Miniature 95 and the Palace with € 90,- discount, Little Kingdom by the Sea for € 12,50 and the new KLM miniature number 96.
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Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>,

We have the pleasure to offer a combination of the miniature house number 95 and the Palace on the Dam Square.
Now together for € 250,- (discount of € 90,-).

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We would also like to inform you about the coming new book Little Kingdom at the Sea which will be for sale from the 15th of November for € 25,-.
For this reason we offer the previous book (with houses till number 95) for € 12,50 instead of € 19,-.

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Miniature number 96
Like every year KLM will introduce the new KLM birthday house number 96 on the 7th of October.
We are not sure, but we heard from trustful sources that the new house will be the Hamelhuis in Gorinchem.

For your order reply to this mail with your name and address details, or through

Use the quiet time to arrange your collection. 
Control the house numbers you earned from KLM
Different options to full fill.

  1. To obtain the missing numbers or
  2. Sell the doubles to us
  3. Make an Exchange with doubles for houses 1-95 or one of the specials.

* When you are not collecting anymore you can sell your houses to us.
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