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Before starting PD, I had tried so many other ways and plans to lose weight. Sustainability (or lack thereof) and feeling deprived were the two biggest hurdles I faced. I had even tried being vegan for a time but found it difficult due to lack of recipes. In November of 2014, I met with a woman who told me about the benefits of plant based eating and specifically about PD. Being the heaviest I'd been in my life not pregnant, I figured I had nothing to lose except my weight and bad health. I jumped in to PD the very next day. After two weeks, I saw major improvements. I no longer had IBS and my mood had improved dramatically. I lost 10 lbs the first month and it continued that way for several months. Two months into PD, I was able to fit into snow pants and play with my kids in the snow! I had my life back. In February 2015, I fit back into my wedding dress in time for my anniversary. In July 2015, I hit my healthy BMI range. I've lost a total of 65 lbs. I've gone from a size 16 to a size 8. This is the smallest I've ever been as an adult. I no longer battle food addiction or low moods. I have energy to play with my kids. I've even gone down 1 3/4 sizes in my wedding rings! The major difference has been the sustainability and variety in Julie's recipes and the positive support in the PD community. Julie has made this easy as a lifestyle change. PD has truly changed my life!

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Class #124 March 8, 8:00 CDT
Essential Kitchen Tools

The necessary tools for an efficient plant-based kitchen

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Sep 10, 2019 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Battered and baked into irresistible finger-friendly party food, it’s what I serve to improve my friends’ and family’s wellbeing without anyone noticing they are eating okra. Most who turn their noses up at okra are unfamiliar with its versatility and health benefits and likely haven’t tried it because their influential parents didn’t care for it. If you're opposed to okra, allow me the opportunity to introduce it to you with this delicious and fun recipe. It looks deep-fried, and when enjoyed with a dip or sauce, a pound of okra will fly off the plate. If you don’t tell anyone it’s okra, they will not be opposed to diving in. There are several compelling reasons I am eating and encouraging everyone to enjoy okra. Okra, green, red, raw or cooked, is rich in polyphenols and contains a protein called lectin, which is being studied with great success for its role in cancer prevention and treatment. Okra added to a Protective Diet can reduce your risk of serious diseases, prevent inflammation, and improve overall health. Most notably, its polyphenol content contributes to heart and brain health. The seeds inside okra are being studied to treat fatigue after studies confirmed a significant endurance and energy increase. Okra assists in digestion and is shown to carry away toxins and lower LDL cholesterol, making it a digestive detoxifier and cardio-protective food. It is anti-aging due to its high vitamin C and A content, offering protection from cataracts and keeping skin youthful. I hope to improve okra’s undesirable reputation with this innovative and fun recipe and protective science that has Jerry and me eating it up.

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Sep 03, 2019 12:00 am | Julie Marie

This popular East Texas garden-fresh relish-style salad is traditionally enjoyed over fresh-picked, seasoned and simmered black-eyed peas with golden cornbread. My friend Sarah from Texas mentioned Slang Jang with excitement. I said “Slang what?” and now we are enjoying its fresh tang together on Tece’s Beans with Cornbread Under Pressure, Baked Tortilla Chips, Cheater Baked Potatoes, Plant-Based Etouffee, and Hoppin’ John. Sarah and I are having delicious fun, adding protection and excitement to all our plant-based meals. I had to give the Honey Grove, Texas original recipe from 1888 a functional foods 2019 Protective Diet makeover and share it with our PD community. I’m bringing century-old southern American food history into modern health foodie kitchens everywhere while maintaining the original look, texture, and flavor of a Texas classic everybody likes and nobody can get enough of.

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Aug 27, 2019 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Reach for a hydrating and protective African Red polyphenol pick-me-up when you’re feeling snacky. Thirst and dehydration trigger hunger hormones that have encouraged eating for the survival of humankind. Most of us reach for fruit when all our body wants is hydration and water just seems oh so boring. Between meal snacks ruin our appetite, sabotaging mealtime excitement and health food satisfaction. My resolution is a special pitcher or reusable glass bottles and a system to keep my daily stash of additive-free, sugar-free, enticing and protective beverages handy. This makes healthy sipping more appealing for teens, houseguests, and of course most importantly yourself.

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Aug 20, 2019 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Fermentation multiplies the protective lycopene content in tomatoes and improves nutrition bioavailability. Probiotic-populated pizza sauce has a remarkable aroma and flavor, making healthy Protective Diet foodies cheer at pizza parties all around the world. This unique fast ferment technique produces a perfect sauce that will stay fresh and handy up to six months in your refrigerator door. Fermented Pizza Sauce with the easy-mix Flatbread Pizza recipe makes a Protective Diet pizza party in your workplace for wellness unforgettable.

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Aug 13, 2019 12:00 am | Julie Marie

A warm satisfying sipper, treating our body to quadruple disease protection. Pure chocolate, spicy ginger, and curcumin are shown to intercept disease at its earliest stages and to inhibit angiogenesis of cancer cells when incorporated into a diet and lifestyle that is void of disease fertilizers. I created this exciting recipe to finish every protective dinner party with a promising toast to optimal health. The flavor is dark chocolate with an exciting ginger finish. My friends never ask about its protection - they ask about a second cup. Optimal health outcomes are not a result of high-quality medical care, but from a diet and lifestyle pattern that can prevent or intercept disease at the earliest microscopic stages. An anti-angiogenic, anti-inflammatory Protective Diet is a practical and cost-effective method to reduce the risk of cancer, inflammatory diseases and to enhance the quality of life. We are the boss of our body and can make every bite and beverage protective for our wellbeing, the animals, and our planet with a Protective Diet.

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Julie Marie Christensen is the Creator and Recipe Developer of the Protective Diet, Director and Educator at Protective Diet-Ed, Television Chef on Health Local, Cooking Instructor for Humana, Public Speaker, Creator of The Protective Diet 30 Day Whole Food Detox &Taste Bud Reprogramming and host of The Protective Mind & Body Retreat.  Her creation of the Protective Diet has guided thousands of students to reverse disease and reach their ideal body weight.  Julie specializes in eliminating obesity and food addictions with her innovative, original, oil-, sugar-, nut- and additive-free plant based recipes along with PD-Ed.  PD-Ed is a live, interactive, weekly, webcast to make adopting this diet and lifestyle affordable, rewarding and sustainable

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