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This week we opened the classroom doors so everyone can review our latest lesson.  PD-Ed Class #108 covers how to prepare for and what to expect from the 30-Day Whole Food Detox and Taste Bud Reprogram.  We have made this lesson open to the public to offer a full class peek into Protective Diet Education.  Join our program and health minded community.  Enroll and take the first step on your path to optimal health.  PD-Ed will guide and support you to achieve all of your health goals.  Take advantage of the last week of free enrollment and save $100 while getting a jump start on the new year.

Protective Diet-Ed is a live and interactive weekly webcast lesson about the application and benefits of a Protective Diet. Each week covers a different topic of discussion relating to an oil, sugar and nut free whole food plant-based diet and lifestyle.  The format allows you to ask live questions and interact with other students in the classroom.  These interactive courses are designed to be affordable, help guide you, offer support, and make this lifestyle successful, easy and rewarding. Learn the science, application, and tips and tricks to experience fast and sustainable results.  Members receive access to online weekly classes, live question and answer, and exclusive new recipes reserved for PD-Ed students only. If you can’t tune in live on Tuesday at 8:00 pm CST, you may watch the recorded lesson at your leisure.  You will have access to all archived classes for the duration of your membership. Julie Marie is looking forward to working with you and sharing all her proven effective tips and tricks to guide you to optimal health.

The value of  Protective Diet Education:

  • 30 Day Detox & Taste Bud Re-Program
  • 50/50 Balanced Plate Practice
  • 21 Meals to Mastery Challenge
  • Maintaining goals with your Mastery Practice
  • You will have access to over 100 archived classes
  • One live interactive coaching webcast per week
  • Two weekly live interactive group coaching chats to answer all your questions
  • Access to over 180 premium recipes to keep you excited and on plan
  • At least one new innovative recipe is added per week
  • 24 hour community support group

Save $100 - Free Program Enrollment through 11/30/2015
Monthly Premium Membership Dues $29.97
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Protective Diet Education may qualify as a weight loss program covered by your Health Savings Account.  Pre-existing diagnosis such as obesity, hypertension or diabetes may be required

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This week's class subject:
Class #109 November 24, 8:00 CDT
Protection For Our Planet

Implementing lifestyle practices to protect our planet

What PD-Ed Students Are Cooking This Week

Mar 31, 2020 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Oil-Free Garlic Naan Premium PD Recipe

My favorite soft flatbread with an elastic chew, plain or coated in garlic-butter and cilantro, has danced through my memory for fifteen vegan years. In my dreams I used this pillow-soft bread to scoop up spicy Red Lentil Dahl, wrap my Falafel topped with Spice Sauce and layer on Gyros swimming in Tzatziki Sauce. If you haven’t experienced naan, please let me introduce you to pita bread’s thinner, softer, more flexible, pocketless younger sister from India with Persian roots. The name comes from the Persian word “non”, for bread. Naan incorporated yogurt and oil to keep it soft. It was tossed into a fiery hot tandoori oven to quickly bake, producing bubbles and a bit of char. I have finally perfected an oil-free whole-grain plant-based recipe remake that turns your Dutch oven into a stovetop tandoori oven, producing stretchy-soft fat-free plant-based bread to dip, wrap and enjoy with everything. This will be Protective Diet’s ovens-off-for-the-summer flatbread favorite. Please share what you are enjoying your naan within the blog comments below.

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Mar 24, 2020 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Quarantine Crackers Premium PD Recipe

I made brown rice into the best tasting quick-mix oil-free cracker crisps you’ll ever taste. This recipe incorporates cellular-protective pantry staples to give our immune system a boost, with beta-glucan fiber and natural prebiotics to strengthen our microbiota, seasoned with irresistible oxidative-stress-blasting antioxidant-rich spices. One batch produces 96 organic crackers that fit perfectly into a quart jar and costs under a dollar. We are improving our food quality and offering protection to humans, animals, and our planet with a Protective Diet and lifestyle.

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Mar 17, 2020 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Mint Chocolate Chip Nice Cream Premium PD Recipe

Creamy mint chip ice cream made from high fiber cancer-protective angiogenesis-inhibiting plant-based breakfast pantry ingredients is ours to enjoy on a Protective Diet. I have created the healthiest, creamiest and most satisfying ice cream without the use of fat. With this innovative recipe and freezer storage system, PD families and singles can enjoy a nightly scoop of creamy protection. Join me in my Workplace for Wellness for Nice Cream Pro Tips and actions to improve self-care, PD-ED Lesson #248.

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Mar 10, 2020 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Caraway Coffee Premium PD Recipe

This calorie-free robust roast will promote comforting mood-boosting feelings of euphoria as your healthy gut microbiota communicates with your brain. Caraway, a potent medicinal plant, is traditionally used for treating obesity. The study supporting this recipe confirms its weight-lowering effects through a randomized, triple-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. Caraway is helpful in the management of obesity because of its bioactive constituents. Although the mechanism of action remains to be determined at the molecular level, fat loss is speculated to arise from a prebiotic effect of caraway in the gut through balancing its microbiome growth. We added delicious caraway coffee into our daily routine as a delightful dark roasted coffee replacement with benefits of protective phytochemicals. After a few weeks, Jerry and I both noticed an unexpected increase in excitement as we roasted and brewed our morning cups. Without the inclusion of caffeine, sugar, or additives, it must be our healthy gut microbes producing feel-good neurotransmitters to get us to go back for a second cup day after day with excitement. Enjoy PD-Ed Lesson #257 - How the gut microbiota influences behavior and controls physical and mental wellbeing based on long term dietary practices. Learn how to promote a more robust immune system and efficient metabolism by populating a diverse resident microbiota with a Protective Diet and lifestyle.

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Mar 03, 2020 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Stuffed Shrooms Premium PD Recipe

The first thing I ordered for our table at Houlihan’s pub was one of my biggest indulgent eating regrets. The creamy horseradish dipping sauce made these battered golden mushrooms so unforgettable I had to give them a Protective Diet remake. Now I enjoy them as part of my optimal health maintenance and serve them to all my friends. I nailed the eye appeal and flavor in a surprisingly quick-to-prepare recipe that makes protective mushrooms exciting.

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Julie Marie Christensen is the Creator and Recipe Developer of the Protective Diet, Director and Educator at Protective Diet-Ed, Television Chef on Health Local, Cooking Instructor for Humana, Public Speaker, Creator of The Protective Diet 30 Day Whole Food Detox &Taste Bud Reprogramming and host of The Protective Mind & Body Retreat.  Her creation of the Protective Diet has guided thousands of students to reverse disease and reach their ideal body weight.  Julie specializes in eliminating obesity and food addictions with her innovative, original, oil, sugar, nut and additive free plant based recipes along with PD-Ed.  PD-Ed is a live, interactive, weekly, webcast to make adopting this diet and lifestyle affordable, rewarding and sustainable

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