A summary of the latest developments in Serbia and the Balkans...
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Much is happening in Serbia and the surrounding countries as Bible School team, students and graduates press on faithfully...

Here is a summary of some of April's news...  Thank you for praying on.
- Andy and Faye Mayo
Teaching at the Bible School last week...

"Students from

...Zurich, Russia, Montenegro, Macedonia, the Rom people group, the Hungarian minority in the North of Serbia..."  This is a unique generation of students from a range of backgrounds whom God is going to use mightily.  READ ON
Vesna - Choose Life Serbia

Vesna on TV!

Vesna is one of those graduates serving in strategic areas of society... with her NGO that helps to offer alternatives to abortion, teaches in schools, campaigns on national media, she and her team are having a great impact.  To visit her site (use Google translate to read it!)  CLICK HERE.
Praying for Sara

Sara's Treatment

So many of us are praying for Sara and the Milenkovic family as they care for her.  Sladjan has written a bulletin to bring us up to date as she approaches what we hope wil be her last chemotherapy round of treatment.  READ ON
Visiting graduates of the Bible School...

A new term!

Riste shares from the first weeks of this new term of studies: "On Sunday, we were at a very small church where our former students Igor and Anita Urosevic are, who founded the church.."  READ ON
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