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2017 50m Prone Pennant


Five sections, 10 rounds, 28 teams, 142 competitors, 1,246 individual rounds shot, 24,920 shots fired and 233,435 points with 7,020 centrals were scored during this years 50m Prone Pennant (excluding sighters).

Whilst keeping on the numbers, of the 1,246 cards shot during the competition the highest round score of 200 was shot just 3 times by Dean Croatto (Leongatha) with 200.013, Mike Jarrad (Frankston A) 200.015 and Euan Gibson (MISC A) with a nice 200.016.  This year seen 19 clubs participate in this years Pennant with 6 clubs submitting two teams and a big effort from Frankston entering 4 teams consisting of 18 members.  There were no shoot offs required this year and just two teams (Leongatha & MISC B) clean-sheeting each round, so the results of this years Pennant are as follows:

Section A - Glenelg A - 36pts
Section B - Stawell - 32pts
Section C - Leongatha - 40pts
Section D - MISC B - 40pts
Section E - Frankston D - 36pts

Handicap - MISC B

1st  Steve Zunker - Glenelg A - 1.776.106
2nd  Dan Croatto - Leongatha - 1,775.110
3rd  Maris Taylor - Mossman Neutral Bay - 2,237.123
4th  Chloe Romanoff - Frankston A - 1,774.103
5th  Rob Howell - Glenelg A - 1,771.108
6th  Chris Lott - Shepparton - 1,769.099
7th  Andrew Potter - MISC B - 1,767.091
8th  Mike Jarrad - Frankston A - 1,766.101
9th  Xavier McLaurin - MCC A - 1,765.093
10th  Euan Gibson - MISC A - 1,763.091

A Grade - Steve Zunker - Glenelg A - 1.776.106
B Grade - Andrew Potter - MISC B - 1,767.091
C Grade - Rachel Strik - Benalla - 1,742.075
D Grade - Paul Allison - MCC B - 1,701.050
Veteran - Peter Farley - MCC B - 1,731.056
Junior - Michael Davis - MISC A - 1,744.075
Sub Junior - Nicolaas Strik - Benalla - 1,678.049

Thank you and well done to all members and clubs that participated and congratulations to all winners in the 2017 50m Prone Pennant Series. Results can be viewed by clicking here.

Times have changed how we now read our Newsletter
with a copy from June 1992 next to the laptop.
TRV Trophies
Have you got any TRV trophies or Perpetuals that were won last year?  If so we would like to hear from you as it is that time of the year when we need to get them engraved and hand them out at the Presentation Dinner next month.

Please contact Neil Davis by clicking here for more information.
Upcoming Events
May 1 
TRV 20m Prone Pennant Commences
May 1 - July 21
Shepparton Postal Commences

May 20 & 21
MISC 62nd Anniversary Shoot @ MISC

May 22
TRV 20m Benchrest Pennant Commences

May 26
Merv Friend & John Logan Cup R3 @ Portland

June 1 - Oct 31
TRA 3P - 3x20 Interstate Postal

June 3
Warren Potent & Graham Lawler  Rd2 @ MISC

June 10 & 11
North West Victorian Championships @ Midura 
June 17

TRV Congress @ Kilmore

June 24
TRV Presentation Dinner @ Stawell

June 24 & 25
TRV State Titles - Part 2 @ Stawell

June 30
Merv Friend & John Logan Cup R4 @ Hamilton
July 1
Warren Potent & Graham Lawler  Rd3 @ MISC

July 1 - Sept 24
Lancefield 600 Postal Commences
July 15 & 16
TRV Training Camp @ Frankston

July 28
Merv Friend & John Logan Cup R5 @ Portland
July 29 & 30

Portland Annual Prize Shoot & Merv Friend 600

August 5
Warren Potent & Graham Lawler  Rd4 @ MISC
For full TRV Calendar click here
 TOP:  Mens 50m Final at TRA Nationals.    Above:  Photos from the 2017 TRA Nationals thanks to Darren Morgan and Lee Pettit.  
More news........
Quick note from the Editor.....

Hi <<First Name>>, if this is your first newsletter that you are receiving from Target Rifle Victoria, welcome and hope that you find this of some value to you as it is sent out bi-monthly.  Nearly half way through the year and this is the 3rd edition of the newsletter of 2017 already!   Not to forget that in a few weeks time there will be a 'changing of the guard' as a new President and Secretary of TRV will be elected at Congress next month.  Speaking of next month there is also the TRV Annual Presentation Dinner which is held on the same weekend as the State Championships (Part 2) for the 20 & 90m competitions in Stawell.

Once again there should be enough content in this edition to sit back and enjoy a coffee (or two) with results of TRV competitions, last hurrah from Chris Lott, reports from clubs of their Prize Shoots including one from the Victorian Police & Emergency Games as well as some interesting reads from Dean Romanoff and Richard Lightfoot and a few articles from across the web.  I should also mention that there are quite a few photos/images that have been included in this edition and would like to thank those members who have sent them to me.

This is YOUR newsletter and I am always on the look out for new information so if you have anything that you would like to submit to the next newsletter then please do not hesitate to send me some information so that it can be included in the next edition.  Newsletters will be sent out (2nd half of the months) in January, March, May, July, September and November so if you would like to submit something please make sure that I have it by the 10th of those months mentioned for inclusion.

Remember if you are having trouble viewing the newsletter or missing images from your inbox/email you can also read it via an internet browser which displays all of the photos and formatting.  It is as simple as clicking on the "View this email in your browser" link at the top of this email.


From Across the Desk....
Secretaries Report by Chris Lott

Dear Fellow Members,

I wanted to take a minute to share my experiences over the past 4 years of being your secretary of TRV. I have quite enjoyed my term, and have shared some good times with fellow council members, and also some quite busy and challenging times. I have seen the birth of our two children, moved house and completed some big projects in my day job, all of which has left little "down time" in the past 4 years. I think if I had a dollar for every time I have heard, spoken or written "State Range" or "50m Benchrest Target" during my term I would be a very wealthy man!

With the expert guidance of Mike Jarrad, and with the enormous amount of help from people like Neil Davis, James Daly, John Hopkins, Lindsay Braybon, Dean Romanoff and many others I feel we have achieved a number of successful projects. Headed by the online membership and grading database all the way to the re-introduction of the Ladies Pennant. If you read Mike's report he will detail more than 20 other projects which have been implemented during our term.

One of the main reasons I nominated for the position of Secretary was to do my share and fully understand precisely what is involved with the role. I also learnt what is required in the governance of our sport, and I have to say I really underestimated the role and duties. For those whom remember some 4 years ago there was a motion put up at congress that TRV appoint a paid administrator. Well I for one was personally against this motion. I thought "there can't be that much work involved" and "I am sure we can automate a lot of this work". Four years later I think we have automated as much as possible via the membership database and online grading system, but there is a heck of a lot of work that cannot be automated and requires time and effort to complete.

Unfortunately our organisation, like many others today, has a shortage of volunteers. This is due to most people having busy lifestyles with little spare time to donate back to their sport. My personal thoughts now are that we should consider the option of employing an administrator to help with a lot of these tasks. Council has done some research on this, but of course it will mean an increase in our membership fee's, so I guess this is something that can be discussed at congress.

I would like to thank everyone for their patience during my term, and I hope all the very best for the new secretary and future TRV council. We have a great sport, lets try to promote it and hope more people decide to take it up.


Secretary - Target Rifle Victoria

2017 TRV Congress  

TRV congress will be held on 17th June at Kilmore Library in the John Taylor Room at 1:00pm.  All annual Reports will be presented as well as elections for the Council Positions as per TRV policy and any Notices of Motions received.  Positions that will become vacant and require elections for are:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Councillor 1
  • Councillor 2

Delegates from each TRV are required to attend and it is reminded that Membership Fees and Club Affiliation Fees are to be paid prior to Congress.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact Chris Lott by email

Vale - Wal Penberthy, 12.08.1935 - 07.03.2017

It is with regret that we announce that passing of Wal Penberthy on 7th March 2017 after receiving the news from members of Target Rifle Geelong.

He was born at Port Fairy on August 12th 1935 and went to school in Warrnambool before coming to Geelong.  He was a Club Champion at Geelong many times between 1966 and 1996 and also an Australian Team member.  He was also part of the team who built the Geelong Range.  Wal was a Life Member of both Target Rifle Geelong and Target Rifle Victoria.

RIP Wal - Target Rifle Geelong.

On behalf of Target Rifle Victoria, we send our sincere condolences and thoughts to Wal's family as well as members of both Target Rifle Geelong and TRV that knew him.

A Reflection on Wal Penberthy from Reg McCready

Wally started out his career as a carpenter and when Winchester opened in Geelong, he helped get some of the Americans get started shooting in Australia. As a result he was offered a job with Winchester and as far as I can remember he worked there for around 25 years.

In the late sixties or very early seventies he got the idea to establish a range on the Belmont common which was being developed as a sporting area. He drove this project and what we now know as Geelong Target Rifle Club was due to his vision.

When Wally was raising funds for the Geelong range he kept telling us that where it was going to be built there would be no wind. The wind didn’t blow at Geelong so it would be great. When the first shoot was held on the new range the wind blew as we now know it can at Belmont. Wally copped heaps from all shooters at the end of the day and his answer was “I said the wind doesn’t blow in Geelong, this is Belmont

Wally represented Australia at the World Championship in Phoenix Arizona in 1970 shooting 3P.  He also represented Victoria many times particularly in 25 yards matches where for many years he was one of Victoria’s top shots.

Wally was a brilliant shot at 25 yards.  Back in the seventies Geelong had a very strong pennant team and they used to travel regularly to Melbourne to shoot their pennant matches shoulder to shoulder with the opposing club.  One night they were shooting at Northcote.  Wally came out of the range after shooting his card looking unhappy, a Northcote member asked him how did he go, “Dropped a couple” was his reply.  Hearing this Northcote decided they might win seeing Wally was down two points. When the card was checked Wally was right, he did drop two as he only got 100.8 instead of 100.10 and Geelong ended up winning.

After Wally retired from Winchester he and Fran travelled extensively around Australia. He did have a map that showed all the roads they travelled and when you looked at it you could see just where that had been and there wasn’t many areas they had not visited.


Vale - Gerhard (Gerry) MAYA, 10.06.1945 - 22.01.2017

It is with great sadness that we only just found out (early last week) of the passing of Gerry earlier this year after a short battle with cancer.  Gerry was a keen Benchrest shooter with Lake Gillear as well as enjoying 10m Supported Air Rifle and 25m Air Bench categories including leaving a legacy of a current State record for 25m Air Bench Senior Open & Male of 737.016.

Here is a submission from the Geelong Advertiser on 14th Feb:    "MAYA, Gerhard. (Gerry)10.6.1945 - 22.1.2017 Gerhard passed away after battling cancer this past year. He is survived by his son Ronald Maya, his son Anthony Maya, His daughter-in-law Tari Maya. He also leaves behind his most loved dog Klaus. Gerhard was very loved and is greatly missed."

On Behalf of TRV we offer our sincere condolences to Gerry's family including TRV members who knew Gerry throughout his years of shooting.

2017 TRV State Championships (Part 2)

Part 2 of the TRV State Championships takes us to Stawell this year where the 20m and 90m events will be conducted.  The date for this event is 24th & 25th June and the program consists of the following:

  • Saturday 24th
    • 20m Benchrest Championship (Dual Range stage 1)
    • 20m Prone Championship (Dual Range stage 1)
    • TRV 20m Champion of Champions
      • Benchrest - 40 shots
      • Prone - 40 shots
    • TRV 20m Champion of Champions
      • Benchrest - 40 shots
      • Prone - 40 shots
  • Sunday 25th
    • 90m Benchrest Championship (Dual Range stage 2)
    • 90m Prone Championship (Dual Range stage 2)
  • Aggregate
    • 2017 Dual Range Benchrest Champion
    • 2017 Dual Range Prone Champion

If you are still thinking about attending the State Championships (Part 2), why not make a weekend out of it and come along to the TRV State Presentation Dinner on the Saturday evening as well (see invite below)!

Entries close each day of competition at 10:30am but it is advisable to pre-enter which can be done online by clicking here and if you are attending the Dinner we need to know by 1st June to confirm numbers with the venue. 

For more information about the State Championships please click here for the Event Flyer or email Reg McCready for further information.

2017 TRV 20m Pennant Series

Both the Benchrest and Prone Pennants kick on in the month of May with the Prone rounds already started and Benchrest commencing next Monday.  We wish all those members who are entering either/both competitions Good Luck and all the best to all clubs who have entered teams this year.   

  • 20m Prone Pennant
    • Commenced on 1st May 2017 
    • 14 Rounds
    • 30 Teams across 4 Sections
    • Interim Results by clicking here
  • 20m Benchrest Pennant
    • Commences on 22nd May 2017 
    • 10 Rounds
    • 37 Teams across 7 Sections
      • 10 Clubs have submitted two or more teams each
    • Interim Results by clicking here
    • Please note that the NEW 20m TRV Benchrest targets MUST be used.

20m Club Champion of Champions Match

As it is the '20m Season' at the moment don't forget about the TRV State Championships (part 2) coming up next month at Stawell as the 20m and 90m components will be contested.  On top of this ALL CLUBS are invited to send their 20m Club Champions for a separate match to be conducted on the Saturday 24th June.  Clubs may nominate one person for each of the following:

  • 2017 TRV 20m Club Champion of Champions - Open Benchrest Match
  • 2017 TRV 20m Club Champion of Champions - Open Prone Match
  • 2017 TRV 20m Club Champion of Champions - Junior Benchrest Match
  • 2017 TRV 20m Club Champion of Champions - Junior Prone Match

Each match will consist of 40 shots at 20m Metres.  For more information please see your Club Secretaries.

Are you upgrading, downsizing or wanting to start to build up your range/kit bag?  One of the hardest things about our sport is the availability of getting equipment for your kit bag especially if you are new to the sport.  It is not as easy as going to your local gun shop or sports store to get what you want as most of the equipment is specialised to a certain extent.  Yes, you can click on the links at the bottom of this newsletter for some of our recognised suppliers but sometimes other TRV members may have what you require!  

 FOR SALE - TRV Hoodies
There is nothing worse than getting a chill in your lower back whilst shooting benchrest or in between details when you haven't got your shooting jacket on.  Not only will you look good at the range you will also be supporting the juniors of TRV.

    $35 each      To buy one click here to contact Mike Jarrad

WANTED - Old Target Rifle Victoria Memorabilia
Do  you have or know of any old VSBRCU, VSBRA, VSBARA, TRV (Or other associated body) Memorabilia, please consider returning or donating it back to TRV for safe keeping with the view of having it on display in the future.

Please email Mike Jarrad by clicking here for further information

The rules are simple:
  • Advertisements will run for ONE (1) issue only
  • All ads must be sent via email to Newsletter Editor by clicking this link
    • Advertisements must be lodged by the10th day of January, March, May, July, September or November for inclusion to next newsletter
  • You must include your name and contact number
  • If advertising a firearm - Serial Number and Licence number must be included & transferred through Licenced Gun Dealer
  • There is no cost for placing an advertisement
  • TRV reserves the right to reject, cancel, refuse or postpone publication of any advertisement and shall notify you if such action is required
  • You are responsible for the description/condition of items offered

Feel free to send your ad through to Sean by10th May to be included in the next issue!  

PLEASE NOTE: Advertisements are based on material sourced from third parties. Target Rifle Victoria makes no warranties as to, and does not vet, authorise or endorse the accuracy, currency, suitability or completeness of any information contained in advertisments. Purchasers should make appropriate enquiries and receive independent advice prior to finalizing their purchase. Condition of equipment/firearms is as described by seller/advertiser and not by Target Rifle Victoria. Please check with the seller to confirm if any additional fees or charges apply. The information contained in this area is to be used as a guide only. Please confirm details directly with the seller.

TRV Junior State Team


Due to the expense involved and the travel distance, TRV will be limiting the number of subsidised Athletes travelling to the event.

A maximum of 8 Athletes will form the team. If more than 8 qualify the State Captain and the State Vice Captain will make the final team selection, based on best performance.

TRV will have one male adult and one female adult travelling with the group to supervise and look after the team.

TRV will cover the following costs:
  • Airfares (return) from Melbourne to Brisbane,
  • Transport while in Brisbane,
  • Accommodation while in Brisbane,
  • Some meals,
  • Entry fees to the event,
  • Team tee shirt for the event as a souvenir.
Athlete will need to cover costs for:
  • Most meals
  • Spending money
  • Ammunition
  • Meeting point for Athletes will be arranged prior to departure but will be at or near Tullamarine airport.
  • Any travel or parking costs in Melbourne.
To be selected Athletes are required to show commitment to their sport by attendance at a minimum of 6 competitions between the State Titles (Part 1 - just completed) and any TRV, TRA or sanctioned SA event up to the 30th of September 2017.

Athletes will be required to achieve a qualifying score equal to the lower vale of “B” Grade in their chosen discipline.

While in Brisbane the Athlete is encouraged to compete in as many other disciplines that they also do even if they did not reach the TRV qualifying score for those events.

Athlete to submit a record of the competitions entered and their results achieved, no later than 7th of October 2017.

Actual travel details and other information regarding this trip will be finalised and communicated closer to the event date.  More information about the Junior Nationals can be found on Shooting Australia's website or by clicking here.

Should you need any further information about the qualifying process or questions about this event please do not hesitate to email by clicking the following links to either State Captain (Trevor Drage) or Vice State Captain (Dean Romanoff).

Please note that any Junior that may not meet the criteria for this year's team is still able to attend and compete at the Junior Nationals but it would be under their own funding.

Electronic Scoring Targets Course
by Dean Romanoff

On 30th April 2017, TRV members Gerald Butler, Reg McCready, Lindsay Braybon, Neil Davis and Dean Romanoff attended an EST (Electronic Scoring Targets) course, conducted by Sharon Reynolds, an ISSF “A” Judge at MISC clubrooms.

The course covered the basic principles of how the electronic targets detect the bullet passing through the target using either soundwaves or optical.  The soundwave method has been around since 1974, but not used in an event until 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.  Prior to an event the EST’s are checked by a team and the Technical Delegate.  A control card is placed behind the target and 5 shots are placed on the target.  The 5 shots are normally spread apart to help prove the accuracy of the EST.  Using the plot co-ordinates obtained from the machine print out, the x and y co-ordinates are used to calculate the hypotenuse.  This will give the distance of the shot from dead centre of the target (a perfect 10.9) then using a ready reckoner for the different targets and calibres, the shot value can be determined.  In addition to this a PC program called “Shot Plot” can produce a scaled printout of the 5 shot group and can be overlayed onto the actual shot target as a comparison.

With the introduction of the TRV’s Meyton electronic targets, TRV members are encouraged to get involved with the setup and running of the Meyton system, please contact (by clicking the following links) Dean Romanoff (State Vice Captain) in regards to the Meyton system, or Lindsay Braybon (Judging Convenor) in regards to becoming an EST accredited person.


Good Luck to James competing in 50m Prone event this weekend at the ISSF World Cup in Munich, Germany.  Thanks to overwhelming support of friends and family who have helped him get there via GoFundMe (Online fundraiser).

You can 'watch' how James is going by following 50m Prone information on the ISSF website from 7:30pm this Saturday (20th May) and you may also be able to watch on the Olympic Channel by clicking here

2017 TRV Presentation Dinner

Come One, Come All........ to our Annual Presentation Dinner for a night of great fun as well as recognising those members with some great performances over the past 12 months.  There will be presentations of Perpetual Trophies, Pennants, Badges and Medals won in TRV Competitions throughout the year during the course of the evening.
  • WHEN
    • Saturday 24th June
    • Trackside Bistro, Stawell Harness Racing Club
  • TIME
    • 7:30pm
  • COST
    • $10 per person*
  • RSVP
So if you have won anything why not come along, enjoy a meal, a few drinks and collect your prize in person and even if you didn't win we are sure that you will have a good time for the evening.  Encourage some of your fellow club members to come along and 'book a club' table.

<<First Name>>, if you are going to the State Titles (Part 2) at Stawell why not make this part of your weekend as well and come along to the dinner!  Bookings are essential, so if you would like to attend please send an email to the TRV Secretary by clicking here with your name and any guests that will also be attending by June 1st.  Also please let Chris know if you have any dietary requirements.  Drinks will be at Bar Prices.

* If you are competing in any event as part of the State Championships (Part 2) during the weekend, TRV will subsidise $15 towards the cost of your dinner/evening so you only pay $10.00.  Dinner cost for non-shooters is $25.

2017 TRV 10m Pennant Series

Although it is still 3 months away, Julie our Indoor Convener is ready to get a jump on this year's 10m Pennant Series.  Once again there are the two categories of Standing Air Rifle and Supported Air Rifle both contested over 10 rounds of 30 shots (per Round).  

  • 10m Air Rifle
    • Commences on 21st August 2017 
    • 10 Rounds of 30 shots
    • Teams of 4 with 3 to count
    • Entry $50 for first team and $25 for each additional team
  • 10m Supported Air Rifle
    • Commences on 21st August 2017 
    • 10 Rounds of 30 shots
    • Teams of 4 with 3 to count
    • Entry $50 for first team and $25 for each additional team
Entry Forms will be sent to clubs at the end of the month so it gives you a bit of time to think about entering a team.  Entries will close on 4th August and no late entries will be accepted.  For more information about either of the Pennant Series please contact Julie by clicking here.



2017 TRA National Championships

Last month, over Easter holiday period the Target Rifle Australia Nationals were held at Wingfield, South Australia.  Quite a few TRV members made the trip over there for the 5 days of competition.  

Well done to the following members who were nominated as TRV State Team Representatives, at this years Nationals which included Alan Collins, Dan Croatto, Laura Crozier, James Daly, Michael Davis, Chris Lott, Darren Morgan, Lee Pettit, Chloe Romanoff, Lucy Romanoff, Rachel Strik, Ken Wilson, David Yudkin & Steve Zunker.  Congratulations to the 50m Prone team (Chloe, Chris, Dan & James) for winning the "Tassie Sheild" just edging out NSW by 3.5pts.  Congratulations to both Chloe and Rachel who also won the 50m Prone Womens Team event by beating NSW by 3pts.  Both of the 3P teams entered finished in 3rd Place with Chris & Michael in the 3x40 and Cain & Chris in 3x20.  The 50m Benchrest State Team (Alan, Darren, David & Lee) also finished on the podium with a 3rd place.
Left: National 20m Top 8 Awards winners (Chris Lott - 6th - missing from photo) Right: Top 3 of 50m Mens Prone Match

Although a number of members picked up various awards throughout the week of competition there were also some TRV members who were selected as part of International teams competing with NZ and the UK.  There were some notable mentions of individual efforts during the event with Chloe Romanoff winning the National 20m Prone Title on a countback from Dane Sampson with a nice 599.043.  Whilst out on the 50m Range James Daly did quite well by being on top of the score sheets for Day 1 of the 50m Jim Smith event and winning the Men's 50m Prone Final as well of which Dan Croatto also qualified for and was in the final.

Well done to all members who participated in the TRA Nationals for 2017 and congratulations to all winners over the course of the Championships.  Click here for full results of the 2017 TRA Nationals.

2017 TRV 20m State Postal

On behalf of Target Rifle Victoria we would like to give all members of MCC Small Bore Rifle Club a HUGE THANK YOU for running this event.  At a time when we didn't have an Indoor Convenor and we looked at cancelling the postal, MCC put their collective hands up to takeover and handle all of the entries and scoring of returned cards which also included the new addition of 20m Air Bench to this years competition.  Here is a quick summary of results for each of the categories:

  • 20m Benchrest
    • 1st  Ronald Hamilton - Camberwell - 599.021
    • 2nd  David Homewood - Lancefield - 599.020
    • 3rd  Vito DiPasquale - MCC - 598.026
    • A Grade - Ronald Hamilton - Camberwell - 599.021
    • B Grade - Brian Kent-Hughes - MCC - 598.025
    • C Grade - Danger Addison - Golden City - 594.018
    • D Grade - Steven Mills - FPTRC - 593.011
    • Veteran -  Ronald Hamilton - Camberwell - 599.021
    • Junior - Michael DiPasquale - MCC - 595.023
    • Sub Junior - Courtney Karamoshos - Port Fairy - 594.023
  • 20m Prone
    • 1st  Paul Rudolph - Horsham - 598.030
    • 2nd  Kate Ebbott - MCC - 594.021
    • 3rd  Gregory Tomorad - Golden City - 593.028
    • A Grade - Paul Rudolph - Horsham - 598.030
    • B Grade - John McMaster - Lancefield - 587.020
    • C Grade - Rachel Strik - Benalla - 592.035
    • D Grade - Matthew Krelle - MCC - 576.018
    • Veteran - Peter Farley - MCC B - 1,731.056
    • Junior - Rachel Strik - Benalla - 592.035
    • Sub Junior - Nicolaas Strik - Benalla - 573.022
  • 20m Air Bench
    • 1st  Leo Maccora - MISC - 585.011
    • 2nd  David Yudkin - Mildura - 584.009
    • 3rd  Alan Collins - Mildura - 584.006
    • A Grade - Leo Maccora - MISC - 585.011
    • B Grade - Chris Karamoshos - Port Fairy - 578.010
    • C Grade - Lee Pettit - FPTRC - 562.007
    • D Grade - John Dick - FPTRC - 530.003
    • Veteran - Leo Maccora - MISC - 585.011
    • Junior - Michael DiPasquale - MCC - 577.004
Well done to all members who took part in this years 20m State Postal and congratulations to all winners.  Thanks once again to MCC SBRC for their efforts in keeping this competition running.  Full results can be seen on TRV website or by clicking here.

2017 Top Ten......!

Something a little different that will be a regular feature of the newsletter is Top Ten scores that have been shot by individuals during the year at various TRV competitions.

* Please note that the above results only reflect the highest score shot per individual for each category at shoulder-to-shoulder matches only. 

Postal Competitions....... 

Earlier this month the Shepparton Postal commenced so it may not be too late to enter as the competition has a cards to be returned by date of 21st July - please see TRV calendar for more details.

Some of the TRV Postal results have also now been posted for the following competitions:
2017 TRV Captains 1500
Benchrest competition of six cards (150 shots) at 50m .  The winners for 2017 were as follows:
  • Outright - Darren Morgan - FPTRC - 1,488.079
  • A Grade - Darren Morgan - FPTRC - 1,488.079
  • B Grade - Phillip Deegan - Albury - 1,481.082
  • C Grade - David Rowe - FPTRC - 1,443.042
  • D Grade - Sandra Houlihan - Benalla - 1,411.035
  • Veteran - Alan Collins - Mildura - 1,476.053
  • Junior - Ebony Parker - FPTRC - 1,458.053
  • Sub Junior - Ebony Parker - FPTRC - 1,458.053
Full results can be viewed by clicking here

2017 TRV Presidents 1200
Air Rifle competition of 120 shots either In standing or Supported disciplines.  The winners for 2017 were as follows:
  • 10m Air Rifle
    • Outright - Michael Davis - MISC - 1,186
    • A Grade - Michael Davis - MISC - 1,186
    • B Grade - Cain East - Shepparton - 1,132
    • C Grade - Dean Romanoff - FPTRC - 1,035
    • D Grade - Rachel Strik - Benalla - 1,078
    • Veteran - Peter Kelly - Albury - 1,017
    • Junior - Michael Davis - MISC - 1,186
  • 10m Supported Air
    • Outright - Rodger Brooks - Lancefield - 1,163
    • A Grade - Rodger Brooks - Lancefield - 1,163
    • B Grade - Tarsha Walters - Lancefield - 1,136
    • C Grade - Dennis Ramsay - Albury - 1,131
    • D Grade - John Dick - FPTRC - 1,063
    • Veteran - Rodger Brooks - Lancefield - 1,163
Full results can be viewed by clicking here
Check out the TRV calendar on website for details of  upcoming Postal Competitions and just a reminder for those of you who have entered the Numurkah Postal that completed cards are to be returned by 31st May.

Club competitions from around the state....

Throughout the year there are quite a few competitions hosted by our member clubs at various locations around the state, offering prizes, trophies or medallions for various grades as well as the top 10 (generally). If you have never been to another clubs prize meeting it is a great opportunity to compete with/against your fellow TRV members and is also a great way to meet other members and get some different ideas and tips.  All clubs/organisers of events are encouraged to submit a wrap up of their events for inclusion to the newsletter and can be done by sending an email to Sean by clicking here.

Stawell Prize Meeting - 18th & 19th March

I would firstly this year like to start with some thankyou’s.  Dave Harrington, thankyou. We do miss you at Stawell since you have moved on to Golden City, your work and effort over many years with Stawell has been invaluable.  Even now you still do entries and starting for us and it is so greatly appreciated and when I say “us” it does and always will include you.  You were Stawell, you are Stawell and you will always be Stawell (sorry Golden City, he is only ever on loan!).  Tina, you do a great job in the canteen. You have everything organised from start to finish and are there the entire time making sure everyone is feed and watered.  John and Neville were in there with you but your work is so greatly appreciated. To Val, thankyou. You do the air rifle for us each and every time.  Even though we did forget to call and ask this year, you brought up all your gear and did it for us anyway!  We would of been in real trouble without you. Also, thank you to everyone who jumps in and helps. Carrying targets down to scorers, helping move range back from 50 to 90 metres, and just helping us out when we get lost or need some advice. Lastly (but most important) to everyone that’s there. Without all you entering and shooting we don’t have a prize shoot. I feel we have a great fun shoot and it is thanks to all of you that it is this way. We look forward to building and improving our shoot and hope to see you all again.

This year saw 41 shooters come out to Stawell for the annual prize shoot. Saturday saw the targets at 50 metres. Conditions were mild in the morning with very little wind.  Chris Lott even managed to shoot without a beanie on and didn’t say “it’s too cold!”. In fact this year Lotty even had thongs on!  I look forward to seeing you in June Lotty for states and I can promise you won’t have thongs on in Stawell then!  Anyway Lotty must of enjoyed conditions as he finished second with 587. He was headed by James Daly who finished with 590.35. James has been in great form for some time.  Well done James and we look forward to seeing you move forward and pushing even further ahead!  Rob Howell rounded out the top three. Rachel Strik had a very nice shoot finishing 579.23 finishing 6th. Rachel seems to enjoy Stawell and always shoots well there. Almost a second home range.

On the benches saw a close battle with Darren Morgan finishing on top by 1 point! Darren finished 739, one clear of Leo Maccora with 738. Some great shooting there! Chris Karamoshos finished in third with 733. He has a great relationship with the Stawell range and always has a great shoot there.

Inside in the air range Michael Davis show his class and took out top spot with 572. Michael has continually improved with air and look forward to seeing just where he ends up with it! Keep pushing Michael. Chris Lott took his form inside. Finishing in second with 563, although I’m sure if the weather was ok for outside then surely it was too old inside? Neil Davis Finished 3rd with 551.
Sunday saw a perfect morning. Very little wind (just not Stawell is it) but shooters took full advantage of it. On the mats James Daly again was on top. James had a great shoot fishing the challenging 90 metres with 589.7. Second was Tom Mewburn. Tom had good weekend in both prone and air. Tom finished with 577.5. Stephen Zunker finished 3rd with 570.10.

On the benches we saw Chris Karamoshos finish in top spot. Chris only dropped two points on the new TRV 90 metre bench cards to finish with 598.14. Suzanne Neeson finished in second spot. Sue had a great time at 90 to finish with 595.17. third was Leo Maccora. Leo had a good weekend shooting and showed how much he enjoyed 90 metres with a 593.13.

The "Bent Barrel" Award has seen a few custodians over the years but never this many in ONE day!

Sunday also saw the bent barrel change hands a few times.  On Saturday Darren Morgan took the bent barrel for putting up two backing cards instead of scorer and backer. It didn’t take long for this to be moved on to Tom Mewburn.  Tom thought he would help by getting out 90 metres card for people Sunday morning. Only thing was he gave the wrong cards out.  Ron Hamilton then put one of these incorrect cards up to shoot. This saw Ron Hamilton take it from Tom.  Next detail Rachel Strik had the dreaded crossfire! Ron was now off the hook.  Well Rachel didn’t hold it for long, it seemed everyone wanted that bent barrel!  The very next card saw Peter Anderson crossfire as well!  This is where the bent Barrel stayed.  So be on the lookout Peter as I’m sure he is keen to move it on!
Thankyou all again and look forward to seeing you all at the Stawell Range for TRV State Titles Part 2!

Thanks to Daniel Crawford and Jacob Cooper for sending in the above report/photos for the Stawell Prize Meeting, for full results of the event please click here.
Albury Classic Prize Meeting - 22nd& 23rd April

The Albury Smallbore Rifle Club would like to thank all the TRV members for their attendance and participation in the Albury Rifle Classic held at the Wangaratta Smallbore Club on the 22nd/23rd of April. The committee of ASBRC would have to take some credit for presenting such beautiful conditions over the weekend and the Wangaratta club for the presentation of their facilities to you all.

The club would like to thank everyone that took part in the raffle that raised $127 to help James Daly with his out of pocket expenses, after being invited to compete at a world cup in Germany. The way in which James is pointing his rifle at the moment and takes his current form with him, this experience will show the shooting world that the Aussie can be proud of their athletes.

Whilst talking of people being in good form, there was also a number of State Records set by Juniors over the weekend.  Supported Air Rifle (Sub-Junior & Junior) seen Madeleine Melton (FPTRC) set a record on Saturday only to out-do herself and re-set it on Sunday with a nice 564.023.  Whilst in the air range Michael Davis (MISC) continued his good form with 10m Standing (Junior) by setting a record on Saturday of which he also reset on Sunday by just six centrals with a credible 584.035.  Meanwhile out on the 50m Range Rachel Strik (Benalla) set a State Record in the Junior category on Saturday with a very nice 590.034 that also seen her take out 3rd outright in Prone for the weekend aggregate.  Rodger Brooks (Lancefield) also reset his existing 10m Supported Air State Records on both days of competition finishing on Sunday with a 593.035 to beat!
With a limited number of our members on the ground to run this shoot, we experienced few hiccups in running the event but we got through it with great support on the day from some the shooters taking on extra duties, which was much appreciated. Looking forward to the next one and good shooting from all of you.

Thanks to Albury SBRC for sending the report in, full results of the Albury Classic Prize Meeting can be seen by clicking here

2017 Lake Gillear - 2nd Annual Coastal Classic - 29th & 30th April

The 2nd Annual Lake Gillear ‘Coastal Classic’ was held on Saturday the 29th and Sunday 30th of April at the South West Region Target Sports Complex at Lake Gillear.

The Lake Gillear Target Rifle Club and Warrnambool Small Bore Club worked hard to prepare the range in time for the competition, it was a lot smoother sailing this year as the range has now been in operation officially for a year and preparation was more along the lines of maintenance rather than last minute installation of target frames and the like. 
The range now has a nice covering of grass which is a nice change from last year as there had been a dressing of top soil from the firing point out 50m only weeks before the inaugural shoot which made  it dusty one day then a mud bath the next. 

The backing card system we used last year has been upgraded and it worked a lot better than last year.  Also there is the addition of Baffles on the bench rest side of the range.  Victoria Police have now informed us the entire range needs to be baffled to reduce the need for a 1500m danger area behind the range so there will be baffles for the prone bays next year.  The baffles do offer some protection from the elements when shooting. 

The weather was a lot kinder to us year, nothing like the inaugural event.  Lake Gillear has developed a reputation for being a windy range as those who attended last year will remember we experienced some incredible wind conditions which accompanied a severe thunderstorm on the second day of the competition.  Whilst we did not have the 50kph gusts of last year the wind conditions still kept competitors on their toes.  There was a small amount of rain here and there throughout the weekend but nothing that required the club house to be converted into a drying room for cards.  Overall we had some typical Autumn weather for the south west over the weekend.

We received some feedback from some of our competitors about aspects of the range which may contribute to the tricky nature of the wind at Lake Gillear and we will be looking into addressing these in the next few months.  
34 competitors participated this year with some travelling from as far as Sale to take part. 

The 50m competition was shot on Saturday for both Prone & Bench Rest over two squads.   There were more Bench rest shooters than prone this year by a slight margin with only 3 competitors participating in both Bench Rest and Prone events.

We also ran a third squad 50m Class 1 (Bunny Rifle) novelty event as there was increased interest from the previous year.  the 50m Class 1 event's prizes were kindly donated by one of sponsors Warrnambool Diving and Firearms.  
After the conclusion of the day and awards ceremony for the 50m competition a number of competitors enjoyed dinner at the local Allansford pub. 

On Sunday it was the 90m Bench and Prone competition which commenced at 8am..  an early start we know but we have to accommodate those who have to travel a long distance home.  Again the 90m was shot over 2 squads, the wind was a bit trickier on the Sunday and didn't fail to keep up Lake Gillear's reputation. 

An additional 3rd Squad was shot for a 90m Class 1 event that was included this year due to popular demand. Prizes for the 90m Class 1 event where kindly donated by Westvic Firearms.  Due to the popularity of the Class 1 event Lake Gillear TRC will make it dual range 50m/90m for next year.  Class 1 is very popular with our members at Lake Gillear TRC and is encouraged as we feel it provides an easy pathway for new members who haven't been involved in competitive small bore to get involved in the club and start shooting right away.  

For more pictures of the shoot please check out our facebook page by clicking here - 

At the conclusion of the day the presentation ceremony was conducted with the Perpetual Open winners for 50 and 90m Bench Rest and Prone.  This year's Winners were;

  • 50m Prone - Tom Mewburn
  • 90m Prone - Julie Holcombe
    • Dual  Range Prone Champion - Tom Mewburn
  • 50m Benchrest - Richard Lightfoot
  • 90m Benchrest -  Janey Preston 
    • Dual Range Bench Rest Champion  - Darren Morgan
  • The “Lady of the Lake” Trophy for the dual range handicap champion;
    • Prone - Max Bolwell 
    • Bench Rest - Brian Houlihan. 
  • Class 1 (Light Varmint) Novelty event Winners; 
    • 50m Class 1 - Brian Houlihan
    • 50m class 1 Handicap - David Widdicombe 
    • 90m Class 1 - Dennis Peacock
    • 90m Class 1 Handicap - Dale Harris

4 new state records where shot over the weekend, these are to be officially confirmed but are follows;

  • Courtney Karamoshos - 50m Sub Junior Female Bench Rest - 734.30
  • Lachie Anderson - 90m Sub Junior Bench Rest - 593.9
  • Julie Holcombe - 90m Prone  - 581.7 
  • Janey Preston - 90m Bench Rest Senior Open & Senior Female -  599.20

Janey is a new-comer to the sport and was introduced to shooting through the recent Commonwealth Ladies Pennant.  Janey has only just obtained her licence!  Well done Janey! 

The Lake Gillear Club would like to thank our sponsors - Preston Windows, Lazercraft (Ian Watson), Warrnambool Diving and Firearms, Westvic Firearms, Mumford Guitars, Allansford Hotel, and Richard Lightfoot, we would also like to thank Julie Holcombe, Paulla Janssen, Janey Preston & Elaine Evans for their great efforts with the canteen, and thanks to all the shooters who bought raffle tickets, and enjoyed the great food, fun and of course shooting. 

Thanks to James Mumford from Lake Gillear Target Rifle Club for providing this report on this years Coastal Classic, full results can seen by clicking here.

Don't forget to check out the calendar above or on the TRV website for upcoming events as MISC 62nd Anniversary Shoot is the next event this upcoming weekend (20th & 21st May) at MISC.

Above: Are you on Facebook? So are we, be sure to like our page and be informed about the latest news.

Why Being a Young Competitive Shooter Rocks 
by Kristen Voss (NRA Family website)
 Why Being a Young Competitive Shooter Rocks

With technology literally hovering over our shoulders, it’s no surprise that the shooting sports might not interest Millennials as much as that cool drone or video game that just came out. We’re young adults trying to find our place in this world, and we’re all about instant gratification. We want things fast, and we want to have fun while doing them. And standing for an hour in the same position, concentrating on your breath in order to get that perfect shot might not sound exciting or fun for that matter. I get it. However, I don’t necessarily agree.

I am a Millennial and the shooting sports have been a big part of my life. From learning how to shoot at the age of 12, to joining a competitive shooting team in college, the shooting sports have helped shape my life academically and professionally. Through my experience, they taught me life lessons that most Millennials don’t have the privilege or desire to experience. And yet, Millennials would benefit from such involvement. I know, because from the first day I walked onto the rifle team in college, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought it was going to be more of a hobby or activity just for fun after classes. Little did I know that it would become my passion over the course of those four years.

Competitive shooting is a way of life for a lot of people. It’s more than just aiming at the target and pulling the trigger. Rather, it’s a right—one that encompasses every emotion, goal and desire that we as humans possess. And I slowly learned this as I progressed from a tiny scared freshman to an experienced, and let’s face it, still scared senior. (Because who isn’t scared about graduating college and going into the real world?) But my time on the NCAA Rifle team were some of the best experiences I’ve had, because of the many things I learned.

The shooting sports taught me drive, focus, perseverance, dedication, responsibility, time management, failure, disappointment, pride, overcoming obstacles, being humble, managing stress, staying healthy and being patient. (Yes, I did say patience…for all those Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers who say Millennials don’t have any.) By having the responsibility of taking care of a firearm, showing up to practice on time, keeping track of my progress and having some healthy competition, I was able to learn how to succeed in various ways. I discovered what I had to sacrifice in order to succeed. Which is exactly what life is about. But knowing that ahead of time helped me perform well academically as well as prepare for what lay ahead in the professional world. There will be good days and there will be bad days, but it’s how you handle them that define you.

Now some of you might be thinking, well you can learn all those things by doing other sports or activities. And that may be true, but the shooting sports are different because you have to have a specific mentality knowing that the equipment you use for the sport is not something to be taken lightly. It’s different than holding a basketball in your hands. It’s a firearm that has to be handled safely and should be respected, not only for yourself, but also for those around you. Learning this in itself is a lesson in responsibility and safety that other sports might not teach as well, and which can be carried on through the rest of your life. You respect yourself and others by respecting the firearm that you shoot and take care of.

These lessons learned through the shooting sports don’t come easily or quickly, but rather are gained through the journey. You have to push through blood, sweat and tears. You’ll have to sacrifice (Oh, there’s that word again!) not going out on that Friday night when the rest of your friends are partying and then sleeping in till noon, while you get a little extra trigger time in for that match you have the next day. And for some, that’s not an easy task…especially when you’re 20 years old. But what they don’t realise is that by sacrificing a little now, it puts you much farther ahead of the rest of the crowd on that road to success.

You have to embrace the process in order to see results. It’s all a mental game you have to overcome, and if you try looking for results too early, you’ll most likely not see what you want to see. Just like when you take a shot, you have to follow through. If you don’t follow through and instead immediately look at the screen to see if you got that 10.9*, you’ll be extremely disappointed because you didn’t finish the process.

In the end, we all want to see that 10.9* appear on the screen at a match. And that 10.9* means so much more than a number. Rather, it signifies all the lessons you’ve learned while participating in the shooting sports that later come in handy when you’re shooting for success in another arena. I know it has for me.


TRSA State Championships - 13th & 14th May

On the weekend just gone, six TRV members went over to Wingfield for TRSA's State Championships for their Prone, Air Rifle and 3P components. 

Some of the results from those members who travelled to Wingfield were:
  • 20m Prone
    • Chloe Romanoff - 595.040 - 3rd Outright, 2nd B grade, 1st Womens
    • Dean Romanoff - 587.031 - 3rd B grade
    • Lucy Romanoff - 575.013 - 2nd C grade, 2nd Junior
    • Herb Thomas - 485.004 - 2nd Veteran
  • 50m Prone
    • James Daly - 619.6 - 2nd Outright, 2nd A grade , 1st Mens (Final - 245.9)
    • Chloe Romanoff - 619.1 - 3rd Outright, 1st B grade, 2nd Womens
    • Steve Zunker - 606.4
    • Dean Romanoff - 605.5
    • Lucy Romanoff - 596.6 - 1st C grade
    • Herb Thomas - 519.2
Top (L-R):  50m Open Championship - James Daly, Jacqui Hatzigiannis & Chloe Romanoff, 50m C grade - John Hatzigiannis, Lucy Romanoff & Jeremy Miller 

Well done to everyone that competed at the South Australia State Championships on the weekend and full results of the event can be found on TRSA's website by clicking here


Media Watch - Members in Focus

After the 2017 State Titles held at MISC in March the South Gippsland Sentinel Times did a story on Dan Croatto's State Championship win! 

Bendigo Advertiser also ran a story on James Daly's efforts in earning a spot of going to Germany for the World Cup.

Bendigo shooter gunning for gold
Story by Kieran Illes, Photos by Darren Howe

BENDIGO rifle shooter James Daly is targeting success on foreign soil.

The 28-year-old has been selected in the Australian team to contest an International Shooting Sport Federation World Cup event in Munich in May.

It will be the two-time Australian prone champion's first time competing at World Cup or international level.

The May 17-24 competition will bring together 50 of the best rifle shooters from across the world.

"I've been overseas before for things not to do with shooting, but this is my first shooting event overseas," Day said.

"It's pretty exciting."

A strong performance in Germany will qualify him for further World Cup events, of which there are four held each year across the world.

Daly, a software development team manager with Bendigo Community Telco, trains weekly on the Bendigo Pistol Club range in Wellsford and is currently ranked number two in Australia.

He is the first Victorian shooter to represent Australia in rifle shooting at an international level event in more than decade.

He has forged his reputation as one of the nation's best rifle shooters in the prone discipline.

Prone requires the shooter to lie front down with a rifle positioned in the shoulder and attached to a sling. 

It is considered the most stable and therefore the most accurate shooting position.

"We fire 50 shots in 60 minutes at a 50-metre target," he said.

"You need to be very accurate as the target you need to hit is about one centimetre wide and you really need to hit that every single time to have any chance of getting into the final."

Daly has a personal best was 58 out of 60 for a score of 597.049 (out of 600), the current Victorian record.

Formerly from Kyneton, Daly was introduced to rifle shooting by his father in 2011.

"He asked me one day if I wanted to go down tot he range to have a shoot, but I probably knew beforehand that I would probably want to do it as an actual sport," he said.

"I like the accuracy and patience required to do something like this, it's different from football or ay other sport.

"It's just you and your position and you have to make the most of it."

In 2012, Daly contested his first state title shoot. A year later he shot his first A-grade score qualifying him for the national championships.

Daly wasted little time in making an impression, winning the national prone championship at his first attempt.

He followed up by winning the national championship in 2016, beating two-time Olympian and top-ranked Australian Dane Sampson.

Coincidentally, Sampson also made his international debut at a World Cup event in Munich in 2011.

The sharp-shooter credits a new rifle purchased at the start of last year as one of the chief reasons behind his improvement, leading to a national number two ranking.

To suport Daly, visit

For the full versions of both of these stories online please click here for article on Dan and here for article on James
Do you know of any other members/clubs that have had articles printed in the newspapers?  If so, we would like to share them with other TRV members - please send an email to the Newsletter editor by clicking here.

Victorian Police and Emergency Games 2017
by Richard Bourke & Dianne Robertson (photos)

On Monday 27th of March MISC hosted the Victorian Police and Emergency Services Games Small Bore Rifle Shooting Competition.

The annual event gives law enforcement and emergency services workers across Victoria an opportunity to spend time away from the more serious side of their work, and this year marks the 35th anniversary of the games.

Volunteers and staff members representing Police, CFA, MFB, Corrections, Ambulance,  Vic Roads, Emergency Management Victoria, Coast Guard , Customs, DELWP, and Parks Victoria,  from all over the state competed in 50m Prone and Benchrest events.

Being a competition open to those who may not normally shoot in competitions or shoot at all is a logistical challenge, but with the great support of volunteers who offered their time as coaches, scorers and even loaning their own equipment makes this competition successful.

This year saw 34 prone shooters covering A, B, C, D E (novice expert) and F (novice) Grades; the novice grades are to cater for those individuals who only shooting is at this annual competition.

With the introduction of A,B,C Grades and then Novice -expert and Novice for the  Benchrest helped spread out the medals. Prone had A,B,C,D, E & F grades which was hotly contested for the day.


Above:  Some TRV members receiving medals (L-R) Bob Heron - 1st C grade, Peter Kelley - 1st B grade
1nd Richard Bourke - 1st A grade

Competitors had to contend with very strong and tricky winds, which at times saw the wind directional flags lifted from the poles and left lying on the ground. Despite this some good scores were shot for the day, and afterwards whilst enjoying a great BBQ lunch provided by Val McCready, many comments were made about how enjoyable the day had been.

With the support of the Sports Coordinators and volunteers the day’s competition ran very smoothly, the highlight was the presentation ceremony where the awards were presented by the CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington.

Ever had one of those moments like Niccolo Campriani?

Thanks to Richard Lightfoot for sending this in


There are many stories we all have to describe our experiences and oversights (that is being kind) when shooting.  Let’s take a typical competition or even practice day.

Smiling we pack our gear, ammo and we think we know where to go.  We assume we knew where to turn off and the GPS got it wrong.  The road directory is in the wife’s car.  A good start to what was to be an enjoyable time.  Then the embarrassing mobile call to find the correct route and finally arriving with 10 minutes to go, so miss the first detail and the best conditions, and the late arrivals have filled detail two, so the windy detail three will be the source of the next series of woes.

You have made peace with yourself, the wife or anyone else travelling with you.

The wind has risen, it’s overcast and lane one next to a wall or the corner of the Hamilton shed has been drawn.

Well the bench at least did not wobble at Lake Gillear but the wind was gusting at 30kph and the flags on sticks at 10 and 30 metres are cracking like whips, or was it an RBA match and the propellers fell off or was it tethered to the adjacent streamer?


Thank the Lord, the stand and the back bags were in the car boot, set on the line, the rifle was grabbed, set up, hell where is the bolt, oh no it’s in the other gun case.  To the rescue came a generous soul from detail 1 who lends his rifle.  This would never happen to any dedicated and well organised lady shooter, may be not just now, but as we are all vulnerable human beings, will the test of time prove differently?

The RO goes through the safety brief, timings, warning and just about to commence fire, where is that damn breech flag?

The target number has been identified, yes it is 50 not 25 metres.

Start, yells the RO, push the button on the clock, thank the Lord, remembered to put the battery back after the last flight from Coffs Harbour.  The shots start raining onto the sighter target, a sigh of relief.

Did you remember to allow for the wind and a cold barrel, up goes your hand on the first sighter, it hit the first scoring square, RO, RO goes the signal.  Dutifully the RO notes your oversight, you know what he is thinking “shot on the downwind side,” at least it will blow away from the scoring square.

A few more sightings and off to the first business shot, a 9, that makes a fight back for a good score now really necessary.

Starting at number one target the shooting proceeds on, winning and losing the battle with the wind.

Now here was when the battle could change, TRA rules no return to sighters, WRABF rules yes, 20 minute duration and back to sighters.  Great shot, please check the sighter target before blazing away, hell no, thirteen shots on a business square, lowest score and minus one for each shot, what an oversight.


No, not going to drop your bundle and say to hell with the wind and get this embarrassment behind you, make every shot count.

Row 3 of the target looks good but what are those shots on Row 5?  Starting at the top of the target, always do.  Who is helping on such a disaster of a day?  Up goes the hand, RO checks the target, was it the shooter to the left or right, that sorted, the wind now is a torrent of darkness out of the gusting trees.  Back to sighters, how many more shots, time calls, the clock does not lie, 30 seconds to go, last shot, “finished”.

Should have counted each shot, no it is okay, no need to prove you are able to count to 5 or if competent to 25, have you kept track of all your shots.  Should have watched the clock and not got lost in battling the wind, should have fully checked the target.  Experience has shown a visit to the toilet prior to shooting is worth 10 points (why leave out one scoring shot, was it a desire for relief)?


Depending on the competition, you either walk forward and find you have overloaded the target, left out a scoring square or when the score goes up wonder how you are down multiples of 10 from your estimated score.  Worst of all, if the guy who loaned you a rifle comes up and says you left off a scoring shot, the first thought is, he is having me on, yes it was a 246 in those lousy conditions but it was a 226, there were two squares left off, he did not see the one directly below his first discovery!

So, what has been learnt, aircraft pilots have a check list before take-off, what a brilliant thought.  Next shoot will you have a plastic encapsulated check list, hell please remember to bring it to the next shoot.  This really sounds like chapter one from the shooter’s lament.

Check Ammo performance before Purchasing.....

Ever wonder how your ammunition will perform prior to purchasing? Now, Eley (Nth America) has made it possible for the .22LR shooter to see the performance before purchase with the Eley lot analyzer by entering the Batch Number. 

Eley is dedicated to producing the most accurate and consistent .22LR at all price levels and by introducing the Eley lot analyzer a consumer can see how accurate and consistent each lot performs. The Eley lot analyzer will give information such as quantity loaded, group size, percentage of shots within tenths of inches from center, velocity and much more.

It is now possible to be standing in your local sporting goods store, enter an Eley lot number that is on the shelf and instantly see the performance of the ammunition. This service will be available for all Eley lot numbers in the United States from 2015 forward. You can find the year of your ammunition by the third and fourth numbers in the lot. For example, if your lot number is 3016-30xxx, it is from the year 2016.


To analyze your lot of ammunition please click here and enter your Batch Number or go to  (to get you started you could use Batch Number 1016-02107 as an example)

*Please note that we have tried this out on different batch numbers in Australia with mixed results of obtaining data due to this being an Eley North American initiative and not directly from the UK manufacturer although the data has been sourced from the Head Office!  It looks as though Eley may also be changing the packaging design.

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TRV Committee 
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