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In this issue, read the featured story on ubiquity of hyperbolic geometry by Prof. Mahan MJ, Infosys Prize winner (2015). In addition, read our research-based stories on how affordable is recommended diets, spicules on sun, commuting behaviour in Mumbai, two new termite species and better soil moisture sensor using graphene oxide. And don't miss out two news stories and some of the regional stories as well. 

Issue 106 | 21 November 2019

Do you have a new publication or have come across one that is interesting from any institution in India that requires to be communicated, please let us know. If there is any popular science event/talk, which requires wider outreach please share it with us. We also welcome your feedback / suggestions / criticisms. You may write to us at
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This article is the last of a three-part series from leading Indian researchers on the unsolved challenges in the field of mathematics and science as they find solutions to them. This article is attributed to Prof. Mahan MJ, Professor, School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. Prof. Mahan MJ was awarded the Infosys Prize for Mathematics in 2015.
The article series has been facilitated by Infosys Science Foundation.
Research-based Stories
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Prof R B Sunoj from IIT Bombay awarded the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize 2019 for his research on organic chemical reactions
Prof Siddhesh Kamat from IISER Pune awarded EMBO Young Investigators grant
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हवामान बदलांमुळे उद्भवणाऱ्या दुष्परिणामांना सामोरे जाताना
மனிதகுரங்குகளைப் போல சைகைகள் மூலம் செய்திகளை பரிமாற்றும் நாட்டுக்குரங்குகள் – கண்டறிந்துள்ளது ஆய்வு
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