” Fong said. “To continue training and competing – it requires a special kind of person.”

Emmons shrugs it off, just as he did his two Olympic errors.

“The only difference now is that I take a pill every morning to make up for the thyroid I don’t have,” Emmons says. “If anyone’s ever going to get cancer, that’s the one you want. It’s typically slow-growing.”

By Emmons’ standards, London 2012 was uneventful. He didn’t participate in prone, and he wasn’t near the medals in air rifle. In three-position, he was in second place going into that crucial last shot.

“No matter how you prepare mentally, I wasn’t confident there was any way to calm myself and be completely in control for the last shot,” Emmons says. “I was going to prepare myself to be in control enough. [The target] was moving all over the place. I looked down and it was a 7.6. Then I looked over at the results monitor and ‘Hey, bronze medal! That’ll work.’”

That said, Emmons was dealing with a couple of physical issues. He adjusted well to his thyroid medication, but years of shooting and training had taken a toll on his back – a bulging disk and muscle imbalance. He spent a lot of time with sports medicine experts during the Games. “Just overtraining and training incorrectly,” Emmons explains.

So Emmons paces himself. He takes occasional breaks during the season and will take several months off after the Olympics. “The breaks are more for the mental aspect,” Emmons said. “If you get ground into the same thing over and over again, your mind becomes dull to it.”

He’ll have plenty to do. He can make short trips in Europe to check in with the US biathlon team, with whom he consults on shooting technique. Living in Europe is also more convenient for Emmons’ equipment, with factories not far away.

Before Katy’s retirement from shooting, the Emmons family split time between continents. But Katy’s field, physical therapy, would have required a logistically difficult licensing process had the Emmons family stayed in the USA. Emmons learned to speak Czech and was comfortable with the move.

“I really miss my family and our close friends, but at the same time, I can’t complain about life over there at all,” Emmons said.

Nor can he complain about the family’s medal collection. He and Katy each have a matched set of gold, silver and bronze.

And maybe another in a few months. Either way, he’ll have another funny story.

Given the 2016 Olympics is not too far away this article was reprinted from the Australian version of The Guardian by Beau Dure on 15th March 2016 and just goes to show that even when problems arise during a competition or in life, that they can be overcome.  This article has also inspired a #MotivationalModay this issue.  It should also be noted that during the last World Cup event at Munich in May, Matt shot 233 competition shots in the prone position (from both FR60 & 3x40 events including finals) with 231 of them being 10's!!!

Warren Potent & Graham Lawler Matches

The second and third rounds of this Interstate Postal were completed on 4th June and 2nd July respectively.  Round 2 in saw some great 50m scores being shot with the outright winner being Steve Zunker (Portland SBRC) shooting 595.028. Mike Jarrad (Oakleigh RC) looks like he is slowly starting to overcome his shoulder injury, winning the handicap event and $75 for his effort shooting a scratch score of 592.031. In the Air Rifle shed for the second month in a row Chris Lott (Shepparton SBRC) proved to be the person again to beat with a 576 which also seen him win the handicap component of this event.  Results for Round 2 can be found by clicking here.

A couple of weeks ago Round 3 was held as about 30 people put shooting before going to vote at the National Election.....   James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) took out first place with a nice 595.037 nudging out Steve Zunker and Mike Jarrad who both shot 591 with 36 & 30 centres respectively.  Luke Crozier also from Kyneton won the handicap component of the 50m with a nice 580.021, 14pts above his average.  As usual it was off to the 10m Air Range where Michael Davis (MISC) shooting the top score of the day with 567, pipping Chris Lott by one who finished with a 566.  Neil Davis took out the handicap event shooting 11 over his average with 552.  Results for Round 3 can be found by clicking here.

Both of these events are Postal Competitions over 5 rounds competing against teams from other states around Australia.  Interim results for both Warren Potent and Graham Lawler series can be found on the TRV Website on the results page.  There are just two more rounds left of this competition on Aug 6th & Sept 3rd.  The starting times are 9:00am for the Warren Potent 50m Prone Match and 11:00am for the Graham Lawler Air Rifle Match held at MISC.  Entry fee is only $5 for each event with the winner taking $75 based on all competitors live handicap scores on the day.  


Newly struck TRV Medals

It was time to have some new medals manufactured and as stock levels of the old ones were getting low, so why not take the opportunity to have a new design.  Below is the silver version of our new TRV medal, which of course have also been stuck in Gold & Bronze. 
The design has taken into account some history of the Association as well as incorporating our current Logo as well as trying to incorporate past medal designs.
  • The shield on the medal  has a series of concentric rings in the centre representing an aiming mark/target of which our sport is mainly based upon.  
  • In the top left hand quadrant there is two crossed rifles, and if you look at the top of this newsletter you will see the earlier logos of VSBRCU, VSBRA and VSBARA (reflecting history from the early 50's through to mid 90's) that all adorned a set of crossed rifles.  We have tried to update the rifles from the old .303 styles depicted to a more modern version of target rifle.  
  • The Southern Cross in the top right hand quadrant, has links to our medals that were produced in the 1970/80’s and is also shown in the State of Victoria’s flag.
  • TRV’s Logo in the lower half is of course our current Logo.
  • The floral arrangement on both sides of the medal represent “Epacris Impressa”, commonly know as the Common Heath, Victoria’s State Floral Emblem, and again has links to our medals from earlier times.
  • The medals will be presented with a Navy Blue and White lanyard which are the state colours for Victoria
  • Medals won at State Championships will have a specially printed lanyard with "Target Rifle Victoria State Championships & logo" printed on them which will replace the standard one as mentioned above. 
So there is some reason behind the design, its not just random bits!! Neil Davis was the designer behind this new medal, and we think he has done a great job and thank him for his efforts.

Postal Competitions....... 

Even though we are in the middle of the colder months there is not too much happening by the way of postal competitions at present.

Numurkah Postal results have now been posted, thank you to those who entered as there was 154 entries in this years competition and congratulations to the outright winners of the postal categories.
  • 20m Benchrest - Alan Baker (Fairfield SBRC) - 582.014
  • 20m Prone - James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) - 600.049
  • 50m Benchrest - Brian Kent-Hughes (MCC SBRC) - 745.039
  • 50m Prone - James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) - 595.037
  • 10m Air Rifle - Chris Lott (Shepparton SBRC) - 565
  • 10m Supported Air - Val McCready (MISC) - 576
Full results for Numurkah Postal can be found by clicking here.

Lancefield 600 Postal officially started on July 1st, entries are still open if you missed this and you can check out the flyer by clicking here. They have expanded the competition this year to include 10m Air and Air Supported categories as part of the program.

For those of you who are interested in 3P shooting don't forget about the TRV 3P Postal that is currently running with monthly cards to be submitted until October.

Don't forget if you are competing in the Shepparton Postal this year that time is running out as the cards have to be posted back to the club by this Friday 22nd July.

The next "postal shoot" on is the TRV 10m Air Rifle Pennant make sure that your club has got their entries in for both Standing and Supported categories.

Club competitions from around the state....

Throughout the year there are quite a few competitions hosted by our member clubs at various locations around the state, offering prizes, sashes, trophies or medallions for various grades as well as the top 10 (generally). If you have never been to another clubs prize meeting it is a great opportunity to compete with/against your fellow TRV members and is also a great way to meet other members and get some different ideas and tips.  All clubs/organisers of events are encouraged to submit a wrap up of their events for inclusion to the newsletter and can be done by sending an email to Sean by clicking here.

North West Victorian Championships

A record number of shooters attended the North West Victorian Championships over the Queen's Birthday long weekend.  This shoot is run by the small but energetic Mildura Smallbore Rifle Club and is rapidly becoming one of the biggest competitions outside National Championships.  Held at the complex owned by the Mildura Pistol Club, we are able to cater for all Smallbore disciplines.  Competitions run were Class 1 and 3 Benchrest at 20 and 50 metres, Prone at 20 and 50, 10 metre Air Rifle, Supported Air Rifle and Air Rifle Benchrest.  We are one of few clubs to also run a 3 position event.

Forty one shooters entered the Class 3 Benchrest with Roy Helbig from Morgan in South Australia winning the championship sash from Sarah Craig (Adelaide) and Shepparton's Ern Mulcahy.   Helbig, one of the sport's true gentlemen and must be almost Australia's top Benchrest shooter, having won numerous championships in South Australia, Victoria and Broken Hill in NSW.  He was second at the 2011 Nationals at Geelong.  Sarah Craig is an intermittent shooter who often comes out of the woodwork and shoots winning scores.  It was great to see Ern Mulcahy making a successful comeback after his illness. Helbig won the 50 metre section from two Broken Hill shooters in Beth Garland and Kim Gasmier.

The only 600 shot for the weekend was by Graham Bickerdike of Benalla which won the 20 metre section for him.  Renmark's Mark Cresp was second at twenty and rookie Mildura member, Terry Curran came third, a great effort by him in such illustrious company.

The top half dozen shooters in the Prone aggregate reads like the who's who of smallbore. The championship sash was won by recently crowned National Champion James Daly, from multiple winners of this event in Jason Lowe from Adelaide and TRV secretary, Chris Lott in third.  In positions 4 and 5 were Tim Butler, Wingfield and another champion in Steve Zunker who now shoots at Portland.  Winners in the individual events were, Lott, Daly and Lowe at 20 and Daly, Lowe and Butler at 50 metres.  Winners in the other grades were, 20 metres, B grade - Tom Mewburn, C grade - Dale Harris, D grade - James Wegener, Juniors - Jacqueline Hatzigiannis and Sub Juniors - Michael Davis.  At fifty metres the other grades were won by, B grade - Robin Fleming, C grade - Dale Harris, D grade - Michael McKernan, Juniors - Jacqueline Hatzigiannis and Sub Juniors - Michael Davis. Don Gowland was the top Veteran in both distances.

First and second place in both Class 1 A grade benchrest events were, Tim Butler of Wingfield and Morrie Muehlberg from Reynella. Third at 20 metres was Peter Gurney the Broken Hill Veteran and at 50 metres it was another veteran, Local member, Ken Wilson. Placings in B grade, were at 20 metres, Darryl Gray, Nick Sullivan and Ken Wilson. 50 metre winners were, Gray, Leo Maccora and David Widdicombe.

Three Position medals went to Chris Lott (A grade), James Daly (B grade) and Michael Davis (D grade). 10 metre Air Rifle winners were, Sue Lott (A grade), Michael Davis (B) and in C grade it was Ken Hart.

Air Bench, a relatively new event was an open competition and was won by Leo Maccora from David Klemm and Marise Maccora, the most excited shooter at the comp, particularly after beating Richard Lightfoot.  Air Supported, again an open competition, was won by Ken Hart from Tony Adams and Val McCready who found time to shoot during baby sitting duties.

David Yudkin, did a fantastic job in the role of Championship Director, particularly as it was his first year in the job and catered for twelve more shooters than last year.  At the packed presentations, President Anton Wurfel thanked the local members who made the event possible.  He also made mention of the visitors who assisted. The helpful visitors were, Ros Adams, David Klemm, Paul Reed, James Daly, Richard Lightfoot and Reg & Val McCready.

The club is in a great position for even more growth with around 40 bays available for Benchrest and Prone disciplines if needed plus the Air Rifle range.

At the end of competition the newly formed TRA Benchrest committee held their first meeting as all five members were in attendance. The members are Richard Lightfoot, Morrie Muehlberg, Alan Collins and TRA Board representatives, Nick Sullivan and Anton Wurfel.

Thanks to Alan Collins, Club Captain at Mildura Smallbore Rifle Club for compiling this report and getting some photos together for the newsletter.  All results from the weekend can be found by clicking on this link.
Queens Birthday Royal Salute

Not an overly big turnout of rifle shooters at this years event.  James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) won the scratch event of the 50m with 594.036 (620.9) and Neil Davis from MISC took out the handicap event with a total of 600.1921 from a nice 589.030.  There was also a final shot on the day of which Neil Davis took out the top placing on the podium.  Results of the Queens Birthday Salute can be found by clicking here.

Don't forget to check out the calendar above or on the TRV website for upcoming events as the next one is the Portland Annual Prize Shoot and Merv Friend 600 this coming weekend (23/24 July) hosted by Portland SBRC.


Want more information about TRV?

You don't have to wait every two months for the newsletter to come out to know what's happening around the Association.  Sometimes we need to get information out to members quickly or some gentle reminders about upcoming events.  Normally we send flyers out to the Secretaries of the clubs but we have also got the use of social media tools being our Website and Facebook page.

Have you got Facebook? If so dont forget to "Like Us" as this is a powerful way to spread the message as well as letting other members know of information.  On here you will find photos, events, results, information, and even some funny stuff, actually it is endless to what you may find on there and be notified when it appears!!   A couple such examples of late has been the notifications of TRV members passing (as mentioned earlier) as we found out a few days before the funerals were taking place.  Or if you remember the funny picture from the last issue about 'taking the day off because your arm was in a sling', within two days that photo had been shared around the world by both individuals and businesses and infact the head office of Walther Firearms in Germany shared it on their page and has been viewed by potentially tens of thousands of people.

Don't forget the old faithful website either as thanks to the hard work from James Daly, Neil Davis and Chris Lott it is probably the best Rifle Association website in the country if not the world.  If you cant find it on here then it is simply not worth knowing (or at least that's the saying)!!  But truthfully the information that can be found on there should be more than adequate to find a solution to just about any query that you may have of the Association, such as
  • ISSF and Australian Rules
  • Upcoming events
  • Results of past competitions up to more than 10 years ago
  • Members individual performances with graphs
  • See your Live averages for every discipline that you shoot in
  • Interim results of Pennant series as soon as they are scored
  • TRV member club info of where they are and who to contact
  • Links to International, National and other State Rifle Associations/bodies
  • Links to suppliers that support our sport
  • Lists of previous newsletters
  • Admin stuff from Policies and minutes to contacting all office bearers of TRV
It is a true credit to those that have helped build the website up to what it has become and if you haven't had a look please familiarise yourself with it and type in your membership number into "MY TRV" to see how you are tracking in your favourite discipline with all of the past events that you have entered in.

Links for both Facebook and the Website can be found near the end of the newsletter under "Useful Links"

Mildura Smallbore Rifle Club even got a write up the day before their event in the Mildura Weekly Newspaper

Local shooters have Victorian smallbore titles in their sights
Mildura Weekly, 10th June 2016

THE Mildura Smallbore Rifle Club is set to be a hive of activity this weekend, as it hosts the annual North West Victorian Championships.

Attracting 70 riflemen from as far as Adelaide, Renmark, Shepparton, Casterton and Kyneton, the event has grown significantly since its inception in 1999.

The club – which is located at Magnum Avenue, Koorlong – will cater for a number of smallbore disciplines including 50 metre prone, 20 metre prone and three position (air rifle, air supported and air benchrest).

National prone champion James Daly headlines the event, while other big names include World Benchrest Championship bronze medalist Richard Lightfoot and multiple State champion Chris Lott.

With 12 more entries from last year, Mildura Smallbore Rifle Club captain, Alan Collins, is expecting a quality weekend of shooting.

“Apart from nationals this event is one of the biggest in Australia,” Alan said. “We go to Broken Hill and Morgan and they probably have 25 to 30 shooters, even at Wingfield (State range) in Adelaide, they don’t get these numbers.”

Along with Mildura Smallbore Rifle Club president, Anton Wurfel, Alan is predicting a top performance by local David Yudkin.

The North West Smallbore Rifle Championships will run tomorrow and Sunday from 8.30am to 5pm.


Libby Kosmala: Oldest athlete at Rio Paralympics ready to bring home gold
by Claire Campbell, ABC News, 5th June 2016

Libby in training for Rio 2016 at Wingfield Range in Adelaide

An Adelaide woman selected for her twelfth Paralympic Games will be the oldest athlete competing in Rio, but believes she still has what it takes to bring home gold.

At 73-years-old, air rifle shooter Libby Kosmala said age does not faze her.

"I don't feel like the oldest athlete," she said.

"I think it keeps me fit, it keeps me mentally alert because it's 95 per cent mental and 5 per cent physical."

Kosmala vowed the 2012 Paralympics would be her last, but she could not put down the rifle in her retirement.

She continued to improve and was asked to join the national shooting team once again.

Kosmala already has nine Paralympic gold medals to her name from a shooting career spanning 40 years.

But her experience does not exclude her from a rigorous training schedule.

Kosmala is training every day in the lead up to Rio with fitness, weights, swimming and shooting sessions at the Wingfield Range.

"Everyday I've got something planned and then I do a lot of thinking about shooting when I'm out gardening and doing other jobs," she said.

"I've got to do well, I've got to hold the rifle firmly and I've got to look through that sight and concentrate on getting the perfect shot."

Kosmala's Paralympic career began in swimming

The Klemzig resident was born with Spina Bifida and paraplegia, but has always been a dedicated sports woman.

Libby at the 1984 New York Games where she won four Gold medals and broke four World Records

Kosmala first competed in the Heidelberg, Germany Paralympic Games in 1972 as a swimmer and field athlete.

It was some time later, as secretary of the Wheelchair Sports in South Australia, when she was invited to try shooting.

"I said 'nah, I don't really want to be a shooter, I love my archery'," she said.

"I'd never held a rifle before in my life, they loaded it for me and they said 'just shoot that black dot down there'.

"I held the rifle and squeezed the trigger and it went right through the middle."

She continued to shoot straight through the middle and decided to continue with the sport.

Equal recognition for Paralympians 'truly amazing'

At the next Paralympics in Toronto, Canada, she won her first gold medal in the event — one of two standout highlights of her career.

"The other highlight was in 1988 [my husband] Stan and I were both in the Paralympics in Seoul, Korea, and I got three gold medals and he got a gold medal," she said.

"He got a gold medal the same time I got one of my gold so there was great excitement."

But as a fierce campaigner and advocate for disability rights, the moment that has given Kosmala the greatest thrill is seeing equal recognition of Paralympians.

"Initially there were only wheelchair people, now there's all the disabilities — blind, amputees, cerebral palsy, partially, intellectually disabled, all disabilities are included in the Paralympics and that's fantastic," she said.

"We're Paralympic because we're disabled, but really we are Olympians in lots of ways and I feel it's been more and more closely knitted."

"We're given as much [recognition] this year, it's been amazing, really amazing."

Kosmala will compete in the air rifle prone and standing events in Rio.

Libby competing at 2012 London Paralympic Games

[Editor - it was at the recent Nationals that I was asked to help Stan compete in one of the Air Rifle events by changing targets for him.  When I arrived on the range Stan was helping Libby get set up before setting himself up.  It was a very different perspective for me to change the target after each shot and basically stand back and observe a whole match with Stan, Libby and Tracey admiring what they do and still being very competitive with the same determination as the other competitors on the range!  Not really knowing much of who either Stan or Libby were, until after the event when I started looking a bit further.  It would certainly be an honour to represent your country at one Olympic event let alone 12 Paralympic Games from 1972 to 2016 (including Rio), winning 9 Gold, 3 silver and 1 Bronze medals without including Rio!!!  Flag Bearer at the 1996 Games and receiving a 'Medal of the Order of Australia' for her service to the sport of Air Rifle shooting in 1985.  This is why I choose to include this article into this edition of Newsletter not just based on these achievements alone but for the sportsmanship of both Stan and Libby who complete against each other and are there to help each other out.

Good Luck to Libby and all of the other athletes representing Australia at Rio in August and September.]


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