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Newsletter - November 2015

Welcome to the November newsletter. I am delighted to say that more and more people are becoming members of the Trust, and we now have 407 members receiving our newsletter. This is so encouraging and I welcome you all on board, thank you for joining us.
Not only has our membership increased, I also want to welcome our new Directors to the Board. Frances Wood, who is taking on the communications role for the LCDT; Jon Norton, who is taking on the company secretary role and leading the Wheeled Sports Sub Group; and Chris Horne who is also helping with the communications and the business side of the LCDT.  This brings the Board to a total of 12 Directors, with further interest.

It is tremendous that people are interested, and it is enabling us to start thinking wider than the Community Hub project at Kettilstoun, and identifying other areas where we could develop projects.
However, I continue to ask everyone to help build up our membership numbers as all applications for funding will require details of the numbers supporting us. There are a range of memberships options:
  • Full membership for those over 16
  • Junior membership for those aged 12-15 and
  • Associate membership for local organisations or those living outside the Linlithgow boundary

Further details are available at
We have now been awarded charitable status. That in itself is an achievement, although always planned from inception of the Development Trust. However I would like to say thank you to everyone for contributing to and supporting us in our application.
We have also received various contributions for funding, including £250 from Anderson Strathern thanks to Ian Fyfe and £250 from Linlithgow Athletics Club. Linlithgow Rose Football Club have donated, as detailed later in the newsletter, and other individual Board members have also been raising funds through coaching and other activities. We are now looking at additional ways of raising further funds towards the project and our own work. Watch the website early next year for details of events that may be coming up. The Wheeled Sports group are also working towards an event. We should be at the Advent Fayre on 28 November so come and find us and talk to us there.
In other news, as you will go on to read, we have been busy supporting the Consultants working on the Kettilstoun Community Hub, with various events and meetings. It has been a busy time especially with the business plan deadline of submission before Christmas.  
Another exciting opportunity has arisen. All Development Trusts within West Lothian have been invited to become members of the new Leader Local Action Group. Details can be found here It is a European grant Fund for Rural Development that this time round includes Linlithgow, and all the small towns in West Lothian with the exception of Livingston. My experience, in past employment, when managing the programme is that the grants are small and the red tape 'legion'! Also funds are paid in arrears which presents cashflow problems for some groups. We are looking at 2016 before it effectively becomes available and there will be events around West Lothian to publicise and explain the programme. It is my intention to have one of those events in Linlithgow so please keep an eye on our website. I shall also publicise it as widely as possible.
By the time you receive this newsletter it will almost be the end of November so I wish you all a very happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year. My thanks to you all for your support this year - without you we could not have reached this stage of proceedings. Next year there will be more major milestones and I really expect some visible progress on site.

Gill Fawcitt
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Kettilstoun Community Hub Project Update
A great deal of preparatory work continues with our community sports hub project. PMR Leisure have been extremely active meeting all those with an interest in the sports and/or community/social aspects of the project. SAC Consulting are also active on our behalf, looking at the technical/ construction and planning aspects. All this will come together over the course of this month and next, when we expect PMR to complete the formal project Business Plan for us. This will enable us to ask West Lothian Council to transfer the land to us in due course. It will also allow SAC Consulting to start the formal planning application process, and help us to begin funding applications for the project as a whole.
So we are very busy right now, but please look out for big news early next year when we will be able to show the Business Plan to you all. We appreciate it has been a long time coming but it will be ready soon! In the meantime members may be pleased to hear that construction of the new 4G football pitch (another part of the overall Masterplan for the Linlithgow Leisure Centre grounds) is now well underway and should be completed in the New Year.
Robin Priestley
Linlithgow Rose CFC Shows Their Support for LCDT
We are very pleased to have received a donation of £250 from Linlithgow Rose Community Football Club.  Gill Fawcitt popped into a recent under 14 girls training session to watch the coaching in progress and collect the cheque and thank Linlithgow Rose CFC for their support.
Linlithgow Rose CFC is one of the sporting clubs in the town which will benefit from the Community Hub project at Kettilstoun Mains. Their donation will help the Trust in its work to make the project a reality, including the drawing up a full business plan by consultants PMR.
Picture shows Gill Fawcitt, LCDT Chair, receiving the cheque from Catriona Burns and Lily Greenshields plus other members of the under 14s squad.

Frances Wood
Wheeled Sports

Over the last few months much has been happening with the wheeled initiative side of the Community Hub project, with the continued support of Linlithgow Young Peoples Project (LYPP).

There have been presentations at Linlithgow Academy to raise awareness and a new Facebook Page has been set up to gather thoughts and support. Please like this page to show your support.

LYPP have applied for funding to provide a skate ramp in The Vennel every Friday. This will help demonstrate the demand locally for a skatepark, as well as help engage the skating community.
Jon Norton
What's Going on Elsewhere?

Here is the latest newsletter for Development Trusts Association Scotland DTA Scotland E-bulletin to keep updated on developments across the country.

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) supports and connects voluntary organisations across Scotland. For details of the latest news, events, training, and more see the most recent member bulletins SCVO bulletin1 and SCVO bulletin2.
Good idea! How to fund it?

Communities often know what they would like to do to improve their community. However, finding the money to make this happen is an entirely different matter.  The world of external funding can be daunting both in terms of the application process and if successful actually delivering a project.

Generally, funding comes from Lottery (four main funders), Trusts (there are thousands out there all with their own criteria from small to large) and statutory bodies (central and local government and Europe).  Grants range from small micro grants of a few hundred to over a £1m. To access these funds you need to be a constituted community group with its own bank account. If you are a registered charity as well then this may broaden the scope with some Trusts. 

Think Project
Almost all of these funders are looking for you to have a specific project in mind based on a local need you have identified. This should be supported by evidence. You should gather this at the start through questionnaires, records of events etc., rather than anecdotal evidence. You may think it’s a need but test it out to see if your community agrees. You will need to get some idea on cost, get quotes and then be clear on what you will delivery, what are the outcomes you hope to achieve and in what timescale.  This will help you focus on what funder may be the appropriate one(s).

A Funding body for the most part will have set criteria, what they want to support and what outcomes they want to see achieved.  If you are not sure that it is right for your project don’t just bash on. Contact the funder and explain. They will be more than happy to advise and if they are not right for you move on, don’t waste time, a funder won’t change their criteria to suit you.

How do I find a funder?
There are plenty of sources of advice and guidance to help you identify funding. Here are a few:
Other ideas
Depending on what your project is there are other, perhaps more traditional, ways to raise funds. Look to raise small funds locally, events, bag filling at supermarkets, local sponsorship from individuals and businesses.  Local supermarkets are all likely to have their own community funding schemes. Often identifying a number of funding sources to complete a project is encouraged.

Good luck and please get in touch if you would like some advice at
Dougie Grierson
Community Regeneration Officer WLC
LCDT Members Corner - Linlithgow Reed Band
The Linlithgow Reed Band is well known in the town, appearing in our distinctive red jackets at all major civic functions throughout the year. We are a community concert band, including brass, woodwind and percussion players.  Our playing numbers have grown substantially in recent years, thanks to the ‘conveyor belt of talent’ from the Training Band to the main Reed Band. We also now have a Beginners’ Band for those adults or children who are just beginning to learn a new instrument. We offer a warm welcome to new players.
Next year will be the Reed Band’s Diamond Jubilee, having been founded in 1956. There are a number of exciting projects in the pipeline to celebrate this milestone, including a brand new CD, ‘Marching On’. The CD is now in production and will be launched at our Christmas Concert, which will take place on Sunday 13th December at 7pm in St Michael’s Church.
The Reed Band is fully behind the Kettilstoun project as we would love to have a new home in the planned Community Hub building to use as a rehearsal and storage space. In order to show our support, the Band donated the profits from last year’s Christmas Concert, together with a retiring collection, to the Linlithgow Community Development Trust. More than £800 was raised to support the Trust’s work in Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge.
The full article with more information about Linlithgow Reed Band is available at the LCDT website. For more information about Linlithgow Reed Band please go to our website or contact the band’s secretary.
Jonathan Molloy
Linlithgow Reed Band Overview
Established: 1956
Members: over 100, spread across the Reed Band, Training Band and Beginners Band
A registered Scottish Charity: SC037031
Affiliated to Scottish Cycling
West Lothian Car Club Feasibility Study
Transport and Travel Research Ltd are working in partnership with Carplus (a not-for-profit, environmental transport NGO) and West Lothian Council, to assess the feasibility of establishing a car club in West Lothian. We’re seeking input from a range of organisations operating in the region that may benefit from access to car club vehicles.
We would to invite you to support our research into the feasibility of establishing a car club in West Lothian by filling out a short questionnaire, it only takes a few minutes. It is available at and we would love to know your thoughts. Survey responses will be held in strict confidence and will only be reported anonymously.
Please visit if you would like more information on car clubs.
Paul Wilkinson
Transport & Travel Research LTD
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