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Health Food Satisfaction and Sustainability

Who doesn't love great food? I'm talking about classics we grew up enjoying daily or weekly, or dishes we reserved for special occasions. Several of your old-time favorites may have come to mind. Now ask yourself, can you imagine going on a diet for the rest of your life and never having these foods again? How about promising to stay on a diet and only splurging on these favorites once a week? Do you think you could do it and not feel guilty the next day? Do you think you could control yourself to have this splurge last for only one meal and not turn into two days of off-plan eating or roll into a week of bingeing? This is a battle most people face. Many go on extreme diet programs,barely sustaining themselves meal by meal, filled with boring food.

I personally tried the simple food approach of a plant-based diet and it left me home alone eating rice and broccoli while feeling sorry for myself. It was effective for weight loss, but did not satisfy my love for gourmet foods. A huge part of my meal satisfaction was missing. At the end of my six-week challenge of eating a pound of raw and a pound of cooked vegetables with a small cup of starch per day, I was screaming for mercy. I had lost 19 of the 20 promised pounds with another 80 to go. I knew I couldn't keep on keeping on with these boring foods. For goodness sake, I was negotiating an extra 1/2 cup of warm brown rice with myself and counting out my nut rations while feeling isolated. Not one of my family members was enticed.

My family loves food. Wait - let me clarify this statement. My family loves great food! Party food, foods of celebration on a Monday night. One of my favorite things to do was to host dinner parties, and my family was at a loss. During this six weeks of dietary restriction, there was not one party. Not even a family meal. It was just me and my containers of measured rice and piles of steamed vegetables. My coworkers called my bean burgers Cow Patties. My food was not only boring, but it was ugly. This lead me back to the vegan freezer section. I lived on overpriced options loaded with oil, sugar and additives that kept me eating them. Oh, and did I eat them! I convinced myself that these frozen vegan items were better than eating a standard diet of fast food. I think the only benefit of my vegan dietary choices was the impact on the animals and our environment. This diet was causing a huge impact on me and on my health. I quickly ballooned back up. I was harassed in the cafeteria at work for not eating Cow Patties anymore. I don't blame them. After all, I did tell them it was the ideal diet for health and weight loss, and here I wasn't following it. My challenge became food satisfaction and sustainability.

This was when I knew I had to figure out a way to get the benefits of eating an oil-free whole food plant-based diet that offered awesome looking and tasting food. I wanted to inspire others to join me. Who wants to do this alone? I was tired of being the oddball fat vegan eating lame tasteless food one week and binging on French fries and vegan junk food the next. My goal was to get friends to look at my work lunch and say, "Wow - that looks great. I thought you were on a vegan diet?" I wanted to regain my reputation for hosting delicious dinner parties again. I longed to eat with my family again and have them excited to join me, all while I improved my health and became slim. This sounded like a big challenge, but I was up for it. My mother gave me much more than the love of great food (and heart disease). She gave me cooking skills, artistic ability and confidence creating.

I thank her everyday as I have created, and continue to create, the most innovative recipes to support all my dreams of exciting friends, coworkers and family to adopt a vegan diet that is free of all the setbacks and loaded with eye appeal and familiar flavors. I have inspired countless people to start cooking to achieve optimal health and their ideal body weight. They have used my exciting recipes to inspire their family and friends to join them on a Protective Diet.

Many will look at my meals and say, "I can't eat like that and achieve my goals." I assure them the meal is made up of healthy plant-based ingredients combined with my cooking techniques to make vegetables and whole grains look like comfort food favorites. Most people are accustomed to counting up calories. To put the non-believers at ease, I ask them to add up the calories the first couple days on plan. I also ask them to read the success stories on the testimonial page. They quickly come to realize that they can fully enjoy healthy food, and a lot of it, without exceeding their caloric needs. Eating foods with familiar appeal has allowed me and many others to celebrate and enjoy our meals. This offers food satisfaction and sustainability. It took me many years of trial and error, and I thank all of my friends, family and volunteers who worked with me to develop this solution to finally enjoy and have a healthy relationship with food. For further guidance and assistance in adopting a Protective Diet for optimal health and to achieve your ideal body weight, join us tonight in the PD-Ed classroom.

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This week's class subject:
Class #92 July 28, 8:00 CDT
Food Anxiety

Are you afraid of a Protective Diet’s delicious looking recipes? Some fear and avoid certain recipes because they resemble problematic foods.  We will discuss how to use these foods to our advantage.

Need some inspiration to get started on you path to optimal health?

My husband Scott and I began following Protective Diet sometime right around the end of March.  We had been 100% plant based since January 2012 when I randomly ending up watching Forks Over Knives on Netflix to occupy myself one very cold Saturday here in Minnesota.  As we do with everything, we plunged in 100% with eating a plant-based diet and never looked back.  The only challenge was staying with the whole food no fat part.  We’d do really well for a while – 2 -3 months and then bam we were eating sugar again, buying Oreos, Mike and Ikes and drinking Coke.  Discovering the vegan bakery at one of our local food co-ops didn’t help much either – for our waistline or our pocket book.  Over those three years we both yo-yo’ed some with our weight going up and down 25 lbs or so multiple times.

Then in March, while listening to a Chef AJ telecast with Julie Marie as the guest, we learned about PD.  I’d heard lots of people talk about how they were food addicts, but when Julie Marie shared about eating full tubs of frosting, I knew she was the real deal.  I used to do the exact same thing – although I did sometimes dip vanilla wafers in it.  When she talked about why PD doesn’t include date paste and noted that if the dates are in her fridge she’s going to end up having to eat one every time she opened the door, I knew without a doubt she was talking my language.  The idea that the additives in foods were what kept driving us back to the vegan junk food and sugar made so much sense.  We knew that there were things in processed foods that triggered our brain chemistry, but really getting down with eliminating “spices” and “natural flavorings” wasn’t something that had even entered our radar screen.  This all fit with what we had experienced - when we eat only whole foods the food cravings pretty much go away – just hadn’t ever been able to pin down why they didn’t stay gone.

The next day after the telecast we cleaned out the cupboards, joined the PD website, took “before” pictures and went grocery shopping.  We were ready to roll.  Since then my husband Scott and I have been totally PD!  We’ve had amazing success. We’ve both lost weight – I’ve lost roughly 25lbs and as of last weekend Scott has lost 30lbs.  On top of that,Scott’s cholesterol went from 205 to 150 in about two months.  His LDL had been 187 and it went to 82 – Dr. N., you can keep that scrip for statins!  But, most important, the food cravings are totally gone – like I mean I don’t have them at all!  I have struggled with food as long as I can remember; my weight has been as high as 375 lbs.  And those cravings are what leads to binging. Without the cravings there is such a freedom.  Personally, I find that I now know when I am full and when I’m full I’m done eating – even if there are only a few bites on my plate. I can’t bring myself to eat any more – I mean who does that?  I never did, that is for sure – I was completely out of touch with what full felt like unless it was stuffed like I wish I could barf kinda full.  Now, I just know – I can feel it – I’m not stuffed, just done.  I do still have to work on eating slower though so that way my brain gets the message, as my stomach is becoming full, rather than a few bites later.

Lots of people think this program might be hard when traveling or at family events, but we have navigated all of these things since beginning PD.  For my job I travel for a week at a time – I have had it easy where I’ve got a kitchenette and other times I’ve had just a fridge and microwave.  I can always make it work.  I bring along some NYCS and salad dressing – then I buy romaine, frozen veggies, beans, potatoes and salsa.  Salads to go with beans are my lunch and potatoes with frozen broccoli, NYCS, beans and salsa make a great dinner.  Our biggest challenge was at the end of May when we took our annual motorcycle excursion.  We were gone for 10 days on the motorcycle and if you’ve never traveled on a motorcycle, then you can’t fully appreciate how little space there is.  I mean you count underwear, socks – everything.  We have a big touring bike – but you always need to bring all your leathers, rain gear, some tools and stuff to clean the bugs off the bike as well as sun block.  I remember Julie Marie saying tortillas don’t take much room and we did manage to squeeze a couple packages on there.  We had a can opener, flexible strainer and smaller than lunch size canvas cooler with a freezy thing.

So, what did we eat???  Well, I remember the first night we ate at Ryan’s – a smorgasbord place (Scott calls it the trough).  We were able to get Hugh Jass salads, salsa and plain baked potatoes – it was perfect.  Watching everyone in there gorging themselves only reinforced the great choice we were making for our bodies and minds.  After that, though, we would get to the hotel, unload the bike and hit Wal-Mart. We were always able to get organic frozen broccoli, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, frozen corn, black beans and salsa.  So far we have always been able to find “clean” salsa by some miracle.  Sometimes we found frozen brown rice. And then there were those amazing clean tortillas we found in Clarksville, TN and one other place (I can’t remember).  We also found that Quaker organic instant oatmeal was clean (not the tastiest, but tolerable).  And of course there was “fun fruit” – the cut up melon I never buy at home because I’m not paying that price to have someone do what I can do.  We always stayed where they had a free breakfast – not for the breakfast, but for the assurance that they would have plates and plastic silverware! We always stayed where they had a fridge and microwave.  Each night we’d microwave extra potatoes and the next day we ate them along with raw veggies and fruit for lunch.  We were continually surprised by how much we enjoyed the broccoli on the potato with salsa – we’d always had it with NYCS before and I was sure it would not be good without – but to my surprise I really like the taste of broccoli.  Seemed like every night it was “wow, this broccoli is soooo good!”

Did we have a lot of variety – well, no we did not, but it really didn’t matter. The trip wasn’t about the food. It was about nourishing us – mind, body spirit (aka wind therapy).  That’s why we ride a motorcycle to some of the most beautiful places in this country.  We felt so good about staying PD on the trip and after doing it on the bike we know we can do it anywhere.  Really, we just need to eat enough to not feel super hungry – fruit, raw veggies and potatoes can be found anywhere (even Kwik Trip).

PD has really been amazing - the community through Facebook, the fabulous recipes from Julie Marie, weekly class – all of it.  We both feel so good and can see doing this forever.  We feel like we found the answer to alleviate all the struggle, and the freedom from the daily battle with food is such an incredible gift.  Thanks Julie Marie and Jerry!!!! - Sharon H. July 2015

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