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June Edition

Well, we are officially half way through 2013, the winter solstice will be upon us on the 20th of June, so it may be cold but the days will start getting longer!

The Jim Brock Memorial shoot was a success, both the first and second rounds of the Warren Potent and Graham Lawler interstate competitions have been shot, 20m prone and bench pennant has started.  The MISC Anniversary Open and Northern Victorian Championships (Mildura) have been completed.  We even had a TRV Training Camp in Shepparton, a very busy couple of months!
  Please read on for more information about these competitions.

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2013 Congress

TRV Congress is scheduled for Saturday the 15th of June at the Kilmore Library.  It is really important that you ensure your club is represented and has voted on people for the new council.  Our current president Trevor Drage has fulfilled his term as President and has to step down this year.  Also Ern Mulchay has fulfilled his term as councillor and also will step down this year.  It is also rumoured that our Secretary will step down this year due to other commitments.  This means we have some very import positions that require filling, so please if you or someone you know is interested, please nominate for these or any other positions on council.  Without our council we won't have a sport to enjoy. The more people that help out the easier it is and the better our sport can be.

Something Interesting...
Do you read the TRA EMag?  It is very interesting and informative, please click here to read the latest issue.

Have you found any good shooting sites worth sharing with others?  If so please email them to and I will add them to the next newsletter.  Meanwhile, check these out;

Please, Very Important...

Wangaratta is holding the State Championships Part 2 on Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd of June.  TRV Presentation dinner will be held at the range on the Saturday night. If you shoot on both Sat and Sun the dinner will be FREE!  Otherwise the cost will be $30, so PLEASE get your name to the TRV Secretary ( as soon as possible.  We need to let the Wangaratta Club know final numbers before the 15th of June.  The dinner will consist of an entree' followed by a buffet style meal and some famous Aussie favourites for dessert.  We are planning on changing the format this year, so hopefully we can have a bit more fun and a bit less presentations....  For more info please click here

Upcoming events:

State Championships Part 2 (shot at Wangaratta)
Saturday 22nd June, 20m Prone and Bench, 20m Champion of Champions
Sunday 22nd June, 50m Prone and 50m Bench
For more info click here.

Lancefield 600 Postal Competition
Cards to be returned by 15th of September

For more info click here.

Warren Potent and Graham Lawler Round 3
Saturday 6th of July, shot at MISC, 9am Start.
$75 Prize to the top handicap score in prone
$75 Prize to the top handicap score in air

TRV Coaching Weekend
Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of July, shot in Frankston, covering prone, bench, 3P and air. For more info please check the website closer to the

West Wyalong Prize Meeting
Saturday 20th July, Air Rifle and All Range (20, 50, 90m)Prone and Bench
Sunday 21st July, 50m Prone and 50m Bench
For more info click here.

Portland Annual Prize Meeting and Merv Friend 600
Saturday 27th July, 50m Prone and 50m Bench
Sunday 28th July, 50m Prone and 50m Bench
MM/SS from combined days aggregate scores. For more info click here.

Wangaratta Annual Prize Meeting
Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of August (MM)
Please check the website closer to date for more info

Warren Potent and Graham Lawler Round 4
Saturday 10th of August, shot at MISC, 9am Start.
$75 Prize to the top handicap score in prone
$75 Prize to the top handicap score in air

Shepparton Annual Prize Meeting
Saturday 24th August, 50m Prone(MM) and 50m Bench(SS), Air Rifle. Also a special 3x40 event shot on Friday 23rd of August, starting at 2pm.
For more info click here.

Numurkah Annual Prize Meeting
Sunday 25th August, 50m Prone(MM) and 50m Bench(SS), Air Rifle
Please check the website closer to the date for more info

Jim Brock Memorial

Wangaratta held its annual Jim Brock memorial shoot on the 20th and 21st of April.  Another excellent competition was enjoyed by the 20 prone and 20 bench shooters.  Some excellent scores were shot with James Daly setting a new Victorian Prone record with 595.30!
Lancefield's Max Joiner (pictured in the centre with Tony Potts on the left and Roger Brooks on the right) won the Jim Brock perpetual shield by shooting a brilliant score of 1199.098!  For his 120 competition shots over two days, Max only missed one ten and collected 98 of his possible 120 centres, some outstanding shooting, well done Max!  His two partners in crime also did very well with a host of medals heading back to Lancefield after the weekend. Max and Patrick Wolfe shot the elusive 600 on Sunday, with Patrick winning the day's competition by gaining two more centres than Max to score 600.54. Another notable score from the weekend was shot by Mike Jarrad. Mike shot a perfect 200 in prone on his first card Sunday, something we don't see very often and a great effort from Mike. Please see below for a photo of his card!
The Wangaratta Club provided a beautiful roast on the Saturday night that was enjoyed by many shooters.  Presentations were made during the dinner. After the dinner there was one particular table with some shooters from Kyabram that was getting a bit rowdy with lots of laughter and good times.
For a full list of results please click here
For extra photos please click here

Shepparton Coaching Camp

Trevor Drage once again excelled by organising another successful coaching weekend, this time held at the Shepparton Range.
Trevor got Gordon DeGroen, a well seasoned and experienced coach from Sydney to travel down and run the camp.  Gordon gave everyone a series of exercises to experiment with, while giving feedback to different questions fired to him.  He also gave a good spiel on the best ways to keep track of your training and experiences by fully utilising a shooting diary. On the Sunday Gordon had everyone shoot a 40 shot match, which was quite challenging in the windy conditions.  Richard Lightfoot had his chronograph set-up and he and Annette Rowe were training with the 25m bench air rifle, which looks quite challenging.  Trevor and Tina cooked up a storm on the BBQ both days, while the Mulcahy, Cameron and Braybon families prepared other dishes and helped out with various duties over the weekend.  Well done to Trevor and Tina for organising and achieving a very informative weekend.

MISC 58th Anniversary Open

The 58th Melbourne International Shooting Club’s Anniversary shoot was held on the 18th and 19th of May. Due to a clash with the South Australian Championships entries for the Sunday matches were down.  However there was an increase in numbers for the Saturday’s RBA matches. For the first time the club held a 25m benchrest air rifle competition. Eight people had a go and some good scores were recorded.  This event is held outdoors and the accuracy of air rifles over this distance is surprisingly high.

        Sunday’s 50m benchrest  match saw Patrick Wolfe and Gerhard Maya recording 600’s and David Coupe recording a PB in prone with a 587. Mike Jarrad started out being only one down after 20 shots  but then fatigue set in and he slipped back to record a 587 also. Iain Sedgman also recorded a PB in prone scoring 20 plus points better than his previous best. Obviously some of Alethea’s  skills are starting to rub off.

For a full list of results click here

NorthWest Victorian Championships

Midura hosted the annual North West Victorian Championships on the 8th and 9th of June.  The weather was perfect with the exception of a frosty Sunday morning, but the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the baby goat was bleating (those who attended will know what I mean!).
Ern "Deadly" Mulcahy had his sharpest eye in great form to win the bench component of the championships, and his fellow club member Chris Lott was lucky enough to steal the prone championship from Oakleigh's Mike Jarrad by a small centre count.  It was a great competition with both state records and personal best scores set.  Ballarat East's Matt Bailey was in great form setting a new personal best score of 584.27 in the 50m prone event, this secured first place in B grade and is pushing him rapidly toward A grade, well done Matt.  Shepparton's Alex Cameron was another keen eyed marksman, setting both personal best scores and new state records (yet to be ratified), Alex shot 575.21 at 50m prone and 585.18 at 20m prone, and he even managed to beat his father at both events. Well done Alex.  Another junior shooter who was teaching the seniors how to do it was local lad Rylan Schottler who shot 600.45 at 50m bench to score first place outright, an outstanding effort from Rylan!
 Some interesting stories from the weekend were Mike Jarrad starting his 20m prone sighters, the shots were going out to the right, so he was winding to the left, next the shots were going further to the right and actually off the target and into the white.  So a frustrated Mike called the range officer over and to say he had rifle problems, the range officer asked Mike to check his sights were screwed on firmly, Mike checked the rear sight, all good, then his front sight which virtually fell off!  Bit of a rookie error from such an experienced shooter!  Another notable story was Ern Mulcahy thought he was a bit hard done by on one of his bench targets, so he went in to get the scorers to recheck his target, upon rechecking the target they realised there was an addition error and Ern ended up losing an extra point! Finally our Australian Prone Champion James Daly decided to give his car a wash on the Friday night, please see the below photo of James's car washing skills, it's good to know he can shoot a heck of a lot better than he can wash cars!
The Mildura club dedicated this year's championships to a couple of more senior members of the club, Bill Russell who was one of the original founding members of the club, and Dick McPhail who shot with the Mildura club for over 50 years!  The entire club should be congratulated on running another enjoyable and successful weekend of shooting.  They have a great team with Alan Collins working tirelessly organising the event, Ken Baric and his club mates handle all the range officer duties, and Anton Wurfel is without a doubt the most entertaining awards presenter in the sport. It is worth heading to Mildura just to experience Anton's presentation antics!
For a full list of results click here
For some more photos of the weekend, please click here

5 Minutes With..

Name:  Julie Holcombe
Club/s you are/have been a member of? 
I started with Beechworth small bore club and was an original founding member of that club which was started by John
Peeters.  I have also been members of Myrtleford (now gone) Wangaratta, Eltham, 3P International(another long story and one which Mike Jarrad will remember) and now Port Fairy. I am also Treasurer for the Glenelg Region which covers Casterton, Portland, Warrnambool, Port Fairy, Hamilton and Lake Gillear... so I get around.
How did you get started in shooting?
Way back in 1976 (yes I am old) there was an ad in the local paper in Beechworth calling for expressions of interest to start a small bore club. I asked my Dad what that was and he thought it was to get shooters together and shoot bunnies. So we went along and found out he was wrong and the rest is history. My Dad and brother and sister also joined making it a family affair. Mum was pleased to have the house to herself more often than not once we started travelling around.

What disciplines do you shoot?
I shoot prone and recently took up bench for fun as well and got a little competitive with this as well.  I only shoot air rifle at world masters games for shits and giggles, but wont be doing that any more.
How often do you shoot? 
I shoot weekly as a minimum, but we have a great region down here that runs local comps for prone fortnightly from march to august and bench monthly from march till august, which is fantastic to have such a healthy avenue for comps and training. I try and get to as many prize meetings that I can but this depends on timing with farming. I dont do as many as I used to which is unfortunate....maybe in my retirement from the work force I will step this up...
Greatest achievement?
Greatest achievement... dear lord this is so hard. I have won at national state and overseas levels and each one is special in its own way. I have special fondness of winning the bronze in the womens event at the nationals in 1983. It may have only been the bronze but there was only 1 point between first and third and I was beaten by Yvonne Gowland and Sylvia Mueilberg and they had just returned from winning the world womens championships and I felt proud to be amoungst their company and competitive. I also hold very dear my world masters games medals. I have won gold in the last 3 games I have attended in womens prone and would love to do this again in august when we travel to Italy to compete in Turin, however I reckon the european competition will be tough.

Most memorable moment?
Most memorable moment  is so hard to pin down as shooting has taken me so far and allowed me to be involved in some great times and moments, however I have shot in the Oceania Championships 3 times and the last one in 2011 I got to share with Emma who also made the team. So as Mother and Daughter to attend and compete in the same Australian team was a moment you cannot replicate. To enjoy sharing the feeling of representing your country at that level was special to us both.
What is the furthest you have travelled to compete?
The furtherest that I have travelled for shooting is Edmonton Canada in 2005. I reckon we may go past this later in the year when 6 of us, Ken and Kath Hart, David and Bernadette Ball, Dennis Peacock and myself head to Italy for the next world masters games. I encourage anyone if they can to experience these games, we are now heading to our 4th world masters and they offer not only competition but the shared passion of still enjoying your chosen sport no matter what your level of ability or age is. In fact there is a shooter from Brazil that was complaining bitterly last time as he felt it was unfair that at 85 he had to compete in the over 70 age group as he was much older than those young people at 70!!! He still won.  This creates such a fun environment full of different activities its all too hard to pass up going again and again. The next world masters games in 2017 will be in New Zealand so I recommend everyone to start saving!!!!

What do you enjoy most about the sport?
I love competing, its such an individual thing in testing yourself against your peers, but I also love the friends that I have made over many years and catching up at different events throughout the year and the comradeship that goes with it all. Shooting I liken to a big  happy family with such a shared passion for our sport. In fact the bond is so strong with some shooters they all come and stay with us over summer in Port Fairy, its one big open house. Think it helps that we have ocean frontage!!!!

Would you swap bread for bullets?
Would I swap bread for bullets?  Probably but never chicken chips... I would die...

Wazza's Words of Wisdom

Warren Grenness is one of Victoria's best prone shooters. Warren has many years of experience shooing both small bore and full bore, he has shot in Commonwealth Games teams and many other international events.  Recently I had some issues with my prone shooting, so I sent Warren an email asking him about it, he has kindly allowed me to add his reply to this newsletter.  I believe it is very well written and should be read by all prone shooters wishing to increase their scores.  I had basically asked Warren to check my prone position as my scores were on the sharp decline, his response is below, enjoy!

I think your troubles will most likely just be not paying enough attention to natural point of aim, and muscling the rifle on to the target.  Once you start doing this, you drop a few points. Then you get frustrated, which builds up a bit more tension in our body, making it more difficult to identify if you are naturally pointing at the target or forcing the rifle on, leading to more frustration.  All of a sudden you a drawn into a vicious circle.

So tomorrow, spend a bit more time settling into position before starting on the sighters, this is to help you really relax into the position.  You have to make sure that you are set properly before starting the shoot, and get it into your head what it all should be feeling like.  During the shoot, regularly do a thorough check of the point of aim.  Because you are struggling a lot at the moment, you might be best to do this a lot, say after every five shots.  Get on aim, and basically start to squeeze the trigger as if you are going to take the shot.  But then stop taking up the pressure, close your eyes and breath in and out two or three times, really focusing on relaxing the muscles in your shoulders and arms.  You might want to focus on a different group of muscles with each breath.  When you think everything is properly relaxed, breath out on to where the target should be and open your eyes.  All good, just take another breath and let the shot go.  Otherwise sort everything out and go through the process again.

If you feel like things aren't going to well, do this every shot for a while.  As everything stays in place, you will have the confidence to speed things up again.

There are a lot more positives than negatives with being a fast shooter.  But, probably the most significant negative is dealing with things when you get into difficulty like you seem to be now.  Because you get so used to being able to just throw a bullet in, close the bolt, take a couple of breaths and fire, the concept of slowing down to check things gets confused.  Slowing down by itself won't help you.  You have to go through the process of finding out what is wrong.  You are probably feeling uncomfortable with your shooting at the moment, and mistake this as being a position problem.  But it is more likely that you are not really pointing at the target properly, which your brain knows and is telling you not to shoot, that is the cause of feeling uncomfortable.

It is easy to fall into this trap, I know I have done it myself.  You think you are doing all of the right checks with natural point of aim, and yet you are shooting crap.  So you start looking for faults in your position, wonder if your eyes are no good anymore, etc.

Anyway my suggestion is to pay an exaggerated amount of attention to the natural point of aim, and relaxing the muscles, particularly the shoulders and arms.

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