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We are already 40 days into the New Year.  How much luck have you had with Resolutions? Let’s be honest.  For many of us, setting resolutions has just become an exercise in futility.  Especially the ones about losing weight and joining a gym. 
So, what’s to be done? The solution:  set goals for yourself, and focus on habits you can acquire.
According to a survey on New Year’s resolutions the top three (lose weight, get organized and spend less—or save more) are also the most commonly broken.  Just 64% of those who make these resolutions make it past the first month and less than 50% make it past six months. 
Why do so many people fail to keep the resolutions they make? Because to succeed, we need a way to measure our success. That’s why we need to stop making resolutions and focus on goals and habits. 
Goals can measured, habits can be changed. Resolutions are those vague statements that are so easy to ignore: “I’ll be thinner this year, I’ll be richer before Thanksgiving.”
A goal, on the other hand, has a definite result built into it: “I’ll lose ten pounds by July 31. I’ll double my savings account by August 15.”
A habit is a behavior pattern, one which you can identify and seek to establish in your life: “I’ll eat fruit not baked goods. I’ll leave my credit cards at home.”
I stopped making those vague resolutions many years ago, once I realized that I was going nowhere with them. Instead, I set goals for myself and for my business. This is good for me, and for my clients, too.
Here are my three goals for 2015: 

Goal one: Continue to enhance my knowledge and increase my skills with this reading list:
  • Managing at the Speed of Change” by Dary R. Conner.
  • “The War for Talent” by Helen Handfield-Jones
  • “Discover Your CEO Brand: Secrets to Embracing and Maximizing Your Unique Value as a Leader” by Suzanne Bates
When I have read these books, I know that I’ll be gaining knowledge and expertise I can extend to you, my clients, as I help you with your own management challenges.

Goal two: Achieve more of a work life balance, especially by finding time to stop and breathe. Specifically, if an appointment is canceled, I will consider that free time a blessing, instead of seeing it as wasted time. I will enjoy reading one of my new books, or take a short walk. And I will register achievement of this goal in my appointment book. The result? I will be more at ease, able to face unexpected challenges, a stronger person.
Goal three: Continue to give back to my community. For example: In January, for Martin Luther King Day, my family and I volunteered for Boston Cares, providing household items for homeless families who were transitioning into permanent homes. I’m looking forward, in the spring, to volunteering on the Brockton Area Workforce Investment Board Youth Council  The board’s youth council holds a business plan contest for high schools students and I get to be one of their judges.
  • What worked for you in 2014? What didn’t work so well? 
  • What changes do you feel are needed?  
  • What would make 2015 your best year yet?
  • What support systems or habits will you need to have in place to achieve your goals?
  • What relationships will you need to build and nurture?
 Sometimes you can answer these questions by yourself, but almost always it’s a good idea to have a partner help you answer them and establish your best goals for the coming year.
If you are not sure or are stuck making these decisions and want to increase your success rate in 2015 in accomplishing your goals, whether professionally or organizationally, I can help you.
Call today to schedule a complimentary session to review your goals at 866.233.1570, or, email Brenda at  

Sharpening Your Performance Skills

Knowing where you are going and having a road map to get there is vital for a
productive 2015.  Learn how to set S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound)
goals with my help.

For goals that work for you and your business, consider my training workshop focused on goal setting.
Contact me at or call at 866.233.1570. My Portable Training Services℠ are
flexible and convenient because I bring my expertise to you to accommodate your schedule. No training
need is too big or too small.

Call today to schedule your training session at 866.233.1570, or, email Brenda at  

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Here Comes 2015:  Are You Ready?
You will be, with measurable goals, and careful planning. Don’t try to handle on your own what is always more productive with a partner. Contact me by phone: 866.233.1570, or, email: Let’s make a plan to work together and make the coming year your best year yet.

Warmest regards,

Brenda Wornum Moore
CEO & President
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Brenda Wornum Moore

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