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TRV State Titles - Part 1
Earlier in the month on 5th & 6th of March the TRV State Titles for 3P, Air and 50m Prone and Benchrest disciplines were conducted at MISC.  There was 117 competitors contesting the various categories over the weekend.  Below is a quick summary of some of the winners of the events from the weekend: 
  • 50m Prone Rifle Championship
    • Outright - James Daly - 617.0 (591.032)
      • A Grade - James Daly, Kyneton SBRC
      • B Grade -Michael Brown, FPTRC
      • C Grade - Emma Croser, MISC
      • D Grade - Gary Ellis, Kyneton SBRC
      • Veteran - Peter Males, MCC SBRC
      • Junior - Michael Davis, MISC
      • Sub Junior - Michael Davis, MISC
  • 50m Benchrest Championship
    • Outright - Max Joiner - 746.043
      • A Grade - Max Joiner, Lancefield SBRC
      • B Grade - Annette Rowe, MISC
      • C Grade - Suzanne Bourke, Lake Gillear
      • D Grade - Henry Leing, Oakleigh Rifle Club
      • Veteran - Max Joiner, Lancefield SBRC
      • Junior - Michael DiPasquale - MCC SBRC
      • Sub Junior - Liam Keegan, Target Rifle Geelong
  • 10m Air Rifle (60 shot) Championship
    • Outright - Lindsay Braybon - 558
      • A Grade - Sam Foster, Wangaratta SBRC
      • B Grade - Lindsay Braybon, Numurkah SBRC
      • C Grade - Tom Mewburn, Casterton SBRC
      • D Grade - Chris Foster, Wangaratta SBRC
      • E Grade - Kyle Janicki, Casterton SBRC
      • Veteran - Chris Nesnass, Oakleigh Rifle Club
      • Junior - Michael Davis, MISC
      • Sub Junior - Michael Davis, MISC
  • 10m Air Rifle (40 shot) Championship
    • Outright - Chloe Romanoff - 363
      • B Grade - Chloe Romanoff, FPTRC
  • 10m Supported Air Rifle
    • Outright - Max Joiner - 585
      • A Grade - Max Joiner, Lancefield SBRC
      • B Grade - Robert Reed, Lilydale SBRC
      • C Grade - Peter McCashney, FPTRC
      • Veteran - Max Joiner, Lancefield SBRC
  • 25m Air Rifle Benchrest
    • Outright - Lyn Durston - 721.023
      • B Grade - Lyn Durston, Lancefield SBRC
      • C Grade - Vito DiPasquale, MCC SBRC
      • D Grade - Robert Reed, Lilydale SBRC
      • Veteran - Lyn Durston, Lancefield SBRC
  • 50m Rifle 3x40 Championship
    • Outright - Lindsay Braybon - 1,053.017
      • C Grade - Lindsay Braybon, Nurmurkah SBRC
      • D Grade - Michael Davis, MISC 
      • Veteran - Wayne Mayo, Canberra
      • Junior - Michael Davis, MISC
      • Sub Junior - Michael Davis, MISC
  • 50m Rifle 3x20 Championship
    • Outright - Lindsay Braybon - 520.007
      • B Grade - Lindsay Braybon, Nurmurkah SBRC
      • D Grade - Wayne Mayo, Canberra
      • Veteran - Wayne Mayo, Canberra
      • Junior - Michael Davis, MISC
      • Sub Junior - Michael Davis, MISC
Congratulations to all members who attended the State Titles and well done to those named above in the various categories.  It is great to see a bit of a resurgence of the 50m Prone event with 50 entries in this years event and entries of the Prone shooters outnumbering the Benchrest so far in Prize Meetings this year is good for the sport as numbers have been down for a while.  2016 seems to be the year for setting new State Records as another five (that's 13 for the year already) were set over the weekend.  Congratulations to Max Joiner (Lancefield SBRC) 585 - Veteran Male & Val McCready (MISC) 555 - Veteran Female both in Supported Air, Annette Rowe (MISC) 710.021 - Senior Female in TRV 25m Air and Michael Davis (MISC) shooting two records for Sub Junior in 3P 3x40 with 1,004.016 and 497.005 in 3P 3x20.  For the full results of the State Titles Part 1 please click on the button below.  
Don't forget that Part 2 of the State Titles will be held at Target Rifle Geelong for the Dual Range Championship at 20m & 90m for both Prone and Benchrest on the weekend of 25th/26th June.  After competition on Saturday 25th we will also be hosting the TRV Presentation Dinner at a venue in Geelong in the evening which is a great night to go to.  There will be more details in the next Newsletter but be sure to keep an eye out on the website for any updates in the meantime.
click here for State Titles results
TRV M'ship Renewals
By now you should have received your Target Rifle Victoria Membership Renewal for 2016/17.  Please note to be eligible in any TRV sanctioned competition that you need to be a current member of both TRV as well as an individual club.
If you have not received a renewal for any reason please email Chris Lott by clicking here.
Upcoming Events
March 21-28
TRA National Championships @ MISC & Geelong
March 31
TRV Memberships Due
April 11
Vic Police & Emergency Services Games @ MISC

April 16/17
Albury 2016 Classic Prize Meeting @ Wangaratta

April 23/24
TRV Training Camp @ Shepparton
April 30
Inaugural 50m Coastal Classic @ Lake Gillear
May 1
Inaugural 90m Coastal Classic @ Lake Gillear

May 1 - July 22
Shepparton Postal Competition

May 2
TRV 20m Prone Pennant commences

May 7 
Warren Potent & Graham Lawler - Rnd 1 @ MISC
May 14/15
Sth Aust State Championships (ISSF events) @ Adelaide
May 21/22
MISC 61st Anniversary Shoot @ MISC

May 23
TRV 20m Benchrest Pennant commences

For full TRV Calendar click here
Top:  Gary Ellis (Kyneton SBRC) finishing off with a very nice 10.9 for his 60th shot in the 50m Prone Match.  Above:  The 2016 50m Prone State Champion James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) also showing us how it is done with a nice 10.7 and the Sash, Medal, Patch & Perpetual Trophy that will now sit proudly in James' Pool Room for the next 12 months.
More news........
Quick note from the Editor.....

<<First Name>>, if this is your first newsletter that you are receiving from Target Rifle Victoria, welcome and hope that you find this of some value to you as we plan to send it out bi-monthly at this stage.  Thanks you to those of you who have given me some great/positive feedback on the last (my 1st) issue and if you read the last edition, I hope that you enjoyed it.  You can also see previous issues of the newsletter by clicking the link at the top of this email - "view this email in your browser" and navigate to them once there.  There is quite a few articles, reports and results in this issue again and with the Nationals in progress as you read this, there will be a special edition due out shortly which will give a wrap up of the event.  For those of you with a keen eye, you may have noticed a slight change to the header/banner of this issue of eNews with the addition of the new styled TRV pin/badge replacing the drawing.  Each one of the badges pictured shows how the logo of the association has evolved from the 50's through to today but with the same goal in sight of providing development, co-ordination and promotion of target shooting.  If you have anything that you would like to submit to the next newsletter then please do not hesitate to send me some information so that it can be included in the next edition.


TRV State Teams announced for Nationals

Nominations opened up earlier in the year for members to be part of the State Team for the Nationals this week and we are proud to announce the Team as follows:
    • Steve Zunker
    • Trevor Drage
    • Dean Romanoff
  • OPEN 50m PRONE
    • Chris Lott- Shepparton SBRC
    • James Daly - Kyneton SBRC
    • Steve Zunker - Portland SBRC
    • Ken Hart - Lilydale SBRC
    • Chris Lott - Shepparton SBRC
    • James Daly - Kyneton SBRC
    • Steve Zunker - Portland SBRC
    • Sean Finn - FPTRC
    • Julie Holcombe - Port Fairy SBRC
    • Chloe Romanoff - FPTRC
    • Laura Crozier - Kyneton SBRC
    • Kyle Janicki - Casterton SBRC
    • Michael Davis - MISC              
    • Chris Karamoshos - Port Fairy SBRC
    • David Ball - Hamilton SBARC
    • Kevin Corneliusen - Albury SBRC
    • Vito Di Pasquale - MCC SBRC
    • Addison Danger - Golden City SBRC
    • Courtney Karamoshos - Port Fairy SBRC
    • Chris Karamoshos - Port Fairy SBRC
    • David Ball - Hamilton SBARC
    • Kevin Corneliusen - Albury SBRC
    • Richard Bourke - Lake Gillear RC
  • 3X40 3 POSITION
    • Lindsay Braybon - Numurkah SBRC
    • James Daly - Kyneton SBRC
    • Kyle Janicki - Casterton SBRC
    • Michael Davis - MISC
  • 3x20 3 POSITION
    • Lindsay Braybon - Numurkah SBRC
    • Chloe Romanoff - FPTRC
    • Michael Davis - MISC
    • Chris Lott - Shepparton SBRC
    • Chris Lott - Shepparton SBRC
    • Lindsay Braybon - Nurmurkah SBRC
    • Neil Davis - MISC
    • Kyle Janicki - Casterton SBRC
    • Michael Davis - MISC

Steve Zunker would like to thank all members who nominated for a position to represent TRV at the Nationals on the State Team as the team has been selected on current performances in the four competitions held in the past two months leading up to the Nationals.  Congratulations to all above mentioned members on your selection on the State Team(s) to represent Target Rifle Victoria this week at the Nationals.  Good Luck to not only those mentioned above but all TRV members who are competing at the TRA Nationals at MISC/Geelong. 

Nationals Info Page on TRV Website

For those of you who are interested to see what is happening at the Nationals this week whether you are competing or not, you will be able to keep up to date by clicking here.  
There is a great source of information such as daily information of times for squads/finals, the entrants, who is entered into what competitions, squadding sheets, traffic information, photos as well as the results once matches have finished.  For those of you travelling from the west along the Western Ring Road/Westgate Freeway you may want to allow some extra time for traffic due to roadworks on the freeway in Port Melbourne.  Once again Good Luck to all TRV members who are competing at the TRA Nationals this week. 

TRV 2016 50m Prone Pennant

The 50m Prone Pennant is just over half way through the competition with only a few weeks to go.  There are 32 Teams competing in this years event across six sections with more than 150 members taking part in the competition.  It is great to see 8 clubs submitting at least two or more teams in this years Pennant Series.  The section leaders so far (as of 21st March) are as follows:
  • Section A
    • Glenelg A - 20pts
  • Section B
    • Frankston A - 20pts
  • Section C
    • Albury A & MCC B - 16pts
  • Section D
    • Numurkah A - 20pts
  • Section E
    • Frankston C - 16pts
  • Section F
    • Kyneton B - 24pts
There should be full results in the next edition of the newsletter but for now you can also check out the interim results by clicking here.  

TRV 20m Prone & Benchrest Pennant Competitions

Please note that the Target Rifle Victoria 20m Pennant competitions for both Prone and Benchrest are now open for entry via your club.  The prone competition begins on May 2nd with entries closing on April 8th.  Benchrest commences on May 23rd with entries closing on May 7th.  Please see your Club Secretary or Captain to enter and further details can be found by clicking here for Prone or clicking here for Benchrest.

TRV member wins ELEY World Competition! 

Last year ELEY UK ran a competition to design a a new hat/lapel pin for 2016.  The entries were open during Sept/Oct last year for anyone to come up with a design that both shooters and officials from around the world could wear.  The winner of the competition would not only have their design professionally made but also would win 500 rounds of ELEY Tenex for their efforts.  Congratulations to Henry Leing from Oakleigh Rifle Club who submitted his design amongst hundreds of others to win the worldwide competition.  

Not only has it been made into a hat/lapel pin but Henry's design has also been made into a keyring as can be seen above.  Quite a nifty concept with the outline of a bullet/projectile head and combining part of the Union Jack in the design.  Well done Henry!!

Get your TRV Hoodies 

Although it is still summer, it wont be long before those brisk cool evenings hit us again, so why not grab one of these great accessory items for your range kit bag.  There is nothing worse than getting a chill in your lower back whilst shooting benchrest or in between details when you haven't got your shooting jacket on.  Not only will you look good at the range you will also be supporting the juniors of TRV.  

For just $35 you can get yourself one of these great hoodies with the TRV logo and all proceeds from each one sold go to help run TRV initiatives such as the Junior Development Program.  The should be availble for sale at the Nationals this week or you can
email Mike Jarrad by clicking here or by simply clicking on the photo above!

2015 TRV Master Marksman & Bench Master Series 

Each year at various TRV endorsed Prize shoots points are awarded to members in top 10 placings for both Prone and Benchrest in scratch and handicap scores.  The events that are eligle for gaining poinst are noted on the TRV calendar with MM (Master Marksman - Prone) or BM (Bench Master - Benchrest).  Here are the top 3 in each category for last year:
  • Master Marksman
    • Chris Lott                 Shepparton SBRC     68pts
    • Steve Zunker           Lake Gillear               68pts
    • James Daly             Kyneton SBRC           61pts
  • Bench Master
    • Gerhard Maya            Lake Gillear               67pts
    • John Gallo                  Benalla SBRC           55pts
    • Graham Bickerdike   Benalla SBRC           43pts
  • Junior Master Marksman
    • Kyle Janicki             Casterton SBRC          71pts
    • Michael Davis          MISC                             70pts
    • Chloe Romanoff      Frankston Pen. TRC   50pts
  • Junior Bench Master
    • Addison Danger         Golden City SBRC     80pts
    • Michael DiPasquale   MCC SBRC                28pts
    • Izac Ferguson              Kyabram SBRC         10pts
  • Veteran Master Marksman
    • Peter Males                 MCC SBRC             75pts
    • Kenneth Oxley            Midura SBRC           66pts
    • John Hopkins              Eltham SB &ARC    35pts
  • Veteran Bench Master
    • Gerhard Maya              Lake Gillear             75pts
    • Graham Bickerdike     Benalla SBRC         57pts
    • Ron Hamilton              Camberwell TRC     42pts
  • Master Marksman - Handicap
    • Kyle Janicki                  Casterton SBRC     49pts
  • Bench Master - Handicap
    • Gerhard Maya              Lake Gillear             50pts
Congratulations to all of the above mentioned members and everyone else who competed in the various competitions throughout 2015.

To see the full results click here. 

Wind and Wind Flags by Tricia Van Nus
© 2006 TRA. If this article is to be printed, distributed or used in part or whole, it is expected that due acknowledgement will be given to the source and author/compiler.

Reading the wind is where I have had some of my greatest achievements. Both as a coach and a shooter I have always quietly smiled when others have grumbled and fell, ravaged by the wind…..for me - aiming off and a "cat watching mouse" approach have always made the experience enjoyable.
That is not to say that I have never felt "blown away" by what lay between the barrel and the target, but I have always felt that elements may have occasionally won the game, or even the set, but never the match!!

For the beginning shooter I hope some of what I have to say can be helpful.
Firstly, no one doe
s consistently well in smallbore shooting without reading or taking notice of the wind flags.

Flags across this country come in a variety of colours, weights and sizes. The ISSF Rules determine the required standard…….(and I quote in summary from GTR 3.7)
"Rectangular wind flags measuring 50x400mm, should be made of a cotton material weighting approximately 150 g/m². They must be placed as close to the bullet's flight path as possible without interfering with the bullet's or the shooter's view of the target during aiming. Flags are to be placed at distances of 10m and 30m from the firing line, on the imaginary lines separating each firing point…"

Ideally the flag/s should be able to show movement, direction and strength of the wind on the range, and
placed in such a situation that the shooters may see at least a few of them.

Are you colour blind?
That poses some new and interesting problems. With a number of our male shooters being colour-blind (often not noticed or detected) there are a new set of challenges. Colour-blindness often comes in the red/green combination, making seeing red flags on green grass rather difficult.
One of our most talented shooters in the late 1990’s had this dilemma. He saw the flags and grass almost as one “brownish” mess and it was only after a lot of reading and bit of experimentation, that we discovered that a magenta filter helped him and clarified what was grass and what were flags.
Experiment with filters of varying colours until the contrast is visible.
Talk to your eye professional.

Watching the flags.
The wind closer to you generally has the most effect on the bullet. So it would seem that the flag/s closest to you are most important. This is normally true but not always. If the wind is coming towards you, the flag farthest away will more often show wind changes first. And of course, differing ranges will have their own little quirks.
Remember your rifle is sighted in for one particular condition (hopefully after the sighters). Wind changes to that condition will determine where your bullet will go. Say the wind is from 9 o’clock. You are getting 10’s on the target and you're feeling good. The wind strength increases. The bullet will go right and often a little low (towards 4 o'clock). 

So should you.....
• Hold a little left and a little high for that condition and just shoot? Probably not unless you have been confidently and successfully working on the concept of aiming off in your training (ask your coach about that concept)
• Wait?? Yes briefly - maybe the original condition will come back in a few minutes. Best that you just watch the range conditions and wait for a moment to see what happens. Keep busy with good positive thoughts while you are waiting and watching.
• Change the sights. Should the change seem to be permanent, then use your training knowledge, adjust your sights and fire a very good shot. This will give you valuable information about the wind change.

The condition change I gave is a simple one - just a wind strength increase. However, the wind could have stayed the same velocity but shifted direction a little. More than likely it will do both at the same time! If you have watched and waited, and waited, and waited, then don’t be afraid to utilise the sights!!!! Based on your knowledge gained in training, you will be confident to make good sight corrections. Yes there are going to be times when the changes are very quick and you miss it - stay sharp and focused. Anger and frustration only compounds the effects of the elements.

Remember when the wind blows and/or the rain belts down…
• Keep your thoughts positive and take a diary down with you if you need to record how many clicks you adjust on the sights. Yes - with everything else going on, shooters often forget where they are, and once you are half way into a match (or even a 20 shot card) it is easy to forget where the sighter zero is.
• The other shooters are also in the same range with you - they have their own little challenges.
• Keep the flag/s in the one quadrant and try for consistency in firing the best shot you can.
• You probably cannot see all the flags on the range, so watch a couple in your bay carefully, rather than all haphazardly.
• The shots will move with the wind and the rain……work that to your advantage.
• Rain will often "drop" the shots, just as wind will move them - learn from each shot.
• Keep your shot quality very high - good process has the greatest chance of being good score outcome.
• Use the time before, or in between details, to watch what is happening on the range. Be prepared - see how fast the flags move, or in what general directions.
• Scope one of the "experts" for a bit and see what the flags are doing when they shoot - can you see their pattern??

One last thought that many shooters avoid……..
Train in all sorts of conditions - wind, rain or sun

If you liked this article from Tricia Van Nus click on the link below for Target Rifle Australia and then select the 'COACHING' tab for more tips and tricks.

2016 Warren Potent & Graham Lawler State Team Postals 

Both of these events are Postal Competitions over 5 rounds competing against teams from other states around Australia.  Generally TRV run these events every first Saturday of the month commencing on May 7 at 9:00am for the Warren Potent 50m Prone Match and 11:00am for the Graham Lawler Air Rifle Match held at MISC.  To encourage more members to attend entry fee is only $5 for each event with the winner taking $75 based on all competitors live handicap scores on the day.
It was decided in 2010 to change the name to Warren Potent Interstate Postal after having been known as the Winchester Match previously.  Warren Potent has been shooting since 1980 and in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics he became the first ever Australian to win a medal at the Olympics for a rifle event.  All other Olympic medals won previously had been won by men and women in Shotgun and Pistol events.  Warren had also previously competed in the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympics and he competed in his fourth Olympics at London in 2012.  In 1986, Warren had combined with Don Brook and Alan Smith to win the 50m Prone Team World Championship but in September 2014 he was crowned the 2014 ISSF 50m World Champion at the World Cup Finals in Granada, Spain.  He also won at the Commonwealth Games just a month prior to this so it is probably more than fitting that this is now called the Warren Potent Interstate Postal.

Postal Competitions....... 

Numurkah Postal is already underway and there is still time to get an entry in as there is more than two months left as the competition does not finish until the end of May.  Shepparton Postal is also due to start on May 1st which will conclude on 22nd July.  For more information please check out the TRV website for more details with either of these two events.
For those of you who competed in the Albury Postal all the results are now available on the website (under 2015 results) but can be easily found by clicking here.
Don't forget that if you have entered Captains 1500 Benchrest, Presidents 1200 Air Rifle or TRV 20m Prone and Benchrest Postal Competitions that all cards are to be completed and returned by Friday 8th April. 


Club competitions from around the state....

Throughout the year there are quite a few competitions hosted by our member clubs at various locations around the state, offering prizes, sashes, trophies or medallions for various grades as well as the top 10 (generally). If you have never been to another clubs prize meeting it is a great opportunity to compete with/against your fellow TRV members and is also a great way to meet other members and get some different ideas and tips.

Something that was missed from the Target Rifle Geelong report in the last newsletter was Michael Davis's  (MISC) State Record that he shot in 90m Prone for the Sub-Junior category with a 563.003.  Michael is shooting quite well at the moment as he has shot three State Records in 2016 already, well done Michael and keep up the good work.

Frankston Peninsula Target Rifle Club had their Prize Meeting on 13/14 Feb with Benchrest on the Saturday, Prone on Sunday and Air Rifle Standing & Supported that was held across both days.  There was a great response from TRV members with nearly 80 entries over the weekend for the 4 categories.  Throughout the weekend there were 7 competitors that set TRV State Records.  Saturday was quite a good day for the Benchrest shooters with 30 entrants and congratulations to Ron Hamilton for winning the event with 747.034.  Congratulations are also in order for Courtney Karamoshos (Port Fairy SBRC) in her first ever event and setting a SubJunior State Record shooting an impressive 729.021 just narrowly missing out on out-shooting her Dad as well!  Michael DiPasquale (MCC SBRC) also set a Junior State Record with 744.051, yes that's right 51 centres!! Well done Michael.  The prone event held on the Sunday was one of the largest number of shooters that we have seen for a while in a 50m Prone club competition with 33 TRV members entered.  There must be something about the Frankston range that James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) likes as this was the fourth year in a row that he has won this event.  James shot very well to be at the top of the Leader Board shooting 595.036 which also saw him set a new TRV State Record in the process.  Gaining popularity amongst Prize Meetings is clubs offering an Air rifle competition in conjunction with the Benchrest and Prone events.  Generally with a walk up start in Standing or Supported positions so that you participate either before of after your .22 event.  The Standing event was won by Chris Lott (Shepparton SBRC) on 563.024 and the Supported event was won by Robert Reed (Lilydale SBRC) shooting 568.026 which is also a new State Record set.  As this was the first Supported Air Rifle competition with the new rules now in place (Editor - see below) State Records were also set by Beth Melton (FPTRC) - Senior Female, Peter McCashney (FPTRC) - Veteran Male and Val McCready (MISC) - Veteran Female. The committee of FPTRC would like to thank all TRV members who participated or helped out over the weekend.  Full results can be found on the website by clicking here

Stawell SBRC also recently held their 50m & 90m Prize Meeting on the weekend which just finished.  A total of 76 entrants across the weekend entered the various 10m, 50m & 90m competitions and again for the 4th event in a row, another three State Records were set!  Thank you to Daniel Crawford from Stawell for getting the following report together so quickly considering the meeting only finished yesterday afternoon.

41 shooters made the annual pilgrimage to Stawell for the Stawell Prize Shoot.
Saturday saw good fields on both indoor and outdoor ranges as well as few weary heads as some shooters had only arrived back in the country at 6.00am after a overseas holiday! That alone is an amazing effort and hope they all enjoyed the shoot.
At the outdoor range, conditions were fantastic for the first detail. Although as the day went on, the Stawell weather finally showed up. In the prone stakes, Chris Lott showed his and class and took out top spot with 592.30.  This is the highest prone score returned at the Stawell Prize Shoots thus far and will take some catching for anyone to beat it. Well done Lotty! James Daly showed he has his new rifle running well to be hot on the heels of Chris with a 590.32. Ken Hart was in third with 588.30. With this score Ken also took out B grade from Paul Janicki who was also fourth overall for the day. The Prone scores were very strong this year with the top 10 all being 578 plus!
A special mention to Kyle Janicki who shot a potential Sub Junior State Record with 577.21, fantastic effort Kyle!
On the benches Richard Lightfoot found the range to his liking. Richard shot a potential Veteran State Record with 747.38, amazing job Richard. Richard was 500.27 after his first two cards with the wind only able to catch him out on the last card.  Ron Hamilton took out second place with some nice shooting, scoring 742.23 . Peter McCashney was in third 739.23. Very strong scores guys, well done! Chris Karamoshos had another good shoot at Stawell although he did look like he was asleep at the bench a couple of times! Could have had something to do the jet lag! Chris was fourth overall with 737.34, great job Chris.
Indoor at the air range Chris Lott took his great form with him. Chris had a great shoot with another strong score of 571. Great day Lotty! Sean Finn took second spot and a win in B grade with 546, well done Sean! Michael Davis took out bragging rights at home with 544 to pip his dad, Neil Davis by a point!  We will keep a close eye to see who can win out at next air event!
Supported Air saw Val McCready take out top spot with 576. This was also third potential State Record for day, well done Val, great shooting! Peter McCashney also took his good form inside to finish 2nd with 540 and Lee Pettit rounded out the top 3 with 526.
Saturday night saw shooters head up to Trackside for a nice meal. Danny Croatto thought the competition was still going as he took out top spot with two meals of steak both with full trimmings! This is the second year Danny has done this but this year topped it off with dessert of warm mud cake. I can’t wait to see what Danny does to beat his record next year!
Sunday saw a smaller field, with many "shooting off" (no pun intended) to get for ready for Nationals next week but competition was just as strong.
James Daly had a great shoot, finishing 90 meters with 588.7, fantastic score James! Second was Stephen Zunker 583.7, Stephen has showed a really liking for the Stawell range, especially the 90 metres, well done. Sean Finn capped of a great weekend with 578.11. Julie Holcombe shook off the jet lag with a great score of 577.9 to take out fourth overall.
On the Benches Chris Karamoshos was woken up at the end of the shoot to find out he took out top spot! Chris was struggling with the after effects of the overseas holiday but shook it all off with a great score of 597.20, great shooting! Ron Hamilton kept his form up over the weekend with 593.17 to take out 2nd spot. Stawells own Nev Nitschke used home ground advantage to take out third with 591.12. Fourth was David Ball with 589.17. David and Chris had to be separated this year due to nickering like an old married couple this year. Although I think Chris could of used the chat to keep him awake this year!
Stawell Rifle Club would like to thank Tina Folkes and Cath Holden for their hard work and effort and in the canteen as well as all of the members who came along to support Stawell considering that the Nationals start tomorrow. Thankyou guys!
Hope everyone had a great time and goodluck to all who are shooting in nationals. Go Get Em!  Look forward to seeing you next year. Daniel Crawford, Stawell Rifle Club

Full results for Stawell Prize Meeting can be found by clicking here

Don't forget to check out the calendar above or on the TRV website for upcoming events as the next one is the Albury 2016 Classic Prize Meeting held at Wangaratta SBRC on 16/17 April.

Flashback from 1991!!....

Twenty-Five years seems like such a long time ago but from the Archives of the VSBARA Newsletter #22 April 1991, you can find the results of the State Championships from that year.  They were held on 9th to 11th of March at Geelong.  3P & Air Rifle were shot on Saturday 9th, 50m Prone (3x 20shot cards) on the Sunday and then the All Range Championship on Monday with total from 20 shots at 20m, 50 & 90m.  The winners of the events from back then were:
  • 3P Champion - Steve Vorgias - 1,041 - 384(P) 309 (S) 348 (K)
  • Air Rifle Champion - Mike Jarrad - 556
  • 50m Prone Champion - David Roddy - 586
  • All Range Champion - Kim Frazer - 589
Incidentally, the entry fee back then was $15 per person per event so when you consider that 25 years later the entry fee is just $20 per event it doesn't seem all that expensive to enter these days!!
V.S.B.A.R.A State Team Badge given to members of the Team during the 90's.

(Editor) Speaking of value for money and the cost of shooting, it is quite a different conversation when talking about equipment.  Back in 1991 as a junior, I was looking for a rifle but probably no different to today that a 2nd hand one just doesn't come up too often.  Luckily for me with help from Mum & Dad, I was able to purchase a brand new Anschutz 1913.  Looking to purchase one from L.T.Harris in Carlton with a few extra accessories I was looking at $3,496.00 in total.  We then looked at importing one ourselves (as my Uncle imported machinery from Germany often) and for exactly the same rifle and accessories it worked out to be $2,184.89 as I found all the paper work for this recently.  Needless to say that we decided to go for that option and even with the Freight, Insurances and Sales Tax/Import Duty we still saved $596 on what we could have bought it for here at the best price.  Just as the 1913 was the 'top' rifle of the day when you compare the top rifle of today from Anschutz you would be looking at around $6,200.00 for the 54.30!

Auflage - Supported Air Rifle!

What is Auflage? Although the word ‘Auflage’ translates to a number of different words. In English, 3 translations are edition, support & rest.
For shooting this translates to another way of shooting with a rest or support. This discipline is shot using the same rifles and equipment used for regular ISSF events but allows a rest or support for the front of the rifle. Unlike bench rest shooting, a back rest or sandbag is not allowed as the rifle must be placed in the shooters shoulder.
Auflage or Supported Rifle has been a discipline shot in many European countries for quite a number of years. Regular competitions are held with competitors of all ages taking part. For the older shooter, Auflage provides an opportunity to continue participation in the sport they love, whether it be at a social or competition level. The basic skills of shooting are still required but the physical demand of supporting a rifle is alleviated. 
Some advantages of Supported Rifle or Auflage:
  • Same rifle – standard air rifle.
  • Same targets – no need for different/extra targets.
  • Only a simple rest/support is required. 
  • Appropriate introduction to ISSF shooting for shooters of all ages and ability eg. juniors, seniors, disabled.
  • Beginner shooters are able to learn aiming, trigger control and breathing without the physical challenge of supporting the rifle unaided. These skills are then well learned by the time they are ready to move onto standard positions.
  • New shooters will be more likely to return and become members after experiencing a certain amount of success at their first try.
  • Shooters with limited experience and ability are able to participate in competitions almost immediately. 
  • Older shooters who are no longer able to shoot in standard positions are still able to participate in the sport therefore are not lost to the association as members.
  • Can be shot in conjunction with ISSF & IPC disciplines.
  • Can be shot standing, seated or from a wheelchair if disabled.
  • Less expensive - not as much equipment needed. Provides an ‘easier’ alternative to the more difficult disciplines.
  • Provides an opportunity for those shooters who do not shoot very often to still be able to compete at a reasonable level.
  • Provides an opportunity for whole family participation.
Supported Air Rifle is becoming more popular amongst TRV members and as quite a few clubs offer Air Rifle shooting as part of their prize meeting now and Supported Air Rifle is generally included as part of it as well (although it may pay to check out the event flyer).  TRA have now added some new rules to the Australian Supplementary Rules and Target Rifle Victoria has also adapted these rules which have been in place since the start of this year.  Below is an overview of the Rules that are now in place.  Your club should be able to give you a copy of the rules if you need them or they can also be found on the TRV website by clicking here.


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Good luck to all members competing at the Nationals this week.

TRV Committee 
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