Refrigerator and Freezer Staples

Introduction to PD-Ed Lesson #34
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Class #34 August 2, 8:00 CDT
Stocking Your Kitchen For Efficiency & Savings Part 3 - Refrigerator and Freezer Staples

What PD-Ed Students Are Cooking This Week:

Aug 02, 2016 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Panzanella Salad Featured Image - ©

Panzanella is commonly served at the peak of summer when tomatoes are vine ripened and cucumbers are abundant is the perfect time to toss together this classic Italian bread salad. Day-old PD Burger Buns or whole grain freezer bread will not ever go to waste once you give this easy-prep recipe a try. This salad balances the protective gifts of the garden along with the energy and satiation whole grain bread offers, dressed with full bodied flavorful oil-free Protective Diet vinaigrette.

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Jul 26, 2016 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Skinny Frappe Featured Image - ©

You won’t miss the ritual of a summertime cold coffeehouse treat on a Protective Diet. The classic Mocha Frappe has been lightened up and offered to you with caloric and pocketbook savings. This refreshing icy chocolate beverage will cool you down and keep you light on your healthy feet this summer. A perfect option when mealtime is around the corner and you're in the mood for a cold treat that tastes great and is less filling than a Frosty.

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Jul 19, 2016 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Stuffed Tomatoes - ©

Traditionally filled with tangy goat cheese, fresh herbs and topped with Parmesan breadcrumbs, this classic summertime dinner party favorite was in desperate need of a Protective Diet makeover. Not one bit of texture, creamy richness or flavor was sacrificed perfecting this surprisingly easy to assemble and impressive to serve health promoting hors d'oeuvre recipe.

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Jul 12, 2016 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Soft Tortilla 3 - ©

At last we have an oil and additive free soft and flexible whole grain shell to wrap up a big vegan burrito, fold into two soft tacos or melt into a quesadilla filled with Protective Diet Notzzarella.

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Jul 12, 2016 12:00 am | Julie Marie

Freshca - ©

Grapefruit soda pop started out south of the border and was packaged as Fresca, Goya Refresco, and Jarritos Toronja. Also known as ting in Jamaica and Squirt, 50/50 Soda or diet Freska in the US. Some brands were sweeter than others but always refreshing and crisp in flavor. This sugar-free recipe is designed to quench the thirst of those who loved the tang and fizz of this classic beverage, leaving you hydrated and refreshed.

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