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TRV hosts the 2016 NATIONALS..
Every 5 years the Nationals come to Victoria.  So mark the 21st March to 28th March in your diaries if you haven't done so already.  The event runs from the 21st to 28th of March 2016 at both MISC and Target Rifle Geelong, all ISSF events (including 50m Benchrest) will be run at MISC and then on Sunday 27th & Monday 28th there is a venue change to Geelong for the 20m & 90m competitions and Presentation Dinner.  A brief overview of the event is as follows:
  • Monday 21st 
    • Practice and Equipment Control
  • Tuesday 22nd
    • 3x40 3P Open Championships
    • Air Rifle Practice
  • Wednesday 23rd
    • 3x20 3P Open Championships
    • TRA 50m Benchrest - Day 1, 1st 60 shots
    • 10m Air Rifle Open Championships
    • IPC Air Prone
    • Supported Air Rifle
  • Thursday 24th
    • TRA 50m Benchrest - Day 2, 2nd 60 shots
    • 10m Air Rifle Mens 60 shot
    • 10m Air Rifle Womens 40 shot
  • Friday 25th
    • Jim Smith English Match Open 50m Prone - 1st 60 shots
    • Mens Finals - 50m Prone
  • Saturday 26th
    • Jim Smith English Match Open 50m Prone - 2nd 60 shots
    • 50m Prone State Teams
    • 50m Prone State Champion of Champions
  • Sunday 27th (Relocate to Target Rifle Geelong)
    • Bill Eddy Open Championship (Prone 1st 60 shots @ 20m)
    • Dual Range Benchrest - 1st 60 shots @ 20m
  • Monday 28th 
    • Bill Eddy Open Championship (Prone 2nd 60 shots @ 90m)
    • Dual Range Benchrest - 2nd 60 shots @ 90m
    • Presentation Dinner @ Geelong RSL in evening
Entries are open to all members of TRV so why not come along and have a go and experience what it is like to attend a national event.  Spectators are more than welcome to come along and check it out as well.  Preferred entry is via the Online system that we have set up or alternatively you can post your entry to us as well.  For more information/program or for the online Entry System you can click on the links below

We are expecting a large amount of competitors from all over Australia this year and are looking forward to seeing you there!!!

click here for the Program Flyer
click here for on-line NATIONALS ENTRY
New Look Newsletter
Happy New Year from Target Rifle Victoria and welcome to our new look Newsletter.  We would also like to welcome our new Newsletter Editor, Sean Finn who has agreed to take on the role.  For those of you that don't know Sean, he originally joined VSBARA back in 1986 and left in the mid 90's.  He has recently come back to the sport and re-joining at FPTRC of which he is also Secretary.
There is plenty of news in this edition as we have got the State and National Championships in March and quite a few other events happening as well.
Upcoming Events
February 1 - April 10
TRV Presidents 1200 Postal Competition - Air Rifle

February 1 - April 10
TRV 20m Prone & Benchrest State Postal Competition
February 1
TRV 50m Prone Pennant commences
February 13
Frankston Peninsula Championship - Bench @ FPTRC

February 14
Frankston Peninsula Championship - Prone @ FPTRC

February 27-28
S.Aust State Championships - Benchrest @ Adelaide

March 1 - May 31
Numurkah Postal Competition
March 5 & 6
TRV State Titles - Part 1 @ MISC
3P, Air and 50m Prone & Benchrest

March 19
Stawell Prize Meeting @ Stawell
March 20
Stawell 90m Competition @ Stawell

March 21 - 26
TRA National Championships @ MISC
All ISSF matches & 50m Benchrest

March 27 - 28

TRA National Championships @ Geelong
Bill Eddy Dual Range 20m & 90m - Prone and Benchrest

For full TRV Calendar click here
Above:  TRV Juniors attending the 2015 Shooting Australia Youth Nationals in Sydney in December
More news........
Quick note from the Editor.....

Hi <<First Name>>, as mentioned earlier I have taken on the role of Newsletter Editor for TRV.  I know that Mike Jarrad probably wont agree but this is probably one of the most important roles of the committee as it keeps you in touch with what is happening around the association. I aim (no pun intended) to get a newsletter out to you every two months with events coming up, results, information from TRV as well as any other general information. 
I have been around for a while as I first joined up about 30 years ago but had a bit of a hiatus from the mid 90's until about 2013.  I used to enjoy getting the newsletter in the earlier days before the internet was really popular as it was a great source of information and something to read.  I have given the newsletter a bit of a freshen up and incorporated some of the old logos of the association in the header (Did you notice it at the top of the email?).  Now with the assistance of technology you can find information for TRV via the website, facebook and the Newsletter so unless you live under a rock you should not be able to say "Oh, I didn't know about that"....  <<First Name>>, I hope that you find the information in here enjoyable and informative and should you have anything that you would like to share with your fellow members please do not hesitate to contact me so that I can add it in for future editions.



State Titles Part 1 - 5th & 6th March

It's almost that time of the year again and a great precursor to the Nationals held a few weeks later.  As usual with Part 1 of the State Titles they will be held over the weekend of the 5/6 March at MISC in Port Melbourne for the disciplines of 3P, Air Rifle and 50m Prone & Benchrest competitions.  the Program of events will be as follows:

Online entry is preferred by clicking here and for the full flyer of the event can be found by clicking here or looking on the TRV Website. 

Hawthorn Rifle Range shuts shop after 100 years

Our sport doesn't get much exposure in the media but you might have missed this one from last year, if you didn't read The AGE newspaper and report from Neelima Choahan on June 21.  It's a sign of the times as many clubs may be facing the same fate, hopefully they can continue on as a club once the state range is completed albeit just a new location for them.

Hawthorn Rifle Club members Kevin Saunders (left), president Alby Jackson (right)and Martin Stockdale before a 'Christmas Shoot' to mark the closing of their club.
Hawthorn Rifle Club members Kevin Saunders (left), president Alby Jackson (right) and Martin Stockdale before a 'Christmas Shoot' to mark the closing of their club. Photo: Chris Hopkins

Every Monday night, 47-year-old Martin Stockdale picks up his rifle, grabs his shooting jacket, ammunition, mitt, and a sling and heads to Hawthorn to  shoot.

There, at the 20-metre range, he lays his mat on the floor, slides the bolt, loads a bullet and take aim at a paper target.

The father-of-four has been making the trek to the Hawthorn Small Bore Rifle Club for 33 years.

Recently, he has been joined by two of his children – Thomas, 17, and Renee, 14. They are the fifth generation of their family to shoot at the 100-year-old club. They will also be the last. This Monday, the club will shut its doors after the Boroondara City Council deemed the club house unsafe.

Mr Stockdale said it was a sad time. "I have been a member of this club my whole life," he said. "We have always had a member of the family in this club – my great-grandfather, William Hall, started at the club. It is an end of an era."

The atmosphere inside the club house, which is located next to a community garden, is a bit like a home. Children run around the room, while mothers line benches along the wall.

Esther Birchall, who introduced both  her husband Geoff and daughter Erica Fox to the sport, watches on while knitting a bonnet for her grandchild. Trophies, some dating back to the 1920s, line the walls of the dilapidated building.

The club can make claims to an illustrious history – it spawned an Olympic athlete in Noel Hall – but Boroondara mayor Coral Ross said it would have cost more than a $1 million to replace the range. 

Cr Ross said the council acknowledged the history of the club, and the important role it has played in the community, but given the low patronage – the club has just 19 members – the council could not justify spending what was needed to bring it up to a safe standard.

"In March 2014, council obtained a report from an independent structural engineer which advised that the building was unsafe for ongoing occupation," she said.

"In response, council funded temporary repairs allowing the club to continue to occupy the building until the end of its lease in June 2015 and provided the club with 12 months' notice that the lease would not be renewed."

Cr Ross said after the demolition the land would return to open space.

Club treasurer Kevin Saunders said the Camberwell Rifle Club in Surrey Hills had offered to share their premises in the short term, but the future remained uncertain. 

"It is very hard to know what the future of the club will be when it won't have its own range, and there is no way we will get another place to build a range," Mr Saunders said.

"We wouldn't have the money."

Every week, the Stockdales pick up the club's 86-year-old president, Albert 'Alby' Jackson, and give him a lift to the club. Mr Jackson said he had been going to the club for 62 years, and the members had become part of his family.

Mr Stockdale said he was proud that his children had been able "to join the club and shoot". "It is something we are able to do together," he said.


Shooting Australia Youth Championships @ SISC 

Shooting Australia Youth Championships were held last year at Sydney on the weekend 4-6 December.  There was a large contingent of Victorian juniors that travelled up in two buses, one from the metro area and the other from Portland way.  Infact, fifteen juniors from Target Rifle Victoria made the trip upto SISC for the event with some great scores being achieved by all. See above for the Team photo taken outside Sydney International Shooting Centre.

Talking with Dean Romanoff as they were returning from the Championships he said "I would like to thank Steve Zunker for all of the training that he has done with the juniors in the lead up to the event and also thanks to the Portland/Casterton guys for driving the other bus up to Sydney.  The camaraderie amongst the Victorian Juniors was great and with some more training it will certainly look like a promising future for not only the competitors themselves but also for the future of the sport and TRV.  It has been an enjoyable weekend and I am proud of the TRV juniors and the way that they shot over the weekend as we make our way back with about 600kms to go until we get home!"  

Congratulations to all the juniors who took part in the 2015 Championships and hope that this gives a bit more inspiration to for them attend other events in the future.  This years event may be of a different format as the age limit may be reduced to 21 years of age.

Get your TRV Hoodies 

Although it is still summer, it wont be long before those brisk cool evenings hit us again, so why not grab one of these great accessory items for your range kit bag.  There is nothing worse than getting a chill in your lower back whilst shooting benchrest or in between details when you haven't got your shooting jacket on.  Not only will you look good at the range you will also be supporting the juniors of TRV.  

For just $35 you can get yourself one of these great hoodies with the TRV logo and all proceeds from each one sold go to help run TRV initiatives such as the Junior Development Program (as mentioned in earlier article).  Please
email Mike Jarrad by clicking here or by simply clicking on the photo above!

TRV 50m Benchrest Pennant Results - 2015 

The 2015 results have now been finalised with shoot-offs having been completed to decide two sections that ended in a tie for the top spot.  Section A seen Brunswick and MCC'A' teams tied on 32pts each and Frankston 'B' and Mildura 'C' also tying on 32pts at the end of the competition.  The final results are as follows:
  • Section A  -  MCC 'A'
  • Section B  -  MCC 'B'
  • Section C  -  Mildura 'B'
  • Section D  -  Frankston 'B'
  • Handicap   -  Mildura 'C'
  • A Grade - Richard Lightfoot - MCC SBRC
  • B Grade - Emily Farley - MCC SBRC
  • C Grade - Suzanne Neeson - Port Fairy SBRC
  • D Grade - Terry Curran - Mildura SBRC
  • Veteran -  Richard Lightfoot - MCC SBRC
  • Junior - Michael DiPasquale - MCC SBRC
  • Sub Junior - Lachie Anderson - Sale SBRC
  • Top 5 Outright
    • Emily Farley - MCC SBRC            2,238.135
    • Vito DiPasquale - MCC SBRC     2,236.128
    • Richard Lightfoot - MCC SBRC    2,236.119
    • Angelo Nitsis - Brunswick SBRC  2,233.116
    • David Ball - Hamilton SB & ARC  2,233.115

Congratulations to all of the above mentioned members and teams and well done to everyone that competed in this years event as there was 115 members in total who took part of the 2015 50m Benchrest Pennant.  Quick fact, there was 21 250's shot during the course of the competition with the highest card shot of 250.019 by both Emily Farley from MCC and Barry Reonnfeldt from Horsham SBRC - great shooting guys!!

To see the full results of the
2015 50m Benchrest Pennant please click here 

 2016 TRV 50m Prone Pennant 

The first of the TRV Pennants for this year is starting next week from February 1st.  This year there is 31 teams competing in 6 sections which is 3 more than last year's competition.  Good luck to all members involved in this years Pennant.

TRV Postal Competitions....... 

2016 kicks off with 3 TRV Postal Competitions, Captains 1500 Benchrest, Presidents 1200 Air Rifle and 20m Prone and Benchrest Competitions.  The Captains 1500 is already underway which started on 11th January and the Presidents 1200 and 20m Prone & Bench competitions start on 1st February.  All three of these competitions have the same finishing date of 8th April 2016.  It is not too late to enter if you haven't already, just check out the details on the TRV Website on the Calendar tab and get your entries in.  

Be part of the TRV State Team at the Nationals!

Due to the suspected high number of nominations in Benchrest and Prone entries from Victoria, a Selection Criteria will be put in place to select athletes with the aim of selecting the strongest possible teams to represent Victoria at the 2016 TRA Nationals. Three selectors, being the State Coach, State Captain and State Vice Captain, will select teams from the four Open competitions leading up to the Nationals, being:
  • Geelong Prize Meet 23 & 24 January 2016
  • Frankston Championships 13 & 14 February 2016
  • TRV State Titles 5 & 6 March 2016
  • Stawell Prize Meeting 19 & 20 March 2016
If you are interested there is still time but you must nominate yourself for selection. So in general, those who attend the four shoots have more chances of achieving their highest possible score.  Please email the State Coach before 1st February 2016 stating your name, TRV number, and event/s you wish to be considered for selection. From the four State Open Shoots listed above the Athlete’s two highest scores will be used to achieve a total. Athletes with the highest total score will be selected for the State Team members.  For nominations or any further queries, please send an email to the State Coach, Steve Zunker by clicking here

Club competitions have already started for 2016....

Throughout the year there are quite a few competitions hosted by our member clubs at various locations around the state, offering prizes, sashes, trophies or medallions for various grades as well as the top 10 (generally). If you have never been to another clubs prize meeting it is a great opportunity to compete with/against your fellow TRV members and is also a great way to meet other members and get some different ideas and tips.
The first competition for 2016 has already been run and won at Target Rifle Geelong with a 50m competition on the Saturday and 90m on Sunday for both Prone and Benchrest shooters.  
There was 23 competing 50m Benchrest on Saturday with Kevin Corneliusen from Albury SBRC shooting a 599.054 and with 30 competing in the Prone event seen Chris Lott from Shepparton SBRC take out the top spot with 586.027.  Sunday seen quite a few return for the 90m competition which is always a bit of fun and brings everyone back a bit of a level playing field as it is not that often that most people get the opportunity to shoot at this distance.  With the introduction of the 5 aiming mark (Sth Aust target) there was just 15 people competing with Richard Bourke (Lake Gillear) shooting 589.011 and with 24 people contesting the Prone event, James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) took1st position with 582.010. As the 90m competition was a Handicap event the main winners for the day were William Maginn (Target Rifle Traralgon) in Benchrest with 600.52784 and Richard Bourke also won the handicap event with 600.43986.  It was great to see so many members attend the first shoot of the year and was interesting to note that the prone shooters 
outweighed the benchrest guys for the weekend.  Maybe there are a few people trying to get as much practice in before the State and National Titles in March.  For full results of the Target Rifle Geelong event from last weekend please click here.
Don't forget to check out the calendar above or on the TRV website for upcoming events as the next one is at Frankston Peninsula Target Rifle Club on 13/14 February.


Useful Links.......


Have you got any information or websites that may be of benefit to your fellow Target Rifle Victoria members?  If so and you would like to share it and put it in the next newsletter then please reply to this newsletter or email Sean by clicking here.

Thanks for reading this edition of the TRV Newsletter and if you have enjoyed it or have any comments then please let us know.

TRV Committee 
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