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This week, we bring research-based stories on decoding glassiness, where researchers have developed a model to explain the dynamics of collective systems that are motile at high density, the behavior of paper wasps, on new methods to ease the machining of titanium through annealing, and a new study that shows vital link between immune system disorders and psychological conditions like OCD. In our News section, read about some interesting research stories. Read research-related stories that appeared in other media in our Research Beat section. We also bring you some notable events and talks that might be of interest to you. 

Issue 88 | 22 November 2018

Do you have a new publication or have come across one that is interesting from any institution in India that requires to be communicated, please let us know. If there is any popular science event/talk, which requires wider outreach please share it with us. We also welcome yourfeedback / suggestions / criticisms. You may write to us at
Research-based Stories
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Research Beat
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Events & Talks
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  • [Indian Academy of Sciences & University of Agricultural Sciences] Public Lecture by Prof. Nina V. Fedoroff | The Inaugural Janaki Ammal Chair Professor of the Indian Academy of Sciences 2018 | 22 November 2018 | UAS, GKVK Bengaluru | Watch Live on YouTube  
  • [IISc] Institute Colloquium | Talk on 'From Graph Minors to Dimension Theory: Exploring Interconnections' by Prof. Sunil Chandran L | 26 November 2018 | Faculty Hall, IISc, Bengaluru 
  • [ICTS] Kaapi with Kuriosity | Talk on 'States of Matter' by Deepak Dhar (Visiting Faculty, IISER Pune) | 9 December 2018 | J. N. Planetarium, Bengaluru
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