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August 2014 Newsletter

How quickly the last three months has gone, here we are again with another newsletter. There has been good progress on Kettilstoun, and both the Play Park subgroup and the Wheeled Sports subgroup have had two meetings. Hopefully the Community Hub working group will progress in the Autumn. You will read more about the working groups subsequently in this newsletter. All these projects take time, require coordination and members who are prepared to contribute to each of the groups. Our membership is growing which is marvellous but please keep encouraging family and friends to join us, it does not commit you to anything apart from £1 should the trust fold, which of course won't happen. We are still hoping to reach our target of 1400 members by the end of the year. Future funders will always want to see that we have the support of the community in our endeavours. If we can say we have the support of a large number of the population then we stand a better chance with funding applications.

It was lovely to talk to so many people on the Peel on the day the Queens Baton came through Linlithgow. I was delighted that so many of you came to say hello at the stand. It felt very worthwhile being there as well as being part of the overall celebrations and we welcomed a number of new members.

Here we are on the Peel at the QBR day. Left to right - Helen Hassall, LCDT newsletter and membership secretary,
Anne Daly, a Board member and myself, Gill Fawcitt.

If you would like to find out more about what other Development Trusts are doing, you may be interested in the Development Trust Association Scotland newsletter.

We are always looking for Board members, as well as anyone who can offer some of their time. Please get in touch at if you would like to find out more about being on the Board, or if you are interested in helping with any of the projects mentioned in the newsletter.

Gill Fawcitt


Asset transfer

We are still awaiting the reply to our application for Asset transfer stage 1 through WLC's Asset transfer process as mentioned in the last newsletter. At the time of writing we know the reply is imminent and we should know the answer before the next Board meeting on 25th September.


PMR Consultants, whom we commissioned to produce a Masterplan for the site, will also produce the draft report for the next Board meeting. It is an exciting new Masterplan with input from many of the stakeholders and has advanced considerably from the previous plan and introduced some new thinking. Numerous meetings have been held with various stakeholders to produce the Masterplan but there is more opportunity for additional feedback if you are interested once you have seen the plans. PMR Consultants will be giving the Board a presentation at the next meeting so keep an eye on the website ( for the new Masterplan and further developments.

Kettilstoun Steering/Working Group

We are pleased to report a major new steering group will be formed in October to progress with the next stage of development for Kettilstoun. The Steering/Working group will include representatives from the various stakeholders. Plus we are also awaiting the outcome of our bid to 'Legacy 2014 Sustainable Sport for Communities'So far we have been shortlisted but there is still a long way to go. We will keep you updated on our website. If anyone is interested in joining the Working Group at this exciting new stage then please contact us.

You can see it is a busy time with lots going on at the moment, so watch this space for updates which will be posted on the website as soon as we have news. It is an exciting time with so much happening that is crucial to the community.

LCDT & Wheeled Sports in Linlithgow: The Story So Far

Back in February, a group of enthusiastic BMX bikers and skateboarders started a Facebook group in an effort to rekindle interest in the development of a suitable facility in Linlithgow. This would allow themselves, and others, to participate in these sports without having to travel to places further afield, such as Falkirk or Edinburgh. In the space of a couple of months, the Facebook group had amassed over one hundred members and was already a hive of enthusiasm and ideas for the wheeled sports facility.
Upon learning of the existence of this group, the LCDT board saw an opportunity to step in and support getting the project off the ground, by providing some structure for the energy displayed online and assess the real feasibility of the project. Board member Cameron Wright issued an open invitation to all members of the Facebook group as well as representatives from the Council, Police and other interested parties for an initial meeting. Turn out at that first meeting in June was very encouraging with 17 people, all of whom were highly motivated to take action to reach a common goal.
There have been many attempts in the past to bring a wheeled sports facility into Linlithgow, but each one failed at one stumbling block or another. That is why, initially, the group's work is focused on research into similar schemes elsewhere so that we might learn from their mistakes and triumphs. Of course, the more experience we have on board, the more likely it is that our Trust can finally break through the stagnant surface of this project and possibly make it a reality. If you can dedicate even a few hours each month to attending meetings and sharing any relevant experience, or maybe you yourself have an interest in BMX, skateboarding or rollerblading, we would love to hear from you! You can do so by contacting Cameron at
Leisure centre play park -
An alternative to softplay?

Following support on the LCDT Facebook page for a play park by the leisure centre, a working group has now been established to look into this project and has met twice. The meetings have been very positive, with a keen group of individuals determined to make the project a success. The group want to ensure proposals support the National Play Strategy and West Lothian Council's play park strategy. Therefore the next step is to meet with a representative from the council to inform the vision and the development of a plan to take things forward. The group are also considering potential funding sources and are planning a needs analysis to support funding applications. This will involve gaining the views of the local community via various means. We look forward to hearing your views and will be in touch soon!
LCDT supports the easyCar Club coming to Linlithgow
easyCar Club is a peer to peer car club which allows you to rent out your car or van, generating an income from something you already pay for. As well as providing a supply of local vehicles to those who need one, the scheme makes use of cars when they’re not being used. Car Clubs can support car-free households, or households who wish to get rid of a second car, and reduce car travel in general, with all the environmental, health and even economic benefits that can bring. Transition Linlithgow has won funding to promote the easyCar Club scheme in the town for a trial period, to test if this type of scheme can thrive in a vibrant, close-knit community. Promotion of the scheme is important if it is going to work – it can only be viable if people are aware of it, and both Car Owners and Drivers sign up and use it. Read more about the project at
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