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Newsletter - February 2016

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2016. A lot has happened since the last newsletter, much of which you will read in the Kettilstoun update from Robin. Firstly I would like to welcome Fraser Falconer onto the Board as a Director and as Deputy Chair. I am delighted that Fraser has joined us on the Board as he has been a member of the Kettilstoun Steering group from its first meeting. He will bring with him new ideas and a lot of experience, especially in relation to funding. Paul Geoghegan has also joined us on the Board at the end of last year and again is warmly welcomed. His legal background will augment the legal expertise we have on the Board.
Yes you read correctly above, I will be stepping down at the April Board meeting, hence this will be my last introduction to the newsletter. My husband and I are moving south to be closer to our respective families.  However I shall remain an associate member of the LCDT so I can follow progress and I look forward to seeing Kettilstoun, and other projects, completed. It has been a privilege to work with you all and I would like to say thank you to everyone, as I have had a lot of support from so many in the community. There has been much forthcoming advice, help and commitment that it has made my 3 years on the Board an interesting, challenging and enjoyable time, especially since I took over as Chair. Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge are fantastic communities and I shall miss the people and the place.
During the time I have been involved, the LCDT has been part of the Town Management Group, the Linlithgow Planning Forum and I was invited to become an associate member of the Community Council.  In addition to several other achievements we have also developed the business plan for Kettilstoun and made the final application to WLC for the land at Kettilstoun to be transferred to the Community under the Asset Transfer process.
I leave a strong and committed Board of Directors and believe the LCDT is in very good hands. Our membership is growing and now stands at 471 as I write this introduction. This makes us one of the largest voluntary organisations in the town and one that continues to grow.  We have in fact been approached by other organisations regarding help and support for them, or even a merger but whether that will happen or not remains to be seen. Please remember that although Kettilstoun is our flagship project it will not be the only one, more will follow over the coming years. It is your Community Development Trust and ideas need to come from you, the Community.
I have one last appeal to you our members. We will have forthcoming appeals in relation to fundraising as we have a lot of money to raise in the next 6-8 months. Robin will give you an idea of what we have to raise especially within the Community. My APPEAL to you is to help us grow our numbers and support. We will be making numerous applications for funding and if we can say that we have 10% of the population, or more, as members and supporting us then that will be an enormous help. 10% of the population is approximately 1300 to 1400 people. If every member persuaded 2 or 3 other people to join the LCDT then we would reach that 10% easily.  You can join online via our
website or there are application forms in the Library. It would be fantastic if, when I step down in April, we have gained that level of support.
I wish you all continued success in delivering projects for Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge and know that the LCDT is in good hands. Perhaps my parting comment, other than the member appeal, is that working in partnership is vital. Sometimes it takes longer to achieve the aim but it nearly always achieves a better result.
Gill Fawcitt

Kettilstoun Community Sports Hub Project Update
I am delighted to confirm that PMR Leisure, supported by SAC Consulting, have now completed the project Business Plan for us. Crucially the Business Plan confirms that, though the project is large and ambitious, it is also financially viable and deliverable. The Business Plan is therefore our key to unlocking doors to funding, Planning and Asset (land) Transfer applications and more.
We anticipate a 2 phase development:
  • Phase 1 = floodlit closed road cycling/running circuit, compact field athletics area and sprint track, skatepark and pump track.
  • Phase 2 = shared use social/sports community hub building with storage, café, meeting rooms, showers and changing facilities.
We hope Phase 1 will be completed in late 2016/early 2017, with Phase 2 to follow after.
Capital Cost
The recommended option for Phase 1 (with a 1 km closed road circuit) = £969,274.00 (including fees and 5% contingency but ex VAT).
Estimates of assumed grant funding and local fundraising contributions are as follows:
Organisation Funding Status Amount
West Lothian Council Secure funds held
Sportscotland Grant funding to be applied for £355,000.00
Landfill Trust & WREN Grant funding to be applied for £100,000.00
Robertson Trust Grant funding to be applied for £80,000.00
Trust, Clubs and other
local fundraising
Fundraising required £134,274.00
Total   £969,274.00
Facility Management, Income Generation and Running Costs
We have a provisional agreement with West Lothian Leisure that they will manage bookings, track access and inspections/maintenance (for a management fee). A Cycling Development Officer will be employed to run daytime sessions for school and other daytime users, and support events with a suitable budget for cycling development activities. As the track would be floodlit, one of the other annual costs is electricity for floodlighting.
The income and expenditure figures in the Business Plan for Phase 1 are as follows:
  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Assumed income £85,375 £104,635 £119,675
Assumed expenditure £68,093 £73,448 £77,708
Assumed profit/loss £17,282 £31,187 £41,967
These are based on user charges of £5 per adult and £3 per junior per session.
User Demand
Scottish Cycling surveys suggest cyclists from the Central Belt will travel up to 50 miles to use the circuit (basically the area between Stirling and Haddington but possibly excluding Fife).  This supports our aim of building a facility of regional (rather than purely local) significance. Users would include members of other cycling clubs, triathlon clubs, Linlithgow Athletics club and Linlithgow Academy, plus public on a pay per go usage.
The Business Plan was completed in December 2015 and was used to support our detailed Asset (land) Transfer application to West Lothian Council and the latest funding application to the Landfill Trust, both of which were submitted before Christmas.
A copy of the business plan will be available on the website very shortly.
Next Steps
We are working with SAC Consulting to start the pre-Planning application consultation process now. We are also working to submit funding applications to Sportscotland, Robertson Trust, and other funding bodies. We will also be working with Scottish Cycling to finalise the exact track layout before this is required for a detailed Planning application.
And finally, we need to start local fundraising! While we are confident we can raise most of the necessary capital funding from national grant awarding bodies, including Sportscotland, we still need to raise more than £100,000 locally. No one body has to raise all of that of course! But the Trust, the cyclists, the athletes and the triathletes will now need your help and support and that of the wider community to raise what is needed. And we need your help with that. We will have further details soon but in the meantime if you can help or have ideas for local fundraising please let us know via
We have come a long way in the last few years, thanks for your support so far.
Robin Priestley LCDT Director & Chair of Kettilstoun Project Group

** We are aware that some of the terms used in relation to the planned facilities may be 'specialist jargon' that is not clear to everyone. Let us know what you think via email or on Facebook and we can look at creating a jargon buster.** 
Fundraising Quiz –
Can You Donate a Prize?

The LCDT is holding an inagural fundraising quiz on Friday 26th February at Linlithgow Golf Club. The aim is to raise both general awareness and funds for the projects outlined above. There will be 18 teams of 4 competing for the trophy of LCDT Charity Quiz Champions! The event is now full with teams from lots of Linlithgow organisations and groups.
To help maximise our fundraising efforts we would be grateful if anyone can offer any prizes for the quiz and raffle. Do you have any unwanted Christmas presents that you would be willing to donate? Anything from boxes of chocolates to a voucher for a local business would be very welcome. If you are able to help in any way please get in touch with me at by 18th February. 

Ian Fyfe LCDT Director 
Date for the Diary - Community Consultation

The date of the Community Consultation as part of the pre-planning application process will be Saturday 5th March from 10am to 4.30pm. The venue will be announced once finalised on the website and the Facebook page. There will also be announcements via formal channels where planning applications are recorded and announced including the Linlithgow Gazette.

This is your opportunity to have your say to please keep this date free and come along and meet us.

Gill Fawcitt LCDT Chair
 Why I Became a Board Director - Paul Geoghegan

Having only moved to Linlithgow with my partner and our young daughter around two years ago, I might not be the most obvious candidate to have become a director of the LCDT.  However in that relatively short time, I have developed a real affinity with this town and it was with a sense of pride that I accepted the invitation to become a member of the LCDT board in November of last year.
Born and bred in Dundee, I chose to pursue a career in law and moved to the bright lights of Edinburgh in 2006 where I began employment with my current employer, Morton Fraser LLP.  Whilst I am a business lawyer by trade, I have developed a keen interest in not-for-profit organisations and over the past few years, I have worked closely with a number of such organisations to help address the legal issues which affect them.
Outside of work, I am an avid football supporter and, when time permits, can be often found following the fortunes of Dundee Utd (although perhaps that is better described as misfortunes at present!) and, of course, the Gallant Rosey Posey.  I am also a playing member of a hockey club and cricket club so there are not many weekends during the year when I do not end up bruised (ego and body usually).
I am excited about the future of the LCDT and believe that as an organisation, we can make a positive difference to the town.  That was one of the main reasons why I became a director and I hope that in the coming months we can continue to count on the support of our members and the wider Linlithgow community to help us achieve our objectives.
Paul Geoghegan LCDT Director
What's going on elsewhere?
The Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTAS) supports Development Trusts across the country. The latest DTA Scotland E-bulletin provides an update of what other trusts are doing across Scotland.
The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) supports and connects voluntary organisations across Scotland. For details of the latest news, events, training, and more see the most recent member bulletin SCVO bulletin.
Voluntary Action Scotland is the network organisation for Scotland’s Third Sector Interfaces. It aims to make the most of the knowledge and experience in our network to support each other to deliver for the communities we have at heart across all 32 local authority areas in Scotland. The latest news is available in the VAS newsletter.
Big Lottery Fund Launch New Funding Programme 
The BIG LOTTERY FUND SCOTLAND launched details of their new funding programme late in 2015 with programmes being rolled out from then into 2016.
As well as new funding programmes they are looking to approach projects differently as well. The main highlights will see more focus on medium grants, simpler, proportionate processes and language and place.
Projects should be people led, strength based and connected. This will require applicants to ensure that the people are taking part in activity meaningfully contribute to developing, planning and running a project. Examples could be:
  • Past/current users on boards
  • Planning, steering, co-producing
  • Mentors, peer support
  • Ongoing project planning
  • Social media
Taking a strengths based approach applicants will be asked to build on the strengths (or assets) in their area: knowledge, skills and experience of people and other resources. This could be around ‘community spirit’, skills, talents and expertise of local people, local informal or formal networks, local culture and local physical and economic resources.
A connected approach sees people, organisations and services in their area and demonstrate the way in which they complement existing and planned activity. So applicants will be expected to show clear referral processes with other projects; be able to map other provision and show differences; evidence collaborative effort and identify clear gaps to fill.
This approach is hoped to deliver better Outcomes for People and focus on ‘place’ so that projects and BIG are closer to communities.
The main new funds will be under two programmes:
Improving Lives will support people most in need to better identify solutions that allow them to take control over their lives and build their resilience. For example activity supporting people experiencing loss, families experiencing challenging circumstances or people who have experienced abuse and discrimination.
Community Led Activity will support communities to plan and take action to bring real improvements to the places they live and the wellbeing of those most in need. For example people who are less heard, have a stronger voice and more influence over community led activity.
Funding for both can be up to £150k for up to five years, with a maximum of £5k on capital. Larger applications for up to £1m can be made to the Improving Lives programme. A new Community Assets programme is also expected to fund up to £1m.
For more information on the new programmes see
Dougie Grierson
Community Regeneration Officer WLC
LCDT Members Corner - Linlithgow Young Peoples Project

Linlithgow Young Peoples Project (LYPP) is a local community based youth project, which was established nearly 25 years ago by the collaboration of churches in Linlithgow. The vision was providing a common good of the young people in the town. Over the years the project has grown in size and scope but the fundamental purpose has remained the same, that we aim to support all young people in whatever way we can, bringing a sense of 'hope' into their lives and circumstances. This is most often done by engaging them in relevant activities, enabling them to express themselves in a wide variety of ways and by creating opportunities for them to learn about themselves and develop new skills.
Our current work includes:
  • Lounge drop-in centre (where we deliver tobacco brief interventions and drug use brief interventions)
  • Schools Work (Linlithgow Academy and Bridgend Primary)
  • Group work programmes and holiday activities
  • Partnership working with West Lothian Council Young Peoples Teams, local youth work organisations and the Police.

the past 13 years LYPP has been involved in several campaigns for a wheeled sports facility in Linlithgow. Our role, which has been to support young people through this process, has been very mixed as we seen several generations of young people become activists having their voices heard by community leaders and change makers, only to become disillusioned and disengage as the process became elongated and political. We are delighted that the LCDT has recognised and validated the efforts of young people campaigning to have a community wheeled sports facility as part of the Kettilstoun development.
Pam Mellstrom
LYPP & LCDT Associate Member

LYPP Overview

Established:  1990
Reach:           In 2015 the Lounge was open on 163 nights, with an                              average of 22 young people per session. This gives a total                        of 3701 of visits to Lounge over the course of the year.
Facebook:     search LYPPlinlithgow
Follow us on Twitter and Facebook or visit our website:

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