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February 2015 Newsletter  

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2015. We made some very good progress last year and I know that the New Year will see progress too.

We finished on a high at the end of the year, with the start of our fundraising and a very successful Christmas concert held by the Linlithgow Reed Band. They gave the Development Trust half their ticket monies and the whole of the collection at the end of the concert. It was extremely generous of them, and I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the Band. The Reed Band is one of our stakeholders and will have a home in the Community Sports Hub when it is all built. It is hoped that other groups will look at the Community Hub Building and see this as a possibility for themselves too. It is currently called a Community Sports Hub, but that includes all community groups not just the sporting ones. 

Do you need a 'home' or larger premises, or could see yourselves using the building for your community group?  If yes, then please contact us via the contact/message 'form' on the website.

You will read in the section below that we were unfortunately unsuccessful in our bid for £25,000 from the Commonwealth Games Legacy 2014. However, we were one of only two parties invited to reapply in April and we have had very useful feedback to inform our resubmission. Part of the feedback was to establish further possible usage by other community groups of the Hub Building, hence my request above.

However we do need to look for alternative funding urgently in order to get the business plan off the ground - a minimum of £15,000 is required. So again I make a plea - could you give some of your time to be part of a fundraising group? Do you have any ideas for possible fundraising events? We have had some ideas already but need people to put those ideas into practice and work them up, even holding a coffee morning or some other such event would help. All ideas are welcome no matter how large or small.

We are still awaiting the answer from West Lothian Council regarding our Asset Transfer Stage 1 application, having had to provide more information, but hopefully we shall have a reply before too long. All 'noises' are positive but we need a formal reply.

I am delighted to say that our membership in total is well over 300 members now. Thank you all who joined as a result of the Masterplan going public. The more members we have then future funders will see that we have community support and our bids will be stronger. Remember your support is invaluable and the Community Hub, once built, will be a facility that all the community will be able to use, and not just for sport.  I would ask all current members to try and persuade at least two other people to join. Membership does not commit you to anything other than £1 if we have to fold as an organisation, but it could make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful bid for future funding. If we could say that at least 10% of the community support the project that would be absolutely marvellous.

I would also like to welcome Sioned Jones and Ian Fyfe to the Board of the LCDT and thank them for joining us. I would also like to thank Pamela Calabrese for taking the minutes since the last AGM and welcome Dougie Baird who has taken over from Pamela.

Another point of information; our application for charitable status is underway. It takes up to 3 months so hopefully we shall be able to report on that at the AGM in May.

I am speaking at the Linlithgow Grange Rotary Club about the LCDT and Kettilstoun in March but if there are any other groups that would like more information about the Trust and our work, then again please contact me via the website contact section. I should be delighted to come and talk to you. Likewise I would like to offer the newsletter as a vehicle for members to post information in a members section. I am always keen to exchange information and this may be a way of contributing to that exchange. It would be great to have your views.

We are making progress - it may seem slow but that can be the nature of such a large project as this. However we do need more community involvement no matter how small - ideas, a few hours availability etc. CAN YOU HELP?!

Gill Fawcitt
Date for the Diary - AGM 30th May
A public meeting and the third AGM of Linlithgow Community Development Trust will take place on Saturday 30 May 2015 in the Queen Margaret Hall at 2pm.

We invite you all to join us to hear about our work to date and the next steps forward. This will be followed by a brief AGM with reports from the chair and treasurer and election of new board members.

We know that this is a very early notification of our AGM, but with the change to May we thought we would let you know early. If the notice is included in the next newsletter it is unlikely we can give the required 14 days notice.

The Board of LCDT is made up of member directors and co-opted non-member directors, with the latter being appointed on an as-needed basis. Member directors must be members first, i.e. residents from within the community who have registered.

We would welcome new people to come forward and nominate themselves. To make the process as simple as possible, we would invite those interested to email Gill Fawcitt at ( Please provide your name, address, and a few words about what you could offer the trust.  Gill will then collate these names and put them forward at the AGM. If there are more than the maximum number of directors allowed by the constitution then a ballot will be held. In this case, all nominees will be asked to make a short statement about themselves and how they feel they can benefit the trust.

The meeting and AGM are open to all residents in the town, however only full members can vote.

The agenda for the meeting will be sent out nearer the time of the AGMas will details of the various presentations.
Community Sports Hub
Obtaining funding for the next stages of the Development Trust’s ambitious sports facilities project is critical to moving it forward.  We were all therefore disappointed to learn recently that the Trust had not been successful with our bid for £25,000 of funding from the Commonwealth Games Legacy 2014 fund. This would have helped to pay for work on the project’s next preparatory stages.
Funding is most urgently required to commission consultants to prepare a formal business delivery and management plan. This would detail how the project could be designed, built, used, operated and maintained over its lifetime. It is critical to future steps including obtaining facilities funding, planning permission, and transfer of the land from West Lothian Council.
While this news was not what we had hoped to hear, we have been asked to apply again in the next funding round, which is encouraging.  Also, the project’s Stakeholders Group recently met one of Sportscotland’s Facilities Development officers, who was extremely supportive of and complementary about, the project and progress so far.
Equally encouraging is that other elements in the overall Masterplan for Linlithgow Leisure Centre’s facilities are starting to fall into place. In December we learned that West Lothian Leisure’s proposed major extension and internal redevelopment of the Leisure Centre building (and extension of the existing car park) has been approved and will go ahead. These improvements are planned for completion by January 2016.
Finally it is also very pleasing to see work well underway on the new footpath/cycle path link from the Leisure Centre to the Union Canal towpath. (A similar link will also be built between Linlithgow Academy/Primary and the towpath). This sustainable transport link is an important element of the overall Leisure Centre Masterplan and is due to be completed by June 2015.
Play in the Community
The working group has been progressing plans for the trim trail/play park at Kettil’stoun. This month we had a very useful discussion at the LCDT Board about potential options for funding the project and are now finalising funding propsals and applications. It is likely we will not be able to get all the funding from one source so plan to apply to various different organisations to fund different aspects of the outdoor space. We have been working with Linlithgow Plus + so the play park will soon be one of the community initiatives you can choose to support when purchasing tickets via their website, for example for Party at the Palace. We have undertaken consultation with children at Linlithgow Primary School and Linlithgow Bridge Primary School to help inform the types of equipment which is popular with different age groups. We have also consulted with the Linlithgow Childminders Association and are planning to consult parents at the leisure centre on a Friday afternoon. This is informing our ideas for who may use the park and the types of equipment we hope to be able to source. If we are successful with funding we hope to have a first phase up and running by mid 2016.
Primary school children were shown 18 different pieces of equipment and asked to pick up to 8 favourite pieces. This image shows some of the options. Children were also given the opportunity to suggest other pieces of equipment not shown in the pictures.
Wheeled Sports
There hasn't been any significant developments in the wheeled sports project recently, as we are essentially moving at the same pace as the Kettilstoun project. We are however discussing different kinds of fundraisers to assist financially as best we can. Plans for a concert featuring local bands who are all involved in wheeled sports in Linlithgow are in the pipeline and will be confirmed soon. We have also been discussing different ways of making sure the facility is financially sustainable for when the project comes to fruition.
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