Newsletters like this one address the challenge of Internet marketing to pleasure and business travelers of Northeast Asian origin. Our records show your organization may be involved in targeting visitors of Japanese, Chinese or Korean origin.
Michael Bonin and Associates Digital Marketing Canada Journal - Japan Advertising and on line directories in Japanese, Chinese and Korean
May 2014: Starting in Spring 2013, by purchasing an annual listing or display banner ad on or on its directories, the publisher Japan Advertising can translate FOR FREE a text ad (or image ad) of Google Adwords campaign in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean as well as the destination (landing) page that comes with the purchase of a directory listing. If interested, let me know by emailing me. Moreover, if the campaign is activated through MBA - Michael Bonin and Associates for a brand new AdWords account, this can qualify for $125 in complimentary seed money on Google networks serving surfers of Northeast Asian origin.
INTRODUCTION: As background for Rendez-vous Canada 2013 in Ottawa, this is a review of a business-to-consumer (B2C) tool (1) to be found online, generate direct brand awareness/consideration and qualified leads in Japanese, Chinese and Korean through "publisher sites". Canada is about to engage in a race to step up its digital footprint in those languages. Northeast Asia should continue to be the fastest growing source of potential tourist travelers and students as long as American visits stay on a slow recovery course while the UK and the major economies in the euro zone are stagnating or in decline.
(1) Tools already offered through social media, government and foreign middlemen' websites are excluded here because it is felt each would require a review of its own.

THE TREND: A recent Google initiative, Google Engagemakes it easier to target prospects worldwide. The program is finally opening up Google networks and the management of paid and organic tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to small and medium-size online players (brands). The program is bound to encourage a new trend: the gradual integration of advertising and directory listings on third-party platforms with AdWords-type image and text-based campaigns. This is particularly suitable to industries like tourism and education that can now capitalize on such an important emerging trend in international direct inbound digital marketing practices. In sync with that trend, MBA - Michael Bonin and Associates has gained enrollment into the Google Engage program, placing MBA in a better position to serve tourist operators, destinations, schools and their interactive agencies. Like in the last decade, MBA continues to provide the necessary follow-up through out the year as sales agent for North America of Japan Advertisingpublisher of language-specific Internet platforms and its directories in Japanese, Chinese and Korean with partner websites.
THE TOOL: In Canada, third-party platforms that include translation and production in Northeast Asian languages are best provided by "publisher sites" promoting the Canada brand. and its online directories offer an economical complement to paid search initiated from Canada in Northeast Asian languages. Such combination re-allocates scarce eMarketing resources in a more effective way than through the digital footprint of foreign tour operators, agents, wholesalers and packagers. For instance, the (Travel & Leisure) MUST GO™ Directory delivered an audience of 1.5 million page views in 2012 together with its five partner sites (for details, see Metrics).
Feel free to forward this newsletter to whoever may be in charge of integrating Google AdWords with a presence on and its online directories, including colleagues in the organization with whom you are known to be associated (<<COMPANY / ENTREPRISE>>).

Michel Bonin
MBA - Michael Bonin and Associates
for - Japan Advertising


To get fast and easy integration with the management of their AdWords campaign, individual destinations and tourist operators (or a group of them) must first purchase:

  • a MUST GO™ directory listing in all three Northeast Asian languages
  • a display banner in at least one language, hosted on the directory pages or on's most coveted Home & (Travel & leisure) Editorial Pages.

Then, the advertiser needs to provide the final English copy (for a text ad) and/or an approved image (for a display banner ad), that meet all AdWords specifications:

  • Japan Advertising will translate manually FOR FREE an AdWords text ad (or translate/finalize an image ad) for geo targeting so that Google can successfully run the ads to users/prospects through its networks;
  • If so desired by the advertiser, the translated and produced (Mini-Web) landing page included with the purchase of the alphabetical directory listing can serve as the destination page of the AdWords campaign in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean.

1.1 Promo Rebate: $125 in Free Advertising for first AdWords Campaign

As a Google Engage agency, MBA - Michael Bonin and Associates is even adding a simple promo incentive:

There are conditions to be met before claiming the promo rebate. First, the advertiser must pre-qualify by booking
  • an annual combo listing on the MUST GO™ Directory with its landing page in all three languages (Japanese, Chinese and Korean) at only $540/year
  • and/or an annual display banner ad hosted on all the directory pages in any one of the three languages (starting at $1,280/year) or on's most coveted Home & Editorial Pages in Japanese (starting at $920/year);
Then, once the Canadian tourist operation or destination has qualifed by opening a new AdWords account (*), this enables access to $125 in free advertising dollars as seed money to get a first AdWords campaign running in Northeast Asian languages. This entire initial spending fee will be provided to the advertiser at no charge by MBA - Michael Bonin and Associates. It can be spent at any time during the year that is most convenient to the new AdWords advertiser. 
(*) For the AdWords promo code to be applied and the voucher issued by MBA, the advertiser needs:
  • a Google account to open a new AdWords account, with a billing address in Canada;
  • provide for the first time an email address;
  • designate a landing page (url) as the destination page toward which the specific group of targeted Internet users will be directed (it can be the landing page provided with the listing on the MUST GO™ Directory).
    This offer is subject to be terminated at any time by MBA - Michael Bonin and Associates or Google AdWords.


2.1 Of being hosted on "publisher sites"

Formerly referred as ethnic publications, here are some key-benefits and features offered by "publisher sites", as the category is now often referred, such as and the MUST GO™ directory:
  • It matches the performance, in terms of conversion and ROI, of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Pay-Per-Thousand-Impressions campaigns while generally delivering it at a lower cost. 
  • It registers fast growth from oversea traffic adding on to the established local base of its readers/visitors.
  • It engages directly (B2C) and year-round surfers of Northeast Asian origin whose intent are to plan online their leisure and business trips in Canada.
  • It better promotes the Canada brand than Inbound B2B2C strategies that rely on Northeast Asian intermediaries' sites. The latter suffer relative decline, their score on search engine results being relegated behind surging world booking sites, social media and specific major Canadian "publisher sites" like For more on that, see Michel Bonin's 2012 presentation at Rendez-vous Canada.
  • Produced by Japan Advertising, the directory is easily accessible from high on the fold of the respective home page of (in Japanese and Chinese) and of the five partner sites in Japanese ( and Minkei News On line), in Chinese ( and in Korean (Cafe Daum and Corea Best Magazine - CBM).
  • and the five partner sites provide the right context by blending advertising and directory listings with their extensive original content on Travel & Leisure editorials (the most popular topics through keyword search) followed by Education editorials in those Northeast Asian languages.
  • An alphabetical listing on the directory provides Canadian tourist operators and destinations with their own profile (landing) page already search-engine optimized in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean.

2.2 Of having a landing page hosted on the directory

Called a Mini-Web Page, the landing page (now included with the purchase of the alphabetical directory listing) delivers an economical substitute for tourist operators and destinations who lack the resources required for their individual website to host search-engine optimized content in Northeast Asian languages. Here are some of its advantages:
  • Because it is hosted on the MUST GO™ Directory itself, the landing page is automatically search-engine optimized in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean using hundreds of key-words (characters) among the most popular in any of those languages.
  • The landing page can incorporate a text of up to 350 words that is translated manually from English (in equivalent characters) by the publisher (not from a robot), up to eight photos, a Google map and a video (if available) plus it contains no third-party advertising on the page.
  • It can be printed/transferred on a high quality non-digital medium, saving cost for any distribution of Point-Of-Sale (POS) or PR material, to target publics including tour operators, travel agents, wholesalers and packagers of Northeast Asian origin, etc.
  • Webmasters can add flags (Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean) high on the fold of their own website. Visitors who click on the flags will be directed to the landing page hosted on the MUST GO™ Directory in those languages, increasing the chance of conversion of such leads.
  • It can easily be accessed by Internet users:
    • through organic search on Japanese, Korean and/or Chinese engines
    • by clicking the red maple leaf or the red and yellow ribbon located on the alphabetical directory listing itself
    • by clicking on a display banner ad (if hosted)
  • By booking a listing on the MUST GO™ Directory, the advertiser with a Google AdWords account has the option to designate the url of such landing page as the destination page toward which the specific group of travellers targeted (in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean) will be directed on the Google network. 


 When seasonally adjusted, the actual monthly unique visits to the (Travel & Leisure)  MUST GO™ Directory are in line to generate a record 420,000 visits for the whole of 2013 (averaging a projected 35,000 monthly uniques). This reflects the heavy trends of international visitors to Canada that may continue to compensate for the ongoing stagnation from Europe (namely the UK, France and Germany) as predicted from the data recently published by the Canadian Tourism Commission.

The directory has come of age since its creation in 1999. On a rolling year basis, the latest metrics show significant growth of users planning their trips on line whether in Japanese (+7%), in Chinese (+18%) or in Korean (+11%). While still close to half of those visits come from points in Canada or the USA, the majority of the online queries originate oversea. 

A presence on itself gives a chance to be found by the 20,000 unique monthly surfers on average who visit the site (14,000 to its Japanese pages and 6,000 to its pages in Simplified and Traditional Chinese). Those metrics do not include traffic on the directory pages also hosted on the site.
Because they are fully search-engine optimized, and the directory deliver a better ROI (conversion). They are generally more effective than sponsored-link campaigns, based on Cost-Per-Click (CPC) or Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions, run through Yahoo Japan or Google Japan (in Japanese), Google China and Baidu (in Chinese), Daum (in Korean), etc. For those who have placed display banner ads or listed on the directory in recent years, the CPC consistently has averaged between $1.50 to $2.00.

For more details, check the actual (2012) web metrics (with traffic projections for 2013) for the MUST GO™ Directory, and the five partner sites, plus some best practices to leverage an online presence in Northeast Asian languages. 


Here are two ways to go further by re-directing inbound eMarketing dollars through better B2C engagement with FITs, group travelers and business people of Northeast Asian origin:

4.1 Display Banners or listing hosted on the Directory

  • Book a display banner ad starting at $1,280/year in one language (Japanese, Chinese or Korean) or $1,920/year (in two languages) or book a listing starting at $299/year in one language (Japanese, Chinese or Korean) or at $450/year in two languages. 
  • COMBO OFFER: Sign-up for a presence in the directory in all three languages (Japanese, Korean and Chinese):
    - starting at $2,450/year for a regular-size display banner ad or at $3,680/year (for a panoramic-size display banner ad)
    - or for the three-language combo listing fee at $540/year.
    In 2012, such display banner ad (or listing) in all three languages delivered the chance to be found by close to 31,000 unique monthly surfers on average who visited the directory.
Display banner ads can also be booked at any time on all the pages of the directory starting from a 90-day period in one language version (Japanese, Chinese or Korean) as low as $400 (regular-size) or $600 (panoramic-size).

4.2 Display Banners hosted on

Banners in Japanese and Chinese can be booked at any time on the most coveted Home Page of and its (Travel & Leisure) Editorial Pages:
  • for regular-size at only $920/year in Japanese or at only $1,380/year in Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese
  • for panoramic-size at only $1,380/year in Japanese or at only $2,070/year in Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese
(Limited-time offer): If a banner is booked no later than May 31, 2013 to be hosted on those most coveted Home Page and (Travel & Leisure) Editorial Pages in Japanese, a banner of the same size can be added as a bonus on the home page and editorial pages in Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Moreover, by booking and signing a contract at any time before June 1, 2013, the display banner ad can be activated to run starting as late as June 30, 2013 (with invoice issued and payable in full only at time of activation).

Display banner ads are available as long as positions are not sold out (a maximum of ten banners can be hosted on any given page at any given time. 


Among the many listings already signed up for 2013 in the (Travel & Leisure) MUST GO™ Directory (including hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc.): 

5.1 In Japanese

See Aboriginal Journeys, Wildlife Viewing and Adventure Tours in Japanese hosted in the British Columbia section, the Vancouver Island/Gulf Islands/Salt Spring Island sub-section and in the Outdoor Activities category. During the month of February 2013, its alphabetical listing (under the letter A) had a chance to be seen by 359 daily surfers (uniques*) on average together with its Mini-Web (landing) Page hosted in Japanese

5.2 In Kore​an

See Royal Botanical Gardens in Korean hosted in the Ontario section, the Toronto Area sub-section and in the General Attractions category. During the month of February 2013, its alphabetical listing (under the letter R) had a chance to be seen by 261 daily surfers (uniques*) on average together with its Mini-Web (landing) Page hosted in Korean

5.3 In Chinese

See Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump in Simplified Chinese hosted in the Alberta section, the Alberta South sub-section and in the General Attractions category with its Mini-Web (landing) Page hosted in Simplified Chinese
and 100 Mile House and South Cariboo Tourism in Simplified Chinese hosted in the BC section with its Mini-Web (landing) Page hosted in Simplified Chinese. During the month of February 2013, listings like those two had a chance to be seen by 302 daily surfers (uniques*) on average who surfed in the Simplified Chinese version of the MUST GO™ Directory.

* For Travel & Leisure publisher sites tracked since 2001, February is comparatively the lowest-season months for traffic by surfers of Northeast Asian origin planning trips across Canada, usually around 20% below the monthly average for the year.


Check below and attached some examples of display banners ads produced by Japan Advertising and click on them or browse directly to to see them live.

For any questions or feedback about this newsletter, feel free to contact me at Or call me at (604) 737-1298 (mobile - Vancouver Time). For those interested to proceed, I will be glad to provide instructions/links for material to be submitted. A contract would follow for approval of a display banner ad and/or a directory listing on the online (Travel & Leisure) MUST GO™ Directory or for booking a display banner ad on (design, production and translation are included in all quotes). For invoices due starting in April 2013, a 5% GST applies, replacing the 12% HST being phased out here in British Columbia. If applicable, an AdWords code will also be issued to the qualified advertiser. 

Michel Bonin
Google Engage Agency for AdWords
Director of Marketing and Sales / Directeur commercial 
CanadaJournal.comJapan Advertising, publisher of:

Tourism Yukon regular-size display banner (static)
Tourism Yukon
regular-size banner (148x75 pixels, static
The Westin Calgary regular-size display banner (148 x 75 pixels, static)

The Westin Calgary regular-size banner in Japanese (148x75 pixels, static

H.I.S. Canada regular-size display banner in Japanese (148 x 75 pixels, animated)

H.I.S. Canada 
regular-size banner in Japanese (148x75 pixels, animated) 

Lobster On The Wharf Regular-Size Banner in Simplified Chinese

Lobster On The Warf (PEI) 
regular-size banner in Simplified Chinese (148x75 pixels, static

SAMOURAÏ Exhibition (panoramic-size banner in Japanese, animated)

SAMOURAÏ Exhibition Panoramic-Size Banner in Chinese (leaderboard, 660 x 82 pixels, animated) 

UCLA Summer Sessions and Special Programs panoramic-size banner in Korean

UCLA Summer Sessions and Special Programs Panoramic-Size Banner in Korean (leaderboard, 660 x 82 pixels, animated) 

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