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Plant-Based Super Bowl Celebration
Football fans - health minded or not - will cheer for these top-rated 50 PD Game-Day recipes. The hardest part is choosing which one to serve at your Super Bowl Celebration. Protective Diet is well known for its outstanding junk food remake recipes. They look and taste so indulgent that many don't believe they are as low-cal and health promoting as they actually are. This Sunday, serve your family and friends classic Game-Day dishes they can dig into and celebrate living it up while improving their health with every bite, dip or scoop.
Top 50 Protective Diet Dishes for Super Bowl 50
Pepper Poppers Premium Recipe
Pepper Poppers - ©
Baked Tortilla Chips Recipe
Crispy-Baked-Tortilla-Chips - ©
Onion Rings Recipe
Onion Rings - ©
Mexican Pizza Premium Recipe
Mexican Pizza - ©
Chili Cheeze Fries Premium Recipe
Chili Cheeze Fries - ©
Spinach Dip Recipe
Spinach Dip - ©
Dill Dip Premium Recipe
Dill Dip - ©
Guac-Faux-Mole Recipe
Guac-Faux-Mole - ©
Gyro Sandwich Premium Recipe
Gyros - ©
Summertime Slow Cooker BBQ Beans
Summertime Slow Cooker BBQ Beans Featured Image - ©
Popcorn “Shrimp” Premium Recipe
Popcorn Shrimp - ©
Buffalo Potato Wedges Premium Recipe
Buffalo Potato Wedges - ©
Buffalo Cauliflower Premium Recipe
Buffalo Cauliflower - ©
Speedy Steak Fries Premium Recipe
Speedy Steak Fries1 - ©
Fajitas Premium Recipe
Fajitas - ©
Spicy Bird Seed Premium Recipe
Spicy Birdseed - ©
Loaded Nachos Recipe
Loaded Nachos - ©
Tostadas Recipe
Tostadas - ©
Tamale Pie Premium Recipe
Tamale Pie - ©
Pita Pizza Recipe & Cooking Video
Pita Pizza Recipe & Cooking Video
Unfried Zucchini Sticks Recipe
Zuchini Sticks - ©
Mini Burgers Premium Recipe
Burgers - ©
Fire Sticks Premium Recipe
Fire Sticks - ©
Jacked Up Pulled “Pork” Sandwich
Jacked Up Pulled Pork Sandwich - ©
BBQ “Chicken” Pizza Premium Recipe
BBQ Chicken Pizza - ©
Queso Dip Premium Recipe
Queso Dip - ©
Quick-Bake Mini Party Pizza Recipe
Quick Bake Mini Party Pizzas - ©
Patatas Bravas Premium Recipe
Patatas Bravas Featured Image - ©
Black Bean Chili Premium Recipe
Black Bean Chili - ©
Quick-Bake BBQ Bites Premium Recipe
Quick Bake BBQ Bites Featured Image - ©
French Onion Dip Premium Recipe
French Onion Dip - ©
Fiesta Layer Dip Premium Recipe
Fiesta Layer Dip 2 - ©
Hand-Pressed Corn Tortillas Recipe
Hand Pressed Tortillas - ©
Slow Cooker Sloppy Jerrys Recipe
Sloppy Jerrys - ©
Stuffed Mushrooms Premium Recipe
Stuffed Mushrooms - ©
Mini Pizza Puffs Premium Recipe
Mini Pizza Puffs basket - ©
Bloomin Blossom Premium Recipe
Bloomin Blossom - ©
Chorizo Tacos Premium Recipe
Chorizo Tacos1 - ©
Gravy Fries Premium Recipe
Gravy Fries - ©
Beef-less Taco Filling Premium Recipe
Beefless Tacos - ©
Salsa Molcajete Recipe
Salsa Molcajete
Pico de Gallo Especial Premium Recipe
Pico de Gallo Especial - ©
Swedish “Meatballs” Premium Recipe
Swedish Meatballs - ©
Vietnamese Spring Rolls Recipe
Spring Rolls - ©
Roasted Salsa Verde Premium Recipe
Roasted Salsa Verde Featured Image - ©
Guiltless Baked Mac and Cheese
Guiltless Baked Mac n Cheeze - ©
Garlic Lovers Bread Sticks Recipe
Garlic Bread Sticks - ©
Veggie Chili Recipe
Veggie Chili - ©
Hushpuppies Premium Recipe
Hushpuppies - ©

Tofu Lettuce Wraps Premium Recipe
Hushpuppies - ©

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