November/December 2013

Dear primary producers, processors and all stakeholders in the potato industry value chain. Welcome to the November/December e-newsletter.

On behalf of our Independent Chair; Brian Cunningham, and the Board of Potatoes South Australia Incorporated, I wish you and your families a very happy and safe Christmas/New Year holiday season

Industry Dinner and Annual Auction 1 November 2013

At our first Industry Dinner which was held on Friday 1 November at the Hackney Hotel, an auction of new season baby potatoes from the Northern Adelaide Plains resulted in a final bid of a very impressive $8,500. This was for 15kgs ie $567,000 per tonne!  This surpassed last year’s inaugural bid of $3,000 ($200,000/tonne) by Adelaide Produce Market’s CEO, Angelo Demasi. Read More..


The Association’s 2nd Annual General Meeting was held in the Main Boardroom, Elder House on Friday 1 November at 4pm.  It was preceded by an Ordinary Board Meeting.
All retiring directors were re-elected as per the Constitution, providing continuity for the next twelve months. The Annual Report is available on the website.

Current Projects

Research into Generic Marketing Campaigns


Potatoes Make the FORBES List of Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For You:
Potatoes that are cooked and cooled form resistant starch which acts like insoluble fibre-you don’t have to worry about burning this off.
For the full report go to:

Potatoes Confirmed as the Smart and Sustainable Carbohydrate of Choice
Potatoes are the most sustainable carbohydrate compared to rice or pasta according to a new study from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom.

A recent study comparing the environmental consequences of consuming potatoes grown in Great Britain compared with other carbohydrates has shown that up to the point of retail, potatoes have a potentially lower environmental impact than basmati rice or pasta.

For the full report go to:

Establishment of an Industry-wide Workforce Development Plan

The draft Workforce Development Plan has been completed and circulated to industry participants for their input. Workshops are now underway within all five growing regions of South Australia to discuss the findings and refine the overall plan.

Participants have also received Job Profiles, Enterprise Plans and an Induction Template.
Feedback from some growers indicates that current workforce needs are being met through migration as it is too difficult to obtain reliable workers from the domestic labour market. They appreciate the need for improved human resource management and recognise that this would be an issue for them in the future.There was consistent feedback that the industry needed to be more engaged with local schools and move towards a Labour Agreement model for skilled migrants.

This body of work has a wider application in the broader horticultural industrial sector.

The project is on track to be completed in December 2013.

Sponsorship Program

Elders Rural Services Ltd
The Board is delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Elders Rural Services Ltd providing major sponsorship status. The MOU further reinforces meaningful, value-adding ways for collaboration between the South Australian potato industry value chain and Elders.

A strategic alliance has also been developed with Rabobank concerning its Business Management Programs.  As announced at the Dinner on 1 November, Rabobank is now a supporter of the Rabobank/Potatoes South Australia 2014 Industry Award, in partnership with Potatoes South Australia.This educational award is in line with one of the Association’s core objectives concerning workforce development, and wwe are very pleased to have developed this alliance.

The industry award, to be offered annually, will provide a fully-funded placement in the residential Farm Managers Programto be held at Grange Cleveland Winery, Victoria from Monday 16 to Friday 20 June 2014.

Expressions of interest will be advertised shortly.

National Market Access into Indonesia for Seed Potatoes

Industry stakeholders from Victoria and South Australia have been working together over a much extended period to secure national market access for seed potatoes into Indonesia.  This effort provides an excellent example of government facilitating business for industry, and states cooperating to achieve a national objective. Read More..

Water Allocation Plans

The Chair, Brian Cunningham, stakeholders and I have engaged in discussions with the industry and government concerning the Water Allocation Plans (WAPs) in the Mallee and Lower Limestone Coast Prescribed Wells Areas and the subsequent reduction in water allocation under volumetric conversion. Read More..

Market Access to Japan

Potatoes South Australia has been liaising with Austrade Tokyo and the Federal Department of Agriculture regarding the export of fresh potatoes for crisping to Japanese processing company Calbee. Read More..

APRP2 (Australian Potato Research Program)

During the September APRP2 Science Symposium a half day industry “outputs” session was filmed and is now available online. Read More..

MEMBERSHIP - not a member yet?

The ‘members-only’ section of the Potatoes South Australia website is now functioning and members have specific login passwords/usernames. Currently it contains unique information including statistics, presentations, commissioned reports, financial and market summaries and corporate documents. 

This section must provide a valued service to the industry.  Information concerning membership of Potatoes South Australia has been forwarded to the industry.  It’s now time to start thinking about the benefits of being a part of this progressive, inclusive ‘whole of value’ chain organisation. 

Full membership (levy payers only) provides voting rights at the AGM and access to a ‘members only’ section for a ‘once-off’ fee.  There are no annual fees.
Associate membership provides restricted access to the ‘members only’ section for a ‘once-off’ joining fee and an annual fee.

On-line registration and payment is now available on the website or download an application form here.

Please contact me at any time about your issues or about how we can do this better in terms of services offered

Again, best wishes for Christmas, particularly Christmas cooking involving gorgeous potatoes, and for the New Year.


Elder House
Level 2 27 Currie Street
Adelaide South Australia

M: +61 427 084 319
P: +61 8 8425 4531

Here is the fabulous Gnocchi recipe served to you at our first Industry Dinner earlier this month:


Serves 4

1kg potatoes (Nicola or Royal Blue)
50g plain flour
50g semolina
50g cornflour
2 egg yolks
salt and pepper
You may need to use 100g of each flour if use potatoes with ‘less buttery’ flesh

Steam potatoes until soft
Peel skins off potatoes
Put through moulis or mash with masher until smooth
Allow to cool
Add flour, semolina and corn flour and yolks. Fold together with hands 
Flour bench, roll out sausages of the gnocchi mixture about 2cm in diameter.  Cut into 1cm pieces.  Lay onto floured tray. 
Boil in salted water until the gnocchi floats to the surface.  Put straight into the serving bowl or if serving later, put straight into ice water to cool quickly.  Drizzle with vegetable oil.

1L milk
200g blue vein cheese (King Island Roaring Forties or Endeavour are perfect)
100g freshly grated parmesan
salt and pepper

Simmer ingredients until thickened.

To serve, put desired amount of gnocchi in boiling water. When floating to surface, take out. Put in bowl with a ladle of the cheese sauce. Drizzle with basil oil, crispy prosciutto and finely chopped chives.

“Courtesy Michelle Kearvell, Head Chef, Hackney Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia”


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