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How's your training? You’ve set your long and short-term goals for your business, and you know where you’re going for the next five years. Congratulations!

But, what about your employees? Are they ready? Do they have the skills they need to implement your goals? Are their abilities aligned with your goals?
Maybe you have a training department. If so, you want them to understand your training needs. They should know how to tie training to the direction your business is taking. The programs they offer should be directly relevant to your goals.
For example, if customer service is vital to your long range plan, are your employees committed to customer satisfaction? Is their training helping to build interpersonal skills, provide conflict resolutions, enhanced the customer service experience?

Training is an investment. You should be able to count on a return on this investment through improved customer satisfaction, improved productivity, and an increase to your bottom line.
Training is not a one-time event.  It is a process involving lifelong learning.  Here are five steps to align training with your business goals.

5 Steps to Align Training with Business Goals

Step One:  Match your  training initiatives with your business goals. Training programs only work when they are part of your business plan.
Step Two:
Anticipate the kind of training you will need, given the changes in your industry. What trends are coming up? What information do you need?
Step Three:
Be clear about what you expect your employees to do differently or better,  in alignment with your business goals.
Step Four: Make sure your training team is networking with other parts of your business. Find ways to create partnerships and alliances.
Step five:
Know your performance indicators. How does training impact your bottom line? What return on investment can you expect from your training programs? 

Training That  Meets Your Business Goals
Training, when it’s effective, is aligned with your business goals. An experienced trainer understands those goals and how to build a program that gives your employees the skills and understanding you want them to have.
A trainer is more than a teacher. A trainer is someone who knows how to get your employees ready for the future—your future. Contact Brenda today about a review of your training needs and ways to help you meet your strategic goal
866.233.1570, or, email her at  

What to Look for in a Good Trainer
A good trainer is more than a skilled instructor. An effective trainer has the background to understand your business culture and identify the gaps in your employees’ knowledge and skill sets.
Training that works isn’t an off the shelf, canned approach. It’s designed to meet your—and your employees’—specific needs. With effective training, your employees will not only learn, but retain the material they need to meet your business goals.
What are the essentials of good training?:
  • Achieving employee buy-in and understanding of the value of what they are learning.
  • The application of proven learning principles for adult education.
  • A combination of techniques to meet your business’s needs, such as experiential learning, case studies, role playing, self-discovery, active engagement, and a commitment to learning.
  • The use of custom-developed programs as needed for your goals.

Sharpening Your Performance Skills
Train the Trainer 

Are you a Professional Trainer? Do you have the competencies as a training professional to be a successful strategic business partner in your company?  Do you lack any of the following skills or would you like to sharpen your current skills?
  • Change management skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Relationship building
  • Critical thinking and decision making
  • Interpersonal skills 
BWM Consulting can help you get to where you want to be as a business partner. Call today to schedule your training session at 866.233.1570, or, email Brenda at 

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Training and Long-term Success
Being ready for the future means being sure that your employees are also ready. Do you know what skills they need to meet your goals?
Your employees should have the knowledge and skills essential to your success. Your training programs should match the kind of business you are and the employees you hire.
Training is an investment, and one where you want the right match of learning and development  and business understanding.
Contact BWM Consulting today at 866.233.1570 for more information about our services, and how we can help you align your employee skills with your business goals

Warmest regards,

Brenda Wornum Moore
CEO & President
BWM Consulting, Inc.

Brenda Wornum Moore

"…Brenda's sense of humor and comfortable training style was welcomed by our staff.  Following the training, a number of staff members asked that we contract with Brenda for future seminars and training sessions.  We recommend her when you think about offering  training to your employees."

Steve Certa, President
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