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Great Minds [Don't Always] Think Alike
Announcing the BLP Conversations Series

Bellevue Literary Press is pleased to bring you the BLP Conversations series, featuring a BLP author in dialogue with a notable figure whose lifework, like BLP’s mission, explores the creative territory at the intersection of the arts and sciences. When these great minds—neuroscientists, popular science writers, dramatists, psychiatrists, novelists, historians, physicians, and poets—sit down to talk, their exchanges become a testament to how science and the humanities can join forces to educate and inspire.

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The BLP Conversations series launch coincides with the publication of The Poetic Species: A Conversation with Edward O. Wilson and Robert Hass.

New in the BLP Conversations Series

Austin Ratner in conversation with Joseph E. LeDoux

Austin Ratner in conversation with Joseph E. LeDoux

Austin Ratner, author of The Jump Artist, winner of the Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature, speaks to Joseph E. LeDoux, professor and director of the Emotional Brain Institute at NYU, about the brain-mind and art-science divides. Their conversation traverses the more provocative theories of biology, psychoanalysis, and technology—from emergent properties to Freud to the Singularity. While LeDoux, a neuroscientist, discusses the neurological complexities of fear, Ratner—a trained physician who left the field to focus on writing—comes to terms with his own fear of one day being replaced by a novel-writing robot.
Charles L. Bardes in conversation with Tom Sleigh

Charles L. Bardes in conversation with Tom Sleigh

In this exchange, Charles L. Bardes, physician and author of Pale Faces: The Masks of Anemia (from the BLP Pathographies series), and critically acclaimed poet Tom Sleigh explore the way myths influenced their psyches, and how the narratives of the gods were transposed onto classrooms and football games and suburban neighborhoods in their early writerly minds.


May 8 â€“ Tim Horvath and Mark Changizi
May 23 â€“ Mary Cappello and Christine Montross
June 10 â€“ David C. Cassidy and Dava Sobel
Each conversation is free and archived for all on our blog, The Periodic Table.

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