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Newsletter - May 2016

Welcome, this is my first update from the Board as I am just new in post. It would be an understatement to use the term ‘a steep learning curve’….more like the Eiger on a snowy day!
I am delighted to say that thanks to Dougie Baird, the refurbishment of the gardens at the Low Port is on track. This week we hope to appoint a contractor and have the improvements done during the school summer holidays.
The Kettilstoun project is still going through the Planning procedures and it is exciting to see the enthusiasm within the town, from all ages, for these great facilities. However, all projects of this nature tend to hit unforeseen snags and challenges from time to time and Kettilstoun is no different.  We are currently talking through some details with West Lothian Council, West Lothian Leisure, sportscotland and others. We will update further once we are clearer on what these things mean for us and the project. The Board would like to restate our total commitment to making it happen because we think it is a great project with enormous benefits for the town, and it can be made to work.
The other exciting news is that the Development Trust Association Scotland have offered us a grant of £40,000 to develop new projects and give impetus to much wanted changes within the community. Currently, a small group of us are working on the outcomes we want to achieve before we seek to employ someone. As you can imagine, this will be a major step in the work of the Trust. One of my first ideas is that the Trust should have a physical location in the town as a precursor to supporting many projects, existing and new to develop.
Finally, I am so sorry that I have not met as many of the external interested groups and people in the town who feel ownership of the Trust. I do like good coffee and so open to invitations to meet at any of the wonderful places that make this drink within the town. I would like to thank all those to date who have given me their time. I would especially like to thank our past Chair, Gillian Fawcitt. She is a very hard act to follow and her handover preparation and notes have been so thorough and helpful. She and John are heading south soon to be nearer to family and I am sure that many in the town would like to offer their thanks for her contribution to the civic life of the town. I hope we will find a time at the AGM in August to show her our appreciation.

Fraser Falconer


Date for the Diary!

This years LCDT AGM will be held on Saturday 27th August. The time and venue will be confirmed nearer the time.
Kettilstoun Community Sports Hub Project Update

The Kettilstoun project continues to move along. The statutory 12 week Planning consultation period has now been completed, which allows the submission of a full Planning application in due course. We received useful feedback during the consultation activities but thankfully no unforeseen 'showstopper' issues! We have also continued to develop the design proposals for the cycle/running track with SAC Consulting and interested parties including West Lothian Clarion Cycling Club and the Skatepark Working Group.
The next phase is particularly challenging, including large scale applications for funding and detailed Planning Permission. At the time of writing we are due to meet West Lothian Council, West Lothian Leisure and sportscotland for detailed discussions regarding delivery of this complex project. As ever, it can sometimes seem from the outside that nothing is happening – but there is a lot going on behind the scenes!
Thank you all for your support throughout – we value it and the project cannot do without it. Please continue to show your support – two great ways of doing this are to (1) sign 14 year old Alex Ball’s petition 'Central Scotland Needs a Traffic-Free Bike Track!' and (2) joining the Linlithgow Skatepark Appeal on its Facebook page. Further details about both of these can be found in the following articles.
Robin Priestley, LCDT Director & Kettilstoun Project Chair
Sign the Petition!

My name is Alex, I am 14 years old and I ride for the West Lothian Clarion Cycling Club. I really enjoy cycling. I race, go to training sessions, go for rides and I find it really fun. I get to make new friends and travel all over the country.

I think the Kettilstoun track will really benefit people in Linlithgow by giving us a place to train and race in a safe environment. There is no dedicated traffic free cycle track like this in Scotland, so the venue will attract cyclists from all over the country to use this unique facility.

I wrote to my local councillors to try and get help with building the bike track. Councillor Tom Kerr recommended making a petition, so I did!

It started off really well and I was getting signatures right from the word go. I had already managed to get 300 in 24 hours, but at this point it started to slow down. I thought it might be because it was not being seen anymore, so my dad and I put up some new comments and pictures on social media to keep it visible in news feeds. It began getting more interest again and went up to 500 signatures. It currently has over 630 signatures! You can really help me by signing the petition so the bike track can get built and cyclists like me can have a safe place to train and race.
The petition is available here, please show your support by signing.
Alex Ball, West Lothian Clarion Youth Team
Lintlithgow Skatepark Appeal

There is also a petition available in relation to developing a skatepark as part of the Kettilstoun plans. Please sign via the link below to show your support and keep updated by liking our Facebook page.
 Why I Became a Board Director - Fraser Falconer
This October , it will be 25 years since my family and I moved to Linlithgow. We have now lived here longer than anywhere else and so when I ‘retired’ from full time work in June 2014, I was looking to stay active both locally and nationally. My most recent job, from 1990, was Head of the BBC Children In Need Appeal in Scotland. I am still involved in grant making and other voluntary activities from my 40 year career in public and voluntary sector, both home and overseas.  My main social interests have been in youth work, play and sport. As a regular runner along the canal to Woodcockdale and back from the town, I was very familiar with the great amenity that the Canal is and the potential for the Kettilstoun plan of the Development Trust. I think I can bring much to the work of LCDT and in return make many new friends. As the new Chair of the Trust, it is a big task following the talented and enterprising leadership of Gillian Fawcitt.  I very much want LCDT to develop other projects in the town and I think that this will be possible thanks to the talents of our Board.
Fraser Falconer, LCDT Chair
What's going on elsewhere?
The Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTAS) supports Development Trusts across the country. The latest DTA Scotland E-bulletin provides an update of what other trusts are doing across Scotland.
The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) supports and connects voluntary organisations across Scotland. For details of the latest news, events, training, and more see the most recent member bulletin SCVO bulletin.
Voluntary Action Scotland is the network organisation for Scotland’s Third Sector Interfaces. It aims to make the most of the knowledge and experience in our network to support each other to deliver for the communities we have at heart across all 32 local authority areas in Scotland. The latest news is available in the VAS newsletter.
West Lothian LEADER Funding Programme Launched
The new West Lothian LEADER programme was launched on 17th March. This European Funding programme supports projects that meet with the themes and objectives set out within West Lothian LEADER Local Development Strategy (LDS) 2014-2020.
The overall allocation for West Lothian is £2.17 million - split between the following priorities:
  • Rural Enterprise
  • Farm Diversification (the amount of funding that can be applied for some parts of the scheme like farm diversification is set by Europe)
  • Co-operation
  • General Project Fund
Minimum and maximum rates and project sizes for the general project fund have been agree locally. These rates are guidelines only and West Lothian LEADER will consider applications for grants outside of these rates where an applicant has demonstrated adequate reason to do so.
  • Minimum project size: £10,000
  • Maximum Project size: £200,000
  • Minimum intervention:  £5,000 or 10% whichever is greater
  • Maximum intervention: £100,000 or 60% whichever is smaller 
In line with the strategy, projects will be required to fit within one of three themes and a range of outcomes. There are also four cross-cutting themes all projects must address. These are:
Theme 1 – Well-connected Communities
  • Outcome 1: Improved digital inclusion
  • Outcome 2: Improved access to affordable transport
  • Outcome 3: Improved knowledge sharing and partnership working
Theme 2 – Stronger Communities
  • Outcome 4: Improved skills and increased access to job opportunities
  • Outcome 5: More sustainable social enterprises and small businesses
  • Outcome 6: Reduced rural poverty and improved financial inclusion
  • Outcome 7: Making the most of community assets
  • Outcome 8: Improved health and wellbeing in rural communities
Theme 3 – Improved Local Environment
  • Outcome 9: Preserved and enhanced local heritage, landscape and environment
  • Outcome 10: Improved visitor numbers and experience
Cross-Cutting Themes
  • Equalities
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability (by which we mean continuity and/or legacy)
  • Partnership working
2016 application deadlines and award dates
  • Application deadline 22nd June 2016 (Award meeting 17th August 2016)
  • Application deadline 8th September 2016 (Award meeting 3rd November 2016)
For more information see and if you would like to speak to someone about a project idea, I strongly recommended contacting the LEADER Co-ordinator Kat Purser (Tel: 01506 283 094 / Email:
Dougie Grierson, Community Regeneration Officer WLC
LCDT Members Corner - Linlithgow Athletic Club

Linlithgow Athletic Club has been long established in the town. The club caters for all ages through its junior and senior sections.
Our junior sessions are conducted by Scottish Athletics qualified coaches. They offer basic run-jump-throw sessions, with a progression to more specific track and field based coaching. This is aimed at developing youngsters’ talents, in particular athletic events.  Our juniors are encouraged to compete in local track and field and cross country leagues.

Our senior section has undergone something of a revival in the last few years. We now have a strong turnout of all ages and genders at both our informal run meets, and our regular coached sessions. Many of the seniors compete regularly in road races, fun runs and, in the winter, cross-country events. We have a club championship competition for both men and women, and a very popular handicap points championship competition, which provides great competition for improving runners at all levels.

The club has engaged enthusiastically with the LCDT Kettilstoun project and sees itself as a major stakeholder. We are currently renewing our 3 year club development plan in consultation with members. We envisage that the realisation of the Kettilstoun facilities will contribute significantly to us achieving our goals. Come and join us!
Angus Gallie Club President Linlithgow Athletic Club
Members: 50 junior members (9–18 years old) and 60 senior members (no upper age limit!)
Facebook: LAC -
There is also a Facebook group page ‘Linlithgow Runners’. This is an informal group used by club members and other runners in the local area

Linlithgow Athletics Club Flagship Day Out!

‘The Linlithgow 10k and Junior Fun Run’ was established back in 1992 and now attracts one thousand competitors with their supporters for a great day out in the Royal Burgh! For more information and details of how to register visit:
Follow us on Twitter and Facebook or visit our website:

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