Bringing in the Outside Expert Aug/Sep 2014
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We all employ specialists.  In our personal lives, we rely on dentists, physicians, and plumbers.  As business people, we may employ accountants, lawyers and engineers.  I suggest that you add another specialist to your contact list: your business consultant. 
Why a consultant? Any growing business learns this lesson: you can't do everything yourself. And a second perspective can be invaluable. Knowing when to bring in outside help is a sign of strength. 
Let’s look at four arguments business owners sometimes use against “outside expert” help—and why you should disregard them. 

1.  I’ve succeeded without one
So far, this might be true. You've done “ok” according to your standards, without outside help. But what will it take to move your business to the next level? Do you have the expertise to manage this step?  Are your goals too modest? A consultant offers the advice and wisdom to get you where you want to be—and where you can be.

2. Consultants cost too much 
Cost too much compared to what? What is the value of your time? What have missed business opportunities cost you? Are you trying to solve problems you don’t know how to solve? Then you’re the one driving up costs. A consultant's fees are no more costly than continuing along the same path you're on now and hoping things will work out. 

3. Their advice is merely common sense
Sometimes even with common sense it can be challenging to be objective. And a consultant brings much more than common sense. Good consultants are impartial and can offer the value of the bigger picture. A consultant knows the industry and offers the experiences of other clients they have helped, ones facing challenges like yours.

4. I don’t have time for a consultant
Do you have time to waste?  Consider the significant value of bringing in a consultant to look closely at your operation. Find out whether you are running your business, or your business is running you, sometimes into the ground. A consultant can help you make sure you have the time to do what you really love.

BWM Consulting, Inc. can provide the expertise you need. We know how to identify problems, determine causes, help you engineer effective solutions and initiate their implementation. We partner with you as an expert and assist you in pursuing and achieving peak performance. Let BWM Consulting, Inc. be the "outside expertise" you need. Call today for a free consultation at 866.233.1750 or email Brenda at  

Sharpening Your Performance Skills

Skillful Problem Solving
Every day you solve problems and make decisions about your business, and sometimes you have to act quickly. Are you a skilled decision maker? Do character traits, like impatience and anxiety, dictate how you react to challenges? Here’s how we can help :

  • Identify your decision-making style
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your decisions
  • Give you the skills to make the right decisions. 

We can help you develop and improve on your decision-making and problem-solving skills.  Call today to schedule your training session at 866.233.1570, or, email Brenda at  

Best Business Practices

5 Best Practices for Workforce Productivity

Why Customer Engagement Matters So Much Now


Aug 6
After Hours Event -Enjoy a casual evening of relationship building outside at the Garden Shed. – SSWBN 

Aug 12
“It’s summer time, and the livin’s easy”  - Summer Social and Networking Event  ATD (formerly ASTD) monthly learning event

Aug 25
Building Business Connections Summer Networking - Boston Women Connect

Aug 28
Monthly Networking Breakfast - SSWBN

Sep 10
Networking Lunch at The Village at Duxbury - SSWBN 

Sep 25
Inspiring Networking Breakfast -Join speakers Tracey Noonan, Co-founder and CEO and Dani Vilagie, Co-founder and Operations Manager of WickedGood Cupcakes for the speaker breakfast. – SSWBN 

Sep 29
She Sells! Sales Skills for Women Entrepreneurs – Boston Women Connect

Oct 11
"How to Strategically Plan to Succeed” is a workshop I will be presenting at the “Hiring yourself and Loving it Seminar”.  Power Networking Guru George Frazier will be the keynote speaker hosted by Business Not as Usual 

Dec 4
Mass Conference for Women 10th Anniversary - Keynote speakers:Hillary Rodham Clinton former  Secretary of State  and  Lupita Nyong’o, academy award winning actress.  

Take Action for Your Business
There is so much going on during the rest of 2014—finishing up with a keynote address by Hillary Rodham Clinton herself! What better time to examine your own management style: problem solving, decision-making, and knowing when to call for an outsider’s perspective. As successful as you are already, a business consultant can help you spot what you can do even better. Call us today at 866.233.1570, or, email Brenda at  
As always, I thank you for your referrals to family, friends and colleagues. They are very much appreciated in helping BWM Consulting, Inc. to continue to grow.

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Brenda Wornum Moore
CEO & President
BWM Consulting, Inc.

Brenda Wornum Moore

"Brenda has been a tremendous asset to the Center for Women & Enterprise.  Her style is incredibly warm, open and engaging.  Her clients’ value the focus on interactivity in all of her workshops and always appreciate the opportunity to share their ideas and engage with other clients in the program.  We are so appreciative of Brenda’s support of CWE and our clients." 
Gina Marciano
Program Manager – Eastern Massachusetts Center 
Center for Women & Enterprise


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