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2017 TRV State Championships
The weekend of 4th & 5th of March saw the running of the 2017 TRV State Championships (part 1) at MISC.  There was a total of 95 entries across the 7 disciplines offered for the event which was down slightly from last year.  This year also seen two ISSF competitions to be run in conjunction with the State Championships for 50m Prone and 10m Air Rifle events as they were endorsed by Shooting Australia and the scores to be entered into the National Score Sheet.

With the introduction of the ISSF event it also meant that two finals were conducted complete with music from the official ISSF Playlist playing in the background. For those that were there for the 50m Final it was surely an exciting match as the lead was changing constantly after each segment and only the smallest of margins separating each competitor.  This continued all the way through to the last two competitors, Dan Croatto (Leongatha) and Neil Davis (MISC) who both after 24 shots were tied on the same score (using decimals) which required a final shot to determine the winner of which Dan had the better shot.

The results of this years State Championship are as follows:
  • 50m Prone
    • A Grade - Daniel Croatto - Leongatha 
    • B Grade - Neil Davis - MISC 
    • C Grade - Rachel Strik - Benalla
    • D Grade - Mark Remington - MISC
    • Veteran - John Hopkins - Eltham 
    • Junior - Michael Davis - MISC
    • Sub Junior - Nicolaas Strik - Benalla
  • 10m Air Rifle 
    • A Grade - Michael Davis - MISC
    • B Grade - Cain East - Shepparton
    • C Grade - Chris Nessnass - Oakleigh
    • D Grade - Phillip Deegan - Albury
    • Veteran - Chris Nessnass - Oakleigh 
    • Junior - Michael Davis - MISC
    • Female - Rachel Strik - Benalla
  • 10m Air Supported 
    • A Grade - Rodger Brooks - Lancefield
    • B Grade - Peter McCashney - FPTRC 
    • C Grade - Paul Golden - Junee
    • Veteran - Rodger Brooks - Lancefield
  • 50m Benchrest
    • A Grade - Richard Lightfoot - MCC 
    • B Grade - Leo Maccora - MISC 
    • C Grade - David Rowe - FPTRC
    • D Grade - Lyn Hornsby - Junee
    • Veteran - Richard Lightfoot - MCC
    • Junior - Courtney Karamoshos - Port Fairy
    • Sub Junior - Courtney Karamoshos - Port Fairy
  • 25m Air Bench
    • B Grade - Annette Rowe - MISC
    • C Grade - Leo Maccora - MISC
    • D Grade - Rodger Brooks - Lancefield
    • Veteran - Rodger Brooks - Lancefield 
    • Junior - Courtney Karamoshos - Port Fairy
    • Sub Junior - Courtney Karamoshos - Port Fairy
  • 50m 3P 3x40
    • A Grade - Chris Lott - Shepparton 
    • C Grade - Lindsay Braybon - Numurkah
    • D Grade - Michael Davis - MISC
* Please note that all State Champions are listed below

Thank you and well done to all members that participated and congratulations to all winners in the 2017 State Championships including our new State Champions. Thanks also to those who volunteered their time to help out with the event whether it be taking entries, scoring, range duties as well as helping setup and pack up the Air Rifle equipment.  

As this was an endorsed Shooting Australia event, it also meant that we have to provide accredited Jury Members and other Officials.  We would like to acknowledge the assistance from Victorian Amateur Pistol Association (VAPA) with the provision of some officials and hope that the favour can be returned at an event in the future.  With the limited pool of Officials to draw upon, it is great that we can work with other Associations to overcome these type of issues.  Full Results can be viewed by clicking here.
TRV Congress
Although still a couple of months away, Congress will be held on 17th June at Kilmore Library.  Delegates from each club are required to attend and there will also be some light refreshments.

This year, positions of President, Secretary and Councillors are to be nominated/elected as per TRV By-laws.
Upcoming Events
March 18
Stawell 50m Prize Meeting @ Stawell 

March 19
Stawell 90m Prize Meeting @ Stawell 
March 27

Vic Police & Emergency Services Games @ MISC

March 31
Merv Friend & John Logan Cup R1 @ Hamilton

April 1 & 2
TRV Training Camp @ Wangaratta

April 12 - 17
TRA Nationals @ Wingfield, SA

April 22 & 23
Albury Classic Prize Meeting @ Wangaratta

April 28
Merv Friend & John Logan Cup R2 @ Lake Gillear
April 29 & 30

Coastal Classic 50m & 90m @ Lake Gillear

May 1 
TRV 20m Prone Pennant Commences
May 1 - July 21
Shepparton Postal Commences

May 6
Warren Potent & Graham Lawler  Rd1 @ MISC

May 13 & 14
Sth Aust State Champs @ Wingfield, SA

May 20 & 21
MISC 62nd Anniversary Shoot @ MISC

May 22
TRV 20m Benchrest Pennant Commences

May 26
Merv Friend & John Logan Cup R3 @ Portland
For full TRV Calendar click here
 Above:  List of 2017 TRV State Champions; Various shots over weekend with thanks to Johan Fatenberg from MISC; All Benchrest Top 10 present for awards ceremony.
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Quick note from the Editor.....

Hi <<First Name>>, Happy Labour Day and hopefully you have got the day off and it could be a great opportunity to get down to the range today!  If this is your first newsletter that you are receiving from Target Rifle Victoria, welcome and hope that you find this of some value to you as it is sent out bi-monthly.  This year seems to have some motion behind it as we are already into the 3rd month of the year and Autumn is upon us!  There has been a few events already this year including Geelong & Frankston Prize Shoots, TRV State Titles part 1 and Stawell is on this weekend with the Nationals only a month away. 

There is a wrap up of these events as well as an invitation to the Australian Masters Games & State Titles from our friends across 'The Strait' in Tasmania during October.  One of TRV's members gets a guernsey to represent Australia and his friends have chipped in to help as well as Richard gives us an update about "Aussie Benchresters" going to Slovenia.  Looks like Mike has a bit to let us know of what is happening within TRV! 

This is YOUR newsletter and I am always on the look out for new information so if you have anything that you would like to submit to the next newsletter then please do not hesitate to send me some information so that it can be included in the next edition.  Newsletters will be sent out (2nd half of the months) in January, March, May, July, September and November so if you would like to submit something please make sure that I have it by the 10th of those months mentioned for inclusion.

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The Prez sez.........  

Well I guess this is probably close to the last newsletter you have to put up with from me as President of TRV, The last 4 years have certainly gone quickly!

As I have a captive audience, - so to speak!, I am going to make the most of it. There will be a few “politically incorrect” things - but never mind!! You can only sack me!!

Firstly I need to thank some people and first off the list is Chris Lott. Although it was him that pushed me into this role, so maybe I shouldn't be thanking him, Haha!!!  Chris has work tirelessly over the last 4 years, during that time of course Sue and Chris have been blessed with two new young Lotts which have been keeping both of them on their toes.  Without Chris’s input, advice and work, my position would of been a lot harder, so thanks Chris (and Sue).

Lindsay Braybon, A lot of people probably do not appreciate the work that Jack does, he is like the BHP of TRV- the quite achiever, thanks Jack, I have really enjoyed your witty comments over the last 4 years.

The members of Council past and present. Thank you all, everyone has had a major impact on how we operate today.

Dean Romanoff, Dean has jumped in and got the Meytons up and running, something that is way too complicated for my grey haired old brain, and the first time we used them Victoria got a new state record (well done James Daly!), and the Frankston club had a record number of entries. He is also very active with our Junior members and of course involved with the high level ISSF stuff.

Neil Davis and James Daly, two powerhouses on the web, Thanks guys for all your work, I think it is safe to say Victoria has without doubt the finest web and data base of any sport in Australia. (Although maybe we need to update the web photos, maybe some younger people??).

To our convenors and section officers, - Thank-you, without you our sport would just stop!

John Hopkins, there have been a few occasions where I have been very close to “losing it” regarding the applications and progress we have been making regarding the State Range, John has always remained optimistic and kept kicking me to keep plugging away! so thanks John (I think!).’ 

Richard Lightfoot, Richard is a driving force with regard to benchrest, so thanks Richard for your input while on Council.

And of course there are a host of people that just turn up and do stuff! These people do it for the love of their sport, My hat’s off to you!

For anyone I have not mentioned, Its not intentional, just getting grey haired (Actually bald).

Moving onto the nitty gritty stuff!  Where are we at with the various grants...?

A) The State Range - Value $1,000,000.00 plus GST
As I write this article, DEWLP and Parks Victoria are in the process of writing a report for their Minister, which includes their findings and recommendations. At this stage TRV do not have any idea what this entails. (We have tried but they wont tell us). The Minister for Lands will then pass her recommendation on to the Minister for Sport, which is when we find out where we sit.

Some of our older members (Back in the VSBRA Days) will remember two metropolitan 50M ranges that were part of TRV, The first in Moreland road, Moreland, The Commonwealth Ladies Rifle Club, and the second at Williamstown on the Big Bore range located in the top left hand corner adjacent to the primary school.

The Commonwealth Ladies Rifle club was the first all female small-bore rifle club in the Commonwealth, this probably means it was most likely the first all female small-bore rifle club in the world. They had a lease on a large parcel of land that allowed up to 100Yards, just showing my age but back in the early 1970’s we used to shoot there in State Team events along with the icons of the day - people like John Stoneman, Ian McHenry, Neil Peterson, Jim Brock, Reg McCready, Ray West, so maybe a couple of names you may recognise. And no we didn't all wear dresses, at that stage the club was allowing mixed gender membership!.

In 1975 the Minister for Lands and Returned Servicemen, (Minister Borthwick) gave the club two weeks notice to vacate, he then over a period of 6 months had the land classification changed and handed the block over to the Lions Club for construction of retirement housing, mainly for returned servicemen.  Yes, I thought the same thing that is now going through your heads!!

The rifle club had an open ended lease e.g. no end date! that had one stipulation, we had to have at least one female member and she had to compete there at least once every year. This was a situation that the club fully complied with. The club was given no compensation or assistance to find an alternative location. 

The Williamstown 50M range was actually paid for and constructed by the Victorian smallbore rifle union, (Thats us). It is minuted in one of our AGM’s. Again when the complex was closed by the State Government for housing development we were not given any compensation or assistance to find alternative land.

It is our hope that the State Government, who up to now has been very supportive of our organisation will look upon the closure of these two Olympic style ranges in a positive light and seek to provide some restoration for their loss.

Plan B, well there is a plan B but it needs a lot of work which is what we are in the process of doing, and will hopefully have ready for consideration by June. (Congress)

B) 10 Meytons, Trailer, 6 Scatts & miscellaneous stuff - Value $66,000.00 plus GST
As we all know the Meytons were used for the first time at the Frankston range with great success. Our next step is to duplicate the wiring at the Geelong complex. An enclosed trailer for transport of the Meytons has been ordered and due for delivery in April.  Stage 1 of the State Championship at MISC used the Meytons for the Air Rifle Competition as well as for the Air finals. This grant will allow us to relocate the Meytons to various ranges across the State for training and coaching days, as well as club prize-shoots.

C) State Based Organisation grant spread over 3.5 years for a total of $70,000.00. plus GST
C-1, Membership Program
The first part of this program was carried out last year via the new Commonwealth Ladies Pennant. This competition allowed the wife's, daughters, aunties, female friends etc to go to a club and have a try.  It involved 2 rounds at 20M prone (Or off a rest), 2 rounds of 20M benchrest and 2 rounds of Air Rifle (Or off a rest).  For the clubs that took part the feedback was all positive. A number of clubs ended up with quite a few new lady members.  As the ladies were competing under supervision they did not need to have a shooters license or to be financial members of TRV, a special situation just for this competition. Hopefully the rest of our clubs will jump on board for year 2 of the competition. A perpetual trophy has been made for Scratch and for the Handicap sections, and individual glass trophies for the first 3 placings. These will be presented at our presentation night, in Stawell at stage 2 of our State Champs.

The next step in this program is what TRV are calling a Boutique membership program.  What this entails is for TRV Council (Or appointed members) to spend some time at a selected club, for example Wangaratta club, TRV would provide flyers and posters for placing in shop windows, hand outs for firearm license nights, come and try weekends, corporate invitations to local organisations. This plan is approved by Council - we just need a bit of time to develop it ready to implement. (We will also use grant “D” - the come and try trailer as part of this program)

C-2, Accreditation of new and existing officials, coaches, scorers etc.
You may of noticed that the TRV web page has a notice requesting anyone interested in doing any of the above to contact the secretary, I think this notice has been on our web page since about the middle of last year, as far as I am aware only one person has actually contacted the secretary. So now is the time- If this interests you, give Chris a call/email.

C-3, Junior Development
TRV have put quite a lot of time and resources into Junior development, however it still needs a massive amount of work. Our future rests in the hands of our juniors today.  We do send some of our juniors up to Sydney for the National youth championships (In Brisbane this year), We do run a number of junior only competitions during the year, and we do run the Junior State championships at MISC.  What we still need to do is to develop Junior centres within clubs where younger people (Not just junior) can meet and compete together, without a bunch of old guys in the way.  For this to work we would need the goodwill of a club that has suitable facilities, A number of experienced people to provide quality coaching, a set of guidelines and coaching programs that would be suitable and a way of allowing all these “younger” people to compete against each other during the year via postal or using Scatt machines etc.  If you have any thoughts on this I would love to hear from you.

D) 10 Meytons, Come and try trailer, and some benchrest tables. Value $86,000.00
Yup thats a second lot of Meytons , brings our total up to 20. These are ordered, manufactured, tested and are now getting packed for delivery! The trailer is ordered and is identical to the first trailer. Once the trailer is delivered we will take it to a fabricator to have a tent frame (9 metres long) constructed. Once this is made we will take the trailer and the tent frame to a tent manufacturer to have heavy duty ripstop (Like on the sides of trucks) manufactured. We have been in contact with the Inspector of firearms who is advising us on how we need to construct the come and try trailer.

Once built we will apply for a State wide license to allow us to travel to any club and set up for come and try or to promote our sport at festivals, sport events, markets etc.  Having 20 Meytons will mean we can run a large competition at ranges like Geelong with the prone/ISSF events on electronics. So perhaps we could consider at some stage having stage 1 of the State Champs or run a Nationals completely at Geelong, or perhaps the Warren Potent matches. 

So that's our current grants.

What does the future hold for TRV?
I was tempted to write, bugger if I know, but decided against it!

Shooting Australia- Governance Program
This is an ongoing program that is fluid and responsive to input from the member bodies. In summary the initial idea from Shooting Australia was to scrap the National bodies e.g. TRA, PA Shotgun, ARA and replace them with Shooting Australia appointed managers, one for Rifle, one for pistol and one for shotgun. Their second goal was to bring all the States under one umbrella with a common name, e.g., SA Rifle Victoria, SA Pistol Victoria, SA Shotgun Victoria. This would change the way we currently operate, how we are structured and how capitation is collected. The member bodies decided to not pursue this avenue, so at the moment this proposal is in stasis. What is happening though, is the executive officers of the National bodies have formed a sub-committee and are working together to come up with a new insurance policy that covers 42,000 combined shooters including an equipment travel insurance scheme (Similar to the SSAA one). This will hopefully be a cheaper option than the current policy.

The governance program is ongoing and will take quite a number of years before an acceptable outcome by all parties is achieved. What SA want is far different to what the member bodies are willing to accept.

The SA proposal makes a lot of sense, if it had of been done from day 1 e.g. 100 years ago, but on today's viewpoint it is just too hard to implement. A second combined meeting is scheduled for some time in May.

Working with Children - New Victorian State Law.
John Hopkins and Lee Petitt have attended a workshop on the new WWC requirements. In a nut shell what we are required to do is -
  • At State Level (TRV)
    • appoint two people that are nominated as the person who gets called in case of any issue arising at any club or range. There should be at least one female member of TRV in this role.
    • TRV need to keep a register of who (Our members) has a WWC certificate, this must be kept up-to date every year.
    • There is a series of documents and policies that we have to adopt and publish
    • Any official, range officer, coach etc will be required to have a WWC certificate. 
  • At Club Level (This is mandatory by State Law, so not a TRV policy)
    • Appoint a person who gets contacted first should an issue arise.
    • There is a series of documents and policies that the club have to adopt - these are available for use by a club on the web.
    • Any official, range officer, coach etc will be required to have a WWC certificate.  For volunteer positions the WWC certificate is free, you download it from the web, fill it out, take it to the post office to get your photo done and post it off.   A certificate is returned to you and I think to your nominated club. (Assuming a Swatt team has not turned up at your door to cart you away).
Congratulations James Daly 
James was recently advised he has secured a berth in the Shooting Australia's team travelling to the World Cup in Munich on the 17th to 24th of May.  I believe that James is the first ISSF athlete to represent Victoria since the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Unfortunately James has to fully fund the trip himself as only the Shooting Australia’s A4G team members are fully funded. TRV will of course support James with some assistance in a grant, Well done James and best of luck!

Over the weekend at our State Champs, that famous chief - Courtney from "Courtney's Kitchen" ran a meals area including cakes, sandwiches and BBQ food. Courtney was assisted by a number of people including her mum and dad. Chris, Sue and Courtney actually purchased all the food themselves and then donated all the money from sales to James to help him out on his trip to Munich. A very generous thing for the family to do, Thanks guys!

I do have to wonder what a person has to do to get selected into a Shooting Australia A4G Team.  For those who are not aware, James is ranked number 2 in Australia behind Dane Sampson, he is the current Australian prone champion, a title he has won twice in the last 4 years, and is the current Victorian state record holder, pretty impressive!!

You may be aware that last year TRA lost the rights to the Eley product, they now have to purchase Eley ammunition from NIOA in Brisbane. Apparently TRV as a State organisation is not permitted to purchase directly from NIOA and have to buy our ammunition via TRA.  At this stage we do not know what impact this will have on future price, however I would have to think that it is only going to travel in one direction. Perhaps its time we all start using alternative ammunition to Eley?

TRA and TRV do have stock of Eley product still at the old prices, once this runs out is when we will all be linked into NIOA’s deliveries. 

Congress Elections
My position as president and the secretary's position are two on the list for election at this years Congress. Under our bylaws put in place in 2013 both Chris and myself need to stand down and new people are required to take over the reins. Personally I believe this is a good thing, it allows a fresh approach, new ideas, a new way at looking at things. (And NO neither of us want to just swap positions!!).

For myself I have to say that overall I have enjoyed my second stint in the Chair! (Also did the role back in the mid 1970’s). Admittedly there were a few trying times and difficult decisions, perhaps not everyone was happy with all the results, there is always more than one viewpoint for every issue, so its impossible to keep everyone happy all the time.  From a personal viewpoint, I have 4 years of “Other Projects” that have been put on hold, that I will now be able to catch up on (Which will make my wife very happy!!). I am happy to finish off the grants that we have under way, and continue liaising with State on the issue of land for a State range but that is a decision for the new President and Council to discuss and approve.

With regard to these positions, it would be great to see some of our Lady members consider taking on one or more of the positions on Council. I am proud to say that TRV has had a gender equality program (Although all done without the pomp and ceremony that happens today- we just did it without making an issue about it, way back in the 1960’s). Having female input on the management team as we spend more time involved with our modern lifestyle and the demands placed on us by Government bodies can only be a good thing for TRV.

Web/Competition development -Future
At the moment TRV have the ability to collect online payment for memberships,
  • It would be good to develop this further and allow competition entries from individuals and from clubs to be Bpayed.
  • A second development that has to happen at some stage is on-line start lists for competitions.,
  • The future ability for clubs that are running prize-meetings to use the same systems as TRV for on-line entries, start lists and payments.
  • Bpay for other TRV products 
TRV Affiliated Club Audit
I believe that it would be in TRV’s and our clubs best interest if we could produce an audit for each club. This document would record per club, such things as 
  • Facilities eg number of bays for each range,
  • size and age of club room
  • general condition of facilities
  • hot water (Is there any?)
  • gas
  • toilets - male, female qty and condition
  • showers
  • car parking
  • areas needing urgent attention
  • areas needing upgrade - long term
  • future plans for development.
  • Lease details - who with and for how long etc.
This information could then be used for applying for future grants with Sport and Rec’ Victoria as well as local councils. TRV have applied for a SRV grant to assist in the cost of preparation of this sort of report, still waiting to see if we have been successful.

Paid Administrator
The roles that TRV Council members do today in some aspects is far removed from what it was like even 10 years ago. The ISSF, TRA, S.A., State Government, our Police Force, Customs, general population expectations are far different from just a few short years ago.  From an administration point of view the paperwork that is required in securing and maintaining grants can be quite daunting.

The control and organisation of competitions and trophies to comply with all the rules and regulations again involves a large input. (really do not know how Val did it for so long)

One way to alleviate the burden placed on our volunteer staff is to consider the employment of a paid administrator on perhaps a 5 day fortnight. This would allow TRV Council to just look after and administer the day to day running of our sport.

The problem of course is - How do we pay for it. At this stage any suggestions would be most welcome.

I did come up with a bit of a radical plan which appealed to a number of people but perhaps was a bit tongue in cheek at the time, and I am 100% sure TRA and Shooting Australia would not of been very happy with my idea. 
  • One obvious way of course is an increase in membership charges.  If we were to charge a blanket cost of $40.00 per member regardless of their classification that would give us $30,000.00 for a paid admin person. However this would not work as it puts too high a burden on Families, which is not a fair thing to do.
  • A second option is to increase the membership by a smaller amount and then charge a higher fee for TRV competitions and ammunition sales.
Our options are I think quite limited, so any suggestions on how we could make this work would be most appreciated.  We have looked for grants to do this with a number of organisations, but unfortunately none are available.

Motions to the TRA AGM in Easter - South Australia
TRV have submitted 3 motions to the TRA AGM for consideration.
  • Motion number 1
    • That the capitation that TRA charges the host State to run the Nationals be altered to a flat rate regardless of the number of entries. At the moment TRA charge a sliding upwards fee per entry, which makes it difficult for a State to budget for the event.
  • Motion number 2
    • That a State has the right to supply medals for grade and age events at the Nationals if they so chose at their own cost. The new TRA manual implies that only approved TRA certificates are allowed for grade and age for presentation at the nationals.
  • Motion number 3
    • That the capitation fee that TRA charges each State be reduced by 50%. Some of you may not be aware but a large % of our membership fee goes in Capitation to TRA. This fee allows us to be members of the ISSF via TRA/Shooting Australia, and the WRABF via TRA and it covers Public Liability for our members while on any TRA approved range in Australia.  
    • Our thoughts are that TRA are financially better off than any of the States and they derive income from Australia wide sale of ammunition and no longer have the need for support to the same extent from the member States, and that the money would be better spent by the States for development of the sport in the respective State. 

For your information we have been advised by TRA that our motion should of been classed as a special motion and as such we missed the cut off date for submission, so motion number 3 will not be tabled by TRA at the AGM in Adelaide.  Perhaps, something for the new TRV Council to submit to the 2018 TRA’s - AGM. 

Mike Jarrad
President - Target Rifle Victoria

Indoor Convener Announcement

The TRV Council was delighted with the number of people who had shown interest in this position.  All options were discussed at the January Council Meeting and we are pleased to announce that Julie Romanoff has been appointed to this position.  We would like to thank everyone who had shown interest in this position and please welcome Julie into this role.

Scoring the new 20m Benchrest Targets

With the introduction of the new 20m Benchrest Targets this year we would like to show the correct way of scoring them after they have been shot.


As we have introduced a new 20m Benchrest Target this year it means that there are no recorded scores on this target.  so therefore we would end up with new state records the first time an event is shot regardless of scores.  This was discussed in detail at the February TRV Council Meeting and the below motion was decided and voted on (passed):

  • MOTION: No State Record shall be available until after 12 months of competition has been completed on any new or modified target or competition. 

It is a reminder to everyone that all postal cards are not to be scored with a 'Plug Gauge' prior to officially being scored by TRV or hosting club/association of the competition.  Please note that these targets are now in stock and available for order through Rob Spratt, to order these or any other TRV targets you can send an email to Rob by clicking this link with your target requirements.  Prices for TRV targets can be found here.

2017 TRV 20m Pennant Series

Thanks to Julie, no time has been wasted to ensure that the 20m Prone and Benchrest Pennant series will continue on this year.  The details for Prone and Benchrest are listed below:  

  • 20m Prone Pennant
    • Commences on 1st May 2017 
    • Teams of 6 members with 5 to count (upto 10 may be nominated)
    • Entry Fees are $50 for first team entered and $25 for each additional team
    • Teams will be graded by using the three highest averages from nominated team
    • Official 20m Prone Targets to be used
  • 20m Benchrest Pennant
    • Commences on 22nd May 2017 
    • Teams of 4 members with 3 to count (upto 10 may be nominated)
    • Entry Fees are $50 for first team entered and $25 for each additional team
    • Teams will be graded by using the three highest averages from nominated team
    • Official 20m Benchrest Targets (new) to be used

Entry forms can be found on the website click here for Benchrest and here for Prone as well as being sent to your club Secretaries.  Please note that entries are now open and will close on 7th April 2017 - no late entries will be accepted.  Should you have any queries or require further information please do not hesitate to contact Julie Romanoff by clicking here.

Are you upgrading, downsizing or wanting to start to build up your range/kit bag?  One of the hardest things about our sport is the availability of getting equipment for your kit bag especially if you are new to the sport.  It is not as easy as going to your local gun shop or sports store to get what you want as most of the equipment is specialised to a certain extent.  Yes, you can click on the links at the bottom of this newsletter for some of our recognised suppliers but sometimes other TRV members may have what you require!  

 FOR SALE - TRV Hoodies
There is nothing worse than getting a chill in your lower back whilst shooting benchrest or in between details when you haven't got your shooting jacket on.  Not only will you look good at the range you will also be supporting the juniors of TRV.

    $35 each      To buy one click here to contact Mike Jarrad

WANTED - Old Target Rifle Victoria Memorabilia
Do  you have or know of any old VSBRCU, VSBRA, VSBARA, TRV (Or other associated body) Memorabilia, please consider returning or donating it back to TRV for safe keeping with the view of having it on display in the future.

Please email Mike Jarrad by clicking here for further information

The rules are simple:
  • Advertisements will run for ONE (1) issue only
  • All ads must be sent via email to Newsletter Editor by clicking this link
    • Advertisements must be lodged by the10th day of January, March, May, July, September or November for inclusion to next newsletter
  • You must include your name and contact number
  • If advertising a firearm - Serial Number and Licence number must be included & transferred through Licenced Gun Dealer
  • There is no cost for placing an advertisement
  • TRV reserves the right to reject, cancel, refuse or postpone publication of any advertisement and shall notify you if such action is required
  • You are responsible for the description/condition of items offered

Feel free to send your ad through to Sean by10th May to be included in the next issue!  

PLEASE NOTE: Advertisements are based on material sourced from third parties. Target Rifle Victoria makes no warranties as to, and does not vet, authorise or endorse the accuracy, currency, suitability or completeness of any information contained in advertisments. Purchasers should make appropriate enquiries and receive independent advice prior to finalizing their purchase. Condition of equipment/firearms is as described by seller/advertiser and not by Target Rifle Victoria. Please check with the seller to confirm if any additional fees or charges apply. The information contained in this area is to be used as a guide only. Please confirm details directly with the seller.

2017/18 Membership Renewals  

<<First Name>>, you should have received your 2017/18 TRV Membership Renewal Form by now, either in your mailbox or your inbox.  Please note that the all memberships will expire on 31st March and it is especially important for those who are competing at the Nationals next month to make sure that they are financial members of Target Rifle Victoria.  Listed below is the fees for Target Rifle Victoria Membership:
  • Senior                      $ 144.00
  • Junior (U21)           $   94.00
  • Family                      $ 256.00
  • Aged Pensioner     $   94.00
  • Vic. Pensioner        $ 110.00
  • Non-shooter            $  96.00
Please ensure that all details are correct and if you wish to receive your renewal via email next year, make sure that this option is circled when form is returned.  Should you have your renewal form yet or have any questions regarding your membership please contact Chris Lott by clicking here.

2017 TRV 50m Prone Pennant Series

The 2017 50m Prone Pennant season is just over the half way mark with Round 6 due to be completed and posted in this week.  There are 138 competitors in 5 sections with 28 teams that are made up from 19 clubs that have entered teams into this years competition.  Six clubs each have 2 teams and a great effort from Frankston having entered four teams with a total of 18 competitors from their club.  It is also great to see some new names amongst the list of those who are participating in this years 50m Prone Pennant as well as our 'regulars'.

Although it is still too early to predict any winners you can still check out the Interim Results by clicking here and we should have a full wrap up in the next edition.


Steve with his new Walther KK500 - so new infact that he only picked it up less than 2 days prior to the State Titles.  He had never shot with it before and got a 584.027 straight out of the box!

James sets sights on World Cup!
by Sean Finn

As you may have read earlier in "Prez Sez", James Daly has been selected by Shooting Australia to represent Australia at the next World Cup in Munich, Germany from 17th to 24th May.

There are four World Cups held each year at various locations around the world where approximately 50 of the best competitors from different countries come to challenge their skills.  The best 8 ranked competitors from this relative small pool of people are then invited to go to the World Cup Final to be crowned the World Champion as Warren Potent from NSW did in 2015.

As you may have seen from this and past newsletters, James is on top of his game at the moment and has been for quite a while now especially since getting his new rifle.  It is a little unfortunate that even with such great results over the past 2-3 years that until now there has been little recognition at a National level.  Even with the recent invitation from SA to go to the World Cup, it would only be achieved by personal funding from James as only those who are members of the 'Aiming 4 Gold' are fully funded.  Target Rifle Victoria have contributed to this trip and have supported James in the form of a Grant as well as a smaller one already received from TRA.  A couple of James' friends set up a public GoFundMe page last week to lessen the financial impact to James by way of donations to assist and help him get to Munich.  There has been some great support for James with people starting to get behind him  

It is anticipated that expenses for this trip to the World Cup will cost James at least $5,000 which includes return air fares, accommodation, food, local transport and ammunition.

James certainly has the determination and skills to achieve these accolades and now has the opportunity to fulfil these dreams and be recognised on the world stage amongst his peers.  One way or the other James will get there even if it means that he eats Baked Beans whilst getting the funds together for this once in a lifetime experience.  Even if you are only able to afford a couple of bucks and make a donation it will make a difference and I am sure that James will be very appreciative of your kindness.

TOGETHER we can all get James to the World Cup!

If you would like to make a donation to help James make this trip become a reality please either click on the photo above or here to be directed to the GoFundMe page that has been set up.


 From and South Texas Marksmanship Training Centre

The smallbore rifle shooter can, when conditions are difficult, fire many sighting shots to verify his judgment and determine the correct sight settings before beginning to fire his record score. The high power rifle shooter has only two (2) sighting shots before firing his record string at long range. It is therefore important that he develop the ability to “read” wind conditions at long range, and before beginning a string-of-fire at long range. The shooter must take advantage of all the indicators available – range flags, trees, grass, dust, smoke and mirage and be able to interpret them. Since the high power rifle shooter has only two sighting shots, the ability to read mirage can make the difference between merely a good score and a possible a high-X score.

A mirage condition is not a handicap, since it offers a very accurate method of perceiving small wind changes which, if time permits, may be waited out. Not all wind changes can be waited out; therefore the shooter needs some understanding of the ways in which various mirage conditions can affect the target image.

The term ”mirage” as used by the shooter does not refer to a true mirage, but to heat waves and the refraction of light as it is bent passing through air layers of different density. Light which passes obliquely from one wind medium to another it undergoes an abrupt change in direction, whenever its velocity in the second medium is different from the velocity in the first wind medium; the shooter will see a “mirage”.

A familiar example is a stick projecting from water. The water surface is the plane separating the two (2) mediums, (air and water), and the stick has the appearance of being bent at the water surface. The same phenomenon occurs as the light from target to shooter passes obliquely downward through an atmosphere at uniform temperature. The bending is due to this refraction; which is barely perceptible at 1000 yards and negligible at 500 and 600 yards, but nevertheless it is present.
The density of air, and therefore its refraction, varies with its temperature. A condition of cool air overlaying warm air next to the ground is the cause of heat waves or “mirage”.  The warm air, having a lower index of refraction, is mixed with the cooler air above by convection, irregularly bending the light transmitting the target image to the shooter’s eye.  (Fig. 1) shows greatly exaggerated, the vertical displacement of the target image by heat waves. An elevation correction is evidently necessary in order to center a shot on the target.

Heat waves are easily seen with the unaided eye on a hot, bright day and can be seen with spotting scope on all but the coldest days. To observe heat waves, the scope should be focused on a point about midway to the target. This will cause the target to appear slightly out of focus, but since the high power rifle shooter generally does not try to spot bullet holes, the lack in target clarity is more than compensated by clarity of the heat waves.

Classifying mirage density
The sight correction necessary to compensate for mirage, at a given range, will increase as density of the mirage increases. Therefore the shooter should be able to distinguish different densities of mirage, which should be recorded in the scorebook for future reference. An individual just starting competitive shooting should not attempt to classify the mirage into more than three (3) categories, namely: light, intermediate and heavy. The light mirage is associated with a cool or cloudy day, when the sun can not heat the ground, and is seen through the spotting scope as a series of fine, faint lines. Target distortion is minimal. This mirage is very useful to the shooter in detecting slight wind changes which require the merest pinch of windage adjustment; while the mirage correction, which will be shown later in this manual is practically negligible. An intermediate mirage will be present on the perfect shooting day with 70 to 75 degree temperature and normal relative humidity (45 to 55 percent). The mirage is barely perceptible with the unaided eye, but is easily seen through the spotting scope as distinct lines. Target distortion begins to be apparent and each major change in wind velocity will also require a correction for the change in mirage. Conditions are more difficult than those brought about by a light mirage, but are not the most difficult.

A heavy mirage will occur on hot, sultry days (60 to 75 percent humidity) when heat waves can be seen  easily with the unaided eye, and appear as very dense lines viewed through the spotting scope. Target distortion is extreme, small bullet hole spotters are difficult to locate, and any change in the wind velocity will require that the shooter take into consideration the mirage corrections. (Fig 2) shows the appearance of the three (3) mirage categories.

In addition to the three categories of mirage that the beginning shooter should learn to recognize, there are four (4) distinct classes of mirage in each category from each side of the target, plus the vertical mirage. Hence there is a minimum of  twenty-five (25) mirage conditions that the beginner may use in detecting wind changes – or that he must cope with, depending on his state of mind.

It may be stated here that the shooter’s mental state may be the most difficult condition that the beginning shooter must overcome. Wind and mirage affect all shooters on the firing line more or less equally, and in many cases it is the shooter who creates the impossible conditions. Conditions do change for successive relays of shooters. Owing to the different wind conditions for different shooting relays: the U. S. Army in order to select the “true best shooter” will select the 2 or 3 shooters firing the highest score on each relay to be re-squadded for a “shoot-off”. This method will determine the true match winner. This procedure is used in the Wimbledon Cup Match and the Leech Cup Match held at the National Matches.

Wind causes changes!
How do the four (4) different classes of mirage come about?
Wind blows the heat waves as they rise, causing them to move vertically, obliquely, or laterally across the target. The amount that they vary from the vertical depends on the cross wind velocity, within limits from zero (0) to about twelve (12) miles per hour (m.p.h.). As each mirage class is described, you must keep in mind that the description also applies to each category, and to a wind from right (3 o’clock) or from the left (9 o’clock).

The first class to be considered is the boiling mirage, with heat waves rising vertically as in (Fig 3). A boiling mirage is present when there is no measurable wind, and when the wind blowing from the shooter directly toward the target (6 o’clock wind) or from the target toward the shooter (12 o’clock wind). This mirage class condition requires that the rear sight be lowered, to
center the shot group within the target. The amount of correction will depend on the category (density) of the mirage and vision of the individual shooter. An accurate scorebook record of mirage category, mirage classification, wind, temperature, light, sling tension, etc., combined with knowing the rifle’s no wind zero and the zero for that distance, will enable the beginning shooter to refine the values given below to fit his particular location.

Although the boiling mirage presents little problems in itself, the near 6 o’clock wind or near 12 o’clock wind which appears as a boiling mirage to the inexperienced shooter can present quite a problem when it is fishtailing from about 11:30 to 12:30 or 5:30 to 6:30.

Wind correction is generally rated as a fraction of the wind’s 3:00 or 9:00 o’clock effect, with the 11:00, 1:00, 5:00, and 7:00 o’clock winds being half value. The 11:30, 12:30, 5:30, and 6:30 o’clock winds could be rated as eight value each, while the wind fishtailing from one side of 6-12 o’clock line to the other gives a combined effect of quarter (1/4) value. With .30 cal ammunition of National Match type this will amount to a windage correction of one minute at 600 yards for a 10 m.p.h. wind and a two (2) minute correction at 1000 yards with the same wind. This small change in wind direction is very difficult to detect by feel, but secondary heat wave lines will begin to show up in the mirage and have the appearance of just leaning away from vertical, signaling the shooter that a change in wind direction has occurred.

A Slow Mirage 
A slow mirage; the second classification, exist during a light air of one to 3 m.p.h. blowing from 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock. Heat waves will be slightly inclined as they move across the target from 7 o’clock to one o’clock of from 5 o’clock to 11 o’clock (Fig 4). Target displacement with the slow mirage requires both an elevation and windage correction. As with the boiling mirage, the rear sight is lowered to correct for vertical component of the apparent displacement. The horizontal component requires a wind correction which will be into the wind, in addition to the correction for wind drift of the bullet.

Since the heat waves are crossing from 7 o’clock to one (1) o’clock or 5 o’clock to 11 o’clock, they are making an angle of 30 degrees with the vertical, and their vertical and horizontal components.

can be computed in relation to the total apparent displacement:
p = total apparent displacement
v = vertical component of D
H = horizontal component of D
V = D cosine 30 degrees = 0.87 D, and
H = sine 30 degrees = 0.50 D

Experience has shown the total displacement due to heavy mirage amounts to be ≈ 1 ½ minutes. The vertical correction due to heavy-slow mirage will be 1.31 or 1 ¼ minutes, and the horizontal correction will be 0.75 or ¾ of a minute.

As the 3 or 9 o’clock wind rises to a light breeze of  4 to 7 miles per hour, the heat waves will make a greater angle with the vertical and will have the appearance of crossing from 8 o’clock to 2 o’clock or 4 o’clock to 10 o’clock. This gives the third classification, is a medium mirage (Fig 5). The medium mirage will also require both elevation and windage corrections of different amounts than for slow mirage. Changing the angle from 30 degrees to 60 degrees because of the increased inclination, the corrections become:

V = D cosine 60 degrees = 0.50 D
H = D sine 60 degrees = 0.87 D

Going back to the total displacement of 1 ½  minutes caused by the heavy mirage, the vertical correction for a heavy-medium mirage will be 0.75 of ¾ minute and the horizontal correction will be 1.31 or 1 ¼ minutes. Again the rear sight is lowered and the windage correction is added to that required for wind drift.

The Effect
How examine the mirage effect with the same heavy mirage during a wind increasing from one to 3 m.p.h. (slow mirage) to 4 to 7 m.p.h. wind is applied, the rear sight must be lowered 1 ¼ minutes and ¾ minute windage added for horizontal component of the mirage. During the string, the mirage picture changes from heavy-slow to heavy-medium which signals the increase in wind velocity. The necessary wind correction is made and an additional ½ minute applied to give a total horizontal correction of 1/1/4 minutes for mirage. Adjusting for the vertical component of the mirage is accomplished in a similar manner. The sight was originally lowered 1 ¼ minutes and the mirage picture now indicates that only ¾ minute is needed, so the sight is raised the difference, which is ½ minute. The beginner shooter should practice mentally so that he is able to make the necessary changes without becoming confused.
A fast mirage, the fourth classification, will be visible when the wind velocity reaches the gentle breeze stage of 8 to 12 m.p.h. from 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock. The heat waves will move horizontally across the face of the target (Fig.6) and the apparent target displacement will be only horizontal. The fast mirage thus requires only additional windage correction. Wind velocities over 12 m.p.h. are indicated by the heat waves having the appearance of being stretched straight, and letups can be detected by slight waves beginning to appear on the mirage lines.

Boiling with lateral movement
The last and most difficult mirage picture to identify is the “boiling mirage with lateral left or right secondary heat waves” ( Fig.7), which is an indication of the wind coming in from between 9 and 12, 9 and 6, 3 and 12, or 3 and 6 o’clock. An easy
scorebook notation is the word “boiling” with an arrow drawn through it to indicate the direction of the secondary heat waves. The primary and secondary heat waves are caused by the 2 components of the wind, a 6-12 o’clock and a 3-9 o’clock component, the latter being the more important in detecting wind shifts. The secondary heat wave lines should be read in the same manner as the previously mentioned classes, with the secondary lines indicating that both vertical and horizontal
corrections will be necessary to compensate accurately for the mirage displacement. The new shooter should be on the lookout for the appearance of these secondary waves while firing in the other mirage classes.

Mirage can also be used to determine the true wind direction. Traverse the spotting scope until a “boil” is seen, then the wind is parallel to the axis of the scope. Turning the scope through 90 degrees will be equivalent to observing a 3 or 9 o’clock wind. The mirage classification gives the wind velocity up to about 12 m.p.h.

The beginning shooter can possibly keep abreast of the mirage changes, during slow-fire competition, by plotting them on the call circle in the scorebook. You can draw one or 2 wavy lines through the circle to indicate the mirage classification.  A category change can easily be shown by putting the initial L, I, or H in the circle and still have sufficient space remaining to plot the call for the shot. However, do not spend to much valuable time at this. It should not require more than 3 to 4 seconds to note a mirage in this manner and the target will, no doubt be in the pits during that time. If more time is being consumed, additional practice is necessary and several trips into the country, between matches, with the spotting scope can be beneficial.

(Fig. 8) is a tabulation of corrections in minutes, that will aid the new shooter in learning the effect that mirage can have on the target image.  The new shooter, wishing to apply the methods of doping the mirage that have been described, must keep in mind that intensity of the mirage seen will very according to each person’s vision.

The tabulation of corrections was extracted, mostly, from the experience of shooters. Values given will have to be modified somewhat by new shooters for mirage pictures that are distinct to him, at his geographical location.


50m Decimal Scores now part of MyTRV

With the introduction of the new Meyton Electronic Target machines and MISC's ability to capture scores in decimal as well as RAW scores we are now starting to capture both versions of 50m Prone scores when we are able to so.  When you log into MyTRV on the website you are now able to view your decimal scores as well.

This will enable you to keep track of how you are doing and give you some indication/comparison of where you may be when seeing results in decimal outputs.  It may seem a little different to get used to but so were "Centrals" when they were first introduced.  Recording the scores in this format is essentially just the same but is much easier to separate the really close scores!

Postal Competitions....... 

There has been a few results of postals since our last newsletter which include: 
  • 2016 Junior Postal
  • 2016 North West Postal
2016 Junior Postal
Well done to all Juniors that participated in last years Junior postal and submitted a 60 shot match at 50m each month.  The winners for 2016 were as follows:
    • 1st - Michael Davis (MISC) - 43pts
    • 2nd - Alex Cameron (Shepparton) - 37pts
    • 3rd - Rachel Strik (Benalla) - 30pts
    • 1st - Nathan Chadban (Wangaratta) - 33pts
    • 2nd - Rachel Strik (Benalla) - 32pts
    • 3rd Nicolaas Strik (Benalla) - 28pts

Full results for for the above can be found on the Results Page of the TRV Website by clicking here.

There are a couple postal shoots that will be finishing soon
  • TRV Captains 1500 Benchrest - 8th April
  • TRV Presidents 1200 Air Rifle - 8th April 
  • TRV 20m State Postal - 14th April
Check out the TRV calendar on website for details of  upcoming Postal Competitions such as Numurkah Postal that started at the start of this month as it may not be too late to enter.

Club competitions from around the state....

Throughout the year there are quite a few competitions hosted by our member clubs at various locations around the state, offering prizes, trophies or medallions for various grades as well as the top 10 (generally). If you have never been to another clubs prize meeting it is a great opportunity to compete with/against your fellow TRV members and is also a great way to meet other members and get some different ideas and tips.  All clubs/organisers of events are encouraged to submit a wrap up of their events for inclusion to the newsletter and can be done by sending an email to Sean by clicking here.

Target Rifle Geelong Prize Meeting - 28th & 29th January

Unfortunately there is no report for Geelong at the moment but hopefully we may get one for the next issue, for full results of the TRG Prize Meeting please click here.
Frankston Peninsula Championship - 18th & 19th February

This year seen a date change for our event just a few days prior to Christmas, pushing it back a week from our 'traditional weekend' due to the late announcement of Shooting Australia's Performance Series clash.  About the same time the club started some upgrades/renovations to the range which included making new target bases as well as 32 new holders for both paper and electronic targets.  As we had purchased a couple of new electronic target machines we also decided to upgrade all of our bays to accommodate the acquisitions of more machines in the future as well as the ability to utilise TRV's Meyton System.  We would like to thank all the members who helped out prior to the weekend with the working bees as there was more than 250 man hours required to complete it prior to the Prize Shoot.

The competition weekend was soon upon us and with more pre-entries received than the previous year we knew it was going to be big!  This was our most successful event held so far with a total of 99 entries over the weekend.  Saturday seen the running of the 50m Benchrest competition with a total of 27 competitors and on the Air Range there was 19 Air Rifle entries and 15 for the Supported Air category which was able to be completed during the 2 days of competition.  There was 38 entries across 3 details on Sunday for the 50m Prone competition.

Benchrest competition was won by Richard Lightfoot (MCC SBRC) scoring 747.054 just edging out Ron Hamilton (Camberwell) who finished in 2nd place and was defending his title from the previous year.  There was four 250's shot this year with two by Ron Hamilton one each by Richard Lightfoot and Peter McCashney (FPTRC).  The Air Range was quite busy all weekend with Sunday having each bay utilised for the full day up until 2pm.  Michael Davis (MISC) continued his great form from last year and the practice must have paid off during the 'off season' as he took the top spot in Air Rifle with a nice 578.032 from Chris Lott (Shepparton) in 2nd place.  Competition was up in Supported Air Rifle also as there was 9 more entries than last year with Rodger Brooks (Lancefield) taking the top spot with 586.036 from Beth Melton (FPTRC) just 2pts behind in 2nd place.

Sunday was greeted with a few nerves for our members (and some TRV members) as this day was to create a little entry into the "FPTRC History Book" with the first time that the whole range was to be scored electronically using both the Megalink and Meyton systems.  We conducted a test event the week prior with 17 members coming along to ensure that everything was going to work and iron out any possible bugs.  There was one small issue that we encountered on the day (which was later found out to be a small configuration setting) and although it meant that the shooter had to be assigned to another bay the day was a great success.  Just about everyone stayed until the end of the day as it was possible to see each shot by the entrants from the two displays in the club rooms or the four screens that have been permanently set on on the range.  The added bonus of this was that there was no need for scoring any targets with the results being posted quickly after the last shot had been fired.  James Daly (Kyneton) was certainly the one to beat for the day as he finished with a very nice 597.039 converting to a decimal score of 623.0 from Dan Croatto (Leongatha) on 594.035 and Chloe Romanoff (FPTRC) finishing in 3rd.  Congratulations to James as this result also gave him his 5th consecutive year of winning the Frankston 50m Prone event which is a great effort.

As FPTRC won the TRV Commonwealth Ladies Pennant last year, we also decided to introduce additional medals for the top placed Ladies from each of the four categories shot over the weekend which will continue on at our event into the future (there used to be a ladies category at all prize meets more than 20 years ago - Ed).  The winners this year were:
  • Benchrest - Annette Rowe, MISC
  • 10m Supported Air - Beth Melton, FPTRC
  • 10m Air Rifle - Rachel Strik, Benalla
  • 50m Prone - Chloe Romanoff, FPTRC
Except for a couple of showers on Saturday, the conditions were perfect for the whole weekend which was reflected by the results that included 8 TRV State Records being shot over the course of the weekend: 
  • Benchrest
    • Courtney Karamoshos - 731.027 - Sub Junior Female
    • Marise Maccora - 738.023 - Veteran Female
    • Richard Lightfoot - 747.054 - Veteran Open/Male
  • Supported Air Rifle
    • Beth Melton - 584.029 - Senior Female
  • Air Rifle
    • Rachel Strik - 551.012 - Junior Female
    • Michael Davis - 578.032 - Junior Open/Male
  • Prone
    • Michael Davis - 586.030 - Junior Male
    • James Daly - 597.039 - Senior Open/Male
Frankston Peninsula Target Rifle Club would like to congratulate all winners and thank everyone that come along over the weekend and participated in the event.  This weekend would not have been possible without the hard work and efforts of our club members both prior to and during the event and for that we are very thankful and appreciated of all of their support including duties of taking entries, scoring, range officer and general help as well as those that helped out in the kitchen and kept everyone well nourished.

The Committee would like to acknowledge Target Rifle Victoria for allowing us to utilise the new Meyton Targets for the 50m Prone event as this attributed to quite a bit of the success of the weekend and something that will be remembered by many within the club marking this historic event.  It was a win for both the club and TRV as they also now know the requirements for going forward and using the Meytons at other clubs around Victoria.  We hope that next year the whole event steps a little more with all categories being completed on electronic targets.

Full results of the Frankston Peninsula Championships can be seen by clicking here

Don't forget to check out the calendar above or on the TRV website for upcoming events as the next event is on this upcoming weekend (18th & 19th March) at Stawell Rifle Club.

Above: Are you on Facebook? So are we, be sure to like our page and be informed about the latest news
or giving recognition to our State Record Holders in a series that continues every Wednesday.


by Richard Lightfoot

The Australian Team will be shooting in Maribor, Slovenia in August, they are preparing to take the fight to all other nations competing.  The Team consists of 4 Teams in both Air and Rimfire.  There is an overlap of 4 shooters in each competition resulting from the selection process.  There are 3 Teams of 3 shooters, a Junior Team and remainder of the shooters only selected in Air or Rimfire but being permitted as individual entries in both Air and Rimfire.

The Teams are:-
Air                                  Rimfire
LV & HV                         Sporter    
                            LV & HV
Team A                           Team A                                Team A
Rebecca Richards           Rebecca Richards                  Rebecca Richards    
Stuart Elliot                     Mat Brough                           Mat Brough
Bill Mulder                       Bill Simmons                        Bill Simmons
Team B                     Team B                       Team B
Les Fraser                 Richard Lightfoot         Stuart Elliot
Annie Elliot                Joy Harrison                Richard Lightfoot
Greg Schneider          John Patzwald             Joy Harrison

Team C                     Team C                         Team C
Bill Simmons             Glen Seaman                Annie Elliot
Joy Harrison              Greg Schneider             John Patzwald
John Patzwald           Scott Kiddle                 Glen Seaman

Juniors                      Juniors                         Juniors
Patrick Sullivan          Patrick Sullivan             Patrick Sullivan
Mel Frost                   Mel Frost                      Mel Frost

Individuals                 Individuals                     Individuals
Richard Lightfoot        Bob Mulder                    Les Fraser
Glen Seaman             Bob Mulder                   Greg Schneider
Scott Kiddle               Les Fraser                    Scott Kiddle
Roy Muller                 Roy Muller                    Roy Muller

Letters of Invitation have arrived, administrative details returned to the organisers, airfares and accommodation is being booked.  The competition being from the 2-10 August, 2017.

Team shooting brings out the best in those participating.  This is reflected in the loaning of gear, setting up wind flags and coaching on practice days.  

Where to from now, fundraising and the competition in lead up to leaving.

The results will be posted on Bench Rest Bulletin and State Smallbore websites.  Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland are represented in the largest bench rest shooting team to be sent overseas.

Once this European event is over, shooters on their return will look to qualify for the 4th World Championships.  Australia needs to provide the opportunity for shooters to attend the 4th world Championships to be held in South Africa in 2019.

Victoria will host the first qualifier, it will be shot at Melbourne International Shooting Club from the 23-26 November, 2017.  A flyer for this event is in preparation and will be widely published.

Our aim is to attract 80 shooters to participate in these Air and Rimfire qualifiers.

You may ask what can I do to assist in promoting, participating and running such a great event?  The benefit to all shooters is both the learning experience and the camaraderie that such events develop.  The principal assistance needed is in administration, target preparation, collection and scoring.  Range Officers are needed together with equipment checkers and catering for the Welcome to Shooters to be held on Thursday, 23 November, 2017.

Success of the event relies on all who are willing to participate, giving generously and building great teamsmanship.  Join the team and make the first qualifier the top bench rest shooting event for 2017.


Official ISSF Music Playlist!

As implemented with the new 2017 ISSF Rules there is now an official playlist of music that can be played at events during Qualification and Finals.  For those that went along to the TRV State Titles last week would have noticed that the normal 'pop, pop....' also had a bit of 'doof, doof...' during the Finals of the 50m Prone and the Air Rifle events.  This added a little to the atmosphere of the area with the 'Ooos and Ooohhs..' from the spectators watching shots as they occurred on the screen.  Following is the list of Songs and Artists that make up the ISSF Compilation - wonder how long it will be before they release the first CD?

12 Vit (Moe Turk Remix)
Addicted to you                                 Avicii
Baby (Original Mix)                          Alex Spite
Bad                                                      Michael Jackson
Beating Heart (Cahill Remix)         Ellie Goulding
Billie Jean                                           Michael Jackson
Birimbau                                             Sergio Mendes
Call on me                                           Eric Prydz
Can't hold us                                       Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Can't you see (Remix)                       Deepjack & Mr. Nu
Chillo Outo                                           Raizpit
Clever Words (Original Mix)              Airstrip & Torha
Clocks                                                   Coldplay
Come and get it                                   John Newman
Come back                                            DJ K.I.K.O. ft. Galia
Cuba                                                      Gibson Brothers
Don't let music die (Original Mix)      Sergey Silver Stone
Don't you want me (Club Version)     Rob Makzem
Elastic Heart                                          Sia
Every Teardrop is a Waterfall             Coldplay
Everybody dance now                         C&C
Faith (Original Mix)                               MOB & Nytron Power
Feel'n good                                            Todd Terry
Fresh                                                       Babert
From dusk till dawn                              Tito and Tarantula
Fun                                                          Pitbull ft. Chris Brown
Girls just wanna have fun                   Cindy Lauper
Golden Eye                                           Tina Turner
Hey Brother                                           Avicii
Highway to hell                                     ACDC
How deep is your love                        Calvin Harris ft. Disciplines
I can't get no satisfaction                    Rolling Stones
I got you                                                 Duke Dumont ft. Jax Jones
I shot the Sheriff                                   Eric Clapton
In my Head (Mark Lower Remix)     Katerina & Bluefin
Kiss me (IMSA Remix)                        DJ Brick & DJ Lapin ft. Anna Miracles
Lean on                                                 Major Lazer & DJ Snake
Look at me (Anas A. Remix)              Luca Trezza
Losing my Religion                             Kwesa
Love like this                                        Dom Dolla
Love me again                                    John Newman
Loves Theme                                      Barry White
Mais Que Nada                                  Sergio Mendes
Mi Tierra                                              Gloria Estefan
Mission Impossible Theme
Mold                                                     Kocleo
Paradise                                             Coldplay
Pretty Woman
Princess of China                             Coldplay ft. Rihanna
Quarter                                               Nick Beringer
Rain down on me (2014 Deep House Remix)
Real Love                                          Franky Rizardo
Rock you like a Hurricane              Scorpions with Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Safe and Sound                               Capital Cities
Secret Agent 007 Theme
Show me                                            Kinky Movement
Show must go on                             Queen
Smooth Criminal                              Michael Jackson
Someone like her (4u Remix)       Zeni N.
Spectrum                                           Florence and the Machine ft. Calvin Harris
Spring Rain                                      Bebu Silveti
Star Wars Simphony
Staying Alive                                    Bee Gees
Stranger in Moscow                       Michael Jackson
Stupidisco                                        Junior Jack
The Girl from Ipanema                  Stan Getz ft.Astrud Gilberto
The Hustle                                       Van McCoy
They                                                 Jem
Titanium                                           David Guetta ft. Sia
Tocas Miracle (Inpetto Remix)     Fragma
Turn me on                                      Nicki Minaj ft. David Guetta
Upside Down                                  Diana Ross
Velvet Hands                                  Bebu Silveti
What to do now (Original Mix)     Fabricio Pecanho
You bring me Joy                           Amelia Lily

Don't want to look up all of the songs, click here for a Playlist that has already been compiled by someone on Youtube.  You may even be able to play it next time you are training but here is the funny thing, don't forget to block the music out whilst shooting!!

Program of Events

  • Wed April 12th
    • Arrival, Practice all ranges, Registration, Equipment checks
  • Thurs April 13th
    • Open & Graded 3x40 Three Position + IPC R7 SH1 Men
      • ISSF Final Men (Men’s Championship)
      • Junior & Veterans Championship
      • Open & Junior State Teams
    • ISSF Women 10m Air Rifle + IPC R2 SH1 Women
      • Final Women
    • Benchrest Class 3 - 20 metres (60 shots)
  • Fri April 14th
    • Open & Graded 3x20 Three Position + IPC R8 SH1 Women
      • ISSF Final Women (Women’s Championship)
      • Junior & Veterans Championship
      • Open & Junior State Teams
    • IPC Air Rifle Standing R4 SH2 Mixed
      • Final R4
    • ISSF Men 10m Air Rifle + IPC R1 SH1 Men
      • Final Men
    • TRA Open & Graded Benchrest Class 3 - 50m – (1st 60 shots)
  • Sat April 15th
    • TRA Open & Graded Benchrest Class 3 - 50m – (2nd 60 shots)
    • Open Championship on Final
    • TRA Open & Graded Air Rifle Championship (40 Shots)
    • Open Championship on Final
    • TRA Open & Graded 20m Prone Championship (60 Shots)
    • TRA Open Benchrest Class 1 - 50 metres – (1st 60 shots)
  • Sun April 16th
    • TRA Open & Graded 50m Prone Championship
      • Jim Smith Match Day 1 (120 shots over 2 days)
      • Champion of State Champions
    • IPC Prone Mixed R6 SH1 & R9 SH2
      • Final R6
      • Final R9
    • IPC Air Rifle Mixed Prone R3 SH1 & R5 SH2
      • Final R3
      • Final R5
    • Open Supported Air Rifle
    • TRA Open Benchrest Class 1 -50m – (2nd 60 shots)
  • Mon April 17th
    • TRA Open & Graded 50m Prone Championship
      • Jim Smith Match Day 2
      • Final Men (Men’s Championship)
      • Women’s Championship, Junior Championship
    • TRA Open Benchrest Class 1 - 20m – (60 shots)
    • Nationals Presentation Dinner
      • David MacFarlane Room, Wingfield Range

We wish all Target Rifle Victoria members competing at the TRA Nationals, Good Luck and Good Shooting and look forward to the results.

Target Rifle Victoria's new Meyton Electronic Targets getting more use for the 10m Air Rifle at TRV State Titles @ MISC recently

News from Tasmania Small Bore & Air Rifle Association 

The Australian Masters Games is held every two years at different locations around Australia.  Please see below for an Invitation to this event from TSBARA and why not spend a week travelling around Tassie and then enter their State Titles the following weekend!


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