The Rise of Coaching in Business Oct/Nov 2014
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Businesses have come to recognize the added value of coaching to their operations. According to a study done by the University of Reading’s Henley Business School, coaching represents 83 percent of training and development budgets for 2014.
So what does this mean?  Why are companies increasing their use of coaching among employees? 
Coaching drives business results.  It increases employee knowledge, skills and abilities. It builds relationships skills. The result: Improved competencies and strengthened confidence, with growing organizational effectiveness.
And while technology is growing by leaps and bounds—consider Twitter and Facebook alone—companies are losing the relationship skills critical to business success. Coaching helps you establish leaders in your pipeline, people ready to move in to senior positions when you are ready for them.

Technology has its appeals, but it cannot take the place of the ability to communicate, to manage change, to work effectively with other employees. Human skills remain essential in business management.

Consider the following four questions:
1.  How prepared are you for change?  - Change is a constant in business today, and not all employees are prepared. When change is necessary, how do your employees respond? Are your managers equipped to be effective change agents? With coaching, they may help to stabilize needed changes as well as implement them.
2.  How Skilled is Your Communication? An effective manager is an effective communicator. Dialogue with peers, colleagues and leaders is a skill to be acquired. Putting concepts and goals into action calls for solid communication skills. Coaching for skilled communication can be essential to employee training.
What Are Your Employees’ Conflict Resolutions Skills? -  Coaching can help your employees build confidence to consider productive ways to resolve conflict. Better listening, and asking the right questions, are skills that coaching can help with workplace challenges.
4.  How Effective is Your Business’s Performance Management? – Coaching helps employees to self-discover what their strengths and weakness are. The result? Improved performance and success in meeting personal and professional goals. 

Learn more about the values of coaching: Now that you know how coaching can strengthen your employees’ ability to contribute to your operations, contact Brenda at 866.233.1570, or email her at Brenda@bwm

Meet Your Training Needs With Flexible and Convenient Scheduling
It can be difficult for sole proprietors, small business owners or mid-size companies to find time for training needs. Our Portable Training Services are flexible and convenient because we bring our expertise to you to accommodate your schedule. 

No class is too small. We offer one-on-one and group training sessions. If your goal is to improve productivity, enhance communications or strengthen your management and leadership skills, we have the right solution for you.

Call today to schedule your training session at 866.233.1570, or, email Brenda at  

Great coaches inspire others to achieve maximum results.  Do you know how to engage others to take more initiative and get results?  In this training workshop for coaching, you will discover how to:

  • improve quality of conversations
  • use coaching to respond to challenges and change
  • promote individual responsibility and accountability
  • utilize coaching to strengthen and drive business results

Call today to schedule your training session at 866.233.1570, or, email Brenda at  

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Oct 11
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Oct 14
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ATD Learning Event. 

Oct 27
Building Business Connections Summer Networking - Boston Women Connect 

Dec 4
Mass Conference for Women 10th Anniversary - Keynote speakers:Hillary Rodham Clinton former  Secretary of State  and  Lupita Nyong’o, academy award winning actress.  

Even small and mid-size companies are learning the value of coaching to strengthen their business operations and results. How about you? Do you have talented employees who could do even better for your business with coaching?  Take action for your business - make coaching the core of your business successContact Brenda  today at 866.233.1570 or at
Warmest regards,

Brenda Wornum Moore
CEO & President
BWM Consulting, Inc.

Brenda Wornum Moore

Brenda's positive outlook and attitude mean everything as I focus on being more strategic about building my business... it's her coaching, consultation and encouragement that keep me going. ... She points out the progress I have made and the importance of acknowledging what I have achieved. It enables me to continue setting benchmarks to strive for and keeping my sights on a thriving successful business. "
Laura Willis
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