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This week, we bring research-based stories on: a 'Made in India' microprocessor from IIT Bombay, measuring our Galaxy's height, a new porter for cancer drugs and using vermicompost. In addition, there are a few more research-based news stories. This week we bring you stories in Kannada, Hindi, and Marathi. Read research-related stories that appeared in other media in our Research Beat section. We also bring you some notable talks and events, along with some interesting Resources and Opportunities that might be of interest to you. 

Issue 101 | 21 February 2019

Do you have a new publication or have come across one that is interesting from any institution in India that requires to be communicated, please let us know. If there is any popular science event/talk, which requires wider outreach please share it with us. We also welcome your feedback / suggestions / criticisms. You may write to us at
Research-based Stories
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Research Beat | Interesting Research-based Stories from Other Media
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India’s chief science adviser: cost of academic publishing is ‘untenable’ | Science Business

Indian R&D -- time to solve the puzzle | Nikkei Asian Review

Innovation in India: a long road ahead | The Telegraph

India to strengthen its position in scientific publications | The Hindu

Indian payment-for-papers proposal rattles scientists | Nature

Improving the quality of doctoral students - is incentivising output the way to go? | IndiaBioscience

As citizen scientists, farmers can make important contributions to climate adaptation |

New soil moisture and temperature data helps predict life-threatening Indian monsoon rains | Purdue

Longevity linked to caste, education: Study | The Telegraph

What Really Killed the Dinosaurs? Asteroid and Volcanoes Might Share the Blame |

14 Years After a Monster Tsunami, What Do We Know of the Quake That Caused It? | The Wire

Forecasting Quakes in the Himalaya With a Peek Into Its Past | The Wire

A science fiction conference in Kolkata showed that the genre has remained alive and well in Bengal |
Measuring our galaxy’s height to understand cosmic rays | Deccan Herald

Mariculture is as important for India as agriculture | The Hindu

Sky Islands And Starry-Eyed Frogs: Breathtaking Photos Of Remote Ecosystems | NPR

Great Indian hornbills can adapt to modified habitat: study | The Hindu

A ‘Mysterious’ New Frog Species With Hidden Spots and an Insect-Like Call | The Wire

Solar Tadpole-Like Jets Seen With NASA'S IRIS Add New Clue to Age-Old Mystery | NASA

Antarctic fungus can bring cheaper cancer drugs | Hindustan Times

Unique composition of Indian gut microbiome revealed | The Hindu

Making the most of the post-doc experience | IndiaBioscience

Chasing the Music in Nature: In Conversation with Bioacoustician Dr Rohini Balakrishnan | The Weather Channel India

Model Scientist: Statistical physicist who helps biologists understand life at a deep level | The Economic Times

Champion of Conservation: Dr. Krithi Karanth on Mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflict in India | The Weather Channel India

On Salim Ali’s Trail: a curtain raiser |JLR Explore

Science made simpler on a sphere | The Hindu
Talks & Events, Resources and Opportunities
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