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Last month the 106th Congress for TRV was held at the Kilmore Library with representatives from each club being in attendance. The congregation were welcomed by Mike Jarrad and there was a guest speaker organised prior to the meeting actually began.  John Hopkins and Lee Pettit have been busy over the past 12 months looking into and adopting Child Safe practices for TRV as it is now State Legislation for all sporting clubs to abide by. Tom Dickson from VicSport was organised by John and Lee to do a short presentation of what impacts/changes need to take place for implementation.  There is more to it than clubs just having Working with Children Checks for club officials as it is also advised to implement some sort of Code of Conduct which could be done by utilising the one that TRV is developing or using the 'model version' from VicSport.  There was a small 'Q&A" session with the clubs and Tom before a quick break prior to the meeting.
Various reports were present to begin the meeting from the President (Mike Jarrad), Secretary (Chris Lott) as well as the Financial report from Lindsay Braybon.  Then it was onto the main reason for everyone being there, the all important nominations/vote of the new office bearers - with President, Secretary and two Councillor positions up for re-election for the next two years.  The new office bearers are now:
  • President
    • John Hopkins
  • Secretary
    • Steven Strik
  • Councillor 1
    • Neil Davis
  • Councillor 2
    • Trevor Drage
On behalf of TRV we would also like to thank outgoing President & Secretary Mike Jarrad & Chris Lott for their great efforts and contributions during their terms on committee as their work has been greatly appreciated.

John Hopkins then took the floor on behalf of the Life Member Assessment Committee to give a report.  This year was a little different to previous occasions as there were also two Life Memberships awarded to members who have greatly contributed to shooting as well as TRV over the years. They began shooting in 1973 & 1974 and are not only from the same club but are also from the same family. Congratulations to both Bev Braybon and Lindsay Braybon on becoming Life Members of Target Rifle Victoria.

It was then onto vote on Motions of Notice raised to Council prior to the meeting as two motions were passed, 1 withdrawn and noted for Council, 2 motions passed and one lost.  For more information of what they were please do not hesitate to contact you Club Secretary or TRV Secretary.

There was also another guest speaker for the afternoon, Jaime Drumm, the newly appointed Community Development Officer for Shooting Australia.  Jaime gave a brief talk about what his job entailed and an insight to some of the new initiatives that Shooting Australia are working on before having an open discussion of what clubs wanted/needed or problems they faced to help them progress.  We thank Jaime for taking the time to come over to Vic from SA to be part of our meeting.

To finish the day off there was an open forum to basically discuss anything to do with our sport and also give the new committee some ideas of what direction that can take as well as things to look at into the future. 


Congratulations to Lindsay and Bev Braybon on being awarded Life Membership to Target Rifle Victoria.
Vice President
With John Hopkins becoming the President of TRV at Congress last month it left the position of Vice President vacant.  A couple of weeks ago at the first council meeting after Congress there were a few nominations put forward by members to fill this role.

TRV Council are proud to announce and welcome Julie Romanoff as our new Vice President.
Upcoming Events
July 28
Merv Friend & John Logan Cup R5 @ Portland
July 29 & 30

Portland Annual Prize Shoot & Merv Friend 600

August 5
Warren Potent & Graham Lawler  Rd4 @ MISC
August 19 
Shepparton 37th Annual Prize Meeting @ Shepparton
August 20
Numurkah Prize Meeting

August 21
10m Air Rifle Pennant commences

August 21
10m Supported Air Pennant commences
August 25
Merv Friend & John Logan Cup R6 @ Lake Gillear
September 2
Warren Potent & Graham Lawler  Rd5 @ MISC
September 2
BSA Cup & Commonwealth Cities Matches
September 4
TRV 50m Benchrest Pennant commences 
September 7-10

Shooting Australia Performance Series @ Wingfield, SA

September 9
Glenelg Region Prize Meeting @ Hamilton

September 10
Hamilton Prize Shoot @ Hamilton

September 10
10.9 Day

September 15 & 16 (TBC)
TRV/VAPA Junior Championships @ MISC
Sept 18 - Nov 18
Camberwell 600 Postal commences

September 29
Merv Friend & John Logan Cup R7 @ Hamilton
Sept 29 - Oct 2
Shooting Australia Performance Series @ Belmont, Qld
For full TRV Calendar click here
 TOP:  2017 TRV Presentation Dinner at Stawell Harness Racing Club    Above:  Some of the results from the State Titles at Stawell as well as photos thanks to Daniel Crawford.  
More news........
Quick note from the Editor.....

Hi <<First Name>>, if this is your first newsletter that you are receiving from Target Rifle Victoria, welcome and hope that you find this of some value to you as it is sent out bi-monthly.  It has been a little quiet on the competition front as the colder weather has set in - I must be getting old as I am feeling the cold a bit more this year as the transition of shorts to long pants happened a lot earlier this year!!  Personally for me I have not spent as much time as I would like behind my new rifle as there has been a few other things that have kept me busy and unfortunately away from recent events.  A reminder to everyone including clubs that if you have an event and you would like some photos and an overview of how it went, please do not hesitate to send them through to me so they can be shared amongst other members and promote your future events.

Well done to James Daly for his great effort at Munich in May at the World Cup finishing in 7th place in the Final.  It was great to see so many people get behind him via the GoFundme page that was set up for him to assist with the financial component on getting there.  I know that he really appreciated it and showed it with this achievement on the world stage of those who believed in him.  There was lots of yelling and cheering at our house watching James online during both the Qualification series and Final whilst sitting on the edge of our seats!!!

Once again there should be enough content in this edition to sit back and enjoy a coffee (or two) and catch up with some TRV events since our last newsletter such as Congress, State Championships, Annual Presentation Dinner and the recent Training Camp held on the weekend just past.   There is also information on how the new ISSF Mixed Team event will work which would be great to see more people get involved with air rifle especially with the 10m Air Rifle Pennant coming up, so why not give it a go and have a bit of fun. 

This is YOUR newsletter and I am always on the look out for new information so if you have anything that you would like to submit to the next newsletter then please do not hesitate to send me some information so that it can be included in the next edition.  Newsletters will be sent out (2nd half of the months) in January, March, May, July, September and November so if you would like to submit something please make sure that I have it by the 10th of those months mentioned for inclusion.

Remember if you are having trouble viewing the newsletter or missing images from your inbox/email you can also read it via an internet browser which displays all of the photos and formatting.  It is as simple as clicking on the "View this email in your browser" link at the top of this email.



John Hopkins your new TRV President is currently on holidays taking a well-earned break, before he faces the challenges ahead in his new role.  So I have offered to write the report for this editions newsletter.  John would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of Council who served during 2016/2017 for their efforts during the year.  Also special thanks to Mike Jarrad and Chris Lott for all their exceptional work over the last four years.  The other person he would like to thank is Sean Finn for his effort producing our Newsletter over the last twelve months and hopefully will continue to do so.

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Julie Romanoff and I have been voted by Council to fill the role as your Vice President on TRV Council.  Most of you would know my husband Dean Romanoff or perhaps my daughters Chloe, Lucy and Sarah.  I am also the current Indoor Convenor for TRV.

I have 33 years Administration experience along with 17 years being on numerous sports, clubs and associations committees.  During that time I have held every role from President to General committee member.  After attending Congress a key area that was discussed is the role of a paid Administration Officer.  I feel that there is a lot we can do before we go down this track and increase any of our fees etc. to pay for this.  So watch this space as I keep you abreast of some new changes as we review, renew and streamline many of our processes.

Child Safe Standards

Lee Pettit and John have been working on the Child Safe Standards, developing a policy and code of conduct for TRV.  Each club has to go through this process as it is a legal requirement by the Victorian Government.  During Congress the question was asked “Does every TRV member and or every club member have to have a Working With Children Check?”  Unfortunately the representative from Vicsport was unable to give a concise answer.  As this has far reaching implications to both our clubs and our members, Council is clarifying the matter with Vicsport.  Once we get a clear understanding we will inform all clubs and TRV members.

Open Forum Notes from Congress 2017

Council has taken on board the many ideas that were expressed during the meeting which we are currently reviewing.

Julie Romanoff


Coaching Course  

During the weekend just gone by at the TRV Training Camp at Frankston it was discussed that we need some more 'certified' coaches in Victoria. There were a few people that were interested in doing a course, so a weekend has been pencilled in for those of you that would like to do a course for Level 1 - Club Coaches on 16th & 17th September at a venue to be advised.   

If you are interested or would like to know more information about this course please do not hesitate to contact Julie Romanoff by clicking this link.  (Ed - There will be more information sent out as the venue and times are confirmed)


2017 TRV State Championships (Part 2)

24th & 25th of June seen Part 2 of the State Championships conducted at Stawell Rifle Club with the 20m and 90m disciplines of Benchrest and Prone being contested.  It was a coolish weekend and the numbers were down slightly on the weekend from last year but that certainly didn't stop the heat of compeititon from members who came along for the weekend.  All up there was 48 competitors across prone just being pipped this year by 51 who shot Benchrest over the weekend.

There were some great scores and Pb's achieved on both days of competition with the Dual Range Champions of 2017 being declared as Darren Morgan (FPTRC) in Benchrest and James Daly (Kyneton) in Prone.

Target Rifle Victoria would like to thank Stawell Rifle Club and its members for hosting the State Championships this year as well as all of those who helped out with range duties, scoring and other admin work to make it a great event.  Well done to all the members who came along and entered and congratulations to all of the winners during the weekend.  Click here to see the results from the State Championships that have been posted on the website.

Thanks to Big Kev for sending the following in about the Bent Barrel Award (Ed - what is it with Stawell and the Bent Barrel Award?)

TRV Bent Barrel Report - Stawell
by Kevin Corneliusen

An interesting situation unfolded on the weekend in Stawell with Chris Preston determined to get rid of the (now famous) Bent Barrel Award. While everyone is aware of the rules to receive this prestigious/ hated award it a great way to announce to all that somebody didn't get it quite right on the day. We know that Chris after Saturdays Champ of Champs match had worthy recipient in Darren opting to shoot 36 shoots of the 40 shot match in benchrest (not hard to do on alien targets).          

Sunday a new day with Darren hell bent on getting rid of this award, which didn't take long with Big Kev having X-fired on to Laura's target  next  door and to be reminded by James Daly that his score could have been better if he had a cheek piece on his rifle. Now Big Kev was lining up another recipient Richard came to the fore with 3 overloads on his 3rd benchrest target (oops). In the second detail in prone a young lass (shooting in socks for the first time) from down in the western district manage to X-fire on to next doors target and was the third recipient for the day but not to keep it very long as she claimed it was an ill wind that put her shot because it was a foul wind shift created by Hoppy. If you think it ends there you would  be mistaken as Hoppy didn't want to take the award home so in this very wind affair Darren Morgan created the final gust, with Darren proudly holding the award until he can get rid of it in the same day.

2017 TRV 20m Pennant Series

Both Benchrest and Prone Pennant series are going well with less than four weeks to go in both competitions.   With more than 370 participants representing 67 teams, there is some great competition happening both individually (in graded and outright) as well as all of the 11 sections across them both with just one or two matches between the leaders and a 3-way tie in Section B of Prone (as of this morning)

The above picture is a quick snap shot of how the competitions looked this morning and there will be a full report in the next eNews with all of the results.  For those that can't wait don't forget to check out the Results page on the Website in the meantime.


Are you upgrading, downsizing or wanting to start to build up your range/kit bag?  One of the hardest things about our sport is the availability of getting equipment for your kit bag especially if you are new to the sport.  It is not as easy as going to your local gun shop or sports store to get what you want as most of the equipment is specialised to a certain extent.  Yes, you can click on the links at the bottom of this newsletter for some of our recognised suppliers but sometimes other TRV members may have what you require!  

 FOR SALE - TRV Hoodies
There is nothing worse than getting a chill in your lower back whilst shooting benchrest or in between details when you haven't got your shooting jacket on.  Not only will you look good at the range you will also be supporting the juniors of TRV.

    $35 each      To buy one click here to contact Mike Jarrad

WANTED - Old Target Rifle Victoria Memorabilia
Do  you have or know of any old VSBRCU, VSBRA, VSBARA, TRV (Or other associated body) Memorabilia, please consider returning or donating it back to TRV for safe keeping with the view of having it on display in the future.

Please email Mike Jarrad by clicking here for further information
FOR SALE - Anschutz 1807 .22LR Match Rifle
Set up for prone shooting or could be easily adapted for bench-rest shooting also.  I also have some extra accessories included.

Firearm details:
  • Anschutz Match Model 1807 .22LR Rifle
  • Match 54 fully-adjustable trigger
  • Anschutz 4765 fully-adjustable butt plate and hook
  • Anschutz front and rear peep sights
  • Anschutz iris 0.9-1.6 with 5 colour filter
  • Anschutz bedding
  • Custom alloy stock
  • Adjustable cheek piece (spare included)
  • MEC Centra front hand stop
  • Alloy barrel tuner
  • Variety of post and ring inserts for front sight
  • Gehman polarizer
  • Centra 4mm sight raiser blocks
  • Anschutz 9450 lens holder (for prescription lens)
  •  Magnetic blinder

  • Winchester hard gun case
  • Anschutz Style 125 (large) prone glove
  • Simetra prone sling
  • Push-button sling swivel
  • Walden Miller prone shooting jacket (Made in Australia) (L-XL)
  • Fore-end U stand
  • Almost 3 boxes of RWS Rifle Match .22LR ammunition
  • Cleaning rod and patches
The rifle is in Excellent/VGC condition and was used by a Victorian State Junior Champion so is a proven performer.  Rifle Serial No:194277 & Firearms Licence Number 824-56740B and will be transferred by a Licenced Gun Dealer.  Please contact Kim Gration (former Lake Gillear member) via email by clicking here or by phone on 0432 201 066.  Price is $1,700

     FOR SALE - Monocle

       I have for sale a Monocle with case.
       Price: $125

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Feinwerkbau 2000 .22LR Target Rifle with good plastic rifle case and a spotting scope.  
Serial Number: 4241 and Licence number 508-371-60B and will be transferred via Licensed Firearms Dealer
Price $1500
Contact Robert Spratt 0356642358

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    • Advertisements must be lodged by the10th day of January, March, May, July, September or November for inclusion to next newsletter
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Indoor Convenor Report

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the Section Officers for the Pennants.  Without their assistance week in week out the pennants literally could not run.

I recently have had a couple of incidents with the Benchrest Pennant which I would like to highlight as an opportunity for continuous improvement of our sport and understanding of the rules.
  • 04/06/2017 - A reminder to TRV Conveners from council that TRA Supplementary rules A2.4 states “Clubs shall place their best shooting members in one team and next best in number two etc.” TRV council requests that you please keep an eye on teams as they enter your respective pennants to ensure this rule is adhered to.
  • Signing & witnessing & return of targets
    • a. All targets and/or print out strips must be signed and dated by the competitor and signed by the witness. For air rifle competitions shot on single targets only the first and last targets are to be signed, dated and witnessed.
    • b. A scoresheet for each round shall be completed by a club official. Any irregularities must be noted on the scoresheet.
    • c. Targets and completed and signed scoresheets must be returned by mail, post marked no later than the first business day following the end of the shooting week for that round.
    • d. In all competitions requiring return of targets the only accepted method is by post to the nominated section officer
  • Penalties
    • b. Penalties shall be those in the ISSF rules, TRA rifle rules and IPC Rules.
      • And;
      • The penalty for late return of targets shall be exclusion of the team score for that round.  Scores will still be counted in the individual aggregate
    • c. The penalty for any breach of these competition policy rules other than those covered in the ISSF rules, TRA Supplementary Rifle Rules and the IPC Rules shall be exclusion of the shooters’ targets from the team and individual aggregates for that round.
  • Any unexplained shot hole outside the sighting box of a 50m Benchrest target card will be classed as a competition shot.
Air Rifle Pennant commences on August 21st for both Standing and Supported categories.  Please note that all Air Rifle Pennant entries WILL BE CLOSING on AUGUST 4TH, 2017 and no late entries will be accepted.  This needs to be adhered to so that draws and stickers can be sent to relevant clubs in time for the start of the competition series.

Julie Romanoff


All Benchrest & Prone Shooters

Target Rifle Victoria  are looking for people to fill the roles of Club Coaches, Technical Officers, Range Officers and Scorers. Training courses will be conducted by Target Rifle Australia. To get this off the ground we need to get involved in our sport to help overcome problems and require some numbers so that we can hold the appropriate courses.
If this is something that may be of interest to you please contact TRV President - John Hopkins by clicking on this link so that we can start to organise some training for our members.
**Please see above for Coaching Course that has a date set for already**

Congratulations to James Daly on finishing 7th in the Final of his first ever World Cup that was held in Germany in May.  As can be seen above James has just shot a nice 10.7 during the Final and we can only imagine the feelings that he was experiencing during this time! 

2017 TRV Presentation Dinner

It was a little smaller in terms of numbers this year but those who did come along had a great evening.  This years dinner was held at the Trackside Bistro at the Stawell Harness Racing Club.  Lots of trophies were handed out on the evening to members as well as "Awards Packs" to clubs for them to hand out to their individual members.  This seems the best way to hand out some of the individuals/grade awards for the many TRV events held throughout the year otherwise with more than 950 awards to hand out (at approx 30 secs each) it would mean that just this part of the evening would take at least 8 hours alone.......!!!

One of the highlights of the evening was when John Hopkins asked James Daly - who had just recently returned from the World Cup in Germany - to give brief talk on his shooting career so far.  Everyone who was there thoroughly enjoyed James' presentation as it was a great insight for not just the Junior shooters but those of varying levels of shooting as well. Great Job James!

Congratulations to all winners announced on the night and those who received various awards for competing in the Target Rifle Victoria sanctioned events during the past year!

Above (L-R): James Daly holding the Master Marksmen Trophy for 2016, Darren Morgan proudly showing off the 2016 BenchMaster & Captains 1500 trophies and James again with the Northcote Trophy - All Range State Prone Champion (20m, 50m & 90m). Below: A couple of images thanks to Daniel Crawford. 


2017 TRV 10m Pennant Series

Dont forget about this years 10m Pennant Series.  Once again there are the two categories of Standing Air Rifle and Supported Air Rifle both contested over 10 rounds of 30 shots (per Round).  

  • 10m Air Rifle
    • Commences on 21st August 2017 
    • 10 Rounds of 30 shots
    • Teams of 4 with 3 to count
    • Entry $50 for first team and $25 for each additional team
  • 10m Supported Air Rifle
    • Commences on 21st August 2017 
    • 10 Rounds of 30 shots
    • Teams of 4 with 3 to count
    • Entry $50 for first team and $25 for each additional team
Entry Forms will be sent to clubs at the end of the month so it gives you a bit of time to think about entering a team.  Entries will close on 4th August and no late entries will be accepted.  For more information about either of the Pennant Series please contact Julie by clicking here.



TRV Training Camp

On the weekend just past we held a Training Camp at Frankston Peninsula Target Rifle Club with the emphasis of the weekend being on 'how to train to improve'.  We had the pleasure and company of Tricia Van Nus conducting the training program for the weekend and imparting some of her knowledge onto some of our members.  Although the mornings started out a little chilly the days evolved into great conditions with no rain and lost of sunshine and very little wind - not even even to talk about.  Overall there was about 12 participants for the weekend with nearly everyone returning for the 2nd day as well as a couple of new faces.  Saturday was mainly focused on the 50m range with various training exercises as well as a look at equipment checks and setups.  Sunday was spent with time looking at using Scatt and some other mobile apps that can aid training as well as a couple of participants on the Air Rifle range fine tuning their skills.   We also used the TRV Meyton Electronic Targets for the weekend on the 50m range as well as using Frankston's electronics on the 10m range.

All those who attended the weekend certainly gained a great deal of information and ideas that they can carry on to their training programs from now on but most of all it was all about having fun and enjoying our sport whilst improving our skills.

We thank Tricia for making the effort and packing a winter jacket and gloves for coming over to 'chilly' Victoria for this training camp as those who were there participating or just listening in were very appreciative of it.  

Thanks also to Frankston for hosting the weekend (as well as lunches) as last weekend they didn't even have a roof on the range, no power or cabling for the electronic targets!  A great deal of work was done by their members during the week to get the range back to normal and they even had tilers, concreters and trucks working there on the weekend as part of their renovations that didn't impact the Training.  Looking forward to seeing all the work complete at the club!!

2017 Top Ten......!

Something a little different that will be a regular feature of the newsletter is Top Ten scores that have been shot by individuals during the year at various TRV competitions.

* Please note that the above results only reflect the highest score shot per individual for each category at shoulder-to-shoulder matches only. 

Postal Competitions....... 

Apart from the current 20m Pennant Series it has been fairly quiet on the Postal front at the moment,  Dont forget for those who have entered the Shepparton Postal that cards have to be returned by this Friday 21st July. 
Check out the TRV calendar on website for details of  upcoming Postal Competitions and the next Postal competition coming up is the Camberwell 600 that commences during September

Club competitions from around the state....

Throughout the year there are quite a few competitions hosted by our member clubs at various locations around the state, offering prizes, trophies or medallions for various grades as well as the top 10 (generally). If you have never been to another clubs prize meeting it is a great opportunity to compete with/against your fellow TRV members and is also a great way to meet other members and get some different ideas and tips.  

All clubs/organisers of events are encouraged to submit a wrap up of their events for inclusion to the newsletter and can be done by sending an email to Sean by clicking here.

North West Victorian Championships - 10th & 11th June

Results of the North West Victorian Championships can be found by clicking this link or on the TRV website on the results page
Queens Birthday Royal Salute IV - 18th June

The results of the Queens Birthday Royal Salute IV held at MISC can be found by clicking this link or on the TRV website on the results page.

Don't forget to check out the calendar above or on the TRV website for upcoming events as Portland Annual Prize Shoot and Merv Friend 600 is the next event on the weekend of 29th & 30th July at Portland.

Above: Are you on Facebook? So are we, be sure to like our page and be informed about the latest news.

New ISSF Mixed Team Events: provisional rules published

Following the approval of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic programme by the ISSF Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) held in Munich on the 25th of June, the ISSF Headquarters published the provisional ISSF Rules for the 10m Air Rifle, 10m Air Pistol and Trap Mixed Team Events on 7th July. 

During the recent Junior World Championships there was a preview of the Mixed Teams Event that was included in the program before the conclusion of the Championship listed as a Test Event.

The following article is from the ISSF Website:

"Czech Republic defeats China to climb atop the Air Rifle Mixed Team podium

Fifty total teams represented 30 nations and participated in the 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team test event in Suhl (GER), where the ISSF Junior World Championship Rifle/Pistol will conclude today.
17-year-old Filip Nepejchal and 20-year-old Nikola Foistova of the Czech Republic prevailed over People’s Republic of China’s Zhu Yingjie (17) and Liu Yukun (20) at the end of a tight Gold medal match, where the two teams split the first eight series. There, the Czech shooters stepped up their shooting, taking three of the following four points and securing the Gold medal with the final score of 7 points to 5.
In the previous Bronze medal match, 16-year-old Gao Mingwei and 17-year-old Zhang Changhong of the People’s Republic of China Team 2 bested India’s Arjun Babuta (18) and Shreya Bandyopadhyay (14), easily ruling the final and pocketing the Bronze with a 7-to-3 win.
Eliminated from the first semifinal, Russian Federation Team 2 placed 3rd and scored 202.9 points with Evgeniy Ishchenko (20) and Maria Ivanova (19), while France Team 1, represented by Jade Bordet (16) and Emilien Chassat (20), finished in 4th place with 160.4 points.
In the following second semifinal, then, Russian Federation Team 1 also concluded in 3rd place, as Andrei Golovkov (20) and Anastasiia Galashina (20) scored 204.9 points. They were followed by Islamic Republic of Iran’s Arminia Sadeghina (15) and Amirsiyavash Zolfagharian (15), who took 4th place in the match and scored 161.9 points.."

A Quick Run-down of how the Mixed Team Event works!

NUMBER OF STAGES - Three (3) Stages: 
  • Qualification Stage 
  • Semifinal Stage 
  • Medal Matches 
    • Bronze Medal Match first 
    • Gold Medal Match held second
  • The allocation of the athletes in the Qualification Stage will be decided by draw. 
  • The members of the same team shoot from the neighboring positions. The competing teams are positioned side by side. 
  • Preparation and Sighting Time: 10 min. 
  • Twenty-five (25) shots by each member of the team (in total fifty (50) shots) in 30 min. 
  • The ranking in the Qualification Stage will be the combined results of the two (2) members of the team of each nation (one (1) man and one (1) woman) using Decimal Scoring.
  • The top eight (8) teams after the Qualification Stage proceed to the Semifinals. The Semifinals will take place at the Final’s range. 
  • The top eight (8) teams will be divided in two (2) Semifinals of four (4) teams according to the Qualification ranking. 
  • The first Semifinal The teams ranked: 1, 4, 5, 8. 
  • The second Semifinal The teams ranked: 2, 3, 6, 7. 
  • The allocation of the athletes in Semifinal Stages will be decided by draw. The members of the same team shoot from the neighboring positions. The competing teams are positioned side by side. 
SCORING IN SEMIFINAL - Decimal scoring. 
  • Scoring starts from zero (0). 
  • The ranking will be decided by the combined result of the two (2) members of the team of each nation (one (1) man and one (1) woman). 
  • Preparation and Sighting Time: 3 min. 
  • First Elimination Stage - Two (2) series of three (3) shots (in total six (6) shots) by each member of the team in 150 sec. 
  • Followed by two (2) shots in 100 sec. 
  • The lowest ranking team is eliminated. 
  • After another two (2) shots in 100 sec. the next lowest ranking team is eliminated. 
  • After the elimination of the 3rd ranked team, the remaining two (2) teams will continue to shoot two (2) shots to complete the Semifinal (in total twelve (12) shots). 
  • The winning teams of each Semifinal will qualify for the Gold Medal Match. 
  • The two (2) teams in 2nd place of each Semifinal will qualify for the Bronze Medal Match. 
  • The two (2) eliminated teams of the two (2) Semifinals will be ranked in 5th to 8th places according to their Semifinal results. 
  • The Bronze Medal Match will be shot first, followed by the Gold Medal Match. 
  • SCORING IN MEDAL MATCHES - Decimal scoring. 
  • The ranking of each shot will be decided by the combined result of the two (2) members of the team of each nation (one (1) man and one (1) woman). 
  • The winning team of each shot receives one (1) point. 
  • The winner team has to get seven (7) points with at least a one (1) point advantage. 
  • After 4 min. changeover time, the two (2) teams from the 2nd place at the Semifinals will take part in the Bronze Medal Match (positions C and D for the team from the first Semifinal and positions E and F for the team from the second Semifinal). 
  • Preparation Time: 1 min. (no Sighting shot). 
  • 50 sec. for each shot. Duel between the two (2) teams. 
  • After seven (7) points, the winner team will be the Bronze Medallist. 
  • After 4 min. changeover time, the two (2) teams from the 1st place at the Semifinals will take part in the Gold Medal Match (positions C and D for the team from the 1st Semifinal and positions E and F for the team from the 2nd Semifinal). 
  • Preparation time: 1 min. (no sighting shot). 
  • 50 sec. for each shot. 
  • Duel between the two (2) teams. 
  • After seven (7) points, the winner team will be the Gold Medallist.
(Ed) - Interesting to note that there are no sighting shots in the Medal Matches and that they may have 16 or more shots in each match depending who gets to 7 points first and has a 1pt advantage (similar to a tie break in Tennis)!

The Provisional Rules can be downloaded by clicking here or from the ISSF website. The Provisional rules are the outcome of an extensive analysis conducted by all related ISSF Section Committees, and the publication follows several tests conducted at ISSF and Continental Championships.

The final approval of the rules by the ISSF Administrative Council and the inclusion in the ISSF Rulebook will follow in the next months. A news will be published on the ISSF website when the new edition of the ISSF Rulebook will be available for download. 


Media Watch - Northcote Rifle Club History

Some of the members of Northcote Rifle Club have been researching club's history and came across a newspaper that may be of interest to other clubs or someone who could be looking for information on how WW1 affected daily life and sporting clubs.
It's a sports orientated newspaper called "The Winner" and it only ran from 1914- 1917.

It's available on the "Trove" website and you can download entire newspapers, a page or just a single article in PDF format. Look for the section called "The Rifle".  There's about 200 editions and we're still working our way through them. Interestingly, the author was a member of our club and is on our WW1 honour board.

There are few rifle related photos and I'm always on the lookout for them.  The most recent ones I've found are: Anzacs at the Pyramids (of which the newspaper ran a competition to identify the local rifle club member) and one on the Coburg Ladies Rifle Club.  


It was identified that one of the men in the group photo was Private H.D Soanes who was a former Secretary of Northcote Rifle Club, five months after the 'pyramid article', he was killed at Gallipoli.  The Coburg Ladies photos didn't have a story to go along with it.


 Thanks to the members of Northcote Rifle Club for sharing these articles with us.  It does not just have to be a recent article, do you know of any other members/clubs that have had articles printed in the newspapers?  If so, we would like to share them with other TRV members - please send an email to the Newsletter editor by clicking here.

The "staging area" of the one of the groups equipment during the Semi-Finals of the Mixed Team event at the Junior World Champs with athletes in the background whilst the other group is competing!

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