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Hello from Transition Reading!

A lot is going on at the moment in Transition: we have restructured our meeting schedule (again - please bear with us while we try to get it just right - once it is, we will stick with it!), we have recruited new steering group members, we are planning Reading Repair Cafe together with GREN, on Sunday 20 October, Abundance - a project to collect surplus fruit from people's gardens or public places is on the go, and it's Reading town meal on Saturday 5 October! Read on to find out how you can get involved in all these things! 

New Meeting Schedule
Steering group team
Upcoming Meetings and Events: Abundance, Repair Cafe, Town Meal and more!
Transition Streets

Meeting Schedule

Steering Group Meeting
: monthly on the 1st Monday of the month (business, deciding on future meetings, how things are running, who's doing what, finances, advance agenda etc) 
Projects catch-up meeting: monthly on 3rd Monday of the month. This is a more relaxed, sociable meeting to catch up, meet each other, find out what's what and where we are with each project. 
Social: The projects meeting is pretty sociable but with a focus on catching up on what's what with various projects. 
Other socials will be organised outside of the Monday night pattern, especially to ensure people who can't make Monday nights can come. This also allows for them being planned when there's something good happening and when someone wants to organise a social - everyone is strongly encouraged to suggest or plan a social!
Specific Projects meetings: Project leaders are encouraged to organise specific meetings to focus on planning something. This allows a project team to form, and involve people who may not feel they are able / want to be involved in everything. This could happen just before one of the other meetings, or at a completely different time and place. 
Heart And Soul: Similarly with project specific meeting - those most interested, can plan the meetings and promote them through the newsetter, facebook and website. They needn't happen on a Monday evening.

If you want to organise a meeting, email to make sure it goes in the newsletter. At the moment, this goes out at least monthly, more if there are more things going out. We'll aim never to send two emails in a week unless it's really urgent! 

Meeting location: Most Monday meetings have happened in Great Expectations, the pub next to RISC on London street. It's fairly quiet on a Monday, there is an alcove that holds up to about 15 people comfortably and there isn't any pressure to buy lots of drinks. On the whole, we'll keep Monday meetings to this location unless stated otherwise. It seems less confusing if always in the same place. 

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Steering Group members 

We've been working hard for a few months to get a full cohort of steering group members and now we've finally done it! It's also important to say that Chris Klassinski has been our fantastic coordinator for 5 months but will no longer be in Reading, so at the last steering group meeting we passed the batton on... (new positions in bold)
Specific Positions
Coordinator: Sabrina Piegrossi (support from Rachel Miller)
Secretary: Rich Waring (support from Sarah Drummond)
Treasurer: Alex Goater (returns to Reading 7 October, support person not yet identified)
Communications: Rachel Miller (support from Chris Burden)
Steering group members
Sarah Drummond
Chris Burden
Alan Clark
Ruth Martin

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Upcoming Meetings and Events (click on event to link to more information)

Projects Meeting
Monday 16 September, 7:30pm @Great Expectations Pub, London Street 
Abundance Fruit Picking  Various times and places from now until Reading Town Meal (see specific post for more info)
Reading Town Meal Debate Should our food be cheaper? Wednesday 2 October @Reading University, London Road Campus
Reading Town Meal  Saturday 5 October, 12pm - 4pm @Forbury Gardens
Steering Group Meeting Monday 7 October @Great Expectations Pub, London Street (agenda items to be posted or read on forums)
Repair Cafe Organising Meeting Thursday 10 October, 7pm (with soup and rolls provided!) @Rachel's House - 36a Mill Road, Caversham - for everyone who wants to help on the day! 
Repair Cafe Sunday 20 October, 2pm - 5pm @Highbridge House, 16-18 Duke Street, RG1 4RU

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Transition Streets
We have been getting ready to deliver Transition Streets and now it's ready to go! If you are interested in trialling this powerful tool to bring commuities closer together, supporting each other and reducing your environmental impact, then this is worth considering and the TTR Transition Streets team will help you get started. To find out more, visit the Transition Streets website and email

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Transition Town Reading is a voluntary organisation that relies entirely on donations. If you would like to donate please go to