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May 2013 Newsletter

Time runs incredible fast and May surely has been one of the busiest months to date. Upon completing a successful Kickstarter we needed a short breather to get our minds rested, which is why the May newsletter is a little bit delayed.

Since Space Hulk has been out of the spotlight for a while we want to start off by covering the progress of the game.

But we got a lot of great news this month - amongst others a playable demo of Space Hulk at the Rezzed conference. Read on!!

Space Hulk

A few days ago Space Hulk reached alpha stage. This means that the entire Sin of Damnation campaign is now playable with all rules implemented and we are happy to say that it’s great fun to play!

Many of the missions are still lacking some of the final touches like the fantastic lighting you have seen in the GameSpot in-game video from GDC, but that’s what we are concentrating on now.

While the development team is working hard on getting to the beta stage, we will step up the PR.

We are currently working on more developer and Q&A videos covering model creation, animation works and visual effects and new cool screenshots from the game. Additionally, we are attending a lot of conferences for the summer and fall of 2013.

These are currently the conferences we will attend in the near future:

- Rezzed in Birmingham this June 22-23

- Games Day US in Memphis, July 27

- Games Day Germany in Cologne, August 11

- Gamescom in Cologne, August 21-25 (only business area)

- Games Day UK in Birmingham, September 29

For all but Gamescom there will be a hands on playable demo. YES - this means you can meet us in 2 weeks at Rezzed and play parts of the game! We cannot wait to hear your feedback and reactions.

Jagged Alliance: Flashback


We and the community managed to successfully complete the largest Kickstarter in Denmark to date. Together with Paypal pledges we secured more than $380k for making the next Jagged Alliance game called Flashback.

It is set in the cold war era where you will play an agent thrown into the chaos trying to survive on the tropical island of San Christobal.

Naturally it's a turn-based game with lots of RPG, story and humor. Just like the good old classics.

The game is in early pre-production and is guestimated to be completed end of 2014. Platforms are Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can still participate in the PayPal Kickstarter until July 15th and then the campaign will go into slacker backer mode. All contributions help to reach the next stretch goal of a graphical level editor, which we’re currently $15,000 from reaching.

The slacker backer mode will give the option to essentially purchase the digital edition, a physical edition and the collectors edition.

See: for more information


During the Kickstarter we have made a few videos, showing both the team and a glimpse of what Jagged Alliance: Flashback would roughly look like.

To see the Team Video click here

To see the Diorama Video click here

Until next time!

The Full Control team

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