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TRV State Titles - Part 2 & Presentation Dinner
Next month sees the running of Part 2 of the TRV State Titles at Target Rifle Geelong on June 25 & 26.  It will be here that the State Champions will be crowned for 20m, 90m & Dual Range in both Prone and Benchrest.  Saturday night will be the Annual TRV Presentation Dinner held at Geelong RSL in Belmont.  Why not make a weekend of it and come along to the dinner as well, as it is sure to be a great evening.
State Titles will consist of 20m for Prone and Benchrest events on the Saturday with the TRV Champion of Champions and TRV Junior Champion of Champions events run in the afternoon after Stage 1 of the Dual Range has been completed.  On Sunday the 90m Prone and Benchrest events will be contested and the Dual Range Champions will be decided as an aggregate of both the 20 & 90m events.  Both of the 20m and 90m competitions will be 60 shots at each distance.  Entry is just $15 per match (ie 20/90m and prone/benchrest) and there is no charge for the dual range match as the winners are declared from the total scores of both 20 and 90m matches.

All clubs are encouraged to enter their 20m Club Champions of both Prone and Benchrest disciplines as well as Junior Club Champions.  These will be a separate 40 shot match in the afternoon after Matches 1 & 2 have been completed on Saturday (approx 1pm).  There is no charge to enter your club champion(s) but please note that they have to be nominated by the club as per the entry form.

Canteen facilities will be available all weekend and presentations will be done at the conclusion of each days competition.  Online entries are preferred. For more information please checkout the entry form by clicking the button below.

The Annual TRV Presentation Dinner will be held on Saturday evening at the Geelong RSL in Belmont.  Perpetual Trophies, Pennants, Medals and Badges won in TRV competitions over the past 12 months will be presented during the evening.  So if you have won anything why not come along and collect your prize in person or just simply come along to enjoy a meal, a couple of drinks and a great night with fellow members.

The cost of the dinner is just $25 but if you compete at any of the events over the weekend for the State Championships Part 2, it will only cost you $10 as TRV will subsidise the other $15 towards the cost of the dinner.  Bookings are essential and if you would like to attend, please send an email to Chris Lott by clicking here or the RSVP picture below informing him of your name and your other guests that will be coming along with you.  RSVP's are required by June 1st.
click here for State Titles Information
click here for Presentation Dinner information
TRV Annual Congress
Just a reminder for everyone that the Annual Congress will be held on June 18th at Kilmore Library.  This year the election of Office Bearers for the positions of Vice-President, Treasurer and 3rd Councillor will be nominated and voted upon for a two-year term.  All Annual reports from Council/committee will be presented and a delegate from each member club is required to be in attendance.
For any further information please email Chris Lott by clicking here.

Missing Something?

Have you got your new membership card yet?  If not, a possible reason is that you may have missed paying your TRV renewal fees for 2016/17!!  Remember that you must be a financial member to participate in any TRV sanctioned event.  All renewal notices have been sent and were due by March 31, so if any of your contact details have changed we may not know about it, please contact Chris if you need further information.
Upcoming Events
May 1 - July 22
Shepparton Postal Competition

May 2
TRV 20m Prone Pennant commenced

May 23
TRV 20m Benchrest Pennant commences

Jun - Oct 2016
TRV 3 Position Postal Competition
June 4th
Warren Potent and Graham Lawler Rd2 @ MISC 

June 11 & 12
NW Victorian Championships @ Mildura
June 18
TRV Congress @ Kilmore
June 19
Queens Birthday Royal Salute @ MISC
June 25
TRV Annual Presentation Dinner @ Geelong RSL

June 25 & 26
TRV State Titles (part2) @ Geelong

July 2nd
Warren Potent and Graham Lawler Rd3 @ MISC 

July 11 - Sept 18
Lancefield 600 Postal
July 16 & 17
TRV Training Camp @ FPTRC

July 23 & 24
Portland Annual Prize shoot and Merv Friend 600 @ Portland

For full TRV Calendar click here
Top:  Shooting 20m at Target Rifle Geelong.  Above:  Dean Romanoff "cooking the results" on Sunday at Lake Gillear for the 90m event and the Lake Gillear clubrooms resembled something like a backyard counterfeiting operation utilising as much spaces as possible to dry out the targets before scoring
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Quick note from the Editor.....

<<First Name>>, if this is your first newsletter that you are receiving from Target Rifle Victoria, welcome and hope that you find this of some value to you as it is sent out bi-monthly.  With the State Titles Part 2 coming up along with some results coming in and not to forget that the Olympics are on this year, this edition of the newsletter should have enough information to take up your lunchtime (if you are reading this at work) as a 10min tea break may not be enough time!!

To all those members who are approaching me at various events and commenting on the newsletter, thank you as it is much appreciated.  One comment that was asked was, can the newsletter be in a printed format like it used to be years ago.  The simple answer is yes, just press the 'Control & P' buttons at the same time but to be honest we have to move with the times and in this format the information can be almost instantly sent as it happens (such as the report from Daniel at Stawell last month and MISC Anniversary from the past weekend, both of which you had the morning after the event).  This eliminates having to send it off to the printer, wait for and approve a proof, print it, send it out via mail and you might read it two weeks after it was finalised.  There is also a cost factor to be considered of printing/postage as well as the reliability and rising costs of the postal service, as most people have an email address (a lot of people don't have a home phone anymore!), the only cost at present is some time to add articles/results.  Another comment that was made was 'can we have a Buy/Swap/Sell area?'  Well ask and you shall receive, we have made enquiries with Victoria Police Firearms Registry and we are able to include this as part of our Official Newsletter.  See below for details of how this feature is able to be utilised.

Remember this is YOUR newsletter so if you have anything that you would like to submit to the next newsletter then please do not hesitate to send me some information so that it can be included in the next edition.  For those of you that have Twitter, you may have seen the ISSF #MotivionalMonday tweets that they send out, well I have put a 'TRV spin' on them by including more familiar faces in the photos starting with this edition - can you recognise who they are?.  We are always looking for articles whether it be about your club, a member that you know or anything else related to the sport that you may think would be of benefit to other members.  Newsletters during the year will be sent out (2nd half of the months) in January, March, May, July, September and November so if you would like to submit something please make sure that I have it by the 10th of those months mentioned for inclusion.


The Prez sez........

A quick word from Mike Jarrad, TRV President

What does TRV do for you?
I recently received an email from one of our members with the question - what does TRV do for the Grass Roots shooter. I have to confess that my initial reaction was - What the!! (Or something like that!!), however having had a couple of days to reflect on the question I realise that it is in fact a very good and valid question to ask.

TRV actually do not have any high performance pathways for elite athletes, so technically everything we do is for the “Grass Roots” shooter. High performance pathways are looked after by Target Rifle Australia and Shooting Australia.

In Victoria we have around 800 members, about 50 of those are what I would term as “Hard Core” by that I mean if there is a competition on somewhere that's where they will be!  We have another group who will always enter every postal competition that comes along and the last group who are social competitors who enjoy their local club, having a shoot and chat with their mates.

Being in the first group of people I know of things that TRV are doing, (or not doing) gets discussed in detail by all of them at some stage or another.  The mistake I have made is the assumption that because these things are talked about at prize-shoots etc, that everyone in TRV will also know, but on reflection, how can they if they are not at the same competitions that I attend or at Council or Congress meetings. What members of TRV Council know and take for granted is not necessary the same as what the Grass Roots Athlete knows.

So this is a very condensed - lets bring everyone up to date information article, on what has been happening over the last 3 years.
TRV Data Base - TRV are very fortunate to have a couple of very talented people who graciously have donated their time (For Free!!!) to develop the new Data base. This data base allows us to record every members performance, automatically do their grades, do historical data storage, generate start lists, do online entries etc etc. This sort of information is an invaluable tool for people who volunteer to do various jobs as it helps to make their job simpler and smoother, but it also provides TRV with the information that is needed these days for interface with State bodies when applying for grants.
TRV Web Page - Our web page is the envy of a number of other States and Associations, the data base sits in the background and is used as the engine to drive the page that we all see. For the last 3 years our web page has been growing and evolving and will continue to do so, as the talented people mentioned above are still involved in running it.
Prize Meeting On-Line info - The web page and Data base provides our clubs with a platform for advertising their prize-shoots as well as providing on-line display of results, additionally the results get inputted to the grading system for shooters averages and ongoing grading. The only requirement is that clubs use the provided spreadsheet to allow easy importation by the WebMaster into the data base.
Junior Development Program - Three years ago we launched a new Junior Development program, This is an on-gong program that hopefully will grow and become a pathway for junior shooters into our sport and for development of our future champions. For the last 3 years we have sent a bus load (or two) of our junior members to Sydney to compete at the Australia Youth National Championships. I am quite proud to say that our Victorian juniors have performed above expectations on all 3 trips winning a swag of medals. This competition exposes our Juniors to a small taste of what International competition is all about. TRV applied for and won a small grant in 2014 to assist with travel costs for this event.
Coaching and Training camps - If you have a look on the web page under “Calendar” you will notice a number of weekends which are labelled “TRV Training Camp” These camps are available to every TRV member, they are generally at no cost other than your ammunition, cost of getting you there and if you decide to stay in accommodation somewhere for the weekend. Highly skilled Coaches are made available who in the past have been invited from Interstate to provide instruction tailored to what ever your current skill base is. Its a fantastic opportunity for everyone to hone their performance and perhaps pick up that little thing that has been eluding them!
Range Officer Courses - TRV offer regular instruction in Range officer training, Every club needs to have at least one active member who is suitably qualified as their Range Officer. For those members who want to take their skill base further, TRV offer advanced level of training, and in conjunction with TRA and Shooting Australia can take the training up to ISSF level. You just need to advise TRV of your intent and requirement to do so.
TRV Newsletter - This newsletter is provided via email to every member of TRV, again free of charge. Its a great way of communicating with our members, and its a great way for your clubs to promote a prize-meeting or event. Perhaps your club has a story to tell about its history or member, so please consider putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard and submitting an article for the next edition.
TRV Competitions - TRV hosts approximately 35 postal and shoulder to shoulder competitions during the year, additionally our clubs hold a further 35 (Approximate) prize-meetings, This provides a lot of competitions available in both Bench and ISSF disciplines for all our members.
TRV Minutes of Meetings - All TRV minutes of meetings both Congress and Council are published on the web page in the members section, you just need to request a password for access.
Bpay Membership fees - Last year TRV introduced a new method of Membership payment using Bpay, It has been a great success making everyones live a lot easier. We possibly will look at using the system for other payments in the future.
TRV Hoodies - You may of noticed a number of our members wandering around various competitions wearing a navy blue Hoodie with a TRV logo on them., These will be available at the State Champs at Geelong for purchase at $35.00 each, You can preorder yours by contacting the secretary or president on the email link on the TRV web page. We still have a range of sizes left, but once they are, gone thats it.! The proceeds of the sale go to assist in running various programs - for example the junior program. etc.
TRV Grants Available - Last year TRV introduced a revised Athlete grant scheme aimed at assisting our High performance athletes with a one of cash donation to assist with their travel costs when competing in sanctioned and authorised International Australian teams. This year TRV will launch a new Club grant scheme, aimed at assisting clubs financially with renovations to their facilities.
Grants Received
Over the last 3 years TRV have applied for every grant that comes available, we do not win them all, but we have been successful with a couple,
  • Juniors - A $3,500.00 travel grant in 2013/14
  • TRV - A $1,100,000.00 grant for construction of a new State Range. (Still trying to obtain a suitable block of land)
  • TRV - A $66,000.00 grant for construction of a travelling training and coaching trailer fitted with 10 of Electronic target machines (Meytons) 6 of live fire Scatts, computers printers and target scoring machine for air rifle.
  • TRV - A $70,000.00 grant spread over 3 years for assistance with running costs associated with
    • Coaching and official training program
    • Junior Development
    • Boutique membership drive program
    • Come and try program
  • TRV - $5,000.00 advertising and promotion grant for the 2016 TRA Nationals.
All of the above is aimed at improving facilities and conditions for Grass Roots shooters. And speaking of the Nationals for those that attended you will of noticed that for the age and grade events we handed out a unique medal. Normally the age and grade winners receive a piece of paper that states what they won, TRV on advise from our members decided to produce a special one of medal for the event in Victoria featuring the City of Melbourne Coat of Arms, next year the age and grade events revert back to the piece of paper.

So in a nutshell that's currently what is available for our “grass roots” members. We have one more application with SRV for a grant, which we will find out about in June this year.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on how to improve the sport, attract new members, etc please send an email to me by clicking here or have a chat at the next prize-shoot.

Cheers, Mike.

Where are they now?   Old Association Pennants, Trophies, Badges, ect.....

When I joined TRV it was actually called the Victorian Small-Bore Rifle Association (VSBRA). It was a new name as the original name was the Victorian Small-Bore Rifle Club Union.  

To give you a brief history of the Association, it all began early in the 20th Century when an Englishman Lord Roberts formed the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs (in UK) and it is from this that we have small bore and air rifle clubs today.  In Australia many smallbore clubs were formed with .303 clubs which then formed State Smallbore Rifle Club Unions.  Miniature rifle shooting as it was known back then was conducted by schools, lodges, Returned Servicemans Clubs and Rifle clubs from 1901 to the early 60's under the umbrella of National Rifle Association of Australia.  Victorian Small Bore Rifle Association was formed in 1961/2 after a meeting by all state delegates of the SRCU's to form the Australian Small Bore Rifle Association to manage smallbore shooting independently of the Fullbore Rifle Association.

During the 1970's Air Rifle shooting became a lot more popular and was included in our National Championship program.  The inclusion of Air Rifle events was also included in the Olympic and Commonwealth Games which saw it's popularity expand worldwide.  In 1988, in line with our governing body we then had another name change to Victorian Small Bore & Air Rifle Association to reflect the growing interest of 10m Air Rifle shooting.  The links between the Defence Department and the sport were growing very thin with a full separation by the mid 1990's.  With that separation from the Defence Department a change of the Australian Constitution (ASBARA) was required to formalise and update the sports guiding regulations, so once again in 1995 the association's name was changed to Target Rifle Victoria reflecting the change of our governing Australian body, Target Rifle Australia.  

So there we have it and this is how we are now known as Target Rifle Victoria as well as the progression of the Association badges as depicted in the header of the newsletter.  During this time Victoria competed and won quite a number of Interstate competitions. Each time we won a postal competition Victoria was awarded a Pennant to record the event. Last year we won the 50M Warren Potent Postal.  Over the years Victoria has won a great number of Pennants for both Senior and Junior State Teams.

My question is - Where are they?  The only one that we have stored is the Warren Potent from 2015!

I would like to store all the old TRV memorabilia in one location so that when we do get the State Range up and running we can display all those old trophies, flags, medals in the one spot, for everyone to enjoy.

So if you have or know of any old VSBRCU, VSBRA, VSBARA, TRV (Or other associated body) Memorabilia, please consider returning or donating it back to TRV for safe keeping with the view of having it on display in the future.

Cheers, Mike.

Are you upgrading, downsizing or wanting to start to build up your range/kit bag?  One of the hardest things about our sport is the availability of getting equipment for your kit bag especially if you are new to the sport.  It is not as easy as going to your local gun shop or sports store to get what you want as most of the equipment is specialised to a certain extent.  Yes, you can click on the links at the bottom of this newsletter for some of our recognised suppliers but sometimes other TRV members may have what you require!  

With all of this in mind we are starting up this as a regular feature of the Newsletter for you to reach other members of TRV for items that you may have to BUY, SWAP, SELL or WANTED.  As we are able to offer this under the regulations of Victorian Firearms Act, the only stipulation that we have if you are wanting to advertise your rifle is that you have to include:
  • Firearms Serial Number
  • Your Licence Number 
  • All transfers MUST be done by a Licenced Gun Dealer
The rules are simple:
  • Advertisements will run for ONE (1) issue only
  • All ads must be sent via email to Newsletter Editor by clicking this link
    • Advertisments must be lodged by the10th day of January, March, May, July, September or November for inclusion to next newsletter
  • You must include your name and contact number
  • If advertising a firearm - Serial Number and Licence number must be included
  • There is no cost for placing an advertisement
  • TRV reserves the right to reject, cancel, refuse or postpone publication of any advertisement and shall notify you if such action is required
  • You are responsible for the description/condition of items offered

Feel free to send your ad through to me by 10th July to be included in the next issue!  For those of you on Facebook there is also a BUY/SWAP/SELL group of Smallbore/Air Rifle shooters that can be found by clicking here

PLEASE NOTE: Advertisements are based on material sourced from third parties. Target Rifle Victoria makes no warranties as to, and does not vet, authorise or endorse the accuracy, currency, suitability or completeness of any information contained in advertisments. Purchasers should make appropriate enquiries and receive independent advice prior to finalizing their purchase. Condition of equipment/firearms is as described by seller/advertiser and not by Target Rifle Victoria. Please check with the seller to confirm if any additional fees or charges apply. The information contained in this area is to be used as a guide only. Please confirm details directly with the seller.

TRV Three Position Postal Competition

This is a monthly competition to run for the months from June through to October 2016 that will consist of five (5) rounds of a 3x20 3P competition. 

About this Competition
  1. The competition is to be a series of half course 3-position (3x20) matches, each match to be shot under ISSF and TRA Supplementary rules.
  2. The competition will run in the months of  Jun 2015 – Oct 2016 with one 3x20 match to be shot each month.
Rules of Competition
  1. Participants are permitted to shoot their cards for each round :
    • On their own range under supervision of Club Captain, member of their club committee or State Official.
    • On a separate range under supervision as in rule 2.
    • At any competition conducted in Australia under ISSF and/or TRA supplementary rules provided the event is nominated by the shooter as the Postal score before the competition to the Judging Convenor. (using the email link below)
    • Where a shooter shoots a 3 x 40 match in a recognized competition, the first 20 shot string of each position may be used for this competition.
  2. Cards to be witnessed and signed in accordance with Australian Supplementary Rule  A7.8
  3. Targets are to be returned by the 10th day of the following month of the competition round. Failure to return scores by this date will result in a zero score.
  4. Each shooter’s name is to be clearly shown on the shot target.
  5. Targets are to be returned to,
Entry into this competition may also see you placed into a TRV State Team for TRA 3 Postion Postal Competition (depending on number of entries received).   For entries and any further information please click here for flyer or email Lindsay Braybon by clicking this link by 4th June.
A couple of images from Stawell's Prize Meeting held in March this year.

TRV 2016 50m Prone Pennant

One competition, six sections, 10 rounds, 32 teams, 155 competitors, 1,437 cards, 7,866 centrals, 28,740 shots fired and 267,685 points during this years 50m Prone Pennant (excluding sighters).

Congratulations to all clubs and members who competed in this years series and well done to the six winning teams.  Whilst keeping on the numbers, the most shot score was 192 with 107 cards returned followed by 193 with 100 cards and 191 with 98 cards.  The elusive 200 was only shot once from just over 1,400 cards and seven members came close shooting nine 199's during the competition.  The best was saved till last with the highest card shot in Round 10 by Michael Brown from Frankston with a nice 200.016. Well Done Michael.

There were three sections with clear winners that included Frankston A, Frankston C and Kyneton B.  Incidentally Kyneton B was the only team in this years Pennant to win each of the 10 rounds of the competition.  Shoot-off's were required in the other 3 sections to find the winners, Section A seen Mossman Neutral Bay just hold off Glenelg A winning by just 1 point, Albury A were triumphant over Stawell by 4pts in Section C whilst we are still waiting on results from the shoot-off between Ballarat and Numurkah A for Section D!!
The 2016 winners** are:
Section A
Mossman Neutral Bay - 20pts^^
Section B
Frankston A - 36pts
Section C
Albury A - 32pts^^
Section D
Ballarat & Numurkah A - 32pts**
Section E
Frankston C - 32pts
Section F
Kyneton B - 40pts

^^ Mossman Neutral Bay & Albury A both won their shoot-offs
* *Section D waiting on results of shoot-off to decide the winner

Congratulations to the following members for winning their respective grades which is including one cut-out (ie best 9 rounds)
                    Outright (Top Ten)    
    Stephen Zunker 1,779.104 Glenelg A    
    Maris Taylor 1,779.091 Mossman Neutral Bay  
    James Daly 1,768.098 Kyneton A    
    Daniel Croatto 1,766.091 Leongatha    
    Chris Lott 1,766.081 Shepparton    
    Neil Davis 1,763.091 MISC A    
    Euan Gibson 1,762.091 MISC A    
    Chloe Romanoff 1,762.091 Frankston A    
    Michael Brown 1,761.085 Frankston A    
    Xavier McLaurin 1,759.080 MCC A    
A Grade   B Grade
Stephen Zunker 1,779.104 Glenelg A   Neil Davis 1,763.091 MISC A
Maris Taylor 1,779.091 Mossman Neutral Bay Michael Brown 1,761.085 Frankston A
James Daly 1,768.098 Kyneton A   Robert Scovazzi 1,757.064 Mossman Neutral Bay
C Grade   D Grade
Mitchell Brown 1,739.059 Frankston C   Gary Ellis 1,721.060 Kyneton B
Trevor Lucas 1,734.059 Frankston B   Kyle Janicki 1,697.049 Glenelg C
Roderick Hill 1,729.066 Numurkah A   Lucy Romanoff 1,682.041 Frankston C
Veteran   Junior
Peter Males 1,738.074 MCC A   Michael Davis 1,711.059 MISC A
Peter Farley 1,737.061 MCC B   Kyle Janicki 1,694.049 Glenelg C
George Holden 1,734.072 Stawell   Luke Crozier 1,683.043 Kyneton A
    Michael Davis 1,711.059 MISC A    
    Kyle Janicki 1,694.049 Glenelg C    
    Nathan Chadburn 1,598.026 Wangaratta    

Well done to all members who took part of this year's 50m Pennant competition and thank you to 8 clubs submitting 2 or more teams in this years competition. ......  You can check out the full results by clicking here.  

TRV 20m Prone & Benchrest Pennant Competitions

The prone competition began on May 2nd with 34 teams across five sections.  Benchrest commenced this week with 37 teams competing in 7 sections.  Something that may be a first for the Association (or at least in a very long time) is the inclusion of a 'Ladies' team being submitted by Oakleigh in this year's competition.  Our sport is one of very few where both genders can compete together in the same competition and be just as competitive as each other.  This is great for the sport as years ago there used to be a ladies category at prize shoots but it faded away as participation declined.  Good luck to all members who are taking part in either of the competitions and we look forward to seeing some results in the next newsletter, in the meantime you can check out the interim scores on the website. 

National Prone Champion

Congratulations to James Daly from Kyneton SBRC as he was crowned the National Prone Champion at the Nationals in March with the highest aggregate score of all of the prone events during the program.  The scores were from Jim Smith Match Day 1 - 619.2 (592.034), Jim Smith Match Day 2 - 623.8 (596.043), Bill Eddy Short Range 394.025 and the Bill Eddy Long Range - 591.016.  This gave James a total of 2,228.0pts, it was a close completion at the top as Dane Sampson from Queensland came a close 2nd with 2,226.6pts just missing out by 1.4pts over the four matches, as these two shooters seem to be in a class of their own at present as they were more than 20pts clear of the rest of the field.   

James is having a stellar year so far with his new rifle seeming to be almost like an extension of his arm.  So far this year he has won the State Championships as well as being placed in the top two at every prize meeting so far in 2016, not to mention setting and breaking his own State Record in Prone three times this year already.  James also did very well in the Sth Aust State Championships winning the dual range last weekend.

Well done James and keep up the good work.  Hopefully we could we see you at the Commonwealth Games in 2018?

**LATE NEWS**  It is also believed that James did quite well in the 50m Prone (won with a 596) at the AusCup 3 hosted by Shooting Australia over the weekend just passed, in South Australia. Unfortunately we can not confirm or put any results in here due to no results being published from Shooting Australia on their website, facebook or twitter accounts as of this (Monday) morning for this event.


Get your TRV Hoodies 

As the weather starts to cool down a little why not grab one of these great accessory items for your range kit bag.  There is nothing worse than getting a chill in your lower back whilst shooting benchrest or in between details when you haven't got your shooting jacket on.  Not only will you look good at the range you will also be supporting the juniors of TRV.  

For just $35 you can get yourself one of these great hoodies with the TRV logo and all proceeds from each one sold go to help run TRV initiatives such as the Junior Development Program.  The should be availble for sale at the Nationals this week or you can
email Mike Jarrad by clicking here or by simply clicking on the photo above!

Rifle Shooting a spectator sport?

A lot of us may consider that our sport is not much of a spectator sport, which may be true in the sense that it is not physical or spectacular to watch.  But give a thought to the photo above from the London Olympics and other significant venues that hold world class events.  There is no denying that this type of sport only appeals to a smaller audience of people than that of say F1 or football but the intensity can get just as high or even higher especially during a final.  Those of you who attended the Nationals and may have been at one of the finals conducted in the Air or 50m Range would have seen how the lead can change and the intensity/pressure on the competitors not forgetting the crowd's involvement for the last couple of shots!

For the qualification round an individual may not be directly aware of what his opponents are shooting but come to the final eight, it is certainly a different story.  An example being Air Rifle or 50m Prone, each finalist shoots 2 sets of 3 shots within 150 seconds for each set with a small break of 15-20 seconds in between.  Then the elimination of the finalists begins with 2x single shots (50 secs for Standing and 30 secs for prone per shot) with a competitor eliminated after every 2 shots until a total of 20 shots have been fired and a winner declared.  This is where the mental game comes into the sport for the competitor as the crowd generally get involved especially with the last two finalists with the clapping getting quicker during the final two shots not unlike what is experienced in cricket sometimes when the bowler is about to make his delivery.

There are a few venues around Australia that have on screen displays of how a shooter is performing throughout the competition and they may also have another screen set up for the ranking of all shooters as the competition progresses.  Sydney International Shooting Centre not only offers this but also have a dedicated, separate finals hall at the other end of the facility with 10 bays (2 spares) that can be transformed into a 10, 25 or 50m final for either rifle or pistol quite easily, similar to above with seating for the supporters.  Infact the new facility being built for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Qld will feature similar facilities.

This is great if you are at the event but thanks to the electronic world that we live in, you can be there in the comfort of home or office watching on the PC or even on your mobile!  For events such as the Olympics or World Cups you can watch the qualifications and finals on screen with the competitors listed in (anticipated finishing) order of how they are shooting and can even watch the finals shot by shot on video streamed via live feed from the actual event.  Depending on the system that is used and the nature of the event, it is quite possible to be following an event and cheering from your favourite chair and even if it is not live feed, results can be posted online shortly after an event has finished sometimes including a shot analysis of each competitor.

December last year saw the Oceania Continental Championships held at SISC.  Although video feed wasn't available for this event, a live update was, which could be viewed as a progressive list of all involved or by selecting competitors from the list you could watch each of their shot placements for both the qualification and finals.  Following is some screen shots from the 10m Air Rifle event which 18 year old Jack Rossiter from Sth Australia won and gained a quota placing and subsequently was announced as part of the Australian Olympic Team shooting Air Rifle in Rio.

Shot by shot report of Jack's qualification round which he finished in 1st postion - 624.1 (596) which is an average of 10.4 for 60 shots!

This is how the screen is viewed in list format from the finals and notice that Jack won the event from Dane Sampson by just 0.1pt after 20 shots, with the scores updated after each set

You could also watch the individual shots during the finals with Rory being declared in 6th position after 12 shots.  There was only 6 competitors in the final for this event otherwise the 8th & 7th placings would have been decided after shots 8 and 10 respectively.

William Godward in 3rd place after 18 shots just prior to deciding the winner with Dane just 0.3pt behind Jack. You can also see the 4th & 5th placings with their last shots as well.

Then with the final two shots fired Dane's 20.4 wasn't enough to take the title as Jack just edged out Dane by 0.1

The information displayed on screen was refreshed automatically every 30secs so it was almost a shot by shot experience.  As mentioned earlier about the intensity of the competition, you are watching and wondering who was going to win this event with such small margin for error as each shot is fired.  Like a game show it is easier to watch it at home but imagine putting yourself in Jack or Dane's boots for the final and especially the last couple of shots of how the mental game would come into effect.  Considering that each shot required an average of nearly 10.3 from both guys for the 20 shot final it is was certainly a bit of on the edge of your seat viewing. 

The 2016 Olympics are in Rio from 6th to 14th of August.  At least if you have any interest to see how an international event is conducted or are following a competitor you know that it may be possible to watch and cheer, probably from the same position that you are reading this eNewsletter.  Two websites that you may find information, results and videos for past or future International events are by clicking on ISSF Website or Sius Shooting Results


Warren Potent & Graham Lawler Matches

The first round of this Interstate Postal commenced on the 7th May at MISC with 19 entries for the Potent Match and 7 for the Lawler match.  The 50m saw some great scores being shot with the outright winner being Chris Lott (Shepparton SBRC) shooting 587.035 edging out James Daly who shot the same score but with 25 centres.  Nicolaas Strik (Benalla SBRC) won the handicap event and $75 for his great effort shooting 30 points over his PB with a 544.007, Well Done Nicolaas!  It was off to the indoor range after this to shoot the Graham Lawler match.  Once again Chris Lott proved to be the person to beat with a 573.  Well done to Christopher Foster (Wangaratta SBRC) who won the handicap component of this event.  Full results of both matches can be found by clicking here.

Both of these events are Postal Competitions over 5 rounds competing against teams from other states around Australia.  These events are held on the first Saturday of the month until the final one on Sept 3rd.  The starting times are 9:00am for the Warren Potent 50m Prone Match and 11:00am for the Graham Lawler Air Rifle Match held at MISC.  To encourage more members to attend entry fee is only $5 for each event with the winner taking $75 based on all competitors live handicap scores on the day.


2016 TRA National Championships

Although in the last newsletter it was mentioned that a special edition newsletter would hopefully come out once the competition was finished, unfortunately this was not to be the case.  Due to content issues it was put on hold for a while, even though there were alot of cameras around at the event, very few images made it back to us so it would have been full of names and numbers and not much visual content to look at which would have been a nice touch.  Needless to say Neil Davis has complied a 'results book' of the event from the Nationals that can be found by clicking here.  

Proposed ISSF Changes

At present ISSF (International Shooting body) are currently going through a raft of changes that are being discussed with future implementation once things are sorted out.  This includes subjects from events to be in/excluded from the Olympics through to equipment and general rule changes.  One of the more interesting changes to happen is the new proposed rules for Supported Air which includes a position/equipment change something similar to below......

Postal Competitions....... 

Last year TRV entered two teams into International Postal competitions organised by NSRA (UK), The BSA Cup and Commonwealth Cities Match.  Both of these events have been going for quite a while and infact the BSA Cup since at least the 1920's.  The BSA Cup is made up of teams of 12 shooters from various Associations within  The Commonwealth and is scored over 20 shots (2 cards at 25yds).  The Commonwealth Cities Match is also 20 shots at 25yds with teams comprised of 15 representing the chief city of each country in the United Kingdom and each State or Province  in Australia, Canada, New Zealand , Sri Lanka and other countries within the Commonwealth.  Well done to all who participated and congratulations to the members of the Commonwealth Cities Match as they won the competition and each competitor received a Patch/Badge for their effort.  The team that shot in the BSA Cup finished in 8th position with Aberdeenshire winning on 2,360pts.  The results of the teams are as follows:

The results are in for the Presidents 1200 Air Rifle Postal Match with Chris Lott (Shepparton SBRC) winning the Standing component with 1,131pts and Max Joiner (Lancefield SBRC) winning Supported Air Rifle with 1,171pts.  Full results of this years event can be found by clicking here

As well as the Presidents 1200, the Captains 1500 Benchrest Postal results have also been tallied.  Congratulations to Graham Bickerdike (Benalla SBRC) who won this years event with 1,491.030pts.  Of the 31 entrants and 186 cards returned there were just two 250's shot by Phillip Deegan (Albury SBRC) and Graham Bickerdike with a 250.014 and 250.013 respectively.  Well done to all who entered the Captains 1500 and full results can be found by clicking here.

The TRV 20m State Postal has also finished and there was a total of 95 members who competed in the Prone (51 competitors) and Benchrest (44 competitors) for this years competition. Winners are as follows

  • Outright
    • Vito DiPasquale - MCC SBRC - 584.082
  • A grade
    • Vito DiPasquale - MCC SBRC - 584.082
  • B grade
    • David Yudkin - Albury SBRC - 578.018
  • C grade
    • John Dick - FPTRC - 561.009
  • D grade
    • Rober Reed - Lilydale SBRC - 562.006
  • Sub Junior
    • William Dorwood - Kyneton SBRC - 504.000
  • Junior
    • Michael DiPasquale - MCC SBRC - 578.016
  • Veteran
    • David Homewood - Lancefield SBRC - 582.016
  • Outright
    • James Daly - Kyneton SBRC - 596.041
  • A grade
    • James Daly - Kyneton SBRC - 569.041
  • B grade
    • Lindsay Musgrave- Lancefield SBRC - 592.024
  • C grade
    • Mitchell Brown - FPTRC - 589.025
  • D grade
    • Laura Crozier - Kyneton SBRC - 582.018
  • Sub Junior
    • Laura Crozier - Kyneton SBRC - 582.018
  • Junior
    • Luke Crozier - Kyneton SBRC - 586.023
  • Veteran
    • Peter Males - MCC SBRC - 593.023
Congratulations to everyone that entered into this years TRV 20m State Postal and full results can be found by clicking here.

For those of you who are interested in 3P shooting don't forget about the TRV 3P Postal mentioned earlier in the newsletter which commences next month for a series of 5 monthly cards to be completed.

Shepparton Postal is currently running and there still may be time to get an entry in as there is about two months left as the competition does not finish until 22nd July.  Lancefield 600 Postal is also due to start on July 11th, for more information please check out the TRV website for more details with either of these two events.

Don't forget that if you have entered Numurkah Postal Competition that all cards are to be completed and returned by the end of the May. 


Club competitions from around the state....

Throughout the year there are quite a few competitions hosted by our member clubs at various locations around the state, offering prizes, sashes, trophies or medallions for various grades as well as the top 10 (generally). If you have never been to another clubs prize meeting it is a great opportunity to compete with/against your fellow TRV members and is also a great way to meet other members and get some different ideas and tips.  All clubs/organisers of events are encouraged to submit a wrap up of their events for inclusion to the newsletter and can be done by sending an email to Sean by clicking here.

Albury Small Bore Rifle Club 2nd Annual Classic

The Albury members were extremely pleased with the great turn out for their second Albury Classic held at the Wangaratta Small Bore Rifle Club Range, Barr Reserve, Wangaratta on the 16 & 17 April.

Over sixty entries were received on both the Saturday and Sunday and with minimum wind and lovely sunny days which made for great shooting conditions allowing for some very good scores in all events.

The following results show some very good shooting;

The 50 metre prone two day aggregate winner was James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) with a score of 1186.74

50 Metre Bench Rest two day aggregate winner was Darren Morgan (FPTRC) with a score of 1198.103

Two day aggregate for the Air Rifle was Michael Davis (MISC) with 1112 and the two day Supported Air Rifle was Max Joiner (Lancefield SBRC) with a score of 1145.


The weekend was enhanced by the hearty cooked breakfast supplied by BIG KEV for the competitors who stayed at the range and a wonderful canteen supplied by the members of the Wangaratta Small Bore Rifle Club.

The Albury Small Bore Rifle Club would like to thank the Wangaratta Small Bore Rifle Club for the use of the Range and the support of their members in the marking room and all the volunteers who supported our Albury Classic and would like to invite all competitors to join us again in 2017.

Thanks to Peter Kelley from Albury SBRC for putting the above report together for the newsletter.  It should also be mentioned that State Records were set on the weekend by Darren Morgan (FPTRC) 50m Bench Senior Male - 599.052, Beth Melton (FPTRC) 10m Air Rifle Supported Senior Female/Open - 580, Ashley Smith (Albury SBRC) 10m Air Rifle Supported Junior Female/Open - 554.  Both Darren and Beth set records on Saturday and then reset them with the above scores on Sunday, Well done to Ashley, Darren and Beth. 

All results from the weekend can be found by clicking here

Inaugural Coastal Classic

The Inaugural Lake Gillear ‘Coastal Classic’ was held on Saturday the 30th April and Sunday 1st of May at the South West Region Target Complex at Lake Gillear.  The Lake Gillear Target Rifle Club worked very hard to prepare the range in time for the competition, with some of the final components needed to conduct the competition, arriving a few days before competition day, but all was good.

Over 40 shooters travelled to Warrnambool to participate in the inaugural event, Paul Golden drove the greatest distance from Junee in NSW.

The 50m competition was shot on Saturday; the weather was great with challenging wind conditions accompanied by very sunny weather. Being the first time for competition the Lake Gillear Club tried some new ways of doing things, such as simplifying the backing card attachment system (this was untested and did not work very well in the windy conditions) so back to the drawing board for this idea, did someone suggest welding the cards on! However the yellow line painted on the range was very well received with numerous positive comments. The idea with the yellow line is that when people are down range everyone stands behind the yellow line, yellow being the colour used for safety. Also shot on Saturday was a 50m Class 1 (bunny rifle) competition, with four competitors vying for the top prize which was kindly donated by Westvic Firearms.

After the conclusion of the day and awards ceremony, most of the shooters went to the local Allansford pub to enjoy a meal together in a relaxed social atmosphere while discussing the days shooting results.
Above shows the range set up for 50m on Saturday and the vast difference experienced on Sunday (below) for the 90m event

On Sunday it was the 90m competition which commenced at 8am, however Sunday was a very different day. Starting off in the very early hours of the morning with a cracker of a thunderstorm, the weather conditions just got worse.  To get an idea of worse, at 8am when Start was called, the local weather station recorded the following; Temp 11C, wind NW at 20 gusting to 32kph and pouring rain. Backing cards were not an option. The conditions actually got worse, by 9.00am the wind speed was 41 gusting to 57kph and rain in every direction with 8mm dumped during the hour and the apparent temperature had dropped to just 2.1 degrees Celsius. It was that dull competitors had difficulty seeing their targets through spotting scopes. Retrieving and changing targets was akin to doing origami whilst skydiving. At the end changing the targets in these conditions for a second time, the shooters were gathered in the club room spreading out the targets on any flat surface they could find. At this point the question was asked by the Lake Gillear Club, do you want to call  the competition off, without hesitation the shooters in unison replied no way, we're here now, we're here to shoot. At this point a legend was born, because legends do not come from when things go your way, or when things are easy, but in times when everything is stacked against you, from guts, determination and the thrill of shooting in the worst shooting conditions experience by many shooters.

The second squad had easier conditions with intermittent heavy rain and wind 28 gusting to 37kph.  Overall despite the conditions, a great day was has with plenty of stories to be told of that Sunday at Lake Gillear. At the conclusion of the day the presentation ceremony was conducted with the Perpetual Open winners for 50 and 90m Benchrest and Prone being presented by the Warrnambool Mayor, Councillor Kylie Gaston with deserving winners Annette Rowe (MISC) for Benchrest and Steve Zunker (Portland SBRC) for Prone for both 50 and 90m, well done to both. Also presented by Mayor Gaston was the “Lady of the Lake” Trophy for the dual range handicap champion, deserving winners were Rob Howell (Apollo Bay TRC) for Prone and James Mumford (Lake Gillear TRC) for Benchrest. For all the scores, check out the results page on the TRV website by clicking here.

Following on from the Lake Gillear awards ceremony, there was the official opening of the 90m range by the Warrnambool Mayor Councillor Kylie Gaston and the Honourable Member for South West Coast, Roma Britnell. Graeme Dyson President of the No12 District Rifle Association, who was the main driver behind the 90m range project, spoke of the process involved with the Warrnambool Council and the contribution made by all the clubs involved to make this happen. Afterwards dignitaries inspected the range which was still in competition readiness and fired and shot. They both shot a 9 on a 90m benchrest target.
Opening of the 90m Range with Mayor Kylie Gaston centre, Member for South-West Coast Roma Britnell and South West Region Target Complex Club Presidents.

The Lake Gillear Club would like to thank our sponsors BBQ Galore, Harris Scarf, Bunnings, Warrnambool Cheese and Butter, Westvic Firearms and Richard Lightfoot and the Karamoshos Family who all donated items to raffle and as prizes, to all the shooters who bought raffle tickets, and enjoyed the great food, fellowship and fun.

The final word goes to those who shot on Sunday who said when asked the question in horrid conditions “do you want to quit?” replied “we want to shoot” contributed to the foundation of a great competition and the birth of a legend.
The 'blue skies and calm before the storm' 10 minutes prior to the start of the 90m event
Thanks to Richard Bourke from Lake Gillear Target Rifle Club for compiling this report for the newsletter.

MISC 61st Anniversary Shoot

In keeping with tradition the Melbourne International Shooting Club’s Anniversary Open was held on the weekend of May 20 – 22. The MISC Open features both rifle and pistol matches and attracts a wide spectrum of competitors, from 50m bench rest rifle shooters to 50m pistol shooters. It is encouraging to see competitors from several disciplines coming together for the shoot.

It was the inclusion of Free Pistol (50m Pistol) and Silhouette (25m Rapid Fire) in the 1956 Olympic Games that created the early foundation for competitive pistol shooting in Victoria.  To allow Victorian pistol shooters to participate and train for the Olympics the Victorian Sporting Shooters Association (VSSA) Pistol Club was formed on May 23, 1955. The date is commemorated in MISC’s Anniversary Open, which is held on the weekend closest to this date.

The original VSSA club was split into three clubs being Melbourne, Dandenong (now Yarra) and a third club that never eventuated.

MISC (then Melbourne Pistol Club) initially used the Police barracks range but had to move to a clay quarry in Brunswick when use of the Police range was withdrawn. After a couple of years in Brunswick the club moved to a granite quarry in Albion where it stayed until 1976 when the club amalgamated with Spingvale International Shooting Club, became the Melbourne International Shooting Club, and moved to its current location in Port Melbourne.

With that proud history behind us we were thrilled to see a large turn out of pistol and rifle shooters for the 61st Anniversary Open. Over the weekend we had more than 130 individual competitors and about 260 event entries. It certainly put our ranges and range staff to very good use. In some events we had almost every single bay occupied but luckily Mr. Murphy chose to stay away.

The weather stayed pleasant over the weekend, which made it enjoyable on the ranges and around the outdoor club areas. Windy conditions on the Sunday provided some challenges for the 50m benchrest and prone shooters. Val and her canteen staff kept all visitors well fed and well watered with a variety of meal options including delicious soup, Dench Bakers bread and pastries and a range of BBQ options.

It was also pleasing to see that we had interstate competitors come and shoot at our Open.

The competition weekend started off with air events on the Friday night where we shot both pistol and rifle events. Saturday and Sunday followed with more air events as well as the 25m and 50m events.

It should also be highlighted that Leone Maccora from MISC shot 738.024 and set a new State Record in 25m RBA Bench Rest and that Rodger Brooks from Lancefield SBRC, also shot a new State Record in Open Men's 10m Supported Air with a 581.028.

On behalf of MISC I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our sponsors, Forbes Wholesale, Hermann’s Sporting and Potter Firearms, to all competitors, judges, visitors and helpers. You all contributed to a successful and enjoyable event. I am looking forward to welcoming you to MISC soon again.

Johan Fantenberg – MISC Organising Secretary

Thanks to Johan for compiling this report so quickly from the weekend for inclusion to the newsletter so that you can read it this morning.  Full rifle results from the weekend are already on the website and can be found by clicking here.

Don't forget to check out the calendar above or on the TRV website for upcoming events as the next one is the North West Victorian Championships hosted by Mildura SBRC on 11/12 June.

Victorian Police & Emergency Games

Minister for Emergency Services Jane Garrett launched the 2016 Victorian Police and Emergency Services Games at the hallowed turf of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.  Speaking at Australia's most famous sporting ground, Ms Garrett said this year’s games was set to be one of the biggest ever, with more than 3000 competitors expected to take part.

This year marked the 34th Anniversary of the games, which ran from 8 to 17 April.  Police officers, fire fighters, ambulance officers, lifesavers, corrections officers and customs officers from all over the state would compete in more than 42 sports at locations across Melbourne and regional Victoria.  The annual event gives law enforcement and emergency services workers across Victoria an opportunity to spend time away from the more serious side of their work.
Some of the competitors receiving a briefing before the competition commenced.

On Monday 11th of April MISC hosted the Victorian Police and Emergency Services Games Small Bore Rifle Shooting Competition.

Being a competition open to those who may not normally shoot in competitions or shoot at all is a logistical challenge, but with the great support of volunteers who offered their time as coaches, scorers and even loaning their own equipment makes this competition successful.

This year saw 24 prone shooters covering A, B, C, D, E (novice expert) and F (novice) Grades; the novice grades are to cater for those individuals who only shooting is at this annual competition.

Benchrest had 21 shooters which this year covered Benchrest, Novice expert and novice Grades, however we are already discussion expanding this to better reflect the usual grading’s, which may lead to having, A,B,C Grades and then Novice Class 2 and Novice Class 1.
Commissioner Craig Lapsley presenting awards to (Top L-R) Glenn Turner, Richard Bourke, Peter Kelley & Rod Hill and (Bottom L-R) Richard Bourke, David Ball, Peter Kelley & Bob Heron.

With the support of the Sports Coordinators and volunteers the day’s competition ran very smoothly, the highlight was the presentation ceremony where the awards were presented by the Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley.

Thanks to Richard Bourke for the report and Dianne Roberston for the photos. 

AUSSIES doing us proud at 2016 World Cup Events

In this Olympic year Australian Rifle Athletes are doing fairly well at World cup events this year which is hopefully a bit of an omen for the Olympic/Paralympic Games later in the year.  So far this year Luke Cain, Libby Kosmala, Warren Potent, Natalie Smith and Anton Zappelli have won multiple medals representing Australia at International events.  Well done to all shooters who have worn the "Australian Tracksuit" so far in 2016 and congratulations to those pictured below.

The World Cup in Munich, Germany for Rifle/Pistol is currently under way (19-26 May) as you are reading this newsletter, so jump on to the ISSF website and see how the Aussies are going in this event!

Australian Teams announced for 2016 Rio Olympic & Paralympic Games

On 8th April at Museum of Contemporary Arts in Sydney the Australian Shooting Team for the upcoming Olympics in Rio in August was announced at Shooting Australia's Awards of Excellence night.  There are five competitors who make up the Rifle component of the 16 strong Shooting Team heading to Rio.  The Team is as follows:

In other news from the Shooting Australia Awards Ceremony evening, the Paralympic Team was nominated to the APC and was still subject to official confirmation. Natalie Smith won Shooter of the Year - Elite Athlete with a Disability Award, Anne Bugden (who you may have seen in the kitchen and helping Tracey Jackson throughout the Nationals) won two awards, Volunteer of the Year and Coach of the Year.  Alex Maranik took over the reigns of Official of the Year from our own Dean Romanoff (who won this award last year), Alex was a co-winner this year with Margaret Baker.  You may have also run into Alex at the Nationals.

Below is a photo of all of the Athletes who were present at the Awards Evening. 

Australia’s Paralympic shooters have pledged to dedicate their success in Rio to late five-time Paralympian Ashley Adams, after the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) announced (last Tuesday 17th May) the six shooters heading to the Games this September.

Head coach Miro Sipek said the team were quick to unite following Adams’ tragic motorcycle accident last year, and have pushed through the pain to set up a promising Rio 2016 campaign.

“Last year after the tragic accident where we lost Ashley Adams; one of our best athletes, our best friend and a unique person loved by all the athletes from around the world,” Sipek said. 

“As a team, we are dedicating our success and medals to Ash, and I’m sure his spirit will lead our athletes to give their very best in Rio,” Sipek said.

Australia has won 25 medals in shooting at the Paralympic Games – 15 gold, seven silver and three bronze – since it was introduced at the Toronto 1976 Paralympic Games, with Kosmala winning the country’s first gold in the Mixed 2-5 Rifle class in Toronto.

“Our overall goal is to make four or more finals and come out with one or two medals, Sipek said.

“Our Paralympic shooters are winning medals at the IPC World Cups but we’ve missed out on coming up against some of our toughest competitors, so it is very hard to predict our real chances in Rio.

"As head coach, I’ll be very happy to see our athletes enjoying competition, supporting each other and achieving scores close to their PBs or their new PBs,” Sipek continued.

At her 12th Games, Libby Kosmala will not only be the oldest member of the 2016 Australian Paralympic Team but also the oldest athlete to compete at the Rio Games.

With nine gold medals to her name and still posting impressive international results, Kosmala is one of Australia’s most accomplished athletes and is looking forward to returning to the Paralympics after announcing her retirement following the London Games.

“It feels great to be selected to my 12th Games. I still have that fire in my belly, I still love competition,” she said.

 “The Australian Paralympic shooting team is more professional than ever and ready to take on the world in many shooting events.  At the Rio Games, I along with the rest of the team will be aiming for gold.”

Like Kosmala, London 2012 bronze medallist Natalie Smith has high hopes for her second Games.

“I’m hoping to achieve all my goals this time around and I know that if my preparation continues as planned, I will be able to hold my head high and say I gave it everything I had. If that happens to be making the finals in all of my events, or even winning a medal or two, then I will be happy no matter what, knowing that I gave it everything.

“Being able to represent Australia is something that few people get to do that it must be cherished. I am proud to have been allowed to have this opportunity to fly the Australian flag high,” she said.

Chef de Mission of the 2016 Australian Paralympic Team Kate McLoughlin has congratulated Sipek and his team and looks forward to seeing the tally of Australian shooting medals continue to grow in Rio.

“Australia has an impressive history in shooting at the Paralympics, starting off with Libby hitting the mark with a gold in 1976.

“Our shooters have posted some terrific results since London, and we’re very hopeful these results will continue in Rio,” McLoughlin said.

Below are the six athletes that were announced to represent Australia at this years Paralympic Games.  
The Rio Paralympic Games will take place from 7-18th September, 2016.

On behalf of Target Rifle Victoria we wish all athletes Good Luck who made both of the Australian Teams for Rio 2016.  Don't forget that you can also "be there" supporting them as mentioned earlier in the newsletter. 

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Have you got any information or websites that may be of benefit to your fellow Target Rifle Victoria members?  If so and you would like to share it and put it in the next newsletter then please reply to this newsletter or email Sean by clicking here.

Thanks for reading this edition of the TRV Newsletter and if you have enjoyed it or have any comments then please let us know.  Likewise when you are at your club next, mention the newsletter to some fellow members as not all members may be aware or receiving it. Of the 550+ email addresses that we send this to only about 57% are reading each edition.

Good luck to all members competing at the State Titles (part 2) next month and will hopefully see you at the Presentation Dinner!

TRV Committee 
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