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November 2013 Edition

How fast is this year going, only a few more weeks of spring and summer will be upon us, and only a few more weeks after that and the big guy in red will be dropping in to pay you a visit, assuming you have been good of course!

We have just completed our busiest section of the competition year, with 10 events in the past 11 weeks, taking us to Shepparton, MISC, Geelong, Hamilton and Portland. Now all the hard yards are done it is time to relax and enjoy some down time before the season starts up again in Geelong next January.

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Funding Opportunity....

Has you club considered applying for the Active Club grants? Funding for sports injury prevention and management equipment; and essential sporting equipment/items. Grants of up to $3000 are available, for details click here.

If you or anyone else in you club knows of any available grants please email them to and I will add them to the next newsletter.

New TRV Website!

Neil Davis and James Daly have been working hard over the last few months to revamp the TRV website and the results database. The new design has been tailored to work with the majority of devices and web browsers to allow more people to be able to access TRV from more locations.
Please take the time to check out the new site and offer any feedback you may have for us, let's all work together to make this site user friendly and something the other states will be envious of!

2014 Nationals

Entries are now open for the 2014 National Championships, shot in Adelaide. Please check out the South Australian website for entry form and details. A number of Victorians have already booked at the Highway One Caravan Park, so this is where the Victorian Dinner may be. Check out the two links below;

Something Interesting...
A special thanks to Sam Foster for sharing the below link, it has some interesting positional photos of some of the pro's in our sport.

A special thanks to Mike Chmiel for the below link, it is a very useful newsletter for coaches and junior shooters.

Have you seen the new ISSF iPad Magazine?  Please take the time to check out the blurb on you-tube from this link

Do you read the TRA EMag?  It is very interesting and informative, please click here to read the latest issue.

Have you found any good shooting sites worth sharing with others?  If so please email them to and I will add them to the next newsletter.

Upcoming events:

TRV Junior Training Camp
Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of November, held at MISC
For more info click here.

Tasmanian State Championships
Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of November, held at Sheffield (Tasmania)
For more info click here

RBA Championships
Saturday 30th Nov and Sunday 1st of December, held at MISC
For more info click here

AISL Youth Nationals
Friday 6th Dec to Sunday 8th of December, held at Sydney
TRV is sending a bus of our Junior shooters up, best of luck to them!

Target Rifle Geelong 50m and 90m Competition
Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of January, held at Geelong
For more info click here

Shepparton Prize Meeting

Shepparton hosted their annual prize meetings on the last weekend in August. The area had a lot of rain leading up to the weekend, but luckily it all disappeared for the competition.
The club was extremely happy with the attendance, with 42 Bench shooters, 41 prone shooters and 13 air rifle shooters competing. On the Friday before the actual competition a few shooters had a 3x20 match, Wayne Mayo even made the trip down from Canberra to have a plink, as Wayne drove so far it was decided he should shoot a 3x40 match on the electronic target. After Wayne finished his 120 competition shots, he packed up and went out for an early dinner with a mate, then drove back to Canberra, that's a lot to fit in one day! The 3x20 match was shot as a handicap event, with West Wyalong's Kieren Sytles taking the prize money, great shooting from the young fella!
On the Saturday it was the Morgan gentlemen who led the charge in the bench rest competition, collecting top honours was Roy Helbig closely followed by fellow club member David Klemm. Benella's John Gallo was a close third, only two centrals from second place. All top three places scored the perfect 600, Roy collected 53 centres, David 49 and John 47. There was a fantastic battle in B Grade, with each of the top three place winners scoring the precise same score of 597.45, but it was Kyabram's Jeff Newham who came home with his 200 to clinch the first place from Benalla's Joanna Mauger, with Traralgon's Brendan Maginn settling for third place.
In the prone part of the competition MCC's Xavier McLaurin came out on top with a very nice score of 588.28, pipping Shepparton's Chris Lott by one central. Kyneton's Mike Chmiel shot a very nice A grade score to win B grade with 584.33, he had the equal highest prone central count for the day, a claim he shared with West Wyalong's Leon Sharpe. Local Shepparton shooter Alex Cameron did his bit for the club to win the Sub Junior section with a 549.12.
In the air rifle hall there were two competitions running, the standard air rifle match and a "Air Supported" match, it was great to see a few new faces to air rifle having a crack at this match. In the standard match, Shepparton's Sue Lott managed to just sneak out on top with her score of 586, Numurhah's Tim Braybon was second with his 578. Wangaratta's Zac Sirianni had a particularly good hit to win both Junior and C Grade with his score of 543. For the air supported match it was decided to make it a handicap event with half the entry money going into a winners pool, which was collected by Shepparton's Gerhard Maya. Lancefield's Max Joiner and Shepparton's Lachlan Black both did extremely well in this event, neither had shot it before and they scored 520 and 519 respectively.
Ruth and Ern Mulcahy drew up a "Lucky Target" where the backside of a target was divided into small squares, people bought a square for $1 each. This target was then placed down the range and Betty Males was kind enough to do the honours of firing a couple of shots into it, a great bit of fun considering Betty doesn't do any form of shooting! She easily hit the target and the first place winner was rewarded with $100 cash and second place received a prize.
A special thanks to everyone who travelled to share in this competition, it is great to see our sport so well supported, the Shepparton club hopes to make it better again next year!

For a full list of results click here
For the full gallery of photos click here

Numurkah Prize Meeting

Numurkah held its annual Prize Meeting on Sunday the 25th of August, the compeition was once again a great success with its usual bag of awesome prizes up for grabs.
Following up on his win from the day before, Morgan's Roy Helbig again top scored with 599.52. The next three places were all tied on 599, but Mildura's Alan Collins and Shepparton's Gerhard Maya had to take it a step further, not only were they tied on score, but centrals as well! In fact they both had the same string series as well, but Alan finished with 99.8 to Gerhard's 99.7, they don't get any closer than that!
In the prone event MISC's Neil Davis must have had some secret breakfast dish because it seemed he just couldn't miss, Neil shot a cracking 594.40, a fantastic prone score indeed. The conditions must have been more favourable to prone as there were three prone shooters all scoring in 590's. Kyneton's Mike Chmiel continued his quest for A grade, shooing another great score to win B grade with his 585.30, Casterton's Paul Janicki was right behind Mike with his A grade score of 584.25.
In the air shed Sue Lott once again came out in first place, although her score of 578 was a lot lower than she is used to, must have been a big night before? Zac Sirianni kept up his good form to win both C grade and Juniors again with his 547. While in air supported Gerhard Maya top scored with 504, and Val McCready decided to try her hand at air supported as did Matt Irvine. Val scored 481 for her first attempt, which is a very credible result.

For a full list of results click here
For the full gallery of photos click here

Glenelg Region and Hamilton Prize Meetings

The Glenelg Region and Hamilton Prize Meetings were held on the 7th and 8th of September at the Hamilton Range.

Our Australian Prone Champion James Daly had the best hit at prone on the Saturday to collect the first place honours with his score of 588.27. Shepparton's Chris Lott pipped Oakleigh's Mike Jarrad by 1 point to finish second on 586.32 to Jarrad's 585.28. Local Hamilton bench shooter David Ball proved he could read the range conditions better than his fellow competitors to win Saturday's bench rest competition with a score of 597.43. MISC's David Cominie came in second with a 595.36, while third, fourth and fifth places were all separated by one central each. Richard Lightfoot took the third with 594.43, Portland's Stewart Bailey in fourth with 594.42 and MCC's Peter Males in fifth with 594.41, now that is some close shooting!

On the Sunday it was the official Hamilton Prize Meeting, and it was Oakleigh's Mike Jarrad who put the hammer down in the prone competition to pip Kyneton's James Daly by three centres. Mike shot a cracking score of 594.39. If he had of collected one more point he would have set a new Victorian record, so some really fantastic top level shooting from both Mike and James! In the bench competition Benalla's John Gallo pipped local legend David Ball to take the first placing with his score of 599.50 four centrals ahead of David.

One noteworthy thing for the weekend was James Daly winning the TRV sponsored 250 rounds of Eley Match on both days, and each time James was generous enough to pass it onto a couple of the junior shooters, nice work James.

For a full list of results click here
For the full gallery of photos click here
Commonwealth Cities Matches
On Sunday the 16th of September the Commonwealth Cities match was shot at MISC. This match is invitation only and consists of a number of shooters representing Melbourne as our team in the Commonwealth. The match is shot on English style cards shot at a distance of 25 yards. The ten ring seems quite smaller on these targets so they are quite challenging. The indoor convenor Julie Holcombe organises the day and there is a light lunch afterwards with some really nice and healthy food available. The match is a great team building experience if you are lucky enough to be invited to participate. Please check the website a little later on for the results, hopefully Melbourne has done well!

Kyabram Prize Meeting

On the 28th and 29th of September Kyabram held its 38th Long Range and 10th Benchrest Championships. The club changed the format to allow a two day competition this year, which introduced an RBA match on the Saturday.

Both Chris Lott and Mike Jarrad shot 585 in the prone, but this time Chris Lott pipped his rival by 4 centrals to win the Long Range Championship with 585.24. It is uncanny how many times Lott and Jarrad are on the same score and it is down to centrals to separate them. Shepparton's Alex Cameron did well in the prone competition winning both sub junior as well as junior with his score of 563.17.
In Saturday's RBA match John Gallo seemed to relish the new style targets, easily eclipsing even our Australian Benchrest Champion Annette Rowe. Seems Mr Gallo must have some secret to his success! John won the competition with a score of 736.36 (max score of 750.75), Annette came in second with 727.21.
Sunday saw the Kyabram 10th Benchrest championship being contested, and it was MISC's Kim Millar who cleaned up the first placing with a score of 599.44, the next four places were all 598's with Richard Lightfoot claiming second with 598.49, Kyabram's Michael Walker in third with 598.45, Bernie Noonan fourth on 598.44 while David Cominie came in fifth with his 598.43. One really good thing about the RBA targets is they seem to separate the results a lot more, it can be quite confusing when so many people shoot 598's. Kyabram held another 50m prone match on the Sunday and Chris Lott was lucky enough to come out on top with a score of 586.28. Mike Jarrad was once again on the lower end of a tied score, this time with Greg Tomorad, both shooters scored 585.26, the countback went to the fifth string where Greg shot a 99 to Mike's 95.
Kyabram had two fantastic raffles over the weekend, and a great list of prizes as well as some fantastic food. The competition was brought forward this year as to not clash with the Masters Games. Next year the club will try another two day competition, but probably the second week in October, so mark your calendars now! :-)

For a full list of results click here
For the full gallery of photos click here

TRV Endurance Match

On the 26th and 27th of October TRV held the annual endurance match, this year it was hosted at the Hamilton Club, with all the south west Victorican clubs pitching in to help make it a success.
The weather turned out to be nearly perfect for Hamilton, with no rain or strong winds to contend with, although the Sunday presented some slight mirage or drift that seemed to mostly affect the prone shooters. There was plenty of fun to be had over the weekend, with James Daly starting a small sticker war by placing the unused backing card stickers over sights, scopes, rifle boxes, people t-shirts and basically anything he could find. Of course retaliation came from Zac Sirianni, Sam Foster and Chris Lott, so it seems there will be backing card stickers popping up for a while to come. James Daly also instigated a sighter prank were he worded up a number of shooters to fire a sighter or two onto Chris Lott's card, after he fired his first shot and checked his scope he had four sighters already on his target and saw another two appear as he was looking! Some shooters even had small bets on each match, Zac Sirianni was on the losing end of a couple of these bets which had him doing a number of pushups as well has having half his stubble moustache shaved off, it's great to see a good sport!
The south west Vic clubs of Port Fairy, Portland and Hamilton put on a spit roast on Saturday night, and every shooter stayed to enjoy it as well as the fantastic range of sweets afterwards.
Julie Holcome was unbeatable in the prone event, her first match as a 587.29 and her last match was a whopping 594.34, so we can well and truly say that Julie is back into top form by winning the scratch component with her total of 2341.114, Neil Davis was right behind her with his total of 2338.104. In the bench rest event local Hamilton shooter David Ball shot the only 600 for the weekend in his first match and a pair of 598's for his last two matches to win the scratch component with his total of 2391.182. The ever consistent Graham Bickerdike was only three points behind in second position with his total of  2388.194, and Portland's Alan Taylor came in third with his 2383.175. TRV offered Eley ammunition to the top handicap winners of each day, Heather Bailey shot well enough to win this on both days in bench. Neil Davis won the Eley ammunition on Saturday for prone, while Julie Holcombe comfortably won it for Sunday with her brilliant scores.
A big thanks to all the people who pitched in to help run the event over the weekend, covering all duties from range officering to scoring. Also a special thanks to Val McCready who gave up her Sunday to spend the day in the scoring room, a great effort!

5 Minutes With...

Name:  Robert Howell
Club/s you are/have been a member of? 
I have been a member of Apollo Bay Smallbore Club since around 1985 to the present, I have also shot for Warrnambool and Port Fairy.


What do you do for a living?
I started off my working life as a builder, but was always involved with the CFA as a volunteer. I then decided to become a full time Fireman, after many years of training I have progressed to become a station officer based at Warrnambool.

How did you get started in shooting?
I started shooting because my father was a member of the Apollo Bay Smallbore Club and we lived on a farm and went shooting rabbits and foxes. (I guess I wanted to actually hit some.)

What disciplines do you shoot?
Over the years I have had a go at shooting all disciplines, however I now only concentrate on prone. I believe to shoot at a high standard competitively you need to train a lot and focus your attention completely. Time has to be balanced between work and training.
How often do you shoot? 
I haven't been shooting as much as I did previously due to work and family commitments but plan on doing a bit more in the future.
Greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement would have to be representing Australia at the Oceania Games, World Cups and Commonwealth Federation Shooting Championships.

Most memorable moment?
A memorable moment was when I received my Feinwerkbau rifle two weeks before shooting at the National Championships in Tasmania and then winning the prone championships.
What is the furthest you have travelled to compete?
The furthest I have travelled to shoot is to New Delhi in India.

What do you enjoy most about the sport?
One of the things I enjoy is the friendships I have made and the people and opportunities i have been fortunate to be part of. I also enjoy the challenge of achieving goals and pushing yourself further to succeed.


Sling and Hand stop position
Hand stop back too far and sling too short will result in a position to be too high and unstable.


Hand stop too far forward and the sling too long will result in the position being too low.
(Left handed shooters swap everything around while observing same height and angle requirements.)
Assume a prone position with the body at a 10-20 degree angle to the line of fire.
The spine is straight.
Left leg parallel to the spine.
Left foot turned inward.
Right leg drawn up approximately 45 degrees.
Left elbow directly under or slightly to the left of the rifle.
Left arm extended with the hand against the fore end stop.
The left arm is to be fully relaxed.
Fingers of the left hand relaxed and not gripping the stock with the rifle resting on the heel of the hand against the thumb.
Right hand comfortable on the pistol grip with only slight pressure.
Consistent eye relief and head position.
Head not tilted laterally.
Sling is tight providing firm shoulder pressure thus supporting the entire weight of the rifle.
The cheek is on the forward position of the cheekpiece.
The angle of the left arm to the support area should raised be a minimum of 30 degrees above horizontal,as required under the rules.
(Left handed shooters swap everything around while observing same height and angle requirements.)
Shooting for Gold
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