To all Linlithgow Development Trust Members and Supporters

A Welcome From The Chair

This is our first newsletter since you were invited to become members at the beginning of the year and I would like to give you all a very warm welcome. I too am new in a sense as I took over as Chair in September, so we are moving forward together.  I would like to give you an overall brief update on progress made so far, especially as we have not been in touch with you until now, and plan to continue keeping you up to date with future progress and changes on a quarterly basis. We also plan to keep our website up to date including the newsletter and would welcome positive comments and offers of help via the website or facebook.

Why have a Development Trust?
Local people set up and manage development trusts to tackle local issues and to improve the quality of life in their community. Despite the diversity that is reflected in what they do, all development trusts are underpinned by a strong ethos of self help and self reliance and a belief that community regeneration - achieved by generating income through community-owned enterprise and ownership of assets - is the way to build strong and sustainable communities.

LCDT is a Company led by its members which needs to be self-sustaining and generate its own income on a not for private profit basis. As projects reach maturity and generate funding, the Trust can use those funds for the benefit of the town thereby taking some control of future prosperity in the town.  We are a community organisation focussed not only on short-term projects but here for the long term, progressively building community benefits and sustainability. We cannot rely on future grants and state funding so this is a way to take control of our own needs and wants and make provision for them. This cannot happen overnight, however any action to achieve those ends must start today. 

Currently we have about 190 members but we need more. We would love to hear any ideas you have for potential projects and if you could offer support in driving the project forward, even better.  We have vacancies on the board and for Company Secretary so if you are interested or have any other skills such as financial management or communications please contact us. 

Finally I would like to acknowledge the work put into getting the LCDT off the ground. A lot of people worked hard to achieve this led by Derek Pattle as Chair. My thanks to them all.

I believe that we can have a very successful Development Trust in Linlithgow but we need your help either of a strategic nature for the Board or practical ‘hands on’ for one of the projects. Please tell others about us and encourage others to contact us and become members. I look forward to talking with you to see what we can achieve for Linlithgow.
Gill Fawcitt
We have been gathering feedback from the local population via a paper survey as well as online through our online survey and on our facebook page. Over 250 responded, with the overwhelming desire to have better sports facilities and to redevelop under-used assets in town. We are addressing the first issue through the Kettilstoun project. Empty buildings are also being appraised for their potential. Other initial ideas range from a children's play park and a community business hub. We are really keen to hear your ideas as to what could be really beneficial for the local community, ideally generating income or providing employment opportunities. If you have not already completed the online survey, please do so.
Please forward to your friends and family for completion too! If you prefer please email us:
In response to a strong need from local sports clubs and the general public, our first major project is to develop additional sports facilities next to Kettilstoun leisure centre. This will seek to complement existing facilities and help local sports clubs including cycling, football, athletics and kayaking clubs, to provide safe and secure areas for their members to train in, as well as address their waiting lists to allow more local people to join. The working group is currently reviewing site feasibility and developing the design in partnership with the clubs.  If you are a member of a club and would be interested in sharing new facilities,please get in touch. Or if you have any ideas on gaps in sports facility provision, please let us know. We are excited about what the project will deliver and achieve, especially in allowing more local people, young (and older!) to take part in the sport of their choice.
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