Special Valentine's day offer, the Kaatsbaan, mini Palace and the book, 'Little Kingdom by the Sea'
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KLM's Valentine's offer

Valentines Day 2015  Special occasion, surprise your partner

10% discount on all purchases from the website on all orders until 15th of February 2015 (excluded already discounted items).

The Palace

The Palace on the Dam Square in Amsterdam, known as the place, where Queen Beatrix abdiced on the 30th of April 2013 in favour of her son Willem Alexander. Normal website price € 500,- Special price € 400,-

The Kaatsbaan

The Kaatsbaan at Huis ter Kleef in Haarlem. Special item, unknown to most of KLM houses collectors. Website price € 1000,- amount is allowed to deduct from your income tax. (with the house you receive the complete documentation)

Little Kingdom by the Sea

Little Kingdom by the Sea offers an exclusive peek into the lives of the inhabitants of the KLM houses.
These pioneers, bold adventurers and other colorful figures made their mark on Dutch history. Extensive research including interviews with architectural historians and current residents have yielded a wealth of new information, engaging anecdotes, unique and juicy stories. Normal price € 19,-

Extra special offer - Free book!

*Take advantage of the special offer till februari 15th. Order for a € 100,- or more on and receive the book 'Little kingdom by the sea' for free (price € 19,-). When ordering add the remark 'free book'
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