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Spring Edition

Hello all to the Spring Edition which, as they say, is in the air. Plenty of action has proceeded us with the completion of the indoor pennants and stage 2 of the TRV Championships held in Hamilton. With spring awaiting, there are endless options to shoot and compete leading up to the Christmas break so ensure that you get out there and participate.

A big congratulations goes out to Warren Potent for winning gold in 50m Prone at the World Championships being held in Granada, Spain. This rich vein of form follows from his win at the Commonwealth Games. See the final at

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Funding Opportunity....

The shooting sports grant is now open, and unfortunately the grant will close on the 25th of September, so PLEASE get your club to apply for a grant if you are in a position to do so, this is a once off opportunity for our sport, for more info click here.

If you or anyone else in you club knows of any other available grants please email them to and I will add them to the next newsletter.

Something Interesting...
Have you seen the new ISSF iPad Magazine?  Please take the time to check out the blurb on you-tube from this link

Do you read the TRA EMag?  It is very interesting and informative, please click here to read the latest issue.

A informative forum from across the ditch...Warren Potent is an active contributor - check out his cleaning method as well as a comprehensive paper by Ross Mason on Wind Reading here

Have you found any good shooting sites worth sharing with others?  If so please email them to and I will add them to the next newsletter.


Upcoming events:

Glenelg Region and Hamilton Prize Meeting
Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of February, held at Hamilton

TRV Training Camp
Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of September, held at MISC

Kyabram Long Range and Bench Rest Championship
Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of October, held at Kyabram

TRV Endurance Match
Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of October, held at Shepparton

For more information regarding the above  and other events click here


TRV State Champs Part 2

On the 21st and 22nd of June the TRV State Championships part 2 were held at Hamilton where both benchrest and prone were shot at the distances of 20 m and 50 m.

The sunny blue skies did not reflect to the ground conditions where gumboots were the order of the day. On the first day, shooters competed at 20 m for the State 20 m championship. Through deceiving wind, Xavier McLaurin won the prone scratch with a score of 194. 31 followed by the local Paul Janicki  and James Daley. Another local of the area, Stewart Bailey, took at the Bench followed by David Homewood and Alan Taylor.

With weary eyes and some dusty heads from the presentation dinner held on the Saturday night, with a highlight being that of Robert Spratt receiving a life membership of TRV, marksman tackled the 50 m distance with tricky wind conditions as well as varying light.

The 50 m prone was won by Julie Holcombe of Port fairy with a commendable score of 586. 22 followed by Neil Davies and Xavier McLaurin. The bench saw tight fight between Graham Bickerdike and Richard Lightfoot with the former taking the honours with a score of 739. 24. Colin Beard took out the bronze. With her commanding shoot at 50 m, Julie Holcombe took out the dual range for crying as well as great big dark for bench and consistent with winning at 50m, Graham Bickerdike took out the Bench duel range,

Many thanks go to the Hamilton club for putting on a great display and event and no doubt shooters will enjoy this another great competition in Hamilton this weekend.

For a full list of results click here
For the full gallery of photos click here

5 Minutes With...

Name:  Vito DiPasquale
Club/s you are/have been a member of? 
Frankston Clay Target Club
MCC Smallbore Rifle Club

What do you do for a living?
I'm self employed, I supply and install electronic equipment such as Reverse camera, Bluetooth phone car kits and Satellite/GPS tracking systems to vehicles.

What disciplines do you shoot?
I started off shooting clays, but now shoot prone and bench.
How often do you shoot? 
I shoot 20M prone every Wednesday, 20 bench some Mondays, I also try to do all the 50M bench/prone events that are held at MISC on respective weekends.
Greatest achievement?
Being part of teams that have won pennants as well as getting first and second places in my grade for certain events.... Although I like to think the greatest achievement is yet to come!
Most memorable moment?
I have two of them.
The first was when I went to MISC to shoot 50M for the first time ever. I don't remember which competition it was but everyone was lying down preparing, I fired the first shot before we were allowed to shoot. Someone called out "WHO WAS THAT!" I then heard a bloke sitting behind me reply "DONT WORRY HE ONLY SHOT A 6"
I also managed to shoot the grass that day!
The second was watching my youngest son Michael shoot at the 2013 RBA Nationals in Sydney where he managed to earn a few junior medals as well as coming second outright in Light Varmint thanks to Richard Lightfoot. Watching the smile on his face when many of the older competitors came and gave him a pat on the back and congratulated him was worth it.
What is the furthest you have travelled to compete?
So far I have only competed in Melbourne but have taken my son Michael to Sydney and will be going to Brisbane for the 2015 RBA Nationals. I hope to get to some of the country shoots in the next few years when the kids are a bit older and I don't have club duties to fulfil.

What do you enjoy most about the sport?
I have made lots of friends and even though most of us are shooting against each other I find many people are willing to help in some sort of way, whether it be a handy tip or sharing equipment with someone as many shooters do.
I don't know of many if any sport where people of any age, gender, fitness, size, personality or anything else you want to throw in can compete side by side and any of them could potentially win on the day.
The best part is, I can do it with my kids!

Richard's Ramblings

Three of may favourite things - shooting, red wine and stinky fromage. That is no doubt what two of top benchrest shooters enjoyed with a recent competition trip to France. Here are some of Richard's Ramblings of his experience:

A nine person team of Australians which consisted of three, three person squad competed at the First World Benchrest Rimfire Federation Competition in Volmerange les-Mines, France in July 2014.  Team members were selected as the top nine shooters from the last two Rimfire Benchrest Nationals held in Silverdale , New South Wales and Murdering Point, Queensland.  The team went through solid preparation both at Club and State levels.
The team left Australia on the 3rd July, 2014 met up in Dubai and travelled as a team to Paris.  With all the right documentation, approvals, export and import and for carriage in France we arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport, collected our rifles, walked to Customs and asked them did they wish to check our rifles, the response being “no we have the documentation, all was okay”.  This was great until another Official came out slightly flustered and requested documentation, to which a large folder and the Captain proceeded to show the extent of documentation and with a Gallic wave we all moved on.  This was somewhat different to other locations that shooters have attended and the different degree of scrutiny that has taken place. 
A car was hired and for the next three and a half hours left hand drive went via the Range hoping to store gear but was told, “the competition has not started and you cannot do that until tomorrow”.  So off to the hotel and unloaded all the gear and for the next two days members were able to deposit gear at the Range and embark on sightseeing in Luxemburg and others went down to the Black Forrest in Germany. 
Monday and Tuesday started the practice at the competition with the aim of trying to determine the idiosyncrasies of a high walled baffled range, particularly when there was incoming wind and wind spilled through the top of the baffles down and spread each way of the centreline.  Those who have shot on baffled ranges know the difficulties.
Team competition commenced on Wednesday, 9th July, 2014.  Team A consisting of Robin Cox, John Radford and Jaegen Peet.  Team B consisted of Richard Lightfoot, Glen Seaman and Anne Rowe.  Team C consisted of Joy Harrison, John Patzwald and Ashley Elford.
The teams competition was won by the Australian Team A, followed by the Italian team, Team B and third was Australian Team B and fourth Australian Team C.
Of the ten nations competing and of the nine individuals, Australia has performed best in Rimfire to date.  Australian Team B consisted of Richard Lightfoot, Glen Seaman and Annette Rowe and currently hold the World Single Day Team Record of 2241 with 130 centres.
Individual competition commenced on Friday, 11th July, 2014 and was shot over two days.  In this competition John Radford of Australia got a perfect score of 1500 out of 1500 with 114 centres.  John Patzwald was second with 1498 and 99 centres, Jean Pierre Inglet of France was third with 1497 and 92 centres and Richard Lightfoot from Australia was further with a score of 1496 and 85 centres, he was followed by another Australian, Jaegen Peet on 1495 with 90 centres.
The other Victorian shooter, Annette Rowe scored 1488 and 73 centres, she was followed by Robin Cox, Glen Seaman, Ashley Elford and Joy Harrison.
The beauty of team competition first welded the team together and this co-operation continued across the individual shooting as well.  Sharing that occurred was both in equipment, in set up, discussions of wind and celebrating the various achievements.
The competition was run extremely efficiently, the scores were completed approximately thirty minutes after the last targets were collected, there were no requirements for a jury and all members left France having enjoyed a top competition. 
Team members, Richard Lightfoot, Robin Cox and Ashley Elford were all accompanied by their wives who took the opportunity to travel via efficient trains into Luxemburg and other locations.  These overseas trips particularly to Europe provide partners with the opportunity to holiday as well as for their partners shooting.
As a number of members were close to north west France, the opportunity was taken to visit Villers-Bretonneux and see first hand the nature of the topography, the way nature has healed the battlefields of World War I and yet there are still reminders of the conflict particularly with up to fifty tonnes of scrap per year still being removed from the battlefields and the remaining massive craters that resulted from mining of trenches.


Review: MEC Mark I Stock

I recently upgraded my 2313 Anschutz stock to take a 2013 with a brand new Lilja barrel. Here are my thoughts:

Service - The service was exceptional, with direct email access with Maik himself who was very helpful with every question I had with responses being received within 12 hours. From first contact to receipt was flawless.

Installation - putting aside the initial awe of the workmanship put into this piece, installation proved rather difficult. The first issue was that the holes tapped to take my Anschutz butt plate did not align, despite requesting that this be done. A bit of reverse engineering fixed this issue. Added to this, the screws supplied were stainless and not up to the rigours of my white knuckle approach, snapping the tip of one in a tapped hole. Enter Richard Lightfoot, and this was fixed but a week was lost.

When it came to putting the action in the stock, something seemed to be amiss - the ports for the take down screws did not line up. The issue: no recess cut out for the safety switch which was rectified with its removal.

From reading some posts regarding the stock, I started with a torque setting of 4nm for the bedding screws and haven't seen a need to adjust with consistent, tight groups since.

Fit - Despite the troubling times in setting it up, getting down with it was effortless. From the first shot, the recoil was perfect, returning to the target each time. I was concerned initial as the stock itself is very light however no extra weight has been required. The first card shot was a 100 at 20m.

Design - the stand out difference of the stock is the rear butt end which works on a track system that allows the change of the butt plate, cheek piece and grip if necessary quickly between positions in 3P. When purchasing , care must be taken at choosing the right length on offer with 4 different combinations available. Honestly, it is an example of German over-engineering however offers a greater range of length of pull if required.

The cheek piece is the MEC proprietary one that has been around for a number of years, offering side to side movement. It sits on an adjustable arrangement found on the Walther Anatomic.

Same as the Anatomic is the Grip, which has turned out to be my favourite aspect of the stock which is comfortable in the hand  and promotes a consistent, straight wrist position.

Overall, the stock, for me, has been a positive. Feel free to have a look when your next on the range - I would happily let you have a  try but only left handers need apply.
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