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June is here, and so is . . .
  Yes folks, its already June!  And what does that bring?  The 2013 Hurricane Season – which begins June 1st (and no, we are not talking about The U).  Being that we are “Ultimate Optimist” here at teXium, we are going to stress the opportunities this time of the year brings.  Primarily, the focus that we should have all year on our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans, but many times this focus is stretched thin while we deal with our day to day operations. 
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Another Active Hurricane Season Expected in 2013. . .
  For 2013, most experts are predicting a very active season.  The principals at teXium have all lived and worked in Florida for the past 10 years, and have experienced numerous storms.  From Charley to Ivan to France and Sandy, and all the others in between, these storms affected our customers, prospective customers, family and friends in a variety of different ways.  
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Put your plan in place Today . . .
  The big question is, what should you do to be prepared?  Many government agencies and enterprise businesses have large budgets and teams in place to determine what plans for their organization.  However, many mid-size to large corporations simply don’t have the resources to go about this process.
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Be Sure to Consider the Risks of BYOD
  The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution is a technology that is here to stay. More and more company work is being done on personal devices. A recent survey found that one in four devices used in the workplace are either smartphones or tablets. While BYOD does make business more convenient, it is also not without risks.
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Whatever Happened to Disk Defragmentation?
image   If you have been working with Windows operating systems for more than a few years, then you have heard about defrag. To help keep your PC running smoothly, it has always been considered a solid practice to routinely perform a disk defragmentation on your hard drive. 
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5 Essential Security Measures for Every Network
  Your IT network is complicated, but that doesn't mean you should question your network's security. For your convenience, we have simplified network security into the five most important precautions that every network needs. Be sure to review this checklist against your own network to see how well you are covered.
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June 2013

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June is here, and so is. . .
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Another Active Hurricane Season Expected in 2013. . .
Put your plan in place Today. . .
Be Sure to Consider the Risks of BYOD
Whatever Happened to Disk Defragmentation?
5 Essential Security Measures for Every Network
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