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Newsletter - August 2015

** LCDT welcomes Chris Horne, Jon Norton and Frances Wood as new Directors to the Board at the August meeting. **

We seem to have moved forward in leaps and bounds since the last newsletter. In relation to Kettilstoun, we 'passed' stage one in principle of the Asset Transfer process, we raised the funds to commission PMR Leisure thanks to the stakeholders, and we are about to commission the technical side of the business plan and start the planning process. There will be more detail about this in the Kettilstoun section of the newsletter.

We had a successful AGM that saw Matt Ball and Chris Cook join us as Directors although Sioned Jones stepped down. Since then numerous people have contacted the LCDT to find out how they can help us and I am hopeful that some will join us on the Board and some will join us in the sub groups. It is fantastic that so many people have come forward to help but we are always looking for more. The next few months will be busy and very focused as we have a deadline of 30 November to submit the application for stage 2 Asset Transfer to WLC which includes the business plan.

We have raised funds towards the LCDT administrative costs thanks to the tombola at the Round Table Fun Day and the concert put on by John Davidson and his colleagues. My thanks to them for all their efforts. It is this support we need to keep the process on track and I am grateful to them for all their ideas and commitment to the trust

Our membership keeps growing and I get more comments all the time about the progress we are making so please continue to spread the word and encourage others to join us. The number of members is becoming more and more important as we shall be looking to start the application process for funds over the next 6 months. Success breeds success and that is certainly the feeling at the moment but being realistic we have a long way to go and there will be setbacks and challenges. However those who are joining us now make me more and more positive that we will deliver.

There have been no further developments with the status of the play park project since the last newsletter but we are still looking into options for ongoing maintenance to support taking this forward.

Finally we now have a new formal registered office at 21 West Port, Linlithgow, EH49 7AY so please use this address for any postal communication although will also reach me.
Gill Fawcitt
Kettilstoun Community Sports Hub Project Update

Since the Trust’s last Board Meeting in June, PMR Leisure have been formally appointed to prepare the project Business Plan. Thank you once again to all who provided the funds to make this happen! PMR have started work, and met our Stakeholder Group on 23rd July to outline what they will be doing next.
The formal conditions for the next stage of the Trust’s Asset Transfer application to West Lothian Council are:
  • Completion and submission of an appropriate business case;
  • Agreement with West Lothian Council of site access and traffic management arrangements;
  • Approval of operational management arrangements for the completed facilities;
  • Details of phased delivery of facilities, ground works and associated costs;
  • Confirmation of safety inspection and maintenance arrangements;
  • Timescales for completion of the project. 
Most of these will be worked out on the Trust’s behalf by PMR over the next few months, with appropriate technical support on engineering, design and construction related issues.
Additional funding (estimated at perhaps £3000) will also be required for the costs of applying for planning permission. PMR will assist with public consultation meetings and will also be consulting all relevant stakeholders as part of their business plan preparation work.
In the meantime PMR have begun consultation with stakeholders. This has included preliminary meetings with key officers of the Council’s sports development and community regeneration teams, the Chief Executive of West Lothian Leisure, and Sportscotland’s facilities development team.
PMR intend to submit (on the Trust’s behalf) a capital funding application to Sportscotland in October 2015, so our capital funding position should be clearer by the time our WLC Asset Transfer final application needs to be submitted by 30th November.
It is possible that a skatepark/wheeled sports facility could be deliverable at the same time as the mixed use cycling/running track (i.e. form part of Phase 1 of our project). The local skatepark group are very keen to see this happen and anxious to see progress. I would like to thank them for their commitment to the project so far – and for all their recent fund raising activities including the fundraising concert.
There is still a great deal of work to be done, even with PMR’s assistance. The Trust will have to work hard and work fast if the 30th November Asset Transfer deadline is to be met. All contributions of time, help and money are welcome!
Robin Priestly
Wheeled Sports

The end of June was certainly a busy time for me and the Wheeled Sports Initiative. The day after my school leavers ball was the fundraising concert which raised £84.10 for the Trust. The turnout was unfortunately not as high as I had hoped but everyone I spoke to said they enjoyed themselves and was excited about the work that the Trust is doing. A few of them joined the Trust, which is also obviously a huge positive. The public meeting was also disappointing in attendance, but the young people who came were enthused by what Robin Priestly had to say regarding the progress of the Kettilstoun project. I also had many positive responses from parents on Facebook about the project and hopefully one of them will be willing to take the helm of the Wheeled Sports Initiative before September. If anyone is interested in getting involved in this project please email
John Davidson

Fundraising concert held in aid of LCDT and wheeled sports.

What's Going on Elsewhere?

Here is the latest newsletter for Development Trusts Association Scotland DTA Scotland E-bulletin to keep updated on developments across the country.
Why I Became a Board Director -
Ian Fyfe
I have lived in Linlithgow with my family for 30 years and have always enjoyed the atmosphere, friendliness and culture of this wonderful town.
I have two sons, born in West Lothian, and they have grown up as football fanatics, both playing for BFC Linlithgow (now Linlithgow Rose Community Football Club) for many years.

I was elected President of BFC Linlithgow in the early 90’s and I held the post for a number of years as the club expanded its numbers and its use of the facilities at Kettilstoun Mains. I was involved in a number of 'discussions' with the Council at that time, which centred around frustrations over the limitations imposed on us because of the lack of car parking, pitch space and so on. We were able to re-design the facility to put in a couple of dedicated soccer sevens pitches, but it was always a bit of a struggle.

While LCDT is involved in looking at improving facilities in Linlithgow as a whole, it was the ambitious plans for Kettilstoun that really attracted my interest. For me the Kettilstoun Mains facility provides the potential for the town to have first rate sports centre both in terms of size, quality and diversity of sport, which we can be really proud of. Having been part of the development of the kids' football club, I really wanted to be involved in this element of the work of the Trust.
The more interested parties we have and the more local people involved, the bigger the chance of influencing the powers that be that this is a project well worth supporting and funding.
Princes Regeneration Trust BRICK Workshop
When:     15 September 2015
Time:      10am-4:30pm
Venue:    Linlithgow Burgh Halls
Topics such as architectural and urban design, fundraising and stakeholder engagement will be covered. The event will feature presentations, case studies, Q&A sessions, group discussions and networking opportunities for community groups and not-for-profit organisations. Group discussions will focus on funding options for your projects and principles of good places
Early bird tickets cost just £19 (including lunch). If you require any further information, please contact or book here.
LCDT Members Corner - West Lothian Clarion
Cycling Club
We are trying out having a member's section in our newsletter where anyone who is a member can write something about their organisation and use the newsletter to get a message round to the wider readers. The content will be subject to editorial if necessary, to ensure if fits in with other newsletter contributions, so cannot be too long.

The roots of the Clarion began to grow in 2007 when 4 local cyclists started meeting regularly for bike rides in the Bathgate Alps. With the aid of social media the group grew large
enough for the launch of a club proper in 2008

In the seven years since the club formed, it has developed a range of activities and races which include time trials, cycle cross races, challenge rides, club runs, road races and numerous socials, and even a cycle film night at the Hippodrome in Boness.

Scotland doesn’t have a purpose built cycle track so the facility would have a massive impact not just locally but for cycling across Scotland. The club is fully behind the Kettilstoun development providing financial support and volunteer time to help see the project through to completion.

The full article with more information about WLCCC, a calendar of events and more pictures is available at the LCDT website. If you would like to get involved in the club please visit the club's website for more information.
Matthew Ball
WLCCC Club Overview

Established: 2008
Members: 199 Adults, 81 Youths
Affiliated to Scottish Cycling
Youth contact:
Adult contact:
Women’s rep:
Follow us on Twitter and Facebook or visit our website:

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