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2016 TRV Air Rifle Pennant
Both of 10m Air Rifle Pennant series have just been completed and the results posted on the TRV Website in the past few days.  Therefore any of the below results are not a confirmed final result but are the interim final results allowing for any protests and/or amendments if required.  

10m Air Rifle Pennant

Three sections, 10 rounds, 13 teams, 61 competitors, 569 individual rounds shot, 17,070 shots fired and 142,990 points scored during this years 10m Air Rifle Pennant (excluding sighters).

Whilst keeping on the numbers, with 1,707 cards shot during the competition the highest round score of 298 was shot just twice and both times by Alex Hoberg from Wingfield in rounds 5 & 9. This year also seen 2 teams from Wingfield (Sth Aust), one from Reynella (Sth Aust) and a team from Teutonia Rifle Club (Vic) competing in the Pennant Series.  Reynella, Teutonia and Albury/Camberwell teams all managed to complete the Pennant without losing a round and subsequently winning each of their respective sections. The results of this years Pennant are as follows:
Section A - Reynella - 40pts
Section B - Teutonia - 40pts
Section C - Albury/Camberwell - 40pts

1st  Tori Rossiter - Reynella - 2,650
2nd  Emma Adams - Reynella - 2,647
3rd  Sue Lott - Shepparton - 2,637
4th  Alex Hoberg - Wingfield - 2,633
5th  Katarina Kowplos - Wingfield - 2,625
6th  Michael Davis - MISC - 2,587
7th  Chris Cogan - Teutonia - 2,583
8th  Tim Braybon - Numurkah - 2,572
9th  Chris Lott - Shepparton - 2,563
10th  Jeremy Miller - Reynella - 2,546

Veteran - Chris Nessnass - Oakleigh - 2,350
Junior - Tori Rossiter - Reynella - 2,650
Sub Junior - Tori Rossiter - Reynella - 2,650

10m Supported Air Pennant

Two sections, 10 rounds, 11 teams, 54 competitors, 486 individual rounds shot, 14,580 shots fired and 129,456 points scored during this years 10m Supported Air Rifle Pennant (excluding sighters).

Again, keeping on the numbers, with 1,458 cards shot during the competition the highest round score of 299 was shot by Paul Turner from Reynella in round 5. This year also seen 3 teams from Reynella (Sth Aust), one from Wingfield (Sth Aust) and a team from Teutonia Rifle Club (Vic) competing in the Pennant Series.  Reynella C team won Section A with 36pts, whilst Frankston won in Section B by winning all of their rounds with 40pts. The results of this years Air Supported Pennant are as follows:
Section A - Reynella C - 36pts
Section B - Frankston - 40pts

1st  Tony Adams - Reynella - 2,651
2nd  Glen Benham - Reynella - 2,647
3rd  Paul Turner - Reynella - 2,645
4th  Rodger Brooks - Lancefield - 2,631
5th  Will Hummell - Teutonia - 2,616
6th  Max Joiner - Lancefield - 2,613
7th  Beth Melton - Frankston - 2,608
8th  Uta Eberhardt - Teutonia - 2,601
9th  Tiana Tomlinson - Wingfield - 2,597
10th  Ian Sutherland - Reynella - 2,596

Veteran - Tony Adams - Reynella - 2,561
Junior - Tiana Tomlinson - Wingfield - 2,597
Sub Junior - Tiana Tomlinson - Wingfield - 2,597

As mentioned earlier these results are just interim at present as due to the amount of  new competitors and those from other clubs appropriate grades have to be applied, hence no results of the Graded categories as yet. Full Interim Results for each of the Pennant Series can be found by clicking on 10m Air Rifle or 10m Supported Air
Range Official Courses
Are you interested in becoming a Range Officer or Scorer?  Or would you like to upgrade your creditionals to the next level?

TRV are currently looking to organise some courses for Range Officers and Scorers to members.  If this is something that you would like to do then it is as simple as contacting Chris Lott via this link.
Upcoming Events
Nov 1 - Jan 15, 2017
North West Victorian Postal
Nov 1 - Feb 6, 2017
Albury Postal
Nov 19-20
TRV Training Camp @ Geelong
Nov 19-20
Tasmanian State Championships @ Sheffield

Nov 24-27
RBA Rimfire and Air Bench Nationals @ MISC
Dec 9-11
Shooting Australia Youth Nationals @ SISC

Jan 9 - Apr 9, 2017
TRV Captains 1500 Benchrest Postal Competition

Jan 28, 2017
Target Rifle Geelong 50m Prize Meeting

Jan 29, 2017
Target Rifle Geelong 90m Prize Meeting

Feb 6, 2017
TRV 50m Prone Pennant commences

Feb 6 - Apr 7, 2017
TRV Presidents 1200 Air Rifle Postal Competition

Feb 6 - Apr 7, 2017
TRV 20m Prone & Benchrest State Postal Competition

Feb 11
Frankston Peninsula Target Rifle Club Benchrest Championship

Feb 12
Frankston Peninsula Target Rifle Club Prone Championship

For full TRV Calendar click here
 Above:  Sometimes it pays to read between the lines.....!
More news........
Quick note from the Editor.....

<<First Name>>, if this is your first newsletter that you are receiving from Target Rifle Victoria, welcome and hope that you find this of some value to you as it is sent out bi-monthly.   

As well as some of the regular features of the newsletter, this edition includes the 2017 ISSF Rule changes that affect rifle shooters and a look at one of TRV's supporters - Ammunition Galore. Recently I bought a book, on the mental toughness part of our sport (Bullseye Mind) and was quite surprised at how easy it was to read and put into perspective for me without getting lost in the science of how our minds actually work.  I was so impressed with the book that I have been in contact with the author Dr. Raymond Prior and included a review of the book below.  It is now available in Australia (thru Ammunition Galore) which will save on international postage costs as it was only available from the USA at the time when I purchased it.

Remember this is YOUR newsletter so if you have anything that you would like to submit to the next newsletter then please do not hesitate to send me some information so that it can be included in the next edition.  We are always looking for articles whether it be about your club (such as Horsham has done), a member that you know or anything else related to the sport that you may think would be of benefit to other members.  Newsletters during the year will be sent out (2nd half of the months) in January, March, May, July, September and November so if you would like to submit something please make sure that I have it by the 10th of those months mentioned for inclusion. Remember if you are having trouble viewing the newsletter from your inbox/email you can also read it via an internet browser which displays all of the photos and formatting.  It is as simple as clicking on the "View this email in your browser" link at the top of this email.

To all those members who are approaching me at various events and commenting on the newsletter, thank you as it is much appreciated.


The Prez sez.....

Hi All,
There has been so much happening since the last newsletter that I am not sure where to begin, so in no order of preference.

TRV as you know have been successful with a number of grants over the last 3 years. Apart from the money for a State Complex, we have also received,
  • 1.    A grant for the purchase of 10 electronic target machines, a trailer to transport them and associated computers and printers, an electronic scoring machine for air rifle. as well as 6 Scatt live fire trainers, This equipment has been delivered, we are in the process of designing a trailer.
  • 2.    A second grant for  another 10 electronic target machines, (which now gives us 20 machines). A second trailer which will also be built as a multipurpose as a come and try portable Air range, associated hardware, and some bench rest tables.
    • The options for the above are -
      • i.    We can set up to 20 machines for 50M or 10M range in Victoria with electronics for training and coaching days/weekends.
      • ii.    We can set up any range in Victoria for a State Championship
      • iii.    We can now comply with the new requirements from Shooting Australia for  new endorsed competitions for athletes chasing a PQS. (Has to be a decimal score, not raw score that you get from paper targets.)
      • iv.    We can loan the equipment to clubs for prize meetings.
      • v.    In 2018 onwards we could set up a range for hosting the Warren Potent and Graeme Lawler state team competitions. (It would appear that from next year these competitions will need to produce decimal scores to comply with new rules)

This idea of obtaining electronic target machines was actually thought of by a past President of TRV, Kelli Hicks, but at the time the cost was too prohibitive, luckily SRV provided grants which has covered 66% of the costs.

The design of the system only requires one data cable between each set of 5 targets to be run from the firing point to the target machines, - so not overly complicated (we hope).  The machines TRV have selected are the Meyton System that uses Infra Red technology  (Referred to as Laser, but is actually Infra Red) the same as what is in place in the State Range in South Australia. These are quite robust and have the facility to allow us to program in targets that are non ISSF. (e.g. Benchrest/ 20Metre etc). It includes a diagnostic link via the internet for remote trouble shooting by Meyton should we ever need it. As well as providing updates to remain compliant with current ISSF rules.
  • 3.    TRV picked up a State Based Organisation grant which runs for 3.5 years which provides us with an income of $10,000.00 every 6 months. This grant is for the promotion of -
    • Ladies and Families into our sport,
    • Junior development
    • Membership drives
    • Officials and coaching staff improvement
If any member is looking to update or actually wants to do a Coaching or officials course, e.g. RO or Technical then please let our Secretary know.  We intend using some of the resources from the first 2 grants to support the initiates in this grant.

2017 and beyond
As most of you are aware TRV have a policy of limiting the term in office that can be held on Council. My term in office as well as the Secretary's position must be vacated this coming Congress. Please think and talk within your club and friends on who you want to fill these two positions.
With regard to the position of President, It does now require interface with government state bodies for things such as Governance, Women in Sport, Grant applications and ongoing supporting documentation, working with children, Infrastructure meetings,etc etc. So it would best suit someone who has some spare time and can make meetings in the City when required.

This is quite important, so please do not leave it to Congress and be in a position where we have to call for nominations from the floor.

New Working with Children Policy
The State Government has released a new WWC, This policy supersedes the existing policy, so what TRV and our clubs currently have in place will not be legal after 1/1/2017.  So - The system that we and you have in place will all need to be changed!  TRV will be attending the workshops as they come to hand and will provide documentation for clubs to adopt, however if you come across any workshop on the subject in your area, we suggest that you send one or two of you committee along to get first hand information.

Commonwealth Ladies Pennant Competition
From the feedback that I have received, the clubs and Ladies that entered have all enjoyed themselves, For a first time postal competition the response was quite reasonable. I understand that one club has benefited by 4 new members as a result. At the conclusion of the competition we will do a review and determine if the plan was a success and if we should hold it as a regular annual event. For those ladies that competed we would like to put on a BBQ lunch at the Geelong range as a meet and greet, with a small shoot, maybe at 50metres on the bench.
If you have not advised Julie Holcombe yet of your intention to go, can you please do so ASAP,

Grants currently in the system (But not advised of outcome)
TRV have applied for an Infrastructure review grant, If we are successful with the application it will provide us with resources to do an Infrastructure review of our member clubs, e.g. what disciplines they do, condition of the complex, Clubroom, Toilets, car parking etc etc. From advise from SRV this information will then be available to local councils to assist them in decision making for future local grants for our clubs. So quite important. We will find out how we fared later in the year.

TRV Complex
We have had a number of meetings with various State bodies with some positive results, There is one location in particular that is starting to show a small glimmer of a possibility, We will know more on this closer to Christmas.

Shooting Australia - Governance Review
Shooting Australia (SA) held a governance review over the weekend just gone in Brisbane, All the national bodies as well as the associated state bodies attended the workshop. SA commissioned a consultant to do a review of how the ISSF shooting sports operate, interact and are run ,etc,, and how the current system could be improved.

The report that Suiko (consultant engage by SA) produced was in our opinion quite extreme, as it turned out all the other member bodies held the same view.  It was so extreme that a number of member bodies stated they would walk away from being affiliated with SA if it was to go ahead.

The Australian Sports commission had a person in attendance who gave a presentation on Sunday and suggested that a better option than adopting the Sukio recommendation would be to ignore it and concentrate on what could be done as a group to achieve better outcomes for everyone. An example of this is insurance, One of the States that looked after clay target sports mentioned they had done a deal for public liability, professional indemnity as well as equipment insurance. The equipment insurance component only added $3.00 to their membership and provided up to $12,000.00 equipment cover. The National bodies are now in the process of discussing this to see if a deal of some sort can be done next year which could be extended to all the sports.

So what started out as being totally unworkable ended up with some positive ideas for future co-operation and interaction between the shooting sports.

Junior Squad to Sydney
TRV are again supporting our team and sending a bus load up to Sydney for the Junior National Championships. Good Luck to the team, and a big thanks to Dean and Julie Romanoff and James Daly  for going along to help out. 


An Apology and Media Watch!!

Firstly, an apology from the last edition to Eddie Nagorcka from Horsham Small Bore Rifle Club as I somehow missed his great achievement of shooting 100.010 in the very last round of this years 20m Prone Pennant series in the 'wrap-up'.  So there was infact just two members that shot the elusive 100.010 from more than 3,100 cards submitted and Eddie's was one of them.  About 25 years ago at a meeting at Horsham, there was a motion passed that if any shooter shot a 100.010 the card would be framed and given pride of place in the clubrooms.  Congratulations Eddie as you are the first Horsham member to achieve this in over 40 years of others trying with this target and you have also created a little bit of club history along the way!  Even the local paper picked up on this feat and the following is an article from The Wimmera Mail-Times on 9th August, 2016.

Horsham shooter Eddy Nagorcka shoots perfect 110
by Rochelle Brown

HORSHAM man Eddy Nagorcka has made history as he became the first Horsham Smallbore Rifle Club member to shoot a perfect 110 on Sunday. 

Smallbore shooting is a rifle discipline where small calibre .22 rifles are used to shoot paper targets over a distance of 20 or 50 metres. 

To shoot a perfect 110, Nagorcka had to fire 10 shots, with each shot worth 10 points, clipping or obliterating the pin head in the centre of the target.

Nagorcka defied the odds and scored 10 bullseyes, obliterating each pin head from a 20-metre distance. 

He achieved the feat in the final round of the 14-round pennant series.

Horsham is currently in the lead against teams from across country Victoria and South Australia. 

Club captain Paul Rudolph said the perfect score was exciting. 

“You might see one perfect score in Victoria every couple of years but most of us would never shoot one in our lifetime,” he said. 

“About five of us endeavour to shoot it, so to have Eddy do it is exciting.” 

Nagorcka started shooting when he was 12, won the Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly award in 2007 and competed at the world championships in 2006.  

“He is a determined person who has pretty high expectations of himself,” Rudolph said. 

“He has always endeavoured to try and reach those high level goals.” 

Nagorcka said he was stoked to have shot the perfect score. 

“It’s always something I wanted to do as a personal achievement but I didn’t realise it was a club achievement as well,” he said. 

“Dad took me out to shoot one night and I loved it and just kept going back each week.” 

Nagorcka said he took a break for a number of years after he failed to make the Olympics. 

“I started shooting again last year at the club level. Mum is pretty keen for me to shoot nationally and internationally again. It’s a bit hard with time and money and having a family but I wouldn’t rule it out,” he said.

Rudolph said luck played a role in his perfect score.

“If you are training a lot it probably would come easier but Eddy hasn’t been training much at all,” he said. 

It's great to see our sport getting positive coverage in local community media outlets such as this one.  Don't forget to click on above photo to check out the video that The Wimmera Mail-Times did as well.  Has your club or a member been part of a news article?  If so, we would like to know about it as well so that it can be shared amongst other TRV members - be sure to email

Are you upgrading, downsizing or wanting to start to build up your range/kit bag?  One of the hardest things about our sport is the availability of getting equipment for your kit bag especially if you are new to the sport.  It is not as easy as going to your local gun shop or sports store to get what you want as most of the equipment is specialised to a certain extent.  Yes, you can click on the links at the bottom of this newsletter for some of our recognised suppliers but sometimes other TRV members may have what you require!  

 FOR SALE - TRV Hoodies
There is nothing worse than getting a chill in your lower back whilst shooting benchrest or in between details when you haven't got your shooting jacket on.  Not only will you look good at the range you will also be supporting the juniors of TRV.

    $35 each      To buy one click here to contact Mike Jarrad

WANTED - Old Target Rifle Victoria Memorabilia
Do  you have or know of any old VSBRCU, VSBRA, VSBARA, TRV (Or other associated body) Memorabilia, please consider returning or donating it back to TRV for safe keeping with the view of having it on display in the future.

Please email Mike Jarrad by clicking here for further information

WANTED - Benchrest Equipment
Shirley Smith from Shepparton SBRC is looking to buy a Caldwell front and rear rest for Benchrest.

Please email Shirley by clicking on this link if you are able to help

WANTED - Air Rifle and equipment
Cain East from Shepparton SBRC is looking to buy a 2nd hand Air Rifle and preferably is looking for a FWB but is open to anything that may be available.  He is also on the lookout for Size 11 boots and pants in size 36 waist. 

If you think you can help Cain please click on this link

WANTED - TRV Indoor Convenor
We are currently looking for a new Indoor Convenor. Julie Holcombe has held this position for many years and has done a fantastic job but she is now taking on some new opportunities and unfortunately doesn't have the time to fulfil this position.  Essentially you would be looking after the TRV events that are held annually such as 10m Air & 20m Pennants and TRV 20m postals.  If we fail to get someone to volunteer the position, there is a chance that there may be no 10m or 20m Pennants for 2017.

If you think that you may be able to volunteer for this position or would like some further information please do not hesitate to contact TRV Secretary, Chris Lott by clicking here

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  • All ads must be sent via email to Newsletter Editor by clicking this link
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The Commonwealth Ladies Pennant

There has been a fairly good response to this competition and although there are no results available at present we hope to have them in the January edition and that this Pennant continues for years to come.  We hope to see most of the compeititors who entered the competition in a couple of weeks time in Geelong.

Thanks to everyone who emails or makes makes mention about the Newsletter when they see me.  I am very humbled by this as it is something that I like to do as well as giving a bit back to the sport that I love.  These above comments are not just for me but everyone that has contributed to the eNews this year as well as the previous years since the newsletters have been coming out!!  

TRV 2016 50m Benchrest Pennant

The 50m Benchrest is now complete.  We are still waiting on the last round of results to be published so hopefully we should have a full report in the next newsletter.  If you can not wait until then you can always check out the interim results by clicking here .

What about some 'Lever' actioned Target Rifles.  Check out some of them sights!

Approved changes in 2017-2020 ISSF Rules
Please note that the below changes identified are relevant to ISSF Rifle competitors.

The ISSF Official Statutes, Rules and Regulations are revised every four years.  The ISSF Administrative Council has now approved the 2017-2020 ISSF Rules that will be effective from 1 January 2017.  Final preparations are being made to post and publish the entire rulebook, but until that is possible, the ISSF would like to provide this summary of approved 2017 ISSF Rules changes to inform member federations, athletes and coaches.

The process of reviewing, modifying and approving the new rules began in November 2015 when the ISSF Section Committees, Athletes Committee and Coaches Advisory Committee met to recommend rule changes.  The ISSF Technical Committee then reviewed and coordinated their proposals.  An Ad Hoc Rules Committee subsequently carried out the complex task of incorporating all of these proposals into rules drafts.  A summary of rules changes was sent to the arms industry and the complete rules drafts were sent to all Executive Committee, Council and Committee members.  Many comments were received that could be included in updated drafts.  The Administrative Council approved the final drafts of the 2017 Rules when it met in Moscow on 30 June 2016.

When the Council approved the 2017 Rules, there were a few remaining rules issues to be worked out.  Now that the 2016 Olympic Games are over, that process has continued and completely revised indexes are being prepared so that a final edition of the new rules can be released in December.  Here is a summary regarding the approved rule changes for the next four-year Olympic cycle.  Full details will be available when the complete rulebook is released.

  • 10m and 50m Single Position Events.  The two 3-shot series at the beginning of each Final were increased to 5-shot series to be fired in 250 seconds (150 seconds for 50m Rifle Prone).  These Finals will now consist of 24 shots.
  • Results, Timing and Scoring (RTS).  The term “classification” has been changed to “results, timing and scoring” to bring Shooting terminology in line with terms used to describe these procedures in other Olympic sports.
  • World Records/Qualification Records.  “World Records” in events with Finals will now be recognized for scores in Finals.  Records for scores fired in Olympic event Qualification competitions will now be recognized as “Qualification Records.”
  • Paper Target Rules.  All rules pertaining specifically to paper targets were removed from the main body of the General Technical Rules and were compiled into a separate annex titled “Rules for Paper Target Scoring.”  This will eliminate some of the confusion caused when judges tried to apply the wrong scoring rules.
  • Paperless (Sustainable) Competitions.  Organizing Committees will have the option of using paperless, electronic systems to distribute start lists, results lists and information bulletins if wireless Internet connections are generally available on the shooting venue so that officials, coaches and athletes can view these documents on their handheld communication devices.
  • Disqualification.  If an athlete is disqualified during any phase of an event (Qualification or Final), the athlete’s scores for all phases of the event must be deleted.
  • Definition of Loading.  The new rules clarify that “a gun is considered loaded when a cartridge or pellet or a magazine with cartridges contacts a gun.”  Loading may only be done after the command “LOAD.” 
  • Finals Production and Music.  The use of music and commentary in Finals is now required.  Music should also be used during Elimination and Qualification competitions if possible.
  • Sound-Enhancing Hearing Protection.  Athletes may, of course, wear sound reducing hearing protection, but they may not wear sound-enhancing hearing protection on the firing line or shooting stations.  Competition officials are allowed to wear sound-enhancing hearing protection.
  • Mobile Phones.  Athletes may not use mobile phones or hand-held or wrist-worn communication devices on their firing points or shooting stations.
  • Coaching.  The 2013 Rules permitted non-verbal coaching in Shotgun.  The new Rules permit non-verbal coaching in all events.
  • Blinders.  Rifle, pistol and shotgun athletes can use one front blinder (30 mm maximum width).  Only shotgun athletes will be permitted to wear side blinders (60 mm maximum depth).  Rifle and Pistol athletes may no longer wear side blinders. 
  • Corrective Lenses in Rifle Sights.  Rifle athletes will be allowed to place a single corrective lens in or on their rear sights.
  • Air Rifle Specifications.  The current limitation on how low the butt-plate may be extended was eliminated (was 220 mm below the centerline of the bore).  No part of the butt stock between the butt plate and pistol grip may be more than 140 mm below the centerline of the bore.  The maximum fore-end depth was increased from 90 mm to 120 mm.
  • Air Rifle Butt Plates.  With the advent of multi-part butt-plates, the method of measuring butt-plate offsets had to be changed.  Measurements will now be made from the outside edge of any part of the butt-plate.  No part of the butt-plate may be more than 30 mm from the butt stock center.
  • 50m Rifle Specifications.  No part of the butt-stock between the butt plate and pistol grip may be more than 140 mm below the centerline of the bore.  Any devices projecting downward or outward from the butt-stock are prohibited.
  • Rifle Weights.  Weights attached to any part of the rifle except the barrel “must be within the fundamental shape of the stock” (weights cannot protrude out from the stock). Tape cannot be used to attach weights.
  • Rifle Clothing Rules.  Rifle clothing rules remain unchanged, but strict no-tolerance post-competition testing for stiffness and thickness will continue.
  • Rifle Bipods.  Rifle bipods may not remain on rifles during firing times.

Please note that these changes will take effect from 1st January 2017 for all TRV/TRA competitions entered.


2016 TRV Endurance Match - Report

This match was conducted on the Stawell Rifle Club range on October 22nd and 23rd.  For the benefit of the newer members this match consists of shooting four 60 shot matches over two days for prone shooters and the same course for  benchrest shooters but their matches consist of 75 shots. 

Weather was windy which tested competitors ability to read wind and was quite cold. Everybody appreciated the large woodfired heater in the club between shoots.  There were only ten prone and nine benchrest shooters who turned up to contest the event. As there were so few shooters squad times were advanced and all shooting was completed before 3pm and presentations were completed by 4pm.  This allowed those with long distances to travel to get away much earlier than anticipated.  Due to lack of numbers the Council is looking to revamp this event with the goal of attracting more competitors.

In the prone competition James Daly continued on his current winning way by top scoring in all four matches to run out an easy winner by 36 points. Annette Rowe almost achieved the same result by top scoring in three of the four matches and had a 34 point margin at the end of the competition.  Highlight was 12 year old Courtney Karamoshos top scoring in the first benchrest match beating Annette and father Chris by 2 points. 

Thanks to Reg McCready for providing this report on the Endurance Match.  Full Results can be found by clicking here.

From across the Secretaries Desk

Just a few highlighted notes from the last TRV Council Meeting held a couple of weeks ago at Wangaratta.
  • A new sub-committee will be formed to cover the new standards/guidelines being introduced by the Vic Government in regards to Working With Children Check (WWC) that come into effect on 1st January.  The new legislation means that all TRV affiliated club committee members and officials must have a current valid WWC card.
  • At any approved MM, BM or State Championship match, a Sub-Junior competitor is able eligible to claim the Sub-Junior, Junior and Open TRV State Records should their score be high enough.  A Junior competitor is able eligible to claim the Junior and Open TRV State Records should their score be high enough.  A Veteran competitor is able eligible to claim the Veteran and Open TRV Records should their score be high enough.  Effective from 1st January 2017
  • TRV have 6 Juniors attending the Shooting Australia Junior Nationals next month.
  • Due to a response from last newsletter we are looking at two dates to conduct Range Official and Scorers courses
  • A new 20m Bench Target has been approve for print and made to the new TRA specifications.
For any further information please contact your club Secretary first or refer to the October Council Minutes on the TRV Website.



Book Review:  BULLSEYE MIND by Raymond Prior, PhD
Reviewed by Sean Finn

Whilst looking for information for the Newsletter I came across an article and review of "Bullseye Mind" on Shooting Sports USA website.  Although not being an avid reader, I have a couple of books for Shooting Training which include one or two on the Mental side of things.  For some reason whilst reading the review I was captivated by it and was left wanting to know more, so I followed the links to where I purchased the book directly from the author's website.  

Eagerly awaiting its arrival, the book turned up in the mailbox 8 days later (not too bad considering it came from America) and without delay I opened the package and thought I would just have a quick scan over the content and leave it for later.  As I mentioned earlier not being a big reader, I was again captivated by reading the first few pages and 3 hours later I had got just over halfway through the book.  Needless to say that the following day the book was complete and I had selected two chapters to focus on and implement into my shooting routine.

Bullseye Mind is just over 120 pages with 17 individual chapters on different aspects of mental aspects that can run through your mind before and after the shooting process but explains them in a simple matter and often using some of Raymond's previous and current clients substituting names to protect client anonymity.  The book does not reference shooting positions or techniques as that is something that you should already know or be doing but it is more focused on simply presenting information about how the mind works in relation to performance.  This is an excerpt from one of the chapters.....

 ... The inconsistency Caroline was experiencing was not in her positions. Quite simply, her thinking depended on how her match started. When she shot 10s on her first few shots, Caroline would relax into a trusting mindset and shoot a controlled match. As a result of her mindset, she would shoot a great score and have a chance to win. But when Caroline shot poorly on her first few shots, she would get tense, lose trust in her technique, and her mind would be filled with worry… Caroline was letting the start of her match control her thinking. “What would happen if you shot each shot from a different shooting position?” asked Prior. “That would be awful. I would never know where my shots were going.” Caroline replied. “Exactly,” said Prior. “Your mind works the same way. If you want to shoot consistently, you have to think consistently.”

Each chapter concludes with short contributions from some the world’s best shooters and coaches which include contributions from Nicco Campriani, Matt Emmons, Petra Zublasing and Jon Hammond to name a few.

As our sport is often documented and referenced to as having 80-90% of the shooting technique attributed to mental applications and thought processes, a question to ask yourself is how much time do you dedicate to these aspects when training, if at all?  Bullseye Mind would be a great addition to have in your kit bag or training material for shooting whether you are a beginner or experienced, young or old shooter who would like to improve your skill set to achieve better and more consistent results.

About Raymond Prior, PhD
As one of the country’s top peak performance professionals, Dr. Raymond Prior educates athletes and coaches about building mental toughness. With his unique experiences, education, and passion for helping others pursue greatness, Raymond takes a refreshing approach to mental training making it easy to understand and apply for individuals and teams. 

Dr. Prior’s clients include athletes, teams, and coaches at the professional, Olympic, NCAA, amateur, and youth sport levels. He works with professional athletes, Olympic Gold Medallists, individual and team National Champions, National Coach of the Year Award winners, individual and team Conference Champions, and countless NCAA All-Americans from a Variety of sports. With a firm commitment to growing sport shooting in its many forms and Raymond continues to provide peak performance training to many college shooters and teams including the 18-time National Champion West Virginia University Rifle team, Olympic-level sport shooters domestically and internationally, and shooters of all levels who want to enjoy shooting more and perform at their best.

Some questions for Raymond Prior, PhD
  • How did you come up with the title? 
    • Naming the book took some time. I considered several titles but felt that Bullseye Mind would hopefully resonate with sport shooters encompass the mindset required to perform consistently, confidently, and under pressure. Having a Bullseye Mind is what every sport shooter can develop with the right information and personal commitment. So what better to title the book that provides the information and direction to do just that?
  • What inspired you to write Bullseye Mind?
    • About two years ago I spent a week working with a variety of sport shooters from all over the globe. Early in the week I was in Europe working with some pistol shooters, later in the week I was in the United States working with trap shooters, and I finished the week working with a college rifle team. In each location and sport shooting discipline it was readily apparent that the vast majority of sport shooters really lacked an understanding of what real mental toughness is. One of the best qualities of sport shooting is that it is incredibly mentally demanding, yet few sport shooters are developing a mindset to meet those mental demands. After that week, I spent the next two months writing Bullseye Mind in hopes that it would be a resource for sport shooters who want to perform more consistently and enjoy their sport more. 
  • Sports Psychology can be attributed to many sports around the world so what lead you to writing specifically about sport shooting?
    • Sport shooting in any of its disciplines is a demanding sport mentally, and I really enjoy that. I have a deep appreciation for the sport and felt that sport shooters deserved something written specifically for them that provides accurate information on the challenges shooters face and effective application of mental concepts and skills. In short, sport shooting is a unique sport and requires an individualized mental training resource. I chose to write Bullseye Mind for sport shooters because I want more sport shooters to have to right information to build a strong mindset if they choose to do so. 
  • There are quite a few other books on this subject, is there something that makes your book different from others?
    • There are plenty of mental training books and many of them are good. What makes Bullseye Mind different is that it is written specifically for sport shooters while also containing contributions from some of the world’s best sport shooters to highlight the information in the book and show how it’s being applied at the highest levels. In terms of mental training for sport shooting there are a few other books out there and each of them has some good information in them. What makes Bullseye Mind different is because it truly addresses the causes of inconsistency, fear of failure, and anxiety and not just the symptoms. For example, you can complete in pressure drills in training to practice shooting under pressure, but if you haven’t addressed the cause of why you’re feeling pressure, then you’re not using that training in an effective way. Bullseye Mind introduces and discusses why we feel pressure, fear of failure, or anxiety. My hope is that anyone who reads Bullseye Mind can use it to really get to the heart of what may be causing them to get in their own way and help them to utilize their strengths more effectively. 
  • You have worked with some great shooting athletes along the way, do you have a Sports Idol (not necessarily shooting related)?
    • I wouldn’t say that I idolize anyone. That’s a dangerous habit in my profession. Worshipping people for their accomplishments is dangerous for anyone because it contributes to the idea that some people are more valuable because of their accomplishments. One of the most important things to understand in order to pursue the best version of yourself is that your personal value does not come from wins, money, popularity, your potential, outcomes in general, or even sport because it is only one part of our lives. That people that I admire are those committed to mastering their craft and pursuing their dreams despite so many challenges they face each day. I certainly don’t idolize anyone, but one of the things I love about my work is having a firsthand view of the power of the human mind and human spirit in other people each day. 
  • Have you thought about writing another book? 
    • Bullseye Mind is my first book but it won’t be my last. I finished a mental training workbook for volleyball players last year. Currently I am working on a mental toughness book series with a colleague of mine that will be available in the next year or so. In that series of books there will be a book for coaches, one for athletes, one for teams, and one for parents. In the last few weeks I have also begun writing a mental toughness book for everyone in any walk of life that details what true mental toughness is and how to build it regardless of who you are and where you come from. 
  • What is the main thing you want readers to take away from your book?
    • Without a doubt the most important thing that I want readers to take away from Bullseye Mind is that any sport shooter can build a mindset that allows them to explore the limits of their potential with the right information and a real commitment. Mental toughness is not something anyone is simply born with or without. A confident and consistent mindset can be developed with the right information and effort over time by anyone.
I would like to express my gratitude to Raymond for taking some time out to answer a few questions so that I could add them to my review of Bullseye Mind.  Hopefully by reading this review, you are as intrigued as I was a couple of months ago and have been left wanting to read more.  In the words of Molly Meldrum, "Do yourself a favour and go out and buy it"  as I am sure that you will be able to apply some of this great information to your routine.
"Any Shooter looking to improve and get an edge on their competition should read this book.  What you'll soon realize is that what separates the good from the great, those that have a chance to win and those that do not, is not simply a stable position and triggering, In fact, what separates shooters has less to do with sheer shooting skill, and more to do with shooters' ability to control their minds" Jon Hammond - Head Coach, West Virginia University Rifle Team

If you would like to purchase a copy of Bullseye Mind it is now available in Australia for $29.95 via Ammunition Galore by clicking here.


TRV Training Camp - 19 & 20 November

Target Rifle Geelong will be hosting the 3rd TRV Training Camp of the year over this upcoming weekend of 19th & 20th November.  It is an open invitation to all TRV members should you wish to attend both or either days as they will start at 9am.

Where: Target Rifle Geelong
             64-74 Gundog Lane, Belmont

When: 19 & 20 November 2016
             From 9am each day

Click here for Flyer of Event
If you would like to attend or want some more information the please let Trevor Drage know (so that catering can be organised) by contacting him via email here or 0417 081 291.


TRV Sponsorship Opportunity

Invitations are open to anyone that may be interested in advertising your business on the 2017 TRV Calendar, as well as the TRV website? The calendar will be sent out to each of our >700 members, and our website is always updated and has lots of new features as well as being compatible with PC's, tablets and mobile devices.

We are proposing a tiered sponsorship selection, below is an outline of what we are proposing;
  • Option 1.  $125
    • TRV Calendar Only, this will give your business a 95mm Wide x 65mm High advert on the backside of the calendar, this will be printed in black and white only.
  • Option 2. $175
    • TRV Calendar and TRV Website. This will give you option 1 as well as a small advert on either our home page or our results page. This advert would have your company for 1 month then rotate to another business for a month and back to yours on the third month. We will also give your business a large advert at the top of our links page, this will stay there for the entire year.
  • Option 3. $200
    • TRV Calendar, Website and Newsletter. This will give you options 1&2 as well as a small advert in the TRV emailed newsletter. This letter gets emailed out to over 600 people at present and this list continues to grow.

If you decide to accept any of the above options can you please contact Chris Lott by clicking here as soon as possible. All sponsorship must be finalised before December 22nd 2016 for printing. Upon acceptance an invoice will be forwarded to you for payment.


Postal Competitions....... 

Just as the weather is starting to warm up, so are the postal competitions.

Lancefield Postal results have now been posted, thank you to those who entered and congratulations to the following outright winners:
  • 10m Air Rifle - Sean Finn (FPTRC) - 546
  • 10m Supported Air - Rodger Brooks (Lancefield SBRC) - 592
  • 20m Benchrest - Ron Hamilton (Camberwell SBRC) - 591.028
  • 20m Prone - James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) - 600.039
  • 50m Benchrest - Darren Morgan (FPTRC) - 748.050
  • 50m Prone - Xavier McLaurin (MCC SBRC) - 587.027
Full results for Lancefield Postal can be found by clicking here.

There are a few postal shoots that have just started
  • North West Victorian Postal from 1st November to 15th January 2015
  • Albury Postal from 1 November to 6 February 2017 
Check out the TRV calendar on website for details of above competitions as it still may not be too late to enter the North West or Albury Postals.
Club competitions from around the state....

Throughout the year there are quite a few competitions hosted by our member clubs at various locations around the state, offering prizes, trophies or medallions for various grades as well as the top 10 (generally). If you have never been to another clubs prize meeting it is a great opportunity to compete with/against your fellow TRV members and is also a great way to meet other members and get some different ideas and tips.  All clubs/organisers of events are encouraged to submit a wrap up of their events for inclusion to the newsletter and can be done by sending an email to Sean by clicking here.

Kyabram - 41st Long Range & 13th Bench Rest Championships

On Saturday 8th October Kyabram Smallbore Club held the 41st Long Range Championship in conjunction with a 50 metre benchrest match.  On Sunday 9th October, the 13th benchrest championship was held as well as a 50 metre prone match.
The lead up to the shoot was very wet, as everywhere else, but the members had the range and surrounds looking first class. The club has been very fortunate in recent years to receive substantial grants.  Numerous items purchased have included ground maintenance equipment and a data projector, screen and laptop which is used to display scores with live updates as scoring proceeds throughout both days.  As a bonus shooters are also able to watch Bathurst racing.

The Spring weather turned on some difficult conditions and different squads had very different conditions to contend with. Expecting that it could rain, we had a supply of clothes pegs to put on the screws to hold targets on the boards but on Sunday in one squad a target was completely blown off and into the yonder.   Subsequently, the pegs were used to secure the targets.  Fortunately this happened early in the match so the competitor started again with extra time allowed if needed. It wasn’t windy all weekend but mirage and bright conditions at other times presented other challenges.

Chloe Romanoff was top shot prone on Saturday with 589.032 and James Daly in pretty windy conditions managed 595.042 on Sunday.
Rebecca Dickson’s trip up from Melbourne was worthwhile winning benchrest on Saturday with 597.044 and Richard Lightfoot won Sunday shooting 731.029. Our thanks go to all shooters who made the trip to Kyabram for the weekend, or day, especially considering some travelled considerable distances.

Thanks go to all people who assisted on the day and the non-shooting ladies in the kitchen who kept everyone well fed. 
In all, the weekend was successful in many ways. The weather was OK (at least not raining), our entries were quite good, the weekend ran smoothly and dinner on Saturday night at the Kyabram Club gave people a chance to socialise, exchange ideas, and renew friendships and acquaintances.  

Thanks to Ian Puckey and Bernie Noonan of Kyabram SBRC for providing the report and photos, please click here for full results of the Kyabram 41st Long Range & 13th Bench Rest Championships.

Wangaratta - North East Championships and Jim Brock Memorial

Unfortunately we were still waiting on the report as this newsletter was being sent but hope to have it in the next edition, for full results from the Wangaratta weekend please click here.

City of Melbourne 50m Teams Championships

For results of this event please click here.

Don't forget to check out the calendar above or on the TRV website for upcoming events as the next one is at MISC from 24th November for the running of the RBA Rimfire and Air Bench Nationals and then the Shooting Australia Youth Nationals which will round out 2016 at Sydney International Shooting Centre on 9th to 11th of December.


Ammunition GaloreTRV Supporters in Focus

Ammunition Galore has been supplying Ammunition and Accessories to sporting shooters for over 10 years.  Ammunition Galore evolved due to a lack of variety of quality target ammunition available and have now extended their range into target rifle equipment and the VFG cleaning system. 

Business owner Dean Romanoff has been involved in shooting for over 45 years in both hunting and target shooting (shotgun and rifle).  This is a business that is run by an enthusiast for enthusiasts as Dean is a member of a few TRV clubs, being Club Captain at Frankston, State Team Vice Captain as well as taking a bus load of TRV Juniors up to Sydney for the Shooting Australia Youth Nationals in a couple of weeks and just been appointed Technical Delegate for next year's TRA Nationals in Adelaide.  It doesn't stop there as his whole family are involved with the sport as well and his daughters are regularly seen competing at most TRV events.

Products are not just limited to ammunition but also include scopes, gun/ammo cases, target rifle equipment which includes gloves, slings, clothing, front & rear sights and other target rifle accessories.  They also stock a comprehensive range of the VFG cleaning system, not just for .22, but also other calibres. It is so important to maintain your firearms to achieve optimal performance, we offer a cleaning and repair service as part of our business.

Dean mentioned an interesting story that happened a couple of years ago “One time I had a customer who ran out of rear eye sight adjustment on the up movement. I asked them when they last cleaned their rifle, and the reply was ‘never’, looking down the bore I could see that the rifling was so gummed up with lead, that you could barely see the rifling. It took a couple days of cleaning to remove the lead build up, I also ultrasonically cleaned the trigger and bolt mechanism. When I tested the rifle at the range, the first shots were appearing at the top of the 50m Target in the 1 ring, and I had to wind the sights back down to the centre line of the adjustment, some 25 clicks, needless to say, that shooters scores improved significantly”

Ammunition Galore stocks 7 different brands of competition ammunition for your .22 as well as Air Rifle pellets and centerfire ammo.  Dean is also happy to provide a service of batch testing ammunition to your rifle at 50m using a jig system with electronic targets so that you can find the optimum match for your rifle before purchasing a large amount of ammo.  Most products can be sent out to customers via Australia Post including Air Rifle pellets (however you must hold a current Firearms licence to receive Air Rifle Pellets). Live Ammunition with a 1.4s (UN0012) rating must be transported via a Dangerous goods courier.

An alternative way of getting ammunition and accessories to our customers is by prior arrangement at any of the TRV Clubs prize meet, to which Dean and his family often attend. Simply click here to email Dean or use the following email address  with a list of goods you wish to purchase, and he can bring them along to the next prize meet for purchase.

With Xmas just around the corner Ammunition Galore would like to suggest some products as stocking stuffers or ideas to give to your family as listed below which include the "Bullseye Mind" book reviewed earlier in the newsletter.

Be sure to check out the Ammunition Galore website by clicking here to see the range of products offered for sale which include brands such as Eley, SK, Lapua, RWS, Anschutz, Gehmann, Kurt Thune, Weaver and Leopold to name a few. 

TSBARA State Titles


2016 Shooting Australia Junior Championships

Still not too late to enter this years event will be held between 9th & 11th December 2016 at Sydney International Shooting Centre. 



Letter of Invitation

Dear Competitor,

Target Rifle Australia Limited and the Nationals Organising Committee, invite you to attend the:

Target Rifle Australia Limited National Championships
to be held at Target Rifle South Australia Inc.,
132-134 Wingfield Road, Wingfield. SA. 5013
from 12th to 17th April, 2017.

A requirement is that you must be a financial member of your relevant national shooting federation and hold all relevant licences to enable you to compete.

Please be aware that Licensing Laws vary between the states of Australia and may affect a competitors’ eligibility to enter this competition. This is particularly relevant regarding junior competitors.

International visitors will be required to arrange import permits and other required paperwork from the relevant Australian Authority.

Entry Forms and online entry are available via the Nationals Portal on the TRA website:

We look forward to your participation in our competition.

Chairman, Organising Committee
Target Rifle Australia Ltd
National Championships - 2017


Editor: The flyer for next years event is able to be viewed by clicking this link

Useful Links.......


We hope that you have enjoyed reading the TRV eNews this year and the next edition will be out in mid-January, just in time to remind you of events coming up for 2017!!  Have you got any information or websites that may be of benefit to your fellow Target Rifle Victoria members?  If so and you would like to share it, then please let us know.

<<First Name>>, almost at the close of another year and on behalf of Target Rifle Victoria, we wish you and your family a warm and happy holiday season and look forward to seeing you next year.

TRV Committee 
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