Protective Diet Mindful Eating: Stop The Snacks Challenge

Let’s get a two-week jump start on a healthy disease-free slim and trim new year with an introduction lesson to PD Mindful Eating and the Stop the Snacks Challenge. Are you in the Protective Diet Groove and ready for a personal betterment challenge? Here’s a video explaining what it feels like to be in the PD Groove.
When you’re in the groove, nothing can derail you from maintaining all the advantages of your daily practice. You’re feeling fantastic, and physical food cravings have disappeared, along with health challenges. This is when I encourage you to really get to know yourself.

I’m talking about your feelings. For many years I confused feelings of exhaustion, boredom, loneliness, stress and even joyful excitement with hunger. I missed out on many years of experiencing the fullness of my life by numbing my personal feelings with food and making eating an isolating, shameful activity, instead of living and feeling the ups and downs and joys and sorrows life gave me to experience. I was practicing a Protective Diet full time for almost a decade and easily reversed heart disease, regressed cancer, eliminated several painful and unsightly inflammatory diseases, and naturally slimmed down from a size 22 to a size 6, but I was still using food to escape and dull my feelings. After I was diagnosed with brain cancer in March of 2016, I decided to follow through with Protective Diet Mindful Eating practices to improve my chances of regressing and surviving brain cancer, giving myself every advantage, including a low body fat. I designed these practices to make it easier for me not to feel deprived, while eliminating snacks between meals and stopping at full and satisfied rather than stuffed and lethargic. This break in digestion with Mindful Eating on a Protective Diet allowed my body time to focus on healing using the protective foods known to inhibit angiogenesis, assisting to stop further tumor growth, regress the cancer in my brain, and protect my body from future disease. I was doing everything to take the best care of myself for years. I wanted to completely allow myself to feel my feelings and take action to feel good. My misuse of food only repressed them and made me feel worse following a binge. Facing my feelings, addressing life and taking action to eliminate my boredom became easier than numbing with food. These were my personal feelings - a part of my life experience, yet I never really allowed myself an opportunity to feel them. We’ve all watched sad movies and read joyful books that awoke emotions ending with a release of tears. After this experience of heartfelt feeling, we always felt better. When I removed the food rituals of covering up my feelings with food, I had nothing left but to find new actions to take to make myself feel good, satisfy my needs and to start living. There was no distracting me from my feelings, and I had to address them and my unmet needs in life.

Food will never offer this kind of healing. Only feeling and living life will allow you to feel fulfilled and complete. I want to help you experience life and eat wonderful, delicious, satisfying protective food in a way that feels amazing and allows you to go live life, play and have healthy fun. Life is way too short to bury your days in food. I haven’t ever tasted a food worthy of holding me back and suppressing one more day of my precious life. I diligently applied Protective Diet Mindful Eating practices and achieved all the goals listed below.  I successfully handicapped my ability to binge resulting in a loss of twenty additional pounds. 

 Here’s a challenge I’d love to guide and support you through. It is a challenge of self-awareness for personal betterment. I’d like you to join me to address your feelings, live life and eat a Protective Diet without restriction. Together we will get to know true hunger and meal-time food satisfaction with this first step challenge in Mindful Eating on a Protective Diet. Here’s a list of expected Goals and take-action Objectives to start applying today. Then join me on Tuesday in the PD-Ed classroom for the pre-class chat, where I can personally assist you and you will feel the love and support of our like-minded community. Regroup with us again every Saturday for more personalized support and coaching in The Live Coaching Hour. Share your results on New Year’s Day in Protective Diet Living. We will share them in a new PD-Ed Mindful Eating lesson with your two-week Stop The Snacks success stories to encourage many who will follow in your footsteps.  

Goals of Protective Diet Mindful Eating Practices:
  • Achieve and easily maintain your slimmest body without food restriction
  • Turn on full reception and use your body’s natural calorie tracker
  • Handicap your ability to binge
  • Dramatically improve mealtime food satisfaction
  • Enjoy high energy, especially post meals
  • Allow your body the necessary break time from digestion to focus on healing and protective repair work
  • Eliminate over consumption of calories without counting or measuring
  • Reduce food costs with volume reduction
  • Shorten time spent preparing food
  • Experience and appreciate true hunger before meals
  • Understand that feelings of tired and stressed will not be satisfied with food
  • Change behaviors when stressed, bored, lonely, sad or excited
  • Engage in nonfood related activities between meals
Protective Diet Mindful Eating Introductory Practice
Stop The Snacks Challenge

Suggested Take-Action Objectives:
  • Do not eat between meals
  • Do not graze; eat only at meal time
  • Eat a meal when you are hungry
  • When you stop snacking, you will feel hunger signals
  • If you are not hungry for a full meal, it is not time to eat yet
  • Example: I could just use a little something or I just need a snack
  • If accustomed to snacking, replace snacks with a special PD Beverage Break or refreshing glass of water
  • When you are thirsty, drink; do not eat fruit to satisfy thirst
  • When tired, take a nap or go to bed earlier the next evening instead of eating
  • Food will never rejuvenate energy for someone who is sleep deprived
  • When stressed, do not eat; take several deep breaths, go for a walk, take a bath or phone a friend
  • When overwhelmed, write down challenges and read them out loud to yourself as if they were your best friend’s problems. Write down suggestions you would offer your friend and take immediate action with this solution
  • Do not eat chef’s treats during meal prep
  • Chew Protective Gum to eliminate mindless eating while cooking - The Protective Gum resource will be next week’s lifestyle recipe
  • Get out of the kitchen when you are not preparing or eating meals
  • Find something enjoyable to keep you busy and out of the kitchen
  • Engage in Protective Diet Education Saturday Morning Live Coaching hour and/or Pre-class Chat on Tuesday evening for support and personalized guidance
  • Participate in Protective Diet Living, our official support group, for 24-hour community support
  • Watch these two helpful PD-Ed guidance lessons, A Winter Day of Eating and A Summer Day of Eating, to see just how I fit fruit into my daily diet without snacking between meals
  • Share your off-the-charts results with all of us on New Year’s Day in Protective Diet Living
  • Submit Stop the Snacks results as a testimonial submission on to inspire our community
After the New Year begins, move right along into the next challenge of Mindful Eating:
Protective Diet Meals Without Distractions

This week's class subject:

Class #198 October 19, 8:00 CST
Grocery Store Restock

Supplemental shopping, herb run and pantry staples at Ralf’s and Sprouts

What PD-Ed Students Are Cooking This Week:

Dec 12, 2017 12:00 am | Julie Marie

No-cook thick and creamy plant-based vanilla pudding with the delightful texture of whole grain brown rice, topped with a sprinkle of optional cinnamon and a surprise cherry on the bottom, is a high energy grab-and-go breakfast or after school snack. I adore the tiny chew of rice in each bite. If you’re a pudding purist and prefer creamy pudding, this recipe has an option just for you.

The post Vanilla Rice Pudding Premium PD Recipe appeared first on Protective Diet.

Dec 05, 2017 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Creamy plant-based and sugar-free winter-spiced healthy Holiday Nog is refreshing and indulgent-tasting, making the holiday season exciting and protective on a Protective Diet. Serve it in a chilled punch bowl at your holiday party, sip it straight out of the jar or top off a cup of black tea.

The post Holiday Nog Premium PD Recipe appeared first on Protective Diet.

Nov 28, 2017 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Serve this plant-based party starter scooped up with baked pita chips, Seasoned Crispy Crackers, crudité, or spread onto Seasoned Flatbread wedges, pleasing everyone no matter their level of dietary consciousness. On a Protective Diet, we are celebrating the holidays with a jump start on a healthy new year.

The post Holiday Cheeze Ball Premium PD Recipe appeared first on Protective Diet.

Nov 21, 2017 12:00 am | Julie Marie

The star of Thanksgiving dinner remade into handheld biscuit style muffins that we can enjoy any day of the year. No need to set a formal dining table for this quick-prep savory holiday favorite. This health-promoting cruelty-free gourmet stuffing is whole grain, gluten free and moist on the inside with a satisfying golden outer crunch for a texturally balanced bite in every serving. In just 30 minutes your home will be filled with the unforgettable comforting aroma of the holidays.

The post Cornbread Stuffin’ Muffins PD Premium Recipe appeared first on Protective Diet.

Nov 14, 2017 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Protective Diet Tea Parties are all the rage when introducing friends to how delicious PD Living can be. Share this oil-free plant-based specialty whole grain coffee cake, layered with tangy cream cheeze and sugar-free fruit, topped with vanilla crumble. On a Protective Diet, we are living a healthy dream come true. Enjoying inviting, healing food recipes that taste and look just like familiar childhood favorites feels surreal. Our participating community is staying so slim, never tempted to eat off plan and experiencing an unimaginable level of wellness and high energy.

The post Cherry Cheeze Danish Premium PD Recipe appeared first on Protective Diet.

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The value of  Protective Diet Education:

  • 30 Day Detox & Taste Bud Re-Program
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  • 21 Meals to Mastery Challenge
  • Maintaining goals with your Mastery Practice
  • Optimal Health Drive program
  • You will have access to 197 archived classes
  • One live interactive coaching webcast per week
  • Two weekly live interactive group coaching chats to answer all your questions
  • Access to 451 original recipes to keep you excited and on plan
  • At least one new innovative recipe is added per week
  • 24 hour community support group
Julie Marie Christensen is the Creator and Recipe Developer of the Protective Diet, Director and Educator at Protective Diet-Ed, Cooking Instructor for Humana, Public Speaker, Creator of The Protective Diet 30 Day Whole Food Detox &Taste Bud Reprogram.  Her creation of the Protective Diet has guided thousands of students to reverse disease and reach their ideal body weight.  Julie specializes in eliminating obesity and food addictions with her innovative, original, oil-, sugar-, nut- and additive-free plant-based recipes along with PD-Ed.  PD-Ed is a live, interactive, weekly, webcast to make adopting this diet and lifestyle affordable, rewarding and sustainable

Best of Health,

Julie Marie Christensen

Educator and Public Speaker
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