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China wine trade observers generally think imports are steadily rising and now have 30 percent of the market. So why do some insiders think that share is nearly double?

Also, when asked what company imports the most wine in China, many might say ASC, Aussino or Pernod Ricard, but some players are even bigger. I take a look at key names in the top 100.

Plus, a look at the first Interwine Beijing trade fair, an interview with CHEERS on its sixth birthday, posts about Spanish, Chilean and U.S. promotions, and more.

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Have imports passed local brands?

China wine trade observers generally believe imports are gaining ground on domestic producers and have about one third of the market. But what if imports already have more than half the market? The possibility of double counting wine in China, plus industry insider evaluations of vineyard coverage, yields per hectare and fermentation capacities, suggest that common conceptions about wine production might be way off the mark. Full story here.

What company imports the most wine?

Every year, when I post about the top ten nations that supply wine to China, people ask what company imports the most. Many guess well-known companies like ASC, Pernod Ricard and Aussino but none of those top the more than 5,000 importers out there. Check here for a look at the bigger names in the top 100.

The CHEERS Birthday Interview

Wine shop chain CHEERS just marked its sixth birthday so I asked CEO Claudia Masueger a question for each year of business, including the company's "trial by fire", how its portfolio changed over the years, its best events, and more.

More Grape Wall

First Fair: Interwine Beijing held its first trade show this month. A general look at the event plus some wines tasted.

Grand Crunnan: Moet-Hennessy wine Ao Yan, made deep in Yunnan's mountains, caused quite a stir last year. The latest Yunnan wine is Xiaoling, made in the same area but retailing at one third of the price.

Calipournia: California Wine Institute is teaming with 38-branch restaurant chain Element Fresh for a six-week promotion. It includes a by-the-glass list and 30 bottle options, with stores like this one going further.

Bodega Beijing: Spain is upping its promotion efforts in China, with recent events including this six-region tasting in the nation's capital.. 

Road Show: Chilean President Michelle Bachelet was on hand in Beijing last week to help launch the Wines of Chile road show for China.

Glass Act: The two-year Ningxia Winemakers Challenge is nearing the finish line, with more than half of the 48 participants having now bottled their wines. More here.

Fromage Flashback: French cheese geeks and Chinese wine geeks rejoined. With 12 bottles of wine and 9 slabs of cheese, they had 108 pairing options. More here.

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20 May 2017
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