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Eating Tricks to Identify & Soothe While Discovering True Hunger

You’ve got your healthy plant-based diet in full swing.  Practicing a PD cut out all the food additives, sugars, fats and eliminated the physical food cravings.  You have completed the 30 Day Whole Food Detox, your taste buds are reprogrammed and sensitive to the natural sweetness in fresh fruit and vegetables.  Yet you may be still bingeing on vegetables, overeating starches, and not familiar with the feeling of true hunger and what full feels like.  I want to open your eyes to the feeling of full and hungry.  It may sound basic, but for years we were eating food containing additives and sugars that drive us to eat past full.  This has caused most of us to become accustomed to overeating and bingeing as normal. Even though we are not being driven to eat from physical food addiction, we are conditioned to the feeling of being stuffed and overeating as normal.  Here are my recommendations to understand the feeling of true hunger.  This will allow you to follow your body’s natural signals to eat and stop when you are perfectly full.  When these guidelines are practiced, along with a Protective Diet, you will easily reach and maintain your ideal body weight without struggle. 
  • Plate your meal according to the PD guidelines of half starch & half vegetables 
  • Have awareness of the size of your stomach and plate up a nice portion 
  • Wrap leftovers up and put them away before sitting down for your meal 
  • Consciously enjoy your meal at the table 
  • Turn off distractions such as the TV, computer, phones and close your books 
  • Chew, taste, and enjoy your meal 
  • Following your plated meal, enjoy a cup of hot herbal tea, iced tea, lemon water, or Flower Water 
  • This will give you a new ritual and something to look forward to other than a second helping or dessert 
  • As you sip your tea, take note of the comfortable full feeling in your stomach 
  • Notice your hunger has subsided and you feel good, satisfied, and content 
  • This is full 
  • This goes unnoticed when we are distracted during meals, eat too quickly or go back for seconds without a break to notice the feeling of full 
  • The calorie-free beverage can replace the ritual of seconds or dessert 
  • This is also a personal break allowing us to take note of feeling full and satisfied 
With this practice you will start to notice some major changes including: 
  • Portions will naturally reduce due to eating consciously without distractions of the TV, internet, or books
  • You won’t feel stuffed or weighed down post-meals, energy will be high, and indigestion will vanish 
  • Kitchen hours will reduce as portion sizes reduce allowing for more leftovers and freezer meals  
  • Savings will increase due to more servings and meals per recipe 
  • Body fat reduction will naturally occur due to eating for true hunger and stopping when full 
  • Body fat reduction will naturally occur when we stop eating as an activity during TV, internet, or reading 
  • The feeling of true hunger and full will become noticeable and easily recognized   
  • These feelings will become your guide to eat and when to stop eating 
  • The need to measure, count calories or monitor starch consumption will be eliminated 
  • You will be in tune with hunger and satiation as your guide to eating and when to stop 
  • Ideal body weight will be achieved and sustained after we stop eating due to boredom 
  • Ideal body weight will be achieved and sustained when we stop eating to soothe emotions  
  • Ideal body weight will be achieved and sustained when we stop using food as a procrastination tool 

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If you are just getting started or have been practicing a Protective Diet for years this class is for you.  It is a check-in and check-up from the neck up.  Designed to reassure newbies & reboot PD Lifers to take full action producing life-changing results.

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Julie Marie Christensen is the Creator and Recipe Developer of the Protective Diet, Director and Educator at Protective Diet-Ed, Television Chef on Health Local, Cooking Instructor for Humana, Public Speaker, Creator of The Protective Diet 30 Day Whole Food Detox &Taste Bud Reprogramming and host of The Protective Mind & Body Retreat.  Her creation of the Protective Diet has guided thousands of students to reverse disease and reach their ideal body weight.  Julie specializes in eliminating obesity and food addictions with her innovative, original, oil, sugar, nut and additive free plant based recipes along with PD-Ed.  PD-Ed is a live, interactive, weekly, webcast to make adopting this diet and lifestyle affordable, rewarding and sustainable

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Best of Health,

Julie Marie Christensen

Educator and Public Speaker
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