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Considered by some to be an endangered species, the book (opere litterarum) has been known to elevate the mood and the mind and challenge preconceived notions. Left uncontrolled, however, a book can spread the germ of an idea, and, in extreme cases, incite rash behavior that may cause disruption to the system.


A book can be contagious. It can be transmitted by hand-to-hand contact and is communicable by word of mouth. Passionate readers are particularly infectious.

Symptoms of contamination:

Reading books can induce lightheartedness, euphoria, a meditative state, and in extreme cases, feverish or profound thoughts.


In the past, books have been burned or banned, and writers have been quarantined and isolated. This still occurs in some parts of the world. Mostly, writers and publishers are underfed—particularly those that inspire deeper thought and challenge convention. It is possible that, in the future, books will be eradicated.

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