Why Presentation Skills Matter June/July 2015
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Presentations are business-builders, so it’s important to know how to do them well. A powerful presentation doesn’t just give out information—it inspires your audience to act. When you make a strong presentation, you mobilize your listeners. They will want to learn more about your services and the ways you can help them.
With a powerful presentation it’s you, yourself, who is the center of the presentation, not lots of slides or clever technology. People want to talk to people, not to powerpoint bullets.
At a powerful presentation, your audience is alert and listening, not texting, tweeting, checking email. They are eager to learn from you, not bored or confused. They appreciate the pace of your speech, how clear you are, how you make eye contact, how you engage with them

The purpose of a presentation is to inform, inspire, mobilize.  It could be just one of these or a combination of all three.  What is your goal?  How do you want your audience to react?  Always consider these three steps in building your presentation:

Three Steps to Powering up Your Presentation:

1.  Prepare your content
Research your audience - Who are they? What are their needs and expectations? Be ready to give them the information and guidance appropriate to their interests.
Know your presentation parameters – How much time will you have, and how much time should you leave for questions and discussion? Rehearse your speech carefully. Practice in front of a mirror or ask a friend to listen. 

2.  Plan 
Manage the presentation environment: Get information about the venue: small or large, meeting room or auditorium?  Sound system? Find out what type of technology/equipment will be available for your presentation, be able to anticipate, avoid and handle equipment problems. I strongly recommend that you bring your own equipment. This way you don’t have to worry about platform compatibility.
Command the room - arrive early, treat your audience like guests, introduce yourself and talk to people about their interests 

3.  Present – Remember that you are your most powerful visual aid. 
Take control of and be aware of your:
- body language: gesture, stance and facial expressions. Use them to enhance your message, not to distract your audience.                
- verbal pauses: try replacing um’s’, like’s, and you knows, with a careful pause
- appearance: dress to enhance your credibility. 
- Remember to invite your audience to provide their email addresses, so that they can contact you for more information, or sign up for your newsletter. 

Make your presentations effective business-builders
Powerful presentations are among your best business-building tools. Are you ready? Ask yourself: do you know how you make your case to your audience? Do your speech and your style tell your story in a way that engages your listeners—are they eager to seek out your services?

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Sharpening Your Performance Skills
Mastering Your Presentation Skills

If you need to present on behalf of your business, company or organization, speak at meetings or events, and want to improve your presentations, this workshop is designed for you.  You will gain the skills you need to communicate with clarity and authority, build a captivating presentation and increase your level of confidence when presenting.

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Powerful presentations can make a big difference in building your business. How about you? Are you ready to prepare, plan, and present? Are you comfortable speaking in public? Do you understand how to use your own personality to persuade your audience? For more information, or to sign up for one of Brenda’s presentation workshops, contact her at 866.233.1570 or  

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Brenda Wornum Moore

"I commend you on the workshop  that you did for the Boston & Vicinity Club. I have to say both content and delivery exceeded my expectations, which were high.  Now I can't wait to attend your next workshop!!!" Thank you again
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