The Best of Both - Coaching and Consulting Apr/May 2014
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At some point, if you are a small business owner, you are going to need help. Maybe it’s someone to solve a payroll problem, or evaluate your facilities, or streamline your accounts payable process, or provide similar consulting.

Or, perhaps you have an employee whose communications skills are preventing them from moving ahead. Or maybe you, yourself, are unclear on how your business fits with your personal goals. In either case, it’s coaching that’s called for.
In this newsletter you can read about coaching and consulting and which one is right for you.
Starting in this issue you can also learn about "best business practices" and "business trends". My goal is to be a resource to you by sharing trends and practical information that will enhance your knowledge and help you and your business to thrive, grow and succeed.

Here are five key differences between coaching and consulting:
  1. Coaching focuses on reflection and self-discovery by asking the right questions. Consulting focuses on one specific question or problem.
  2. Coaching brings relationship expertise to support solutions. Consulting provides technical expertise to advise on solutions.
  3. Coaching occurs over a period of time. It’s focused on long-term results. Consulting generally is short-term focused and tactically oriented.
  4. Coaching enables insights to discover the best plan of action. Consulting provides a recommended plan of action based on the desired outcome.    
  5. Coaching usually works one-on-one with an individual to facilitate and clarify goals.  Consulting concentrates on operations to identify and remove obstacles to improve the business. 
Wondering what kind of service you need to provide your business solutions? Contact BWM Consulting to find out.

BWM Consulting offers both coaching and consulting. Based on more than ten years of experience with client needs, I know quickly whether your situation calls for consultant business solutions, or coaching for reflection and self-discovery. This way you can be sure you get the right kind of help, with the right kind of expertise, right away.
If you have high level goals and don’t know how to achieve them, I will give you the coaching you need, helping you to move successfully toward fulfilling your goals.
If you have a specific business-related problem and don’t have the required skill to fix it, I will identify the problem, determine causes and recommend effective solutions.
Contact Brenda right away at 866.233.1570 or by email. for business problem solving.

Sharpening Your Performance Skills
Using Goal Setting Skills to Increase Business Growth

Knowing where you are going and having a road map to get there is vital to the success of your business. Learn how to set S.M.A.R.T  (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound) goals and align them with the growth of your business.  For goals that work for your business, consider my training workshop focused on goal setting.  Contact me at or call at 866.233.1570. My Portable Training Services℠ are flexible and convenient because I bring my expertise to you to accommodate your schedule. No training need is too small or too big.

Best Business Practices

Best Practices for Business Cards in the Digital Age


April 8: Build Your Content Once, Use it Again and Again and Again - Greater Boston ASTD  learning event.​ 

April 9Develop the Relationships You Need for Success. - South Shore Women's Business Network  Luncheon

April 24: Anything Is Possible -South Shore Women's Business Network Breakfast

April 24: The Steve Jobs Way: A Case Study for Training Professionals  - Greater Boston ASTD 

April 28: Building Business Connections - Income Acceleration Workshop - Boston Women Connect

As always, I thank you for your referrals to family, friends and colleagues. They are very much appreciated in helping BWM Consulting, Inc. to continue to grow.

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Brenda Wornum Moore
CEO & President
BWM Consulting, Inc.

Brenda Wornum Moore

"Brenda's positive outlook and attitude mean everything as I focus on being more strategic about building my business. Though the tools she  provides are extremely helpful, it's her coaching, consultation and encouragement that keep me going."

Laura Willis
Willis-Works Communication, Inc.



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