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Hello and Welcome to 2013!

Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable Christmas break and are now preparing for 50 metre prone pennant series that is starting this week.  This year should be a great year of Shooting, with Stawell holding their first prize shoot and there is a whisper that a South Gippsland club may bring back a twilight shoot this year or next, fingers crossed!

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Don't Forget...
There is another TRV Coaching weekend held at MISC this weekend (9th & 10th Feb), this coaching camp is open to all TRV members, for more info click here

Upcoming events:

Frankston Peninsula Prize Meeting
Saturday 16th February, 50m Bench
Sunday 17th February, 50m Prone
Air Rifle both days, for more info click here.

TRV State Championships Part1
Sat 2nd March, 50m Prone, 50m Bench and Air Rifle
Sun 3rd March, 3x20, 3x40, Air IPC Prone.
For more info click here.

Stawell Prize Meeting
Saturday 16th March, 50m Prone and Bench
Sunday 17th March, 90m Prone and Bench
Air Rifle both days, for more info click here.

2013 National Championships
Shot in Brisbane from 23rd March till 2nd April,  for more info click here.

5 Minutes With..

Name: "Big Kev" Corneliusen
Club/s you are/have been a member of? 
Albury Smallbore Rifle Club since 1996 and has worked his way up to the dizzy heights of club captain and president of vice, at the executive level.
How did you get started in shooting?
Getting into the sport of rifle shooting for me was probably a little bit different to the norm. There was a young girl, "daughter" at home wearing out a perfectly good lounge and I might say a very bored nearly teenager.
I asked whether she would be interested in rifle shooting, basically to get her out of the house.  She agreed this would be a good thing to do. Rocked up to the club for the first time and thought if she is going to get into this, I'm not going to watch paint dry or grass growing, so now the shooting fraternity in Victoria has to put up with me!

What disciplines do you shoot?
    I have to admit that prone is the position that I like to shoot, 3P is definitely out of the question as there is surgical impasse on my right knee, it is not quite complete any-more. I also have a crack at our benchrest competition for some fun.  Somebody has really turned the heat up in this competition, 600's are the order of the day. I have a go at air rifle about once a year at club level in our knock-out competition.
How often do you shoot? 
I shoot at our club once a week or more, other than that on occasions I travel a bit to prize meetings through out the year.
Greatest achievement?
One achievement that I will remember is standing on the podium in Brisbane winning D grade in the Jim Smith match at our national titles. A winner over the kids who have all gone on with their shooting to the highest level, I'm happy just having a crack.
Most memorable moment?
I guess the most memorable moment in our sport for me was when a Ukraine deaf Olympic shooter and her coach wanted to use our club facilities to train prior to the games being held in Melbourne. It was a fantastic experience to engage with someone from another country doing what we do, the equipment and maintenance of every bit of gear they had was just mind blowing. One of our club members loaned the shooter his shooting boots for the games, as the boots she turned up with to practice air rifle looked like they were used to pick potatoes before she came to Australia. I was so interested in the fact that her gear looked of poor quality, that I made the trip to Melbourne to see her compete and win the gold medal in 3P by a very slender margin. This made her coach very animated and I seemed to be the closest person around and got all the spontaneous hugs. Now that was really memorable.
What is the furthest you have travelled to compete?
I just enjoy the sport of rifle shooting target, or hunting. It is just great to get the cordite up the nostrils and meet a great bunch of people along the way. Brisbane is the furthest I have travelled to compete and I will be heading up there in 2013, and football wouldn't get a look in if there was a prize meeting on somewhere within 4-5 hours of Albury

Portland Training


Trevor Drage held another training camp in Portland at the start of December.  This was another successful weekend of coaching with a good turn out of both bench and prone shooters keen to improve their skills and learn a few new tips.  The weather gave the shooters a chance to practice shooting in the wind and conditions, which is quite helpful during competition.  One young shooter started the weekend shooting prone on a rest, and by the end of the weekend he was shooting prone from the shoulder, a great effort!  Richard Lightfoot had his chronograph there and gave shooters the opportunity to find the actual speeds of different ammunition fired from their rifles.  Along with his chronograph Richard had his 25m air bench rifle, shooters were amazed at the accuracy that the air rifle had over the 25m distance.
Another great effort from Trevor to get these training camps off the ground and shared around so many different parts of the state.  Unfortunately for Trevor he managed to collect a kangaroo in his new car on the trip down to Portland, but I guess it was more unfortunate for the kangaroo....
NASA Award

Kev Corneliusen has made the very first presentation of the new "Novelty Accredited Shooting Award" on the weekend, and the lucky recipient was Craig Cameron from Shepparton. Craig won the award because he shot his entire match on his son's targets after getting the stickers mixed up. Craig will be looking out for someone else to pass the award onto next, so be careful or it could be you!

City of Melbourne Teams

On Sunday the 18th of November 2012 a team from Brunswick SBRC attended the 4th Annual City of Melbourne 50 metre competition at MISC. The competition consisted of both prone and Benchrest with scratch and handicap sections. The Brunswick bench rest team of Colin Harman, Angelo Nitsis and Robert Langford who are new to 50m Benchrest competition experienced a wonderful day of shooting. Not to forget the great BBQ lunch. The team was very impressed with the organisation of the comp and the friendly nature of the MISC organising team and members. The set up at MISC is superb including solid concrete benches. Facilities including parking, canteen and rest facilities are excellent. The guys learnt a lot from those more experienced in the discipline and members from MISC were only too willing to talk about their equipment and shooting techniques. All questions were answered and help offered. Although there was an obvious rivalry between the teams everyone was having fun and enjoying the day. Although not in winning contention I would recommend this day to all interested in Benchrest and we at Brunswick SBRC looks forward to attending next year, hopefully we will better prepared. A big thanks to Reg McCready and his team at MISC. Such days are only successful because of people like Reg and members of MISC who put so much of their own time into promoting the sport that the day was such a success.  See results here
This story is thanks to Angelo Nits

Tasmanian State Championships

Last November a small band of six Victorians decided to head to Tasmania to compete in their State Championships.  These were shot at the Sheffield range located at the edge of the picturesque Devil's Gate Dam.  The program consisted of dual range (20m & 90m)  on Saturday and the main 50m match on Sunday morning.  Tassie turned on a brilliant weekend of weather, with both days in the mid 20's with little wind!  Apparently these were the best conditions they have had for some years, maybe it was our Victorians that brought the good weather with them? 

Our Victorian's did well in the competition with Chris Lott winning the dual range and coming 2nd in the 50metre.  Julie Holcombe had a nice first and last card at 20m, but got caught out on her middle card costing her a few points, but she made up for it at 50metres shooting a solid 580.  Ken had a nice 20m shoot, but copped a windy bay at 90m which proved a bit difficult for him.  Kath Hart and Dennis Peacock generously spent their time helping out marking cards.

A nice dinner was enjoyed by all on the Saturday night, Sue and Chris got to climb Cradle Mountain on the Monday after the shoot, this was a fantastic experience.  Tassie has plenty to see and do, around Sheffield and nearby districts, it is a fantastic weekend away and well worth it if you can make it.

See results here

Target Rifle Geelong Competition

Target Rifle Geelong kicked off the 2013 calendar year's shooting with it's 50m championship on Saturday and 90m shoot on the weekend of the 26th and 27th of January.  There were 32 bench and 26 prone shooters on the Saturday.  Local Geelong lad Scott Kiddle narrowly pipped fellow club member David Comine by 3 centres to win the 50m bench competition with a brilliant score of 599.48.  This is a fantastic effort from Scott who was competing in his first competition. Speaking of first competitions, young Dillon Quattrocchi from Kyabram also shot in his first comp and scored an outstanding 595.36 to win both the Sub Junior and Junior categories. 

In the 50m prone competition Mike Jarrad had a slow start to the year dropping 6 points, 4 points, then 3 points in his first 3 ten shot strings, it seemed he regained his focus and only dropped another 3 points for the last 3 ten shot strings, this gave Chris Lott a window of opportunity to sneak past Mike to win the 50m prone competition.  Of course the fact that Chris shot in the second detail after the wind had dropped off a bit had nothing to do with it, nor the fact it was very windy for the first card of Mikes detail....  There was a bit of a battle in B grade on Saturday with Matt Bailey coming out on top by one point from Craig Rush, who was only 8 centres in front of Ken Hart, nice to see some close scores here!  Chloe Romanoff continued her good shooting to easily take the top Junior award with a very respectable score of 574.23.

On the Sunday the targets were moved back to the distance of 90m, such a long way for a little bullet to travel.  Peter Males proved he could read the wind a lot better than his fellow shooters by coming out in the number 1 position with a brilliant 593 in the bench competition.  Andrew Ball shot very well as well and gained first place in Juniors with a credible 589. 

Mike Jarrad got his even with Chris Lott on Sunday pipping him by one point, although Mike did manage to shoot 11 shots on one target and only 9 on the other, he thinks there is more than one way to get a 100 at 90metres!  James Daly and Dean Romanoff also enjoyed the 90m distance, both scoring 575 to finish in 3rd and 4th positions respectively.

It was yet another great weekend hosted by the Geelong club, with scores published quickly and a fantastic BBQ on the Saturday evening with many people staying back to enjoy a bite to eat and lively chat, or even to check out Vin Anderson's classic dance moves in the car park!

See results here
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