Early Deadline Extended to Feb 28th and Keynote Topic
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May 13-16, 2014

Radisson Blu - Mall of America

Early Bird Rate Extended to Feb. 28th!

Keynote Topic and Schedule Available on Website

Extended Early Deadline! Save $100 by registering on or before Feb 28th to receive the Early Bird rate!  Click Here to Register! 

Why?  Well once every four years Jim Louis, our meeting planner, actually has a girlfriend on Valentine's Day.  So he wants to leave work early on today.  So we are extending the date by two weeks.  (Yes it was back in 2010 the last time this happened.)

Keynote Topic is: Redesigning the Interface: Making Software Development Make Sense to Everyone presented by Jen Meyers

In the scope of history, the field of software development has just begun - but its reach and impact is growing so quickly and so robustly that there’s a real difficulty in keeping its growth both in perspective and in sync with the world at large. Computerization permeates almost all aspects of modern society, and those who make the computers work are some of the most sought-after professionals. Yet, we see challenges in finding enough quality developers, demonstrated imbalances in the numbers of minorities among the developers we do have, and confusion about the best ways to create educational pathways into the field. In short - software development, as a culture, could use a better human interface. So let’s explore how to build one.

Jen Myers is a web designer/developer and part of the instructor team at Dev Bootcamp in Chicago. In 2011, she founded the Columbus, Ohio chapter of Girl Develop It, an organization that provides introductory coding classes aimed at women, and currently co-leads the Girl Develop It Chicago chapter. She speaks regularly about design, development and diversity, and focuses on finding new ways to make both technology and technology education accessible to everyone.

Twitter: @antiheroine

Also you can now see the schedule at

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