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AMAZING results with this food! My 8 year old dog has been declining rapidly this year with a chronic kidney disease requiring prescription dog food and medication and STILL kept getting worse every month. She was bloated, had bellamultiple urinating accidents, had trouble catching her breath and her coat looked awful & mangy. She looked at me with absolute fear in her eyes and was constantly agitated. She has had this dog food since May 1st and on Saturday July 16th, my vet said “this isn’t the same dog!” Her urinalysis isn’t completely normal but I no longer have to bring her in for bimonthly urine checks. She is acting young again, hopping barrier gates and playing with my other dog. Her coat is beautiful! She is no longer bloated and her abdomen is soft (it was hard before). She no longer has any urine accidents and breathes normally. I have my sweet dog back!!!!!! Julie, I can’t thank you enough! “Food is my medicine” and my dogs too!
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Class #142 July 19, 8:00 CDT
Stocking Your Kitchen For Efficency & Savings Part 1 - Pantry Staples

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Feb 18, 2020 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Fermented Bananas Premium PD Recipe

I have been fermenting slightly under-ripe bananas, boosting their bioavailability and protection at a microscopic level to promote my immune system through my gut microbiome. Flavorful fermented bananas are cellular protective anti-aging mood enhancers. In three days, probiotics populate the bananas, digesting their natural sugars and producing bubbles of gas, filling each banana with carbonation. They ripen in texture, and the flavor becomes reminiscent of Ambrosia salad. Give your Yogi Bowls a boost or enjoy them straight from the jar. Adding a variety of produce to our daily diet will improve our immune system with a diverse microbiota. With fermented bananas in my refrigerator, I can add one protective piece to my meal rather than filling up on the entire banana, leaving little room to enjoy fruit diversity in my meal.

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Feb 11, 2020 12:00 am | Julie Marie

No-Knead Brine Bread Premium PD Recipe

My Dutch oven is great for making plant-based roast-less pot roast, but with this no-knead fuss-free bread recipe, this old-fashioned pot becomes a steam oven, producing a perfect bakery round. After switching to whole grain flour, I missed crusty French loaves, until now! It is as simple as stirring dough together before bed at night. The mixture does its thing while I dream of soup, salad, and perfectly baked bread. First thing in the morning, I run to the kitchen to bake it and warm up the house while I shower to the most comforting aromatherapy treatment in the world. With every loaf I make, I am shocked by its simplicity and perfect texture. Feeling so proud, I’ve wrapped my artisanal Brine Bread in parchment with a ribbon to share with friends who know a starch-based Protective Diet is slimming and deliciously sustainable. This loaf can be made plain or decorated with fermented mix-ins or diced olives. I have taught you to powerhouse your microbiome with exciting fermented food recipes, and you likely have a refrigerator packed with probiotic populated brine awaiting creative health-promoting ways to enjoy them. If not, you can use water and start fermenting something protective for next week's Brine Bread.

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Feb 04, 2020 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Escabeche Mexican Pickles Premium PD Recipe

Escabeche is a dish of Mexican style pickles served with tacos or with a hot meal to brighten it up. Traditionally, carrots, jalapenos, and onions are fermented with garlic and seasoned with oregano. Unfortunately, pickling and canned shortcuts with vinegar gave this condiment a sour and less than desirable flavor. With this easy fermentation recipe, we can enjoy the original Mexican garnish, complete with protective probiotics. With escabeche in my refrigerator door, my meal planning shifted from “what should I make for dinner?” to “what can I put these spicy pickles on?” Fermentation mellows pungent raw onions and adds an exciting umami flavor, making basic beans and rice taste amazing. Flavorful fermented onions and peppers are known as cancer and disease protective anti-aging mood enhancers. On a Protective Diet, we have eliminated inflammatory disease fertilizing foods, and now we are fermenting vegetables to boosting their bioavailability and protection at a microscopic level to promote the immune system through our gut microbiome.

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Jan 28, 2020 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Plant-Based Taquitos Premium PD Recipe

Celebrate game day or any day of the week with oil-free dippable taquitos. They’re traditionally filled with meat, tightly rolled, fried, and served with high-fat guacamole and sour cream. Our guilt-free remake is complete with protective toppings and dip options to improve our blood flow and maintain slim waistlines. This quick-prep whole-grain gluten-free recipe transforms leftovers into party food everyone will enjoy. Practicing a Protective Diet is never a sacrifice, with recipes and cooking techniques to keep fun, satisfying meals on your table while offering protection to humans, animals and our planet.

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Jan 21, 2020 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Spices & Herb Cracker Mix Premium PD Recipe

Crunch your way to health with three grain-free selectively spiced cracker mix recipe options that give our microbiota a high-fiber prebiotic boost while providing an upgrade in nutritional variety. They’re irresistible in color and seasoned with protective spices and herbal protection. Using pantry staples, mixes can be assembled in advance and baked with water or ferment brine. One batch of 96 crisps fits perfectly into a quart jar, but don’t bother - these crackers never stale. Go ahead, be lazy, and leave them out in a bowl. Air exposure makes them crunchier than the day they were baked.

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