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2014 VietHope Retreat in Monterey Bay, California

A network committed to community, education and some fun!

In February, VietHope members went on the annual retreat in beautiful Monterey Bay, California. At the same time, the Vietnam team had a retreat in Saigon at ED Phong Nguyen's house. It provided an inspiring environment for the VietHope team to conference with members from around the globe to review performance in 2013, set goals and plan for 2014 and reconnect everyone in the VietHope family to each other through shared vision, commitment, and good cheer. Beyond serious discussions, the staff also participated in team-building exercises via improv skits, group hikes, and digging into  homemade tom yum soup, and yummy BBQ around a warm bonfire. To view more photos and check out the fun, click here.

VietHoper Linh Pham: From Vietnam to New York City

Making it from Vietnam all the way to New York, Linh forges her way ahead while giving back to her roots. 

Linh started volunteering with VietHope last year to give back to the children of Vietnam, something she had always wanted to do having been a student of the Vietnamese education herself. In the 11th grade, she earned a place to study in the US. Her journey took her to Brigham Young University, to San Francisco, and most recently, to New York City working for one of the Big 4 accounting firms in the world, PriceWaterHouseCoopers. Now on the grants team, she is helping VietHope find grantmakers who will partner with us to deliver scholarships to about 200 students each year. Click here to read what she finds most rewarding in being a VietHoper. 

The Scholar Report: Thien Nguyen and Vinh Trang

Over the last decade, more than 4000 lives were touched by your generosity. 

Many of those recipients have become great men and women who will build a foundation for many generations to come. Many stories could be told of them. We are delighted to introduce to you two individuals to whom you have helped so that their lives and stories may inspire and remind us all of the value of education. 

Thien Nguyen

Program: University Scholarship Program - 2007
College: HCM - University of Technology 
Major: Civil Engineering - Construction Engineering and Management
Career: Construction Manager
Thien Nguyen was born in a family of six siblings. In 2007, he left Quang Tri, a small province, to pursue a college degree at HCMUT, one of the well-ranked technology schools in Vietnam. 

To read the rest of Thien's story and learn how he overcame difficulties with the help of your donations to become construction manager and the Chairman for the association of fellow-countrymen of Quang Tri, click here.
Vinh Trang

Program: University Scholarship Program - 2006
College: HCM - University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Major: Urology
Career: Doctor
Like many of our students, Vinh was the first in his family to graduate from college. Vinh recalled VietHope as a great network to connect with young enthusiasts who want to make a world a better place. Vinh still keeps the picture that he took with other VietHope scholarship recipients from when he received the University Scholarship in 2006. 

He is highly active as a volunteer, participating in medical organizations to help the poor, and teaching and building homes for those who cannot afford it. To learn more about Vinh's tremendous work now as a doctor and as an ardent volunteer committed to his community, click here.

Education in Vietnam: High scores but low enrollment

The OECD recently released Vietnam's high PISA scores, but also highlight underlying problem of drop-out rates. 

The Economist recently reported on the OECD's results from its Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Vietnam joined the test for the first time, and scored remarkably well, ranking 17th out of 65 countries, ahead of the US and Britain in Math. Christian Bodewig of the World Bank commends the high ranking as a positive testament to Vietnam's investment in education, but contrasts the result with the low enrollment rate of just 65%, as compared to 89% in America and 98% in Britain, because so many poor and disadvantaged Vietnamese students drop out of school. 

To read the article from The Economist, click here for the link. 

Watch as Vietnamese father transports class across flooded river

One fathers dedication to the village childrens' education.

When spring flooding prevented the children in Sam Lanh village from getting to class, one father stepped in. In an article by the Huffington Post reporting on a cell phone video posted on Vietnam's Tuoi Tre Newspaper, a father is documented going to great lengths to get the class to school. As a flood prevented the use of the nearby suspension bridge, the father wrapped his son in a plastic bag and swam him across the river, and did so with every child in the class. According to the villagers, this must be done every spring. 

This father demonstrates his unyielding dedication to children's education. What will you do today to help? Visit our website here and watch the video filmed by their teacher! 

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