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Can you believe the summer is coming to an end? Officially, it’s summer until September 21, but schools are starting up and employees and associates are back from vacation. Labor Day, since 1894, has honored workers everywhere. Time to concentrate again on ways to target success in your business! This issue is focused on two more of the lessons I’ve learned during my ten years in business: Lesson 7: Know the value of networking, and Lesson 8: Stepping out of your comfort zone to grasp new opportunities. I invite you to read on, and to contact me any time you have questions. I would love to hear from you!

Lesson 7: Know the Value of Networking.
It is true that people do business with people they know and trust.  In the early years of my business, I joined a networking organization and even today sustain valuable relationships I formed then.  I continue to make contacts, receive referrals and do business with men and women I’ve worked with for ten years and more. Sometimes this means new business, sometimes it means marketing opportunities, sometimes it simply means a chance to get together and talk shop. Earlier this year, for example, I facilitated a Business Development Master Mind Group workshop—an assignment that came thanks to someone in my network. This was an opportunity to help a whole new group of people—and to impress them with my skills. In short, use networking to invest in people relationships. Nurture and sustain your contacts, and the return will be a great support for your business.

Lesson 8: Be Prepared to step out of your comfort zone and take on new opportunities.
If you always do what you’ve always done you are sabotaging your opportunity for bigger things for yourself and your business.  A few years back, I was approached by a business colleague who was starting a new web-based product for her company.  She invited me to be a part of the beta planning team. I knew little to nothing about a web-based product. But because of the relationship we had and seeing the value of working on a collaborative project, I accepted the offer.  The results? I learned about a new product, my business skills were greatly enhanced, and my business received increased exposure.  The takeaway is: always be open to new learning and new opportunities, because you never know what new door will open for you and your business.

Next month’s final lessons, 9 and 10 - define success on your own terms and be prepared for change.

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Networking for Business Growth
Do you want to learn more about networking? Want to build your networking skills? BWM consulting offers a Networking workshop, to help you cultivate relationships, increase your visibility, and expand your business opportunities. You choose the time, and the place, for your convenience. With ten years and more of experience, I can help you build the tools you need to connect, to grow, to expand through relationships. Interested? Contact me at 1-866-233-1570 or by email.

Did You Know?
World Chocolate Day is Sept. 4th and National Chocolate Day is October 16th.  Be sure to get your fix of chocolate.
(For those who know, guess which one I will be celebrating?)
National Boss's Day is October 16th.  If you are your own boss, treat yourself and celebrate you!
Breast Cancer Awareness is in the month of October

          Heads Up:
  •  Dec 5: The 8th Annual Massachusetts Conference for Women.  One of the keynote speakers is Kerry Washington of the hit tv show, Scandal. Early registration is open now. I will be volunteering at this event.  This is an opportunity to be behind the scenes and to, yes, you guessed it, network!

I hope you had some time to take a break from the hard work that you do and enjoyed the great weather we had for the summer. Now that the fall is approaching and we are getting back into the swing of things, feel free to contact me or call 866.233.1570. or visit my website. to learn more about how I can help you plan, and strengthen, your business,   I thank you for your referrals to family, friends and colleagues.  I am grateful for your confidence in BWM Consulting, Inc.

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BWM Consulting, Inc.

Brenda Wornum Moore
Personal Branding Workshop, "I have to say both content and delivery exceeded my expectations, which were high.  The small group size contributed to the effectiveness of the workshop.  Much of what I learned is directly and immediately applicable.  Now I can't wait to attend or host your next workshop!!!" 

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